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Tellorotetes cover suegh 0 CIV 9 3 9 1 JS 4ACISONY Rev. 572010 Det PLANTS TEFERDANTS Allstate Insurance Company, et al. (Please see attached) Countrywide Financial Corp., etal, (Please see attached) "AUTORNEVS (FIR NAME, ADDRESS, ANO TELEPHONE NUMBER Please see attached TRYTORNEYS (F KNOWN) ‘CAUSE OF ACTION ive tre US CWI STATUTE UNDER WHICH YOU ARE FING AWD WAITE A BREF STATEMENT OF CAUSE) Please see attached Has this oa siilar case been previously fled in SDNY at anytime? No’ ‘tyes, was this case VoiL] lnvol. Dismissed. NoL] Yes C]_ tyes. ive date (PLACE AN [x] IN ONE BOX ONLY) NATURE OF SUIT ‘Yes? []_sudge Previously Assigned Case No. rewovtnamy rmounany fee mee, ieome,h conner HSS SE, OS Bie Beran 1 te ey (1 temguase: US Bi von estan Finemaawer PES SNE omer 5 GRRE he Saemgr RUSTE ISB jue Barone aerate 2 See Here, ime Blam 2 RAR, Hee 2 Seer eee ee RR ES mentnvncrs (SS ae vette, | Bite ee te eee cones Saas 1118 NCPR WABRITY 11850 AIRLINE REGS | {Js perce iReO) 132 HEB corr rasemmorams HSE Grape {TH Sewn ae 1" eke eran, tne See ee ee rd Cel oe BES iw TRS an RIN HSS Bean os Sie See gate, HEE as eee fiw Beata” EL ERNS soy Siethuron ugar ae ae steer = ae (is ener [eater toe Reema rains {18s 9 FRANCHISE [1740 RALWAY LABOR ACT | J870 TAXES(US, Pir { 188 ENVIROMENTAL . ee 1 ER yon irom ee Game mmomnremens tim faethe 0" Bias ero senor Sow (me BY Viaeummenogteros {1 ae "Ee meron ‘i eer Lee i remo ype mabceaes |e unennos co ee ESM (1s Blatt cus Zaghooren recor rato Oren cee ROHTS ‘check if domendod in compan (CHECK IF THIS IS A CLASS ACTION UNDER FRCP. 25, DEMAND $. OTHER, Chock YES only f demanded in complaint SURY DEMAND: EYES CIN (0 YOU CLAIM THIS CASE IS RELATED TOA CIVIL CASE NOW PENDING IN SONY? IF SO, STATE: JUDGE NOTE: Please submit at he time of fling an explanation of why ca DOCKET NUMBER 38 are deemed relatos ORIGIN 2 Aecawaton 18 naming ion C14 Chabsemeveaten “AEH agar paste TREATY WORE BOR OTT, SASIS OF JURISUICTION TE DIVERSITY, NDICATE (1 us.PLaNtiFE [12 Us. DEFENDANT 3 FEDERAL QUESTION —_[]4 DIVERSITY CITIZENSHIP BELOW. s.norapanry) aa vse s922,9433) CITIZENSHIP OF PRINCIPAL PARTIES (FOR DIVERSITY CASES ONLY) (Pace an [Xn ene box for Plt and one box or Defendant) cmwewortwmsrare [14 CIF emeenon susseer ota TIDE meosronerspangonmcra sce 136 11s COMEEN OF ANGTHERSTATE [12 [12 INCORPORATED SLPRNCIAL PLACE (14 114 FOREIGN NATION be ae PLAINTIFF(S) ADDRESS(ES) AND GOUNTY(IES) Please see attached DEFENDANT(S) ADDRESS(ES) AND COUNTY(IES) Please see attached DEFENDANT|S) ADDRESS LRvQiOWN RENRESEATATION fs HEREDY RADE THAT, AT TMS TUE, HAVE BEEN UNABLE, WITH REASONABLE DLLOENGE, TO ASCERTAIN THE RESIDENCE ADORESSES OF THE FOLLOWING DEFENDANTS: Cchockane: THIS ACTION SHOULD BE ASSIGNED To: [] WHITE PLAINS. MANHATTAN (00 NOT chock ser box Fh @ PRISONER PETITION.) ore aun oF bay oF ono Toure To PACTCEW THO ORTRGT : “ne On 1084 \ ff Nessonresourr=> yo 12 1964 5 RECEIPT # Altomey Bar Code # DB3192 Magistrate Jutge Is to be designated by the Clerk of the Court. MA A Is 80 Designated, Magistrate Judge Ruby J. Kralick, Clerk of Court by Depuly Clerk, DATED UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT (NEW YORK SOUTHERN) ver Sheet for Allstate Insurance Company v. Countrywide Financial ‘Corporation The information below corresponds to the fields in the civil cover sheet for Allstate Insurance Company v. Countrywide Financial Corporation that are marked “Please see attached.” Plaintiffs: Allstate Insurance Company Allstate Life Insurance Company Ailstate Life Insurance Company of New York ‘American Heritage Life Insurance Company Defendants: Countrywide Financial Corporation Countrywide Home Loans, Inc. Countrywide Capital Markets, LLC Countrywide Securities Corporation CWALT, Inc. CWABS, Ine. CWHEQ, Inc. CWMBS, Inc. Bank of America Corporation BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP NB Holdings Corporation Angelo Mazilo David Sambot Eric Sieracki Ranjit Kripalani Stanford Kurland David A. Spector N. Joshua Adler Jennifer Sandefur