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Platts Global Alert

A Quick Guide for PGA Users

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Updated February 2010

Platts Global Alert (PGA)
Key Pages Platts Global Alert is the energy industry’s most authoritative and comprehensive real-time news service
providing breaking news, market analysis and price assessments to industry professionals worldwide.
This quick guide to Platts Global Alert contains information on key page numbers of PGA; contact details
Editorial Contacts of Platts’ editorial oil team and a glossary of commonly used terms – useful details to meet your daily
information needs.

Key PGA Pages – Crude Oil

Crude Oil Assessments Index Page 60

Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 165 (Asia Pacific Light Sweet) 12, 555 (EMEA - Outright Price) 145 (Canadian Postings)
347 (Asian Crude Index, 594, 595 (EMEA - Differentials) 171 (Americas)
Asian Dated Brent) 862 (Russian & Mediterranean) 280 (South America)
433 (Asian Close Crudes) 401 (Canada)
567 (Asia Pacific Medium Sweet) 596 (Americas - Differentials)

Commentary 492 (Middle East Sour) 13 (North Sea) 191 (US West Coast)
493 (Asia Pacific Sweet) 490 (West Africa) 258 (USGC Sweet)
868 (Mediterranean Sour) 329 (Latin America)
880 (Mediterranean / Black Sea Light) 436 (Canada)
1406 (Russian Domestic) 565 (US Sweet Aftermarket)

Crude Oil
20c Naphtha

40c Gasoline / Mogas

70c Jet Kerosene

Gasoil / Diesel

Lubricating Oil (to Cracking Unit)

Heavy Gas Oil (to Cracking Unit)

600c Fuel Oil Residual Oil

Boiler Distillation Column

(Super-Heated Steam)
Key PGA Pages – Naphtha
Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 6 (Singapore) 8 (Northwest Europe / ARA) 208 (US Gulf Coast)

43 (Arab Gulf / Japan) 9 (Mediterranean)
415 (Japan / Hong Kong)
447 (Korea / Okinawa)
2021 (India)

Commentary 48 (Asia / Arab Gulf) 178 (Europe) 573 (Group 3)

574 (Chicago)

Key PGA Pages – Gasoline / Mogas

Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 6 (Singapore) 8 (Northwest Europe / ARA) 14, 570 (US Atlantic Coast)
43 (Arab Gulf / Japan) 9 (Mediterranean) 17 (US Buckeye Pipeline)
416 (Australia) 1410 (Russian Domestic) 18 (US Group 3)
447 (Korea / Okinawa) 19, 575 (US Gulf Coast)
2021 (India) 275 (Chicago)
2028 (South China / Hong Kong) 562 (Latin America)
2029 (Guangzhou) 22, 572 (US West Coast)
597 (US Ethanol & MTBE)

Commentary 7 (Asia / Arab Gulf) 11 (Northwest Europe) 15 (New York / Boston)

2040 (South China) 746 (European MTBE) 20 (US Gulf Coast)
1411 (Russian Domestic) 23 (US West Coast)
563 (Latin America)
573 (US Group 3)
574 (Chicago)
1035 (US Ethanol)

Key PGA Pages – Jet Kerosene

Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 6 (Singapore) 9 (Mediterranean) 14 (US Atlantic Coast)

415 (Japan / Hong Kong) 259 (Northwest Europe / ARA) 17 (US Buckeye Pipeline)
416 (Australia) 18 (US Group 3)
447 (Korea / Okinawa) 275 (Chicago)
449 (Arab Gulf / Japan) 571, 598 (US Gulf Coast)
2021 (India) 22, 57, 572 (US West Coast)
2028 (South China)

Commentary 265 (Asia / Arab Gulf) 200 (Europe) 318 (USAC Distillates)
319 (USGC Distillates)
320 (US West Coast)
573 (US Group 3)
574 (Chicago)

