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1. How was Wendy Peterson taken charge of the Plano branch office?

Took charge under pressure to fuel growth ,Junior manager of account service clients ,
inherited team of 11 sales persons and 3 sales assistants ,excellent at bringing business
through client, inherited underperforming division, Decent mix of experience and
enthusiasm in sales team, stable revenue through established clients, no experience with
sales organization.

Wendy believed that by changing the culture to make the office more collegial would
boost there venues as well as productivity. Senior sales managers require little efforts to
their businesses since most of the revenues were generated by their loyal clients.
However, for a junior level sales manager like her, she was under pressure and has to
struggle a lot and might earn far less than seniors. Although she has no experience in
sales, under her direction, the sales goals were exceeded by 15%. Her new goal is to
increase the revenue further by 30% by developing the Chinese market. She brought lots
of businesses and innovative ideas to the company

2. What is your evaluation of Wu's performance?

Wu’s work ethic was questionable, there are numerous instances to support this- He was
always at a meeting with a client, he was rarely at his desk, never updated the sales
pipeline tool which he knew very well and never took sales calls publicly While one may
argue Peterson was a little too involved in her employees work Wu derelict his
administrative duties entirely.
In his first moths he exposed himself as a dedicated student. He arrived early and stayed
late nearly every day He showed curiosity and attention to detail. He also enjoyed being
expert for a change after his first month he started his real sales efforts. Then he spent
only early mornings in the office.

3. If you were Peterson, how would you respond to Wu’s request for an assistant?
What factors would you consider? What specific actions would you take to improve
Wu’s performance, as well as your working relationship with him?

In my opinion Wendy Peterson selection rule was incorrect; she spent a lot of money on
expensive restaurants for an interview. I have developed different types of selection I
wouldn’t spend a lot of money on expensive restaurants.
We may opt to have a few team members interview candidates. This is a great way to
involve the team in the hiring decision. But, it’s also important to get feedback from
those who interacted with the candidate outside of the interview. Important to take a
highly qualified staff which is certain in the case in witch we need, this is important so as
not to waste time in vain.
4. If you were Peterson’s regional director (her immediate supervisor), how would
you evaluate her performance?

I like her work I would appreciate it. Performance evolution, in this case, could be her
success levels. She may not be a perfect manager, but I believe her performances depict
considerable success. This is because the firm was substantial improvement under her
administration. For instance, the sales team improved by 15 % attaining the set goal.
Besides she is setting a new goal to achieve.

5. What are the particular challenges and dilemmas in managing subordinates who
have different cultural backgrounds and working styles from your own?

About challenges I think most important is cultural aspect. Important to understanding

why people behave differently than expected .
Cultural differences can interfere with the successful completion of organizational goals
in today’s multicultural global business community. To avoid cultural misunderstandings,
managers should be culturally sensitive and promote creativity and motivation through
flexible leadership. Cultural diversity can be defined as; Cultural diversity is when
differences in race, ethnicity, language, nationality, religion, and sexual orientation are
represented within a community. A community is said to be culturally diverse if its
residents include members of different groups. The community can be a country, region
or city. Cultural diversity has become a hot-button issue when applied to the workplace.
When employees enter another nation they tend to suffer cultural shock, which is the
insecurity and disorientation caused by encountering a different culture. They may not
know how to act, may fear losing face and self confidence, or may become emotionally
upset. Some individuals isolate themselves, while a few even decide to return home on
the next airplane. It is virtually universal.