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Whitmore TBFM is a friction modifier that is specifically designed BENEFITS:

to provide an optimum coefficient of friction at the driving rollers-
tire interface. Whitmore TBFM substantially reduces tire and ring • WEAR- reduces or eliminates creep which reduces
wear. Wear to the tire and ring can lead to the onset of corrugations on the ring and leads to a reduction in
corrugations and result in increased maintenance. wear
During normal rolling, Whitmore TBFM utilizes mild lubricating • CLEAN-provides clean, dry operations
properties, however, when tire creep occurs, the sliding friction
immediately converts to “positive friction.” During this conversion, • POSITIVE FRICTION-increases friction between the
friction levels reach approximately 0.42 between the tire and driving tire and driving roller when slip occurs and keeps
rollers. Consequently, this controls the creep condition and returns rollers driving the tire
the tire to a healthy rolling motion. The result is a substantial
reduction in creep, which reduces the onset of corrugations and leads
• CONSUMPTION- varies with block thickness
to longer equipment life.


Whitmore’s Trunnion block friction modifier optimizes friction at the

driving rollers/ tire interface. It is designed for applications requiring
control of friction.


Coefficient of Friction 0.18 to 0.42
Wear Rate Varies based on block thickness
Appearance Opaque, Dark Grey Solid
Environmentally Safe: Non-GLP Fish Toxicity
Quality Standards

D-2240 Surface Hardness 84-85 Shore “D”

The above are average values. Minor variations which do not affect product performance are to be expected in normal manufacturing.


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