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Detailed Lesson Plan in Science 3

I. Objectives:
Identifies the body parts used by animals for eating or getting food

KBI: Love and care for animals

II. Subject Matter:
A. Topic: Body Parts Used in Eating or Getting Food
B. Reference: TG pp. 71-72, LM Science 3 pp. 65-66,
CG Code: S3LT-IIc-d-4
C. Materials: Manila Paper, Marker, Chalk, Pictures, Laptop, TV
III. Procedure:

Teacher’s Activity Learner’s Activity

A. Preliminary Activities
1. Prayer
Okay Class, Let us pray. One will lead the prayer.
2. Greetings
Good afternoon Class. Good afternoon Ma’am.
3. Drill
I have here flash cards. As
I flash the cards, please
read and don’t shout.

Animals Sharp (The learners will read the flash cards

Sticky shown by the teacher.)
Teeth Flat
Tongue Proboscis Beak
4. Review (Raising their hands)
What was our topic
(Ask more about the
lesson yesterday)
B. Lesson Proper
1. Motivation

What can you say about
the picture?
What is it?
Where they live?
How do they get their

2. Presentation of the Skill (The learners will read the skill and
(Post the new skill and problem after the teacher.)
problem on the board)
Okay class, eyes on the
Our new skill for today is:
Skill: Identifies the body
parts used by animals in
eating or getting food
And our problem is:
Problem: What are the
parts used by animals in
eating or getting food?
3. Unlocking of difficulty:

(Ask more about the (Answering)


C. Pre-Assessment Activity
Let’s have a group activity
and I will group you into three Okay Ma’am.
groups. Each group will be
given an activity card and
please work it silently.
(The learners have different answers.)
But before you start, who can
give the different standards in
having the group activity?

(The group starts to answer.)

All right!
I will give you three minutes to Group Activity No. 1
answer the activity. Okay, you
may start now. For GROUP I, II, III
Activity Card
Directions: Read the questions
carefully and write your answer in
a Manila Paper.
1. Your pet cat was beside
you while you were eating
fried chicken. You threw a
small part of that fried
chicken on the floor. What
part of the body did the cat
use in getting the fried
2. It was night time and were
outside your house.
Suddenly, your arm
became itchy because the
mosquito bit you. What
body part did the mosquito
use to suck the blood from
your skin?
3. You are living in a farm.
Your father told you to let
the goats eat grass in the
field. What part did the
goats use in eating grass?

Yes Ma’am.

(The learners post their outputs.)

Are you done answering Class? Listen to the reporter.

Okay, post your outputs on the Read the answers loudly.
board and select a reporter for each
group. Group Activity No. 2

The reporting is about to start, what For GROUP I, II, III

will you do? As a listener? Directions: Match Column A to
As a reporter? Column B with the correct mouth part
in getting food as seen in the picture.

Column A Column B
We have here another Group 1. A. flat teeth

B. proboscis
2. C. hard beak

3. D. claws

4. E. sticky

F. strong,
Sharp teeth

(do the same procedure in reporting)

1. Fixing
Directions: Identify what body
parts of animals is used in
getting food. Choose the letter
of the correct answer in
Column B.

Column A Column B (Answering)

1. Bees a. beak
2. Tiger b. proboscis
3. Lizard c. flat teeth
4. Giraffe d. pointed
5. Chicken e. strong,
Sharp teeth

2. Abstraction
What do you think is the effect of the
accident on Kabang’s nutrition?
Do you think it’s difficult for this dog
to eat? Why? The learners have different answers.)
Assuming that this dog is yours, how
can you show your love and care?

D. Generalization
Are the animals having
different mouth parts? Yes Ma’am.
What are the mouth parts
used in eating or getting The body parts/mouth parts used by
food? And its examples? animals in eating or getting food are:
 Beak-----------birds, hawk,
 Flat teeth----horse, giraffe,
Goat, cow,
 Proboscis---bees, butterfly,
 Sticky
 Strong,
(Post the concept on the Teeth----------dog, tiger, cat
board) Lion, monkey
E. Application
Directions: Choose your
answer in the box.

 Proboscis
 Sungo
 Lig-on ug hait nga
 Flat nga ngipon
 Taas ug mahagkot
nga dila

1. Horse
2. Mosquito
3. Cat
4. Chicken
5. Frog

IV. Evaluation
Directions: Answer the following questions. Write the letter of the best
1. Frogs eat small insects. What do frogs use to trap the insects?
a. Beak
b. Proboscis
c. Flat teeth
d. Sticky tongue
2. Carabao likes to eat grass and young shoots. What kind of teeth does a
carabao must have to eat this kind of food?
a. Strong and sharp teeth
b. Flat teeth
c. Beak
d. Proboscis
e. Sticky tongue
3. What kind of mouth part does a butterfly have?
a. Proboscis
b. Sharp teeth
c. Sticky tongue
d. Strong and sharp teeth
4. Which of the animals has mouth parts used for cracking seed?
a. Bees
b. Birds
c. Frog
d. Dog
5. What structure is found in the mouth part of the parrot?
a. Proboscis
b. Beak
c. Sticky tongue
d. Flat teeth

V. Homework
List down three (3) animals that you can see at home.
Write the body parts that they use in eating or getting food.
Write this on your notebook.

Prepared by
Student Teacher
Observed by
Cooperating Teacher