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Course: Mathematics Extension 1 Year: 11

Topic: Functions – Modelling Task

Assessment Name: Hand-in Task

Weighting: 30% Submission Date: 3/4/2020

General information about this task

Outcomes assessed:
ME11-1 A student uses algebraic and graphical concepts in the modelling and solving of
problems involving functions.
ME11-2 A student manipulates algebraic expressions and graphical functions to solve
ME11-6 A student uses appropriate technology to investigate, organise and interpret
information to solve problems in a range of contexts.
ME11-7 A student communicates making comprehensive use of mathematical language,
notation, diagrams and graphs.
Content assessed: F1.1 Graphical relationships. F1.2 Inequalities
Nature and description of the task:
● This practical and investigative assignment involves the use of functions to create a new logo
for a company.
● Prior to the due date you will have covered all content on the transformations of functions in
content F1.1 and inequalities F1.2.
● You will also have learnt some terminology and theory associated with functions.
● By the time of the due date you will have covered all the syllabus content required to
successfully complete this task.
● Students will complete the assignment electronically and submit it on Google Classroom for
marking on or before the due date. Video links must be included in the document. A hard copy
also must be submitted.
● USB or other storage devices will be considered as non-compliant and will not be marked.
● Problems with technology/printing issues are unacceptable. If there are any problems, please
see your teacher before the due date.

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 1

Checkpoint 1: (Date: Tuesday 17/3/2020)
● This notification booklet issued to students and posted on Google Classroom
Checkpoint 2: (Date: Tuesday 24/3/2020)
● Students have done a rough sketch of the logo they intend to draw in Desmos
Checkpoint 3: (Date: Friday 27/3/2020)
• The final logo design.
• Initial equations and sample Desmos attempt screenshots.
Checkpoint 4: (Date: Friday 3/4/2020)
● Completed document to be submitted by 8:40am (print copy and uploaded soft copy to google


If absent on the day of a scheduled examination, hand in assessment task or oral task, a Year 11 or Year 12
student must:
● Notify the school on that day of the reason for your absence. This could potentially be with advance
notice. The Head Teacher of the relevant course must be notified.
● Submit a completed Illness/Misadventure Application (supported by evidence) to the Head Teacher
of that course by 3:10pm the date that the assessment task is due. The Misadventure Application is
available on the school website.
● If the student is aware that they will be away from School the date of the examination or hand in task
due to illness/misadventure, the student must submit an application within five (5) business days of
the due date of the assessment task. If students are unable to submit an application on the date that
they are away, they are to submit an application on the first day of their return to school. Failure to
submit an application will result in a zero.

Please refer to the Stage 6 Assessment and Reporting Principles, Policies and Procedures document for more

Feedforward and feedback:

During the time prior to Checkpoint 3 you may seek feedforward from your teacher to improve your final

When the task is marked you will receive feedback outlining the strengths of your work and aspects of your
logo which could be improved. This will be done using the rubric provided.

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 2

Part 1 – The Task:
Setting the scene:

You run a company called ‘Desmos’ Design’. The client is a company needing a new logo for their product. The
company has employed Desmos’ Design to create their logo.

They want something a little bit like the one below, which is used by a manufacturer of scientific equipment.

The example logo contains:

• A cubic function that has been transformed
• The addition of two absolute value functions
• The product of reciprocal linear functions with linear functions
• The absolute value (y=|f(x)|) of a hyperbola
• Two shaded regions
• Restricted domains

Here is the ‘design brief’ for the logo you need to design for the client.

• You are required to use Desmos to draw the logo: www.desmos.com/calculator.

• The logo must have a section in all four quadrants of the Cartesian plane.
• A variety of colours may be used.
• At least one section of the logo needs to be shaded.
• All the lines, curves and shading in the logo must be created in Desmos using mathematical equations.
Do not include words in the logo.
• The maximum number of different equations to be used is 12.
• For each element of the logo you may use the following as base graphs (a variety should be used):

a straight line a parabola a cubic

an absolute value graph a hyperbola a circle

• The logo must include at least one from each section of the following transformation graphs:

a reciprocal A square root An absolute

1 𝑦𝑦 = �𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥) transformation
𝑦𝑦 =
𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥) or 𝑦𝑦 2 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥) 𝑦𝑦 = |𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥)|
or 𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(|𝑥𝑥|)
Addition of ordinates Product of ordinates A region
𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥) + 𝑔𝑔(𝑥𝑥), 𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥)𝑔𝑔(𝑥𝑥)
using an inequality

• You must include one calculation solving an inequality (quadratic, rational function or absolute value)
to demonstrate a domain restriction in part of your logo.

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 3

Part 2 – Complete the following information for the client:

What type of product/service does the client make/sell/provide?

