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Answer to the question no 1

Ahorangi is admitted to an aged care facility as she was living alone for several years and had

health issues including diabetes and arthritis. At such condition in aged care facility center,

engaging with social network and activities would make her feel much better and she will feel

happy and motivated. It is also helpful to build her self-esteem. Getting stared with different

social activities will allow her to express herself in wider community. She can be engaged in

book club, chess club, different day trips, coffee mornings and luncheons. Apart from these

encouraging her to join various cultural and spiritual activities might be helpful engaging her to

social networks.

Answer to the question no 2

Being healthy is very important for Ahorangi. And it’s not her responsibility to find different

ways of healthy lifestyle. Several steps should be taken to ensure and support Ahorangi’s

physical health. Encouraging her to eat a balanced, nutritious diet is considered one of the best

ways to maintain a healthy life as it helps to acquire proper vitamins, nutrients and mineral

needed for a healthy body. After that, it has to be made sure that she gets enough sleep. Which

will avoid Ahorangi getting tired. Next thing is encouraging her to follow an active lifestyle

which will prevent different health problems.

Answer to the question no 3

Promoting self-esteem and confidence as well as positive and supportive communication might

be helpful to support Ahorangi’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. By giving her

confidence to conquer her visions and goals is a part of promoting her self-esteem. It’s about

making her believe that she can accomplish anything. On the other hand positive and supportive
communication includes giving her time and space to talk, showing interest in what she have to

say, listen to her very carefully without being distracted, value her personal opinions and

thoughts, try to be helpful and never judge, and always show encouragement and reassure when

she needs it.

Answer to the question no 4

Supporting Ahorangi to create an environment suitable for her physical needs is very important.

Making a clean environment is necessary. It’s really important for maintaining healthy lifestyle.

It also reduces the risks to health and ensures safety. Clean environment can be ensured by

accessing to safe and clean water, basic sanitation, making sure physical cleanliness of surfaces

and tools, and ensuring safe disposal of waste. The environment has to be comfortable also. It

will ensure Ahorangi’s physical comfort and relaxation. A few steps might make such

comfortable environment. It has to be free from stress or anxiety, homely and pleasant.

Answer to the question no 5

It is very important to allow Ahorangi to express her identity. Respecting, recognizing and

accommodating the expression also bear the same importance. If Ahorangi is quiet, reserved and

shy, this should be respected and she should never be forced to talk to someone if she’s not

willing to talk. And if she is extrovert then she should be encouraged to join groups and meet

new people. Along with this, how Ahorangi express her sexuality is important too. Which

includes: love and affection, physical appearance, and touch. Her freedom to express sexuality

without any fear should always be ensured.

Answer to the question no 6

Documentation is very important as it directly affects how much Government is funding

Ahorangi in aged care facility. It is used to make any adjustments to the plan in future. While

working with Ahorangi, a few types of documentations are needed. One of them is written

documentation. Apart from this, there are concise documentation; which means including right

amount of information, objective documentation and verbal documentation. While recording and

filing documents, there are several things that need to followed. Documents should be concise

and objective. It should include only necessary information and appropriate language must be