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Nicole Shawn 

Introductory Lesson Plan 

Grades 5-7 
10 minutes 
I. Objectives 
Students will… 
A. State three facts about the student teacher 
B. Be able to name two facts about his/her instrument 
C. Be able to recognize the different music _________________ 
D. Respect the musicianship and leadership of the student teacher 
II. Materials 
A. Unaccompanied Bach CD 
B. Swallowtail Jig harmony sheet music 
III. Sequence 
A. Have violin music playing as students enter the classroom 
B. Welcome class and greet them as the enter 
1. Be sure to be energetic 
C. Slide show: Information about myself 
1. Ask ​students what they remember about me (role model raising hand) 
a. Name 
b. Where I go to school 
c. Age  
2. Musical background 
a. Voice, Violin, Saxophone 
3. Ask questions about instruments I’ve played 
4. Goals for the future 
D. Introduce the violin 
1. Show instrument to class and ​ask​ students if they know anything about it 
(i.e. what family, what its made out of, how its played) 
2. Explain how sound is made on the violin (vibrating string, vibrates down 
through bridge into soundpost, then out through f-holes 
3. Asked class if they would like to hear a demonstration of the violin 
4. Explain that the violin can play lots of different kinds of music, like slow, 
dark music 
i. Play Bach Partita II, mvt I: Allemande 
ii. Have students watch for shifting 
b. Explain that the violin can play fun dance music 
i. Play Swallowtail Jig 
ii. Have students watch for accents in the bow 
E. Interactive Portion 
1. Hand out Swallowtail Jig harmony sheet music 
2. Explain that the fiddle tune I just played has a fun harmony 
3. Have students look through the harmony and tell me what they notice 
a. Only two notes 
b. Only half notes and quarter notes 
4. Have students play the harmony 
5. Half of the class play the harmony while I play the melody 
a. The other half listens 
6. Switch and repeat 
IV. Evaluation/Exit 
1. Ask questions from objectives (above) 
2. Anticipate difficult questions (i.e. Do you have a girl/boyfriend? Where do 
you live; Why do we always have student teachers?) 
3. Thank class for being attentive 
V. Review 
A. Meet lesson plan objectives 
B. What worked? What didn’t?