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 nkugwamarkwilliam@gmail.com  Objective
 0784906354 I am an experienced android application developer living in kireka
Kampala and seeking employment with a fast-growing company. I
 Kireka, Kampala,Uganda bring more than 2 years experience writing Java, kotlin and more
than two years experience in the technology industry of mobile
 Skills app development.

Java programming  Education

C# programming Greenbirdge School of Open Technologies 2018
Php programming Web development
JavaScript programming
Greenbirdge School of Open Technologies 2018
Kotlin programming
Java programming
Html and CSS A+

C and C++ Kambogo University 2017-now

Xamarin forms Chemical and process engineering
 Projects
 Reference
MyPlasticDiet android app on play store
Walugembe Noah - "Green bridge
This enables users to calculate their PMI index, to trade plastic
School of open "
and to blog
Programmer and trainer at Green
bridge School of open technology
This enables users to blog through pictures and articles written
by them to share there thoughts with others about the
+256 794 591078
environment and plastics. The application also contains study
material to help the user learn more about how to create and
carry out some projects with plastic such as construction of a
plastic tank and many others. With this application a user can
sell and buy plastics to other users any time and any where by
taking a picture of the goods and sharing them with other
users through the platform. The app also has a PMI calculator
or Plastic Metric Index which enables a user to know how
much plastic they are using and how its harming the
environment and the community and if they are doing bad on
the index the user is provided with alternatives to plastics so
as to bring down the index.
Survival Luganda android app on play store
learn survival that you will need to manage the streets of
kampala and Uganda.

learn survival that you will need to manage the streets of

kampala and Uganda. This will help you as a tourist , language
geek or some just wanting to learn a new language. We have
placed audio players of Buganda people speaking to help you
better get the language

Organic Chemistry for engineers android app on play store

This app has lecture notes , questions and answers for organic

This android application has be made for engineers especially

chemical, biochemical , petroleum, bio-process and process
engineers who tend to need this knowledge in their day to day
work as engineers in the field. This app has lecture notes for
organic chemistry, questions and answers to the questions so
as one may get better understanding of the content, a
calculate to help one carry out simple calculations, a
notification system to remind you when and what to revise and
you can use this app during your lecture to write and store your
lecture notes.

Environmental engineering tutor android app on play store

This provides you with summarized lecture notes and