Key PGA Pages – Gasoil / Diesel

Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 6 (Singapore) 9 (Mediterranean) 14 (US Atlantic Coast)

415 (Japan / Hong Kong) 259 (Northwest Europe / ARA) 17 (US Buckeye Pipeline)
416 (Australia) 1413 (Russian Domestic) 18 (US Group 3)
447 (Korea / Okinawa) 275 (Chicago)
449 (Arab Gulf / Japan) 571, 598 (US Gulf Coast)
2021 (India) 22, 57, 572 (US West Coast)
2028 (South China / Hong Kong)
2029 (Guangzhou)

Commentary 323 (Asia / Arab Gulf) 321 (European Diesel) 318 (USAC Distillates)
2040 (South China) 431 (European VGO) 319 (USGC Distillates)
733 (European Gasoil) 320 (US West Coast)
1414 (Russian Domestic) 573 (US Group 3)
574 (Chicago)

Key PGA Pages – Fuel Oil / Residual Fuel

Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 42 (Singapore) 9 (Mediterranean) 44 (US Atlantic Coast)

447 (Korea / Okinawa) 10 (Northwest Europe / ARA) 50 (US Gulf Coast)
449 (Arab Gulf / Japan) 1416 (Russian Domestic) 562 (Latin America)
750 (South China) 57, 572 (US West Coast)
770 (East China)
2028 (South China / Hong Kong)
Commentary 324 (Asia / Arab Gulf) 322 (European Fuel Oil) 194 (US West Coast)
751 (Huangpu) 422 (European Straight Run) 195 (US Atlantic Coast)
771 (East China) 1417 (Russian Domestic) 196 (US Gulf Coast)
563 (Latin America)
Platts Global Alert – Key Pages
Key PGA Pages – Biodiesel
Asia Europe Americas

Assessments 1075 (FOB SE Asia) 259 (Northwest Europe) 876 (Chicago, Houston)

Commentary 1120 (European Biodiesel)

Deals & Talking Levels Key PGA Pages IE Singapore Statistics (Weekly) Key PGA Pages
Platts International Crude Deals/Talking Levels (MOC) 3, 268 Singapore Trade Data Index Page 1300
Platts International Crude Transactions 4 Singapore Trade Data - Crude Oil 1305
US Spot Crude Deals/Talking Levels 300 Singapore Trade Data - Condensates 1306
Asia/Arab Gulf Spot Products Deals/Talking Levels (MOC) 190 Singapore Trade Data - Gasoline 1307-9
European Products Deals/Talking Levels (MOC) 5 Singapore Trade Data - Naphtha 1310
US Products Deals/Talking Levels (MOC) 400 Singapore Trade Data - Jet Fuel 1311-2
Price Indications Key PGA Pages Singapore Trade Data - Diesel 1313-4
Platts Brent/Dubai Crude Indications 164 Singapore Trade Data - Propane 1315
Platts Brent/WTI Crude Indications 162 Singapore Trade Data - Butane 1316
Platts CFD/DTD Brent Swaps Indications 297 Singapore Trade Data - Natural Gas 1317
Tenders Key PGA Pages Singapore Trade Data - Fuel Oil 1318
Singapore Trade Data - Bitumen 1319
Platts Asian/Arab Gulf Product Tenders 281
Platts Asian/Arab Gulf Tender Awards 282
Petroleum Refinery Turnarounds Key PGA Pages
Energy Futures / Options Key PGA Pages Western Hemisphere 49, 414, 432, 576
Asian Close 1205 Asia Pacific/Arab Gulf 283, 284
European Close 488 Europe 206
IPE Gasoil/Brent Crude Closing Futures Prices 135
ICE/NYMEX Closing Levels and Indicators 504 Miscellaneous Key PGA Pages
Exchange of Futures for Swaps 2011 Platts Global Alert Subscriber Notes 700-715
Analysis Key PGA Pages Platts Trader Notes 122
Development Bank of Singapore FOREX Rates 325
Platts/NYMEX Petroleum Product Basis Spreads 156
Term Crude Pricescore (OSP) Key PGA Pages LNG Key PGA Pages
Platts Term Crude Pricescore for: Assessments LNG Index Page 1019
Abu Dhabi 333 Platts Daily Spot LNG Japan/Korea Marker 1020
Algeria/Syria/Yemen 346 (JKM)
Brunei/Malaysia 334 NG Futures and Assessments Asian Close 1021
Egypt 494 Market Commentary 1022
Indonesia 337 Scorecard of Asian Fuel Substitutes to LNG 1024
Iran/Kuwait 336 (JKM)
Iraq 338 Platts Daily Spot LNG FOB Middle East 1025
Libya 339 Asia Pacific Carrier Day Rates 1025
Mexico 340 Platts Daily LNG India Net Forward 1026
Nigeria 341 Platts Daily FOB Australia Netbacks 1026
Oman/Qatar 342
Saudi Arabia (Asia) 343
Saudi Arabia (Europe) 344
Saudi Arabia (US) 345

