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Transforming the delivery of
services across the life of the
field through our wide range
of capabilities and solutions
We help clients increase oil and gas
recovery and equipment uptime while
reducing overall cost, and delivering
superior service enhanced by data
management and processing to ensure
they draw the best performance from
subsea fields.

2 Subsea Services
Subsea Services 3
Schilling Robotics Drilling services Installation services
Offerings Offerings Offerings
Class leading range of WROV’s
`` Comprehensive wellhead systems Fully integrated well completion and
to cover life of field activities Complete offering of wellhead
`` installation services:
Powerful, compact 150-hp and
`` equipment and services Well construction (tubing head
250-hp ROV’s with optional Operating up to 20,000psi
`` and tree)
5,000msw depth rating and 350°F Tubing completion installation and
Class leading automation to aid
`` Best-in-class field support
`` well flowback
pilot/operation efficiency and service Workover and controls
`` Exclusive monitoring services Integrated rental tooling suites,
Benefits - Well Access Monitoring Services including landing string safety systems
Lower cost (WAMS)
- Annulus monitoring Benefits
Modular approach improves
maintenance times by a factor of Lower cost
6-to-1 compared to traditional Benefits
20% fewer people on board
vehicles compared to industry to
Lower cost
Aftermarket support offering
`` minimize OPEX
Specific tooling enables multiple
subscription technical support and Integrated services (IWOCS/LS)
operations in a single run to
online spares ordering reduce costs 25% vs. stand-alone
reduce cost of installation
Superior on-board tooling capacity
`` services
Load monitoring services to
for rapid tooling integration
reduce rig time Faster delivery
Performance improvement Fatigue monitoring to extend
`` Integrated offerings reduce
equipment life mobilization time
UHD Gen-III meets full requirements
of API 53 standards for BOP Faster delivery Dedicated core teams for single
intervention in less than 45-second point responsibility and proactive
Immediate response capacity
ram closure planning
Proprietary tooling to accelerate
Intelligent power management system
`` Optimized infrastructures increase
providing highest thrust performance capacity, productivity and efficiency
Remote locations for fast
for ultra-heavy-duty tasks Performance improvement
global access
Industry’s most accurate StationKeep
`` Improved safety performance
Shortest time to delivery
with independent thruster control
in the industry Tooling availability through
Enhanced automation dramatically
`` standardization
reduces the time required to perform Performance improvement
Highly competent engineering
common intervention tasks Monitoring solutions improve
`` and technical staff ensure best-
High-definition (HDEV) video suite
`` safety and reduce risk of killing in-class services in the industry
the well
Optimized rig/vessel uptime
Annulus monitoring provides
opportunities for enhanced

4 Subsea Services
Maintenance Production Asset integrity
services management services services
Offerings Offerings Offerings
World-class service facilities purpose- Integrated technology, flow assurance Operation enhancement to drive uptime
built for safety, quality, delivery and and advisory capabilities to deliver Robust asset integrity management
cost optimization full service solutions for production
Condition performance monitoring
and industry-leading field and management
engineering support provide: Inspection, maintenance and repair
Flow Management
`` Cybernetix Monitoring and
Inspection Solutions
`` IOR with subsea processing
Systems integration testing
Benefits Benefits
Storage and preservation
OPEX reduction
Inventory management
`` Higher volume
Operability engineering
Mobilization and demobilization
`` Flow assurance and operability
engineering Robust asset integrity services
Benefits Production management,
`` Cost-effective interventions
upgrade and de-bottlenecking
Lower cost Lower cost
Subsea IOR services including
Refurbishment offers a
`` Multipurpose vessel-based
pumping, separation and
cost-efficient alternate to new services (WI&IMR) reduce
compression for greenfield and
mobilization/demobilization costs
Consolidated operations shorten
`` brownfield applications
execution cycle and lower lead faster delivery
time, to enable earlier returns
Integrated services enable
Faster delivery faster changeouts of
production-critical equipment
Splash ready equipment lowers
risk profile and allows for lower Increased uptime
contingency and pre-deployment
Real time surveillance of the
entire field
Integrated facilities and repeatable
Accelerated decision time
procedures reduce unplanned
downtime and scheduled risk Data management and digital
collaboration – combined
Performance improvement expertise and advisory services
Integrated offerings simplify
`` on production, uptime and OPEX
response to clients’ needs
Standardized, efficient procedures
enable safe and predictable

Subsea Services 5
Intervention P&A and
services Decommissioning Services
Offerings Offerings
Subsea well and operations expertise Single, dependable contact point
for integrated intervention services for full field decommissioning
Vessel based Riserless Light
`` Integrated engineering, procurement,
Well Intervention (RLWI) project recovery and disposal (iEPRD)
management and engineering services In-house, holistic, risk-based approach
for plug & abandonment (P&A), through comparative assessment to
riserless coiled tubing and well minimize overall environmental impact
completion operations
All the way from logistics to
`` Rig based open water workover and final disposal
landing string intervention project
Aligned with regulatory requirements
management and engineering services
and industry standards
for rig intervention operations
Supported by leading-edge technology
Benefits Best-in-class field services personnel

Lower cost
20% OPEX savings through
integrated services Lower cost
Lower OPEX with vessel-based
`` Widest range of well access
operations solutions and marine capabilities
yields lower OPEX
ROV superior reliability reduces
non-productive time Multi-purpose assets ensure higher
utilization, resulting in lower overall
Multipurpose vessel-based
`` cost
services (WI&IMR) reduce
mobilization/demobilization Faster delivery
costs Largest global subsea installed
Faster delivery base optimizes operations
thanks to in-house knowledge
Above 98% average uptime
`` of field developments
Performance improvement Extensive vessel fleet ensures
Integrated services offering
`` availability and schedule
results in fewer customer- effectiveness
managed interfaces and
reduced overhead Performance improvement
Industry-leading processes with
`` Execution via vessel simplifies
zero well control incidents P&A campaign
Riserless through-tubing lower
abandonment reduces the risk
Global presence and infrastructure
provide significant project efficiencies

6 Subsea Services
Enhancing the
performance of our
client’s subsea fields
Increased recovery through flow
management, well intervention and
field upgrade.

Higher uptime by offering real-time

surveillance, robust asset integrity
management and proactive

Lower cost through condition

performance monitoring, cost
effective interventions
and equipment upgrades.

Faster decision time through

our data management and
digital services.

Leveraging TechnipFMC
competencies to increase
client’s benefits
Comprehensive offerings that
address the entire subsea field
throughout its lifespan.
Integrated solutions and full service
packages that reduce risk, time
and cost.
Extended vessel-based services to
optimize time, reduce cost of
operations and simplify contract
Purposeful digital services that
gain additional value from data
and transform it into actionable

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