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mixing solutions for bread, pastrY, cake & snack FOOD industries


variator SPI LABO SPI AV • Locking with collar
11 53 M 340 400
For changing the dough Flour (kg) 3,2 17 Flour (kg) 125 156
The Aquamix mixer has been specially kneading intensity according to Water (litres) 1,9 10 Water (litres) 75 94

the humidity percentage of the
designed by VMI for the kneading of dough. The Aquamix fitted with a Tool + mixing bowl motor (kW) 0,75 2,2 Tool motor + mixing bowl (kW) 10,3 13
frequency variator offers greater Мixing bowl motor (kW) 1,1 1,1
highly hydrated dough. Having working flexibility and allows you Main hydraulic motor (kW) 0,4 0,4
to personalise the mixing profiles
a bowl with flat bottom, SPI AVI / DAVI • Locking with double clamps

of your recipes e.g. rustic breads
and ciabattas. 340 400 630 700 1000
fitted with a half twist
Flour (kg) 125 156 250 350 440
expanded spiral Water (litres) 75 94 150 205 264
Tool motor + mixing bowl (kW) 13/27 17/37 32/62 39/75 47
and a round pivot
Мixing bowl motor (kW) 1,1/2,2 1,1/2,2 1,8/2,2 1,8/2,2 1,8
with scraper, Main hydraulic motor (kW) 0,4 0,4 2,2 2,2 2,2
the Aquamix
k n e a d s

VMI: an international dimension

without sticking. The sustained
mixing rhythm of the Aquamix mixes highly Operator Panel
The tactile control panel
hydrated doughs with great success. with integrated automation
allows up to 99 recipes to be Based in the heart of Europe, on the found in Europe, the United States,
memorised and your production
planning. Fault information for coast of the Atlantic in France, VMI is South America and numerous countries
maintenance is also available.
established in Montaigu, near Nantes. of the Asia-Pasific regio n. Thanks to
The factory employs 220 people within its commercial network and special
its workshop that spans 20 000 m². VMI techniques, that take into account the
is a division of the Bretèche Industry specifications and processes of its
group having to this day a sales figure clients, VMI supports them during their
of 160M€. VMI exports its know-how growth, favoring in this manner a true
throughout the world. Its products are partnership alliance.

In-line mixing system Verymix III

horizontal kneading under vacuum

Tel. +33 (0)2 51 45 35 35 - Fax +33 (0)2 51 40 85 98
E-mail: comm-ind@vmi.fr
Double spiral mixers Spiral mixer
VMI offer a large range of spiral AV or AVI mixers (from 80 to 900 kg
The VMI double spiral mixers range
dough), with several options in order to do small or large production of
offers the industrial bakers a higher
bread, Viennese pastries, pizzas. Robust and reliable, they guarantee
kneading power which allows fast,
Lift with simple consistent production thanks to the positively driven mixing bowl by
high quality dough kneading. Thanks or double mast
means of a polyamide ertalon driving gear. The mixing bowl does not
to a solid design, the double spiral

VMI: your industrial partner

slip even when CO2 or ice is being added.
range has been designed in order to
develop high intensity mixing action
and also to work with rich, stiff and low
In close partnership with industrial bakeries, VMI has developed a range of spiral
hydrated dough.
mixers which is characterised by its power, robustness and versatility. To meet Bowl lifting and
lowering with chains
the heavy duty requirements of industrial production, the VMI mixers have been
developed using the latest technology available. Today’s machines are designed
with belt and gear transmission, removable
mixing bowls with easily manoeuvrable trolleys,
Ingredients box
fully computer-assisted interface between the Capacity
It allows the safe introduction
technician and the machine… of minor ingredients (up to 3)
Robustness and power (up to Bowl evacuation/ and avoids the possibility of
The comprehensive range of machines, double 82.4 Kw) are the main cha- bowl rotation them being forgotten.
and scraper
spiral, simple spiral and now Aquamix (for racteristics for double spiral
ciabatta and other very soft doughs) gives a They are designed to knead:
- from 160 kg to 555 kg
global solution offering exemplary performance dough per batch,
Bowl Locking by
- dough with European flour
simple or double Driving Belts
and first class reliability. VMI has the clamp system
and also American flour The belts offer a high level of
solution to every industrial bakery - dough for baguettes or •H ydraulic locking for the power. The speed reductions
special breads (Portuguese, smallest models of the range. are done by belts (poly V or
mixing requirement. indexed) and not by gears
south America) • Double clamp locking for
- cold and rough dough which require cleaning,
a very powerful grip of the greasing and evacuation and
(rolled and frozen). bowl and better centring which are also fragile.
The mixer can also be used which then provides a
with a whisk and paddle mixing more regular kneading.
tool for specialist applications.

Thanks to a quick-release system, the mixing tools can be changed easily to a different type thus Heat sensor Cleaning plug Hydraulic locking Bowl with conical bottom Control panel Mechanical reduction Mixing tool quick release system
offering a greater mixing versatility with lateral double clamps with pulleys and belts