To download the most up-to-date and complete Platts Global Alert page directory, visit www.platts.com
Add-on Services to Platts Global Alert (PGA) – Key Pages
As a subscriber to Platts Global Alert , you can also benefit from additional sector specific real-time information services to
increase your coverage of the market place.

Here you will find key page numbers on additional services like Bunker, Clean and Dirty Tanker, LPG and Forward Curve.

Key PGA Add-on Pages - Bunker Worldwide

Deals/Talking Levels PGB0997-0999

Asia Europe / Middle East / Africa Americas

Postings PGB0984 (Chinese Petroleum PGB0981 (Saudi Aramco)

Corporation, Taiwan)
PGB0996 (Chimbusco, China)

Assessments PGB0980 (Asia) PGB0988 (Northwest Europe) PGB0977 (Latin America)

PGB0989 (Mediterranean) PGB0978 (US Delivered)
PGB0990 (Arab Gulf / East PGB0982 (Americas)
Mediterranean / Africa) PGB0993 (North America)

Commentary PGB0983, 0987 PGB0991-0992 PGB0985 (US Atlantic Coast)

PGB0994 (US West Coast)
PGB0995 (Latin America)
PGB1182 (US Gulf Coast)

Key PGA Add-on Pages - LPG Worldwide

Deals/Talking Levels PGL0468-0469 Postings/Contract PGL0454

Asia Europe / Middle East Americas

Assessments PGL0479, 0496 (Asia) PGL0451 (Northwest Europe / PGL0453, 0477 (US)
PGL0786 (South China) Mediterranean)
PGL0787 (North, East China) PGL0452 (West Mediterranean / Arab Gulf)
PGL0788 (Asia LPG Freight)

Commentary PGL0462, 0480 (Asia) PGL0455, 0470 (Northwest Europe) PGL0464 (Caribbean and Latin America)
PGL1150 (South China) PGL0458 (West Mediterranean) PGL0465, 0473 (US Gulf Coast)
PGL1155 (North / East China) PGL0460 (Arab Gulf)

Key PGA Add-on Pages - Tankers (Dirty) Worldwide

Fixtures PGT0940-0942 Margins PGT0920, 0948 Commentary PGT0139, 0928

East of Suez West of Suez

Assessments PGT0137, 0907, 0945, 0974 (Daily) PGT0559, 0905, 0906, 0920, 0946, 0975 (Daily)
PGT0930 (Monthly Average) PGT0911-912, 0921, 0931 (Monthly Average)

Key PGA Add-on Pages - Tankers (Clean) Worldwide

Fixtures / Orders PGT0950-0954 Margins PGT0958, 0959 Commentary PGT0957, 0970

East of Suez West of Suez

Assessments PGT0904, 0955 (Daily) PGT0903, 0956 (Daily)