The domain and range of your logo:

Domain: x: -9.17<=x<=9.17

Range: y: -11<=y<=5

The equation of every section of the logo. If the equation was the transformation of a function, include
a description of this. State the domain and range of each function.
(If you used fewer than 15 equations, delete the rows you don’t need)

Equation 1 Transformation Domain Range

Y=|(1/80)²(x+5)(x-5)| None x: -9.16<=x<=9.16 y: -6.794<=y<=6.794
Equation 2 Transformation Domain Range
y=-12/x+4 None x: -5<=x<=-3.29 y: -19<=y<=2.319
Equation 3 Transformation Domain Range

Y=12/x+4 None x: 3.29<=x<=5 y: 2.319<=y<=19

Equation 4 Transformation Domain Range

Y=(1/90x²+2)(1/10x²) None x: -5.01<=x<=5.01 y: 0<y<5.756

Equation 5 Transformation Domain Range

Y=|1.2x|-11 None x: -0.859<x<0.859 y: -10<=y<=-11

Equation 6 Transformation Domain Range
Y=-√(2x ) None x: 0<=x<=3.6 y: 0<=y<=-2.683
Equation 7 Transformation Domain Range

Y=-√(-2x) None x: -3.6<=x<=0 y: 2.683<=y<=0

Equation 8 Transformation Domain Range

Y=-((-1/2x²)+(3x²)) None x: -1.346<=x<=1.346 y: -4.489<=y<=0

Equation 9 Transformation Domain Range

Equation 10 Transformation Domain Range

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 4

Equation 11 Transformation Domain Range

Equation 12 Transformation Domain Range

Show your working HERE for solving an inequality that represents a domain restriction of one of your
sections. This may be a quadratic inequality, a rational function inequality or an absolute value inequality.
1:-3.45<=y<=0 2: y>=-2x-10 3: y>=2x-10
Domain: x: -3.29<x<3.29 Domain: x: -5<x<-3.29 Domain: x: 3.29<x<5
Range: y: -3.45<=y<=0 Range: y: -3.45<y<0 Range: y: 0<y<3.45

Part 3 – The logo:

Copy and paste a screen capture of the logo as it appears in Desmos, showing:

• The x-axis and the y-axis with a scale on both axis.

• A grid in the background

<Paste HERE>

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 5

Copy and paste a screen capture of the logo as it appears in Desmos, with the axis and grid hidden.

<Paste HERE>

Part 4: The mathematics behind the logo

Using the completed design, make a ‘voice and screen capture’ video in which you describe the mathematics
used to make the logo.

The video must run for no more than 3 minutes and should explain, for example:
• Each equation used and the part of the logo it produces
• The processes used for choosing the equations and limiting the domain and range as appropriate
• Using a part of your diagram, provide an explanation of the key tips in how to take a function and
create a graph for one of the following:
o A reciprocal function graph. 𝑦𝑦 =
o An absolute value function graph[𝑦𝑦 = |𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥)|, 𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(|𝑥𝑥|)]
o A square root function graph [𝑦𝑦 = �𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥), 𝑦𝑦 2 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥)]
o A new graph from the addition of ordinates 𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥) + 𝑔𝑔(𝑥𝑥),
o A new graph from the multiplication of ordinates 𝑦𝑦 = 𝑓𝑓(𝑥𝑥). 𝑔𝑔(𝑥𝑥)].
• How did the shaded region come to be?

Upload and submit your video.

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 6

Marking Rubric: Student’s name:
Outcomes ME11-1 uses algebraic and graphical concepts in the modelling and solving of
problems involving functions and their inverses
ME11-2 manipulates algebraic expressions and graphical functions to solve problems
ME11-6 uses appropriate technology to investigate, organise and interpret information
to solve problems in a range of contexts
ME11-7 communicates making comprehensive use of mathematical language, notation,
diagrams and graphs

ME 11-1 1 – Use 3 – Use simple 5 – Use simple 7 – Use various 10 – Use various
limited (linear and graphs to create a graphs (of graphs (of various
number of quadratic) more complicated various complexity) to
graphs with graphs to create logo with complexity) to create a complex
little a simple design explanation on create a simple design with
explanation with explanation how domain and design with explanation of use
to create a on how domain range was used to explanation of of domain, range
simple and range was achieve desired use of domain, and inequalities to
design. used to achieve outcome. range and achieve the desired
the desired inequalities to outcome.
outcome. achieve the
desired outcome.
ME 11-2 1 – Use 3 – Use simple 5 – Use of simple 7 – Variety of 10 – Variety of
simple functions with functions with manipulation manipulation
functions translation and various applied to applied to variety of
with reflection and manipulations to variety of graphs to develop a
translation to limited achieve the graphs to complex logo. Clear
create the explanation of desired logo. develop a simple explanation
logo manipulation of Clear explanation logo with clear provided for various
the function. provided for some explanation manipulation to
of the provided for demonstrate a
manipulations. some of the range of
manipulations. understanding of
ME 11-6 1 – Use of 3 – Use Desmos 5 - Use Desmos
Desmos appropriately, appropriately,
appropriately including range including domain,
to create and domain. range and
graphs. inequalities to
create the logo.
ME 11-7 1 – Create a 3 – Create a 5 – Create a screen
screen screen capture capture with clear
capture with with clear explanation,
limited explanation, demonstrating deep
explanation demonstrating understanding of
of simple deep significant variety
graphs. understanding of of function
some of the manipulations.

2020 Mathematics Extension 1 Page 7