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Journey to Self-Discovery

Unleashing your strengths.

Making yourself a priority once in a while.


Journey to Self-Discovery is an activity packet designed to help

you understand and monitor your hidden strengths, motivations,
thoughts, behaviors, and other factors influencing your personal
identity for 5 months.

This activity packet will also help you develop a reflective attitude
in discovering the uniqueness of the self. Packed with fun
exercises, you will be empowered to have a sense of excitement
in your journey to self-discovery.

Motivated to inspire be inspired, I embarked on making this

activity packet to help you thrive and flourish to help you achieve
the better, happier and the real YOU.

YOU are capable of amazing things.

Rhalf Jayson F. Guanco, MACP, RPsy, RPm


I’m Alfeu Antunes Cavimbi born in February 22 1996 in Angola .
Son of Januario Adelino cavimbi and Beatriz Hossi Antunes , student of electronics
engineering .
I’m focus on my objectives and by goods grace I will do all of then if I keep work hard .
I would like to express my gratitude and my happiness to those who provided and support in
this project , talked things over read, make the genogram and revise the project , I also would
like to thank those who supported me in all the aspects such as social, psychological and
spiritual, and encouraged me to don’t give up.
I’m writing this paper because I know that it will be beneficial for me. I will learn more me. this
is more than just a requirement , it is about myself , I discovered many thing about me .
One of my favorite though is : once you learn how to be happy, you won’t tolerate being
around people who make you feel anything less, is important being happy inside of you , no
matter what may come on your way you need to be a strong and happy.

Cavimbi Alfeu antunes

undertanding the self Mw 7:00-8:30am
_ __________________________________

Instruction: Show your 5 Basic Strengths in order through drawing. Name your drawing
and do not forget to color what you have drawn.

- My Family
- My Studies
- My business
- My Friends

• Write down everything you’d like to improve in your life that relates to
your own personal growth. Spend 5 minutes writing down everything
that comes to mind.
- My knowledge, how to discipline myself and takes things serious in life . and finally how
to achieve my goals.
• What do you want to achieve mentally, physically, emotionally?
- Mentally i want to be strong not too much caring about what others thinks about me and
also critics.
- Physically i want to be strong well built and attractive.
• Emotionally i want to be stable not too much being affected by negative things that
happen around me like this pandemic and death of my close ones

• What do you want to achieve mentally, physically, emotionally? What

do you want to learn?
• I want to learn more about the course i am doing right now and being the best in my
• Choose your top 3 personal goals that you’d like to achieve, and
explain why you want to achieve this goal! This is extremely
important. It’s all about prioritization and focus.
• WHAT: being best engineer
• WHY: to have source of income and my family to be proud of me
• WHAT: have my own family.
WHY: because is right of every man in life
• WHAT: being famous
WHY: because I have a lot to share from what I learn.
Match your goals with your top 3 strengths.


Studies, family , work,
Being the best engineer knowledge

Have my own family Girlfriend

Work hard
Being successful in life

(Go to sleep earlier, exercise, organize, act more energetic)
How did you use your strengths to boost your energy?

 Trying to adjust with my time table of the new semester.

 Buying textbooks i will need for the semester

 trying to finish my assignments before the next class

 being patient with teachers

 going out with friends during

 weekend there was volcano eruption came up that was my first time to
experience such thing
 We evacuated the campus for manila for two weeks or more

 I spend days there with my friends and girlfriends visiting place in the mall
of Asia and many other activities

 I was worried about my future and the things that could possibly
happened to me during that time so i spend most of my time listening to

 I was talking most of the time with my family.

 i was watching videos on youtube
Q: Did your strengths help you achieve personal fulfillment for this month?
1. create more bond with my friends.
2. Acknowledge the presence of God in my life by the experience i went through.
3. learn how to work under pressure in my studies .
4. Created more bonds and learned more about my partner.

Q: List the 3 things that you are thankful about for this month.
 Thankful for GOD for keeping mean ay surrounding save.
 Thankful about the friends i have.
 Thankful for the people that gave me shelter during that period of calamity.
How personally fulfilled are you for this month (1-Not at all to 5-Totally fulfilled).
Please encircle.
1 2 3 4 5

Draw yourself below depicting the emotions you felt for this month.
(Don’t expect appreciation, fight right, give proofs of love)
How did you use your strengths help you remember or show love?

