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IT 406 – Platform Technologies 2

Basaha ning tibuok dokomento, teacher/presenter kaman o rater!

Safety first!
Due to the threat of the COVID-19 virus, actual classroom tutorials are not on the table as of the moment.
However, for us not to disrupt the class, mobile/online tutorials will be done. For those group who have not
able to present their tutorials, read the instruction below:
1. Since you are rated individually, you will (individually) create a video tutorial regarding your part of the
tutorial. You as the teacher/presenter must be seen in the video while discussing your part.
2. The video must be submitted individually. For the submission of the video, you can choose on either
Google Drive or FB Messenger (if applicable).
3. Each teacher/presenter may choose their own rater, the number of rater per teacher/presenter will be
dependent on the number of members in a group. See the table below for the specific numbers. This
means that the raters will have to download the video and submit to me their rates thru private
message. Due to safety reasons, being a rater is not compulsory since some have problems getting
data signals in their respective places. Therefore, if you have good data signals at the same time not
risking your health due to the COVID-19 virus and is willing to help out your classmates then please
rate their work.
4. Each teacher/presenter will have to submit the names of their raters upon reading this document.
Submit this thru email md.angelica.canillo@jhcsc.edu.ph
5. As the adviser of this subject, I will definitely rate your submitted video tutorial.

Deadliest Deadlines Number of Raters per

Grou Teacher/Presenter
p# Submission of Rates from
Submission of Videos 4A 4B
9 10 8
10 8 8
11 8 8
June 22 – 26, 2020 July 13 – 17, 2020
12 8 8
13 8 8
14 8 8

Students who will and can rate their classmates without risking their health can also ask questions. Your
questions must be sent to me and answers must also be sent to me. After a question is answered then I will
post it to our Group Chat platform 4A or 4B. In this way, the question/s and answer/s will be in one message
and will not be hard to find.