PGT0909 (Monthly) PGT0908 (Monthly)
PGT0932 (Monthly Average) PGT0933 (Monthly Average)
Platts Forward Curve Add-on: Petroleum
Key Platts Forward Curve Add-on Pages - Petroleum: All
Asia Europe Americas

Swaps Page Index PGA0601 PGA0602 PGA0603

180 CST Fuel Oil - Dubai Crack Swaps PPA0664 Jet Kero - Tapis Crack Swaps PPA0658
380 CST Fuel Oil - Dubai Crack Swaps PPA0677 Jet - Dubai Crack Swaps PPA0662
Gasoil - Dubai Crack Swaps PPA0663 Naphtha - Dubai Crack Swaps PPA0661
Gasoil - Tapis Crack Swaps PPA0659 Naphtha - Tapis Crack Swaps PPA0657

Key Platts Forward Curve Add-on Pages - Crude Oil

Asia Europe Americas
Assessments PPA0640 (Tapis Swaps) PPE0605 (Brent CFD/Dated Brent Swaps) PPU0671 (Brent Dated to Frontline Swaps)
PPA0641 (Dubai Intermonth Swaps) PPE0606 (Brent Dated to Frontline Swaps) PPU0672 (WTI-Brent Swaps)
PPA0642 (Brent-Dubai Swaps) PPE0607 (WTI-Brent Swaps) PPU0673, 0679 (WTI Frontline Swaps)
PPA0643 (Dubai Swaps) PPE0608 (Dubai Intermonth Swaps)
PPA0644 (Oman Swaps) PPE0609 (Brent-Dubai Swaps)
PPE0610 (Brent CFDs / Dated Brent Swaps)
PPE0611 (Brent Frontline Swaps)

Key Platts Forward Curve Add-on Pages - Refined Products

Asia Europe Americas

Naphtha PPA0646 (Naphtha FOB Singapore PPE0616 (Naphtha Swaps CIF NW Europe)
Swaps) PPE0617 (Naphtha Crack Swaps)
PPA0650 (Naphtha Spread Swaps)
Gasoline / Mogas PPE0614 (Premium Unleaded Barge PPU0680 (Unleaded Gasoline Swaps USGC)
Swaps FOB ARA) PPU0690 (US RBOB Frontline Swaps)
PPE0615 (Premium Unleaded Crack
Jet Kerosene PPA0647 (Jet Kero FOB Singapore PPE0621 (Jet Differential Swaps CIF NW PPU0683 (Jet Fuel Swaps USAC)
Swaps) Europe) PPU0684 (Jet Fuel Swaps USGC)
PPA0648 (Jet Kero Singapore Timing PPU0685 (Jet Fuel Swaps USWC)
Spread Swaps)
Gasoil / Diesel PPA0653 (Gasoil FOB Singapore PPE0620 (Gasoil Frontline Swaps) PPU0687 (No.2 Heating Oil Swaps USGC)
Swaps) PPE0622 (Gasoil Crack Swaps) PPU0688 (ULSD Swaps USGC)
PPA0654 (Gasoil Singapore Timing PPE0623 (Gasoil 0.2% Cargo Swaps CIF NW PPU0689 (US Heating Oil Frontline Swaps)
Spread Swaps) Europe)
PPE0624 (Gasoil 0.2% Barge Swaps FOB ARA)
PPE0626 (Gasoil 0.2% Cargo Swaps FOB MED)
PPE0627 (ULSD 10PPM Barge Swaps FOB AR)
PPE0628 (ULSD 50PPM Cargo Swaps CIF MED)
PPE0625 (ULSD 50PPM Cargo Swaps CIF NW
PPE0629 (ULSD 50PPM Med Vs. CIF NW
Fuel Oil / Residual Fuel PPA0655 (Fuel 180 CST FOB PPE0633 (Fuel Oil 1% Barge Swaps FOB ARA) PPU0692 (Resids USGC 3% Cargo Swaps)
Singapore Swaps) PPE0630 (Fuel Oil 1% Cargo Swaps FOB NW PPU0693 (Resids USGC 1% Cargo Swaps)
PPA0656 (Fuel 180 CST Timing Europe)
Spread Swaps) PPE0631 (Fuel Oil 3.5% Barge Swaps FOB
PPA0665 (Fuel 380 CST FOB ARA)
Singapore Swaps) PPE0632 (Fuel Oil 3.5% Cargo Swaps FOB
PPA0667 (Viscosity Spread) MED)