 This Is What my Birth Month Reveals About Love Life

 It is my birth month and it’s a blessed month for me .

 Birth month can actually describe pretty accurately what your love life looks like. Month I
were born in can reveal to you how others see me , my feelings and thoughts about life,
and just my overall personality.

 I received a lot of girts on this month from friends and my girlfriend as well in this case
I’m talking about valentine’s day.
 I went to different places during February restaurants cinemas and also I travelled to
ilocos do Norte province with friends I enjoyed a lot during the month of the February.

 If you were born in the month of February, then your love life is pretty adventurous as

 You are extremely passionate with the person that you are with at the time, except
sometimes you can become emotionally distant from the people you want to be with
 I’m the kind of person o likes to explore new thins and claim the things desire me
 People born in February are the creative, imaginative types. They enjoy dedicating
themselves to big projects and love deep, philosophical conversations.
 Shallow people are boring and annoying to them. They're called free-spirited by those
close to them and the whole world is an adventure just waiting for them to take it.

 School lifestyle
 Focus, be patient & trust the process. Don’t think about the past or future.   Focus on
being fully present. 

 Learn to control your emotions.

 Know when to take a loss and reset.  Hoping a bad play will turn around doesn’t always
work and can result in more losses versus cutting the losses earlier.
 So far this month, we’ve talked a lot about “love” and what it means to respect your
body, in my mind and my journey with weight and health. my Weight Matters Campaign,
on the other hand, understands that this journey can often be confusing and challenging,
so it can be difficult to muster up the esteem to tackle obstacles along the way.
 That’s why for the month of February, is bringing me one week’s worth of motivation to
help me channel that inner confidence in myself and my journey. By staying refreshed
with the right inspiration, I’m more equipped to overcome challenges with healthy
determination. So… stay motivated, stay empowered and keep my eyes on what lies in
front of me


Q: Did your strengths help you achieve personal fulfillment for this month?
 My strengths help me to understand that I have a lot of peole around of me that
cares about me and I have to do the same
Q: List the 3 things that you are thankful about for this month.
 Thank you God to give me one more year of life .
 Thank God for family and friends that I have .
 Thank you the happy birthday dinner that my girlfriend did for me

How personally fulfilled are you for this month (1-Not at all to 5-Totally fulfilled).
Please encircle.
1 2 3 4 5

Draw yourself below depicting the emotions you felt for this month.
MARCH 2020
(Enjoy the fun of failure, study smart, enjoy now, and ask for help if
How did you use your strengths to lighten up?

 The key to build external success comes from inside. This is how I did use my strength
to lighten up, using tips building up my inner strength:

 1. Asking myself "Why?" Then find my answer.

 "I've seen people that most successfully avoid complacency and mediocrity when they
have a purpose, when they can answer the Why question."
 A quote from Shakespeare: 'The meaning of life is to find your gift.'

o When you have a purpose you do your best work, you find your deepest
strength. That's when the desire for SOMETHING can transcend the desire for
safety. Needing to make a difference overcomes the fear of failing." Greater
focus on purpose cultivates the strength and motivation to tackle setbacks.

 2. Putting myself first.

 Making my well-being my top priority will help me find the life flow that I can
control and maintain.
 It's like filling my own well or putting on my own oxygen mask before trying to
help someone else. "Strength comes from knowing you have the equipment and
tools to handle life's challenges,". "Give yourself time to build that equipment and
procure the tools to direct the life you want to lead. I argue that being egocentric
makes you a stronger contributor to your own goals, which ultimately provides a
positive outcome for those in your sphere of influence who rely on your strength
for progress."

 3. Training my mental and emotional body, as well as my physical self.

 "My body is stronger than I think and it WILL give me what I need, when i need it,
IF i feed it the right mindset. That's as important as the right nutrients. A positive
mindset and an even pace will get me through even the roughest of times."

 Decide, commit, and act.

o "Being strong relies on the efficient use of energy," she explains. "Indecision
saps energy and promotes the failure to act, so learn to be decisive. I consider
that a gift you give to yourself and others."

