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Product & Service

SIL has implemented more than 250 projects for Government and Private
companies in 15+ African countries including Mauritius and Rodrigues.

At the edge of digital innovation

SIL is the leading IT services provider in Mauritius and Africa with 250+ projects. We deliver innovative solutions to
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
government, enterprise, financial sector and medium sized business. SIL is ISO 9001 certified and has a team of 100+
Today, ERP is essential to for efficiency and productivity across the organisation. ERP
IT professionals.
provides real-time visibility on profit, revenue, cash flow and other key metrics across
Our products are built on the latest technologies namely cloud, mobile, artificial intelligence and software defined all departments. SIL excels in implementing ERP for public sector, enterprise and
data centre (SDDC) among others. Our partners include industry leaders like Oracle, DellEMC, Amazon and Microsoft.
medium sized companies. We provide the software, hardware and support for a

Our offering includes: successful long term relationship with our clients.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Human Resource Management Systems - TaMIS Business Intelligence (BI)
Customer Interactions Management (CIM) Enterprise Performance Management
Business Process Automation (BPA) Artificial Intelligence
Human Resource Management Systems - TaMIS
Document Management System (DMS) Data Analytics
SIL helps organisations nurture their human capital with our proven, adaptable and
Network Solutions and Security Geographic Information System (GIS)
Servers, Storage & Hyper Converged Infrastructure Managed Services – IT Infrastructure user-friendly HRMS. TaMIS has powerful yet easy-to-use features, fitting diverse
Software Development Training personnel and payroll requirements in line with the objectives of any organisation.
Mobile Application Development TaMIS deploys for Enterprise, Government and SME.

Our Value Proposition

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Customer Interactions Management (CIM)

CIM gives 360° view of customers – with all their interactions, meetings, emails,

invoices, project status and documents. Increase customer value by analysing to

improving customer service. Our CIM helps track your customers from lead origina-
ANALYTICS tion to closing sales and customer service.



Business Process Automation (BPA)

Increase productivity with SIL BPA, the full-fledged workflow automation tool to

automate business processes. Most organisation recon a sharp increase in efficiency

by minimizing non-productive paperwork. Our Collaboration Platform makes

working with your co-workers more efficiently, while the integrated DMS is key to

going paperless.

SIL has an inhouse capacity of more than 80 IT Professionals holding over
300 certifications, ready to help you achieve your business objectives.

Document Management System (DMS) Network Solutions and Security

An integral part of SIL collaboration Suite, the (DMS) digitally store documents, SIL has several references for high end data centres, working with leading vendors for

multimedia files, correspondences, fax and emails for efficient access. It allows to virtualisation, disaster recovery, backup, containers and managed services. SIL brings

capture, index, secure, classify, share and search through assets with secure access to in-house expertise to improve data centre security processes to mitigate risks.

records and information assets.

Geographic Information System (GIS) Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

The NRP provides an integrated platform for the optimised use of natural resources SIL helps you adopt the best solution adapted to your data and information security

geographic information system (GIS), together with other metrics to support decision needs in line with new GDPR and DPA. Our solution protects against data breaches

making processes across various industries. The system is capable of managing and ensure that sensitive data is not lost, misused, or accessed by unauthorized

multiple resources classes in various ways ranging from urban planning to emergency users. It also helps to gain maximum visibility on the movement of data which helps

services dispatching. in the tracking of files within the organisation and also for outgoing and incoming


Servers, Storage & Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Business Intelligence (BI) & Enterprise Performance Management
Both business and infrastructure consultants collaborate with our clients to advise on We provide our customers with proven Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
the best approach: converged, Hyper Converged, cloud – each having their own best technologies to give access to meaningful, accurate and consistent dashboards/re-
fit. HCI simplifies IT infrastructure, boosts performance while reducing maintenance ports. We help customers understand, monitor, measure and manage the perfor-
effort, while cloud may be more cost-effective for smaller deployments. mance of their business, hence enabling more efficient decision making to meet

operational and strategic objectives.

Managed Services – IT Infrastructure Artificial Intelligence

SIL provides 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, support and advisory with real-time SIL applies AI technologies such as machine learning and deep learning in its
analytics on the health and performance of your entire IT infrastructure, network and products, in particular for image recognition, ChatBot, fraud detection and anti-mal-
applications to comply with agreed service levels. ware protection. Combined with real time data analytics, today’s AI also allows for

predictive analytics and aids decision making.

SIL is ISO 9001 certified. We focus on quality and our solutions & services
are tailor designed to meet your expectations.

Data Analytics
Today's technology enables real-time dashboards about customer and organisation
Our Customers
performance. SIL applies data analytics to process large volumes of database data,

text, image and videos to get insights that previously took days/ weeks with data

warehousing and BI.

Software Development
SIL has number of references in software development projects right from feasibility

study, through requirement analysis, design, development, testing and up to its

successful deployment. With a view of meeting the diversified needs of the market,

SIL has adopted leading edge platforms and follows latest software development


Mobile Application Development Renowned Technology Partners

Software/web applications and mobile application require different kind of design
SIL has developed a long-lasting partnership with leading technology vendors Oracle, Dell, IBM, Microsoft
considerations. SIL builds using the best practises to give you easy to use, effective
and others.
mobile apps that integrate with enterprise applications.

SIL is an MQA Approved and Oracle Education Delivery Partner, SIL is authorised to

deliver certified Oracle training based on the Oracle official curriculum for our


Contact us

2, St Georges Street
11302, Port Louis, Mauritius
silmail@sil.mu | +230 207 8000


SIL is a leading eGovernment and enterprise IT

provider in Mauritius with 250+ IT projects in ERP,
CRM, DMS, HR, cloud, data centre, security

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