LPG PPA0645 (LPG Saudi CP Propane PPE0618 (LPG Propane Swaps CIF ARA Large) PPU0681 (LPG Propane Swaps USGC)
Benzene PPE0619 (Physical Forwards CIF ARA) PPU0682 (FOB USGC Swaps)

Note: For non-POTN users, pages can be accesssed by typing “PGA and the three-digit page number (excluding the first “0”).
e.g. In order to access PPU0681, the non-POTN user would type: PGA681.

You can also select from a range of reports to add on to your Platts Global Alert subscription:

• Asia-Pacific Arab Gulf Marketscan • Dirty Tankerwire • LP GasWire

• Bunkerwire • European Marketscan • Refiner
• Clean Tankerwire • Latin America Wire • US Marketscan
• Crude Oil Marketwire
Platts Editorial Contacts
Singapore Singapore Office : +65-6530-6572
Senior Editorial Director, Asia Managing Editor, Asia Pacific & Arab Gulf Crude & Yahoo : plattsnap
Office : +65-6530-6571 Light Distillate Products
Email : dave_ernsberger@platts.com Office : +65-6530-6570 Gasoline / Mogas
Yahoo : platts_asia_ed_director Email : calvin_lee@platts.com Office : +65-6530-6586/87
Yahoo : platts_asia_crude_lights Yahoo : plattsmogas
ESWARAN (ESA) RAMASAMY Portfolio : Persian Gulf crudes, Far East Jet Kerosene
Houston crudes, gasoline, naphtha, Office : +65-6530-6578
Editorial Director, Americas Oil Market Reporting liquefied petroleum gas Yahoo : platts_jet
Office : +1-713-658-3292
Email : Esa_Ramasamy@platts.com SHARMILPAL KAUR Gasoil / Diesel
Yahoo : esa_ramasamy Singapore Office : +65-6530-6576
Managing Editor, Distillates & Shipping, Asia Yahoo : platts_gasoil
SIMON THORNE Office : +65-6530-6574/575
Fuel Oil / Residual Fuel
London Email : Sharmilpal_kaur@platts.com
Office : +65-6530-6524
Managing Editor, EMEA Oil Yahoo : platts_asia_distillates
Yahoo : platts_fuel
Office : +44-20-7176-6115 Portfolio : Gasoil, jet, fuel oil, bunkers
Email : Simon_Thorne@platts.com and derivatives Bunker Fuel
Yahoo : platts_european_oil Office : +65-6530-6540
Asia Pacific & Arab Gulf
Yahoo : platts_asia_bunkers
PAUL YOUNG Forward curves for crude and refined products
Office : +65-6530-6559 Bunker Fuel, Japan and South Korea
Dubai / Singapore Office : +813-4550-8834
Executive Oil Pricing Editor, Asia and Middle East Yahoo : pfcderivatives
Yahoo : platts_northasia_bunker
Office : +97143613756 / +65-6530-6517 Crude Oil
Email : paul_young@platts.com Office : +65-6530-6573 / 6530-6501/4 Biofuels
Yahoo : plattsasianoil Yahoo : platts_apag; platts_asia Office : +65-6530-6578
Yahoo : platts_asia_biofuels
Office : +65-6530-6550
Yahoo : platts_asia_lpg