 Don't let fear factor into my decision making.

o Hate to see people reject opportunities because of the fear that they can't do it or
something might go wrong.

o I understand the need to consider the pros and cons of our decisions, but be self-
aware, too. Are you identifying risks or being just plain fearful? If fear is keeping
you from the next step/adventure/challenge, then you are allowing it to defeat
you. It makes you your own worst enemy, derailing your growth and

 Embracing what scares me.

o Physique 57 has a tagline: Do the undoable. This means proving that you can
take on immense challenges, which will yield increased confidence and inner
strength. "Life can be a constant struggle between what you don't think you can
do (and remain in status quo) and what you absolutely can do (progress).
Strength comes from doing what you thought you couldn't do. When you swap
out comfort for challenge, change happens and the result is a better, stronger
you. It is exhilarating and memorable."

 De-clutter your mind.

o Even as little as 10 minutes of meditation a day removes the mental junk that
depletes your energy. It restores focus and clarity. The people I know who
meditate are one step ahead of others. Their minds move faster, they are
mentally clear and much more decisive. They are a force to be reckoned with.

 Become my own best friend.

o "When I exercise or prep for a tough assignment, I feel like I am spending time
with my best friend. I love the joy of watching that person make noticeable
progress and, even better, breakthroughs. This time spent with my striving self is
mentally nourishing and gives me the strength to do it again and again. I like that
person and want to see her often."

 Practice calm and self-control in adversity.

o Aggression eats away at strength and creativity, replacing them with hostility and
closemindedness.Panic also weakens the soul, preoccupying the mind and
prohibiting my light from shining through. Replace them with calm, controlled
perseverance, which will help me achieve whatever I’ve set out to do.
Q: Did your strengths help you achieve personal fulfillment for this month?
 The answer is a big yes: When you are true to yourself and passionate about
your life, you choose to see choice rather than challenge. Your true essence is
not set up on false pretenses because whatever paths you choose in life,
personal, academic or professional, are completely congruent with who you are.

Q: List the 3 things that you are thankful about for this month.
• I am thankful for life ;
• I am thankful for my family ;
• I am thankful for the opportunities to learn and be a better person each day.

How personally fulfilled are you for this month (1-Not at all to 5-Totally fulfilled).
Please encircle.
1 2 3 4 5

Draw yourself below depicting the emotions you felt for this month.
APRIL 2020
(create something new, find more fun, start a collection, take time to be artistic)
How did you use your strengths to be creative?

I am creative, conceptualizing something useful, coming up with ideas that result in something

Creativity is thinking of new ways to do things. It involves producing ideas or behaviors that are
original. However, originality is not enough: whatever is created, whether an idea or a product,
must also be useful or adaptable.

During the month of the April I spent most of my time in the room because of the lockdown
I stayed in the room doing my assignment and exams , sometimes I went to play basketball
with my friends .

Creativity questions for myself

1. My favorite way to spend the day is talking on the phone.
2. If I could talk to my teenage self, the one thing I would say is was happy.
3. The two moments I’ll never forget in my life are my high school graduation, and my
sister weeding.
4. Make a list of 5 things that make you smile. ( hear my family voce , my girlfriend ,
having a fun with friends, watching comedy and god grades).
5. “Write about a moment experienced through your body., making breakfast, going to he
6. The words I like to live by are you are amazing…
7. I couldn’t imagine living without my family…
8. When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is
calling my mom, and stay calm…
9. Make a list of the people in your life who genuinely support you, and who you can
genuinely trust. (salem , suraya, veds, Sabina , Helio ,Ray ).
10. What does unconditional love look like for you? It look like infinite/.

11. What would you do if you loved yourself unconditionally? I will be proud of me.
12. I really wish others knew this about me cool side…
13. Name what is enough for you. Love.
14. If my body could talk, it would say you are perfect.
15. Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then write down how
you can do the same for yourself. Tolerant .
16. What do you love about life? Because is a gift of God.
17. What always brings tears to your eyes? Emotion.
18. “Write about a time when work felt real to you, necessary and satisfying. Paid or unpaid,
professional or domestic, physical or mental.” ( when I was working with my mom).
19. Write about your first love — whether a person, place or thing she was nice person..
20. Using 5 words, describe yourself.(kind , tolerant , smart, happy, sometimes quiet.)
21. What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general? My birthday party.
22. What can you learn from your biggest mistakes? Never give up.
23. I feel most energized when I’m around of my family.
24. “Write a list of questions to which you urgently need answers what is your dream? ,
how old are you? Where you live ? what is your focus?
25. Make a list of everything that inspires you — live for life or die for nothing , my
richness is life forever. Just do it never give up, if is not okay now it is because is not the
end everything will be alright on the end .
26. What’s one topic you need to learn more about to help you live a more fulfilling life?
How to be .successful in life.
27. I feel happiest in my skin when take a bath.
28. Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to. Drugs , alcohol ,discrimination ,war,
29. Make a list of everything you’d like to  say yes to. Love, God ,business ,work, friends
30. Write the words you need to hear. God loves you, we miss you, you are perfect ,
you are god man, I want to be like you.


