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4th Grade

Unit: Folk Music

Lesson: Folk Music of Ghana - “Tue Tue”


• Sing a folk song from Ghana called “Tue Tue” in one of its many languages (Fanti)

• Sing in harmony (round) as part of a group

What Teacher will do What students will do Estimated


Introduction • Teacher will lead students • Students will sing the

through procedural song “Music procedural song
room rules”.
• Teacher will lead quick • Students will discuss unit
discussion activity: What kind of topic (folk music)
music have we been learning
about? What country has this • Students will vote on and
music been from? sing a review song
• Teacher will lead students Introduction
through a review song of students’ total: 5 min

Body • ​Teacher will lead a discussion •​​ Students will discuss

using the following prompts: ​At questions in pairs and
what time of the year do most then share answers with
people of the world have cause the class.
to celebrate, regardless of
religion or nationality? (answer:
harvest time) In many countries,
this season is celebrated with a
major feast day. What is this
feast day called in America?

• ​Teacher ​will share some • Students will look at

pictures and video of people, pictures and video in
traditions, and music described in slideshow.
the article.
• Teacher will play a recording of • Students will analyze
the song. the recording to
determine the
instrumentation (drums
and kalimba) and singing
style (call and response).

• Using echo-singing, teacher will • Students will echo the

demonstrate first the response song in gradually longer
and then the call parts of the phrases until they are
song. Then the teacher will play a able to sing through the
recording with which the students song, which they will then
can sing along. do with the recording.

• Teacher will explain the format • Students will

for singing in a round (split the demonstrate that they
class into two groups, both know how to perform the
groups sing the same thing, but harmony by raising their
start at different times). Teacher hands to show when they
will describe the song’s form are supposed to sing.
“roadmap” -- once unison, twice
in round.
Body total:
30 mins

Close • ​Teacher​ ​will lead students • ​Students will complete a Close

through a full performance of the full performance of the Total: 5 min
song. song in harmony along
with the recording.
● Entry Level: S ​ tudents have been assessed informally in previous lessons as to their
ability to accurately sing songs in music class.

● Progress Monitoring: I​ will monitor students’ progress in learning the song by listening to
both the full group sing and smaller groups sing. The pace of the lesson (including the
number of repetitions of the material and focus of activity) will depend on students’
specific ability to reach the learning goals: correctly singing the song.

● Summative:​ Students will be assessed informally on their ability to sing the song in
harmony with accurate rhythms, pitch, and lyrics at the end of the lesson.

Strategies for Adapting/Differentiating/Modifying etc.

Differentiated strategies in this lesson will include: teacher reading the article aloud while
students follow along in their own materials, verbal and visual presentation of ideas (article,
pictures, video), and both visual (lyric) and audio presentation of the song.