$/mt – US dollars per metric ton IPE – International Petroleum P/C – Part cargo
AG – Arab Gulf Exchange (London) PONA – Paraffins, Olefins, Naphthenes,
API – American Petroleum Institute ITT – In-Tank Transfer Aromatics (content)
Aframax – A ship typically 80,000 -120,000 dwt KO – Korean Origin PPM – Parts Per Million (measuring purity)
ARA – Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp Kt – One thousand tonnes Rdam – Rotterdam
B/L – Bill of Lading Laycan – Agreed loading or delivery period RFG – Reformulated Gasoline
Btu – British thermal unit for a cargo oil S/D – Shutdown
CCR – Circulating Catalytic Reformer L/C – Letter of Credit S/U – Startup
CFR or C&F – Cost and Freight LIBOR – London Interbank Offered Rate SEA – Southeast Asia
CFD – Contract for Differences (of interest) Suezmax – A ship typically 120,000-200,000 dwt
CIF – Cost, Insurance and Freight LME – London Metals Exchange T/A – Turnaround
CMP – China Main Ports LNG – Liquefied Natural Gas T/C – Time Charter (tankers)
COA – Contract of Affreightment LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas T1 – Duty unpaid CIF NWE
CP – Contract Price LR1 – Large Range 1 (vessel size ex-Eastern Europe ($/mt)
Cts/gal – Cents per gallon 45,000-79,999 dwt) T2 – Duty paid FOB Rotterdam (Euro/mt)
Cts/lb – Cents per pound LR2 – Large Range 2 (vessel size TCF – Trillion Cubic Feet (natural gas)
D/B – Debottlenecking 80,000-159,999 dwt) TDP – Toluene Disproportionation
DDP – Delivered and Duty Paid LSFO – Low Sulfur Fuel Oil TVA – Temporary Voluntary Allowance
DLVD – Delivered LSWR – Low Sulfur Waxy Residual UKC – UK-Continent
DWT – Deadweight Tonnage Med – Mediterranean ULCC – Ultra Large Crude Carrier (vessel size
EFP – Exchange of Futures for Physical MMBtu – Million British thermal units 320,000-600,000 dwt)
EXW – Ex-Works MOPAG – Mean of Platts AG UNL – Unleaded (gasoline)
FAS – Free Alongside Ship MOPJ – Mean of Platts Japan USAC – United States Atlantic Coast
FCA – Free Carrier MOPS – Mean of Platts Singapore USEC – United States East Coast
FCC – Fluid Catalytic Cracker MR – Medium Range tanker (vessel size USGC – United States Gulf Coast
FD – Free Delivered 25,000-44,999 dwt) USWC – United States West Coast
FEA – Far East Asia MT – Metric Tons VAT – Value Added Tax
FOB – Free On Board NEA – Northeast Asia VLCC – Very Large Crude Carrier (vessel size
FOBK – Free On Board Korea NWE – Northwest Europe 200,000-320,000 dwt)
FOR – Free On Rail NYH – New York Harbor WAF – West Africa
FOT – Free On Truck NYMEX – New York Mercantile Exchange WTI – West Texas Intermediate (crude oil)
GM – Greenwich Mean Time O/R – Operating rate
GSP – General System of OTC – Over the Counter (non-exchange) For a full and most current list of Platts Industry
Preferences (WTO) Panamax – A ship typically 60,000-80,000 dwt glossary, visit http://www.platts.com/Glossary.
HO – Heating Oil P&C – Private and Confidential aspx
For more information, please contact the Platts sales office nearest you:


2 Penn Plaza AND AFRICA 30 Cecil Street
25th Floor 20 Canada Square #13-00 Prudential Tower
New York, NY 10121-2298, USA 12th Floor, Canary Wharf Singapore 049712
P: +1-800-PLATTS8 (toll-free) London E14 5LH, UK P: +65-6532-2800
P: +1-212-904-3070 (direct) P: +44-20-7176-6111 F: +65-6532-2700
F: +44-20-7176-6144

Web: www.oil.platts.com Email: support@platts.com

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