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Far Eastern University

Institute of Law
Basic Legal Ethics
3rd Set of Drill Questions
Atty. Victoria V. Loanzon
March 27, 2020

Instructions: There are ten (10) questions in this two-page Questionnaire. Answer the questions
in not more than five sentences. Support your answers with a sound legal argument by invoking
any of the following: a provision of law, a concept or principle of law or a relevant
jurisprudence. Cite at least one legal argument to justify your answer.

A. State the objectives why the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education every lawyer needs to
comply with its requirement.
B. Enumerate the members of the MCLE Board.

Atty. XYZ has not finished the 36-unit requirement under the Mandatory Continuing Legal
1. Can he still practice law?
2. What will be the effect on the pleadings he files in court if he lacks the required MCLE

Atty. ABC turned 75 years old sought exemption from compliance with MCLE requirement. He
wrote a formal request to the MCLE Board and argued that he is a senior citizen and can only
handle limited cases. Is the legal argument of Atty. ABC tenable? Justify your answer.

Atty. U is an incumbent governor of the Province of Nueva Ecija. R filed an administrative case
against Governor U for not complying with the MCLE requirement. Will the case filed by R
against Governor U prosper? Why?

A. What are the two concepts of fees of lawyers?
B. May a lawyer charge professional fees in the absence of a formal agreement with a client?

Define the following concepts related to professional fees of lawyers:
1. Acceptance Fee
2. Retainer Fee
3. Contract of Champerty
4. Contingent Fee
5. Quantum Meruit
KLM Company signed a retainer agreement with the QRS and T Law Offices for a period of one
year at a monthly fee of P25,000.00. After the lapse of one year, QRS and T Law Offices sent a
bill to KLM company in the total amount of P300,000.00 representing the one-year retainer fee.
KLM refused to pay the professional fees of QRS and T Law Offices because it never used the
services of the law firm during the period of one year. May KLM Company refuse to pay the
professional fees of QRS and T Law Offices? Justify your answer.

Spouses G and G delivered the amount of P250,000.00 to Atty. OA to settle the real property
taxes due on their new house in an exclusive village in Makati City. Instead of paying the real
property taxes of his client, Atty. OA appropriated the full amount of P250,000.00 to his
professional fees for the documents he prepared related to the acquisition of the subject property.
Was it lawful for Atty. OA to retain the client’s money? Why?

After committing seditious acts, T, U, V and X consulted Atty. Y to represent them in the
criminal case they stand to face. Atty. Y declined to represent T, U, V and X because he is
personally convinced that they are all guilty. Can Atty. Y testify against T, U, V and X? Justify
your answer.

ABC Company won a civil case for an insurance claim before the Regional Trial Court of
Makati. The insurance company filed a Notice of Appeal. Atty. Z recommended that ABC
Company should consider executing a compromise agreement with the insurance company rather
than losing the case on appeal. ABC Company rejected the recommendation of Atty. Z.
Subsequently, Atty. Z executed the compromise agreement with the insurance company without
the consent of ABC Company. Was the act of Atty. Z proper? Why?