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Key Partners Key Activities Value Proposition

1. Educational Universities. 1. Topnotch Globally accepted 1. Normal course.

2 Faculty members/instructors. course offering. 2. On Demand Cou
3. Regulatory bodies local & 2. User friendly platform. 3. Degree/Certifica
global. 3. Authenticating and reviewing famous universitie
the value proposition of world.
courses. 4. Full Masters deg
4. Tieup with corporates and certifcation.
universities. 5. Free and paid b
6. Tie-up with reno
7. Verified Certific

Key Resources

1.Tieup with University

2.Library resources content.
3. Accepted certification for
global reach.
4. Developers for IT
Infrastructure & platform.
5. Marketing and sales team.

Cost Structure

1. Developers
2. Assets cost
3. IT cost
4. Course development cost
5. Customer accquisition, offers & promotion cost.
6. Marketing and relationship management cost.
Value Proposition Customer Relationships Customer Segment

1. Normal course. 1. Augmentation of specific

2. On Demand Course. courses. 1. Individuals
3. Degree/Certification from 2. Degrees, both Bachelors and 2. Corporate Professional
famous universities around the Masters. 3. Governments & Non-profit
world. 3. Taskforce setup for organisations
4. Full Masters degree businesses and government
certifcation. organizations.
5. Free and paid both type of 4. Offers financial support to
courses. candidates
6. Tie-up with renowned
7. Verified Certificates.


1. Online web based platform

Revenue Stream

1. Fees from subscription.

2. Corporate tieups.
3. Governments & Nonprofits tieups.
4. Creating ecosystem
5. Multi revenue source
mer Segment

s & Non-profit
Business Model

1. By Producing courses

2. Degree/Certification from renowned

universities around the world.

3. Offering international course witout distance

Value Creation barrier.

4. On demand courses.

5. Verified certificates.

6. Online Masters and Graduation Courses.

Value Delivery By courses offered online.

1. Subscription of course.

Value Captured 2. Corporate tieup.

3. Individual course sell.

1. Better course offerings lower pricing than


2. Tieup with premium universities.

Value Defense
3. Tieup with corporates.

4. Verified certificates and degrees.