Q: Did your strengths help you achieve personal fulfillment for this month?
It helped me to keeping fighting for my life and my dreams.
Q: List the 3 things that you are thankful about for this month.
 I’m thankful because God allowed me to be alive.
 We all know we are facing right now the coronavirus pandemic I pray every day that
God protect us and give to us a new opportunity of life again.
 I’m grateful because God protecting my family
How personally fulfilled are you for this month (1-Not at all to 5-Totally fulfilled).
Please encircle.
1 2 3 4 5

Draw yourself below depicting the emotions you felt for this month.
MAY 2020
(finish bible reading, memorize verses, pray, enjoy meditation activities)
How did you use your strengths to be spiritual?

May 1st bible verse

Proverbs 21 3

To do what is right and justice

Is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.

I understand that doing what is right God consider more than sacrifice.

May 2

Psalm 46;1,2

God is our refuge and strength an ever-present help in trouble.

Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way
    and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea,

God is my refuge everything that I have comes from him and is for him , I don’t have to be
afraid of nothing He is on the command of everything

May 3

Joel 2:12 

Rend Your Heart

“Even now,” declares the LORD,
    “return to me with all your heart,
  with fasting and weeping and mourning.”

We have to rend your heart to God as soon as possible Jesus Christ is retuning
back soon we have to be ready for his coming. Let prepare our self for him.
May 4
1 Corinthians 10:13 
No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is
faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you
are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

May 5
Psalm 130:5 
I wait for the LORD, my whole being waits,

    and in his word I put my hope.

We don’t have to lose our hope in waiting for the LORD , we have to trust in
him; he will come on the right time no matter what is our straggle me should trust

May 6

Matthew 19:26 
Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all
things are possible.”

For God nothing is impossible everything is possible we have to trust in God we

have to surrender our self to Him .

May 7

1 Thessalonians 5:17 
pray continually,

To pray without ceasing means to continue in our dependence towards Jesus for anything and
everything. Jesus is the very reason of our existence and is now the prize that we run to.
Without Him there would be no meaning to anything we say or do. We are to live acknowledging
that very reality- that without Jesus we are nothing.

We depend on Him for provision, protection, purpose and significance at all times, and to be
separate from Him is to be void of all these things.
Q: Did your strengths help you achieve personal fulfillment for this month?
The month of May It helped me in growing my relationship with God in many ways, my
relationship with God is more strong now.

Q: List the 3 things that you are thankful about for this month.
 I’m grateful to God for me to be a live now
 I’m very grateful that God is protecting my family and bless them .
 Thank you for challenging me

How personally fulfilled are you for this month (1-Not at all to 5-Totally fulfilled).
Please encircle.
1 2 3 4 5

Draw yourself below depicting the emotions you felt for this month.
Life Story
Write the story of your past. Be sure to describe what you’ve overcome, and the
personal strengths that allowed you to do so.

My name is Alfeu Antunes Cavimbi , I was borne on February 22,1996 in ANGOLA, As

I was told by my parents my birth wasn’t hard and everything went good by God
grace. As a child I started to use my to use my senses to dis cover the things
surround me, to touch things put it into my mouth, start to crawl. In this stage of life I
was using my motor sense to interact and communicate with my environment, later on
I started to walk and speak some words.
My childhood so far I can remember was happy and funny as a normal or any child
would have. My childhood was based on playing, laugh and run, I didn’t mind about in
the time when I was playing with my little friends.

When I arrived here I become more social person God made me realize that is not
good to be alone, we need to be together. There is a quotation that says ’’man is not
an island’’ means the we need one another . I am still shy but not more than before ,
now I can express myself, now I can speak, God has helping me in all the aspects of
my life . and I thank him for the friends that He gave me here they are helping me a
lot. Now I can say that I am blessed to be a person that I am. I am beginning to make
decisions that will change my life in the future with God always.
One of the factors that affected my personality in good way my relationship with
God , it has been really important to me growing spiritually with God . there is nothing
more than have a close relationship with god.

