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Nama : ………………………. Mapel : Bahasa Inggris

Kelas : V (Lima) Hari, tgl : Selasa, 01 Oktober 2019

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c, or d !

1. We can play basket ball in the ....
a. court (pengadilan) b. verandah (beranda) c. field (lapangan) d. bedroom (km. tidur)
2. Angga needs a .... for cycling (bersepeda).
a. racket b. ball c. tent (tenda) d. bike (sepeda)
3. We can do hiking (mendaki) in the ....
a. mountain (gunung) b. house (rumah) c. school d. library (perpus)
4. Farhan likes(suka) watching(menonton) movie (film) in the ....
a. garden(taman) b. bathroom(km. mandi) c. living room(r.keluarga) d. kitchen(dapur)
5. We can do surfing(selancar) in the ....
a. road(jalan) b. home(rumah) c. street(jalan) d. beach(pantai)
6. My father is watering the plants. He likes ....
a. cooking(masak) b. fishing(mancing) c. gardening(berkebun) d. hiking
7. Farel has good voice(suara). He likes ....
a. dancing(nari) b. singing(nyanyi) c. jogging d. reading(baca)
8. Endro's hobby is philately. He likes collecting ....
a. toys(mainan) b. stamp(prangko) c. car(mobil) d. picture(gambar)
9. Reno goes to the river(sungai). He brings(membawa) his fish hook(kail). He wants to do ....
a. swimming b. fishing c. hiking d. cycling
10. I want to playing music. I need ....
a. guitar c. marble(kelereng)
b. ball d. bat
11. A : What time is it ?
B : It is ....
a. aBahasa Inggris
quarter to eight c. a half to seven LATIHAN SOAL PTS
b. a quarter past eight d. a half past seven
12. I .... the floor every morning.

Bimbel_Al-Azhar_Panggungrejo Soal Latihan PTS Ganjil Kelas V Bahasa Inggris

a. listen b. cook c. mop d. watch 28. If we want to save the money, we can go to ....
13. We have breakfast in the .... a. school b. market c . bank d. hospital
a. morning b. afternoon c. evening d. midnight 29. If we want to know time. We can see the ....
14. I usually go to school at .... a. watch b. book c. compass d. television
a. twenty past six 30. Ridho is .... in the mosque
b. six past twenty a. playing b. praying c. watching d. cooking
c. twenty to six
d. six to twenty II. Translate in to Indonesia !
1. Handika wants to play marbles.
15. I usually .... at 05.00 in the morning. 2. Kevin likes rock climbing.
a. sleep b. get up c. take a bath d. have a breakfast 3. Elma usually cooks at a half past three.
16. I always .... after going home from school. 4. The lesson begins at seven o’clock.
a. have breakfast c. have dinner 5. My uncle washes his car every Sunday.
b. have lunch d. have supper
17. My brother takes a nap in the .... III. Translate in to English !
a. morning b. night c. afternoon d. evening 1. Hobi saya adalah melukis.
18. After having dinner. I see my watch. It’s nine o’clock. I say .... 2. Andi bisa bermain piano.
a. good morning c. good afternoon 3. Ibu memasak pada jam 04.50.
b. good day d. good night 4. Anak-anak biasanya pulang sekolah jam 13.00.
19. Via .... Upin Ipin after studying 5. Di pagi hari, Tina biasanya bermain prosotan.
a. writes b. cooks c. watches d. plays
20. My aunt often goes to department store. She likes .... IV. Arrange these words into good sentences !
a. cooking b. shopping c. jogging d. painting 1. makes - every - the - bed - morning - Amanda
21. Malvin takes a bath in the .... 2. likes - Sandra - camping - holiday - on
a. bedroom b. bathroom c. kitchen d. living room 3. Nino - at – o’clock - has - six - breakfast
22. We should play kite in the .... 4. often - Yoyo – in - drum – plays – morning - the
a. street b. field c. garden d. school 5. reading- much - likes - very - Danu
23. Erina .... English everyday
a. studies b. writes c. listens d. watches
24. His hobby is .... He writes many articles.
a. singing b, writing c. reading d. playing
25. I usually pray isya’ at ....
a. 07.00 p.m b. 06.00 p.m c. 08.00 a.m d. 07.00 a.m
26. Ade and his friends go to the mountain. They like ....
a. skating b. singing c. hiking d. dancing

27. I want to wash my hand. I need ....

a. glue b. soap c. sand d. towel

Bimbel_Al-Azhar_Panggungrejo Soal Latihan PTS Ganjil Kelas V Bahasa Inggris