The factor of having a mother and father that I love , who is concern about my
situation in the school , social problems but above everything spiritual life every single
time, also the friends that I have now , I realize that good friends are more than
friend , most of the time trust friends , they are brothers, and they are persons that
you can trust.
Describe your life and who you are now. How do you differ from your past self? What
are your strengths now? What challenges are you facing?

I’M Alfeu Antunes Cavimbi , I was born on February 22,1996 in ANGOLA, I have a normal life
the a lot of adventures , I’m better person than before God change me and wake me up, I
was someone that wasn’t loving too much the gift of life because of the ups and downs but
God change my life.
Things was are time a lot stuff that doesn’t make sense to me because I was immature , times
come as I was growing up I could understand life .
I have one quote that I like ‘’ live for life or die for nothing’’ it gives a lot of motivation to keep
fighting and work had in this life with God in the middle of everything .
I’m more mature now and am very focus in what I want , times before I was not taking
serious some aspects in my life but now I do
My challenges are first is what am facing on school a lot of requirements and others , with
the situation of coronavirus 19 life is being hard but we are praying that it pass soon.
My life is going well thanks God and I love the way that live my life .
Write about your ideal future. How will your life be different than it is now? How will you
be different than you are now?

As I said above I want to be a engineer a successful man so I can give a received

from my parents , I will keep pray to God to help me and give to me strength that I
can finish my studies a have a nice job so I can do everything that I want, I want also
to help my country financially and in others aspects .
My life will be different because I will be working and having my own family that why am
giving my best on my studies.

I will be better than now because I will be independent of my parent and I will my
owns responsibilities , I will be having my famly, job, my owns companies I will be a
successful man .
I totally sure the way that I think will be diffent my kind of life as well if Gods allowed me
I will keeping praying to God so I will be able to live my life us a planed.

Dear _self___,

You may not know me, but I’ve written this letter specifically for you. Yes, you. I know you’re
feeling perfect right now and that your current situation makes the world seem like are

So I’ve decided to sit down and write you a good l’ fashioned motivational letter. No deep
profound thoughts, no life contemplation, just straight pure energy.

I’m here to tell you to love yourself and that everything is going to be okay – you already know

I’m writing this to tell you it’s time to toughen up. That’s not to say you’re not already tough or
that what you’re feeling is not normal. But you’ve worried enough. You’ve regretted enough.
You’ve felt scared enough. It’s time for a change.

Things didn’t turn out the way you thought they would. Face it. There’s nothing you can do
about it at this point, so stop stressing over the things you can’t change. Yes, you probably
should’ve done some things differently  but you didn’t.

Nothing will change your situation more than changing your attitude. Perspective is everything.
Be thankful for your struggles, because there is a lesson to be a learned in the end of it.

Be strong and know that you are in God's hands. Everything will work out. It may not be today
or tomorrow, but eventually the pieces will fall into place and you will understand why the battle
was worth it.

You can conquer anything you put your mind to. So breathe, take a minute, reevaluate, and



Dear __GOD____,

Thank you God for all your blessings to me and my family, for the strength you give me each
day and for all the people around me who make life more meaningful.

Thank you God for creating this beautiful world that I’m blessed to live in every single day.
Thank you for creating me in Your likeness. Whenever I have done something wrong, You
always forgive my sins and help me live a life further in Your image. Thank you for always
supporting me through everything that I do. Every single day, I know that You are watching over
me, walking with me and helping me throughout all of life’s obstacles. Thank you for guiding me
towards the life I’m meant to live. Through tough times, thank you for guiding me to a better
place and never leaving my side. Thank you for allowing me to walk in Your path.

Thank you for all of the blessings You bestow on me, my family and friends. Thank you for
giving me courage, bravery and strength throughout my everyday life. Thank you for blessing
me with such amazing friends who are always so supportive of me and are there for me
whenever I need them. Thank you for those around me who make my life worth living.

Thank you for challenging me. When the going gets tough, You never allow me to give up.
Thank you for never giving up on me and for shining Your light on me so that I may live a life in
Your likeness. Thank you for choosing me to be a child of God. Most of all, thank you for loving
me every single day. Your love means more than words could ever express, so thank you for
everything because I see and get it. I know what You have done and appreciate all Your efforts.
I believe, I love and I pay it forward in Your likeness and name! Thank you for being the best
example a girl could ever ask to have. I love You!

Your son CAVIMBI