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Winning for caregivers – summary

This is a short summary for the 27-page Ebook of the project.

Caregivers pay agencies $8K-$10K placement fees to get work. Since they don’t have
the money they normally pay installments with about 8% outrage MONTHLY interest
rates. That means that it takes them almost 2 years to pay the fee double!

We wish to raise awareness to their problem and to the fact that caregivers are
actually safe borrowers because they work on a 5 year contract, which they almost
never break. We ask the public to provide them 50 month loans with 5-7% ANNUAL
interests. That is good investment that will save the caregivers half the fee.

We estimate that there are about 100 million people who could easily provide and
even seek such investments. The needs are for about 250K (about quarter Filipinos)
loans per year. Supply being 400 times more than need makes it very probable

Second issue we address is to prepare caregivers for stronger return back home.
Most of them work 24/7 locked in a house far away from home. This should not be
treated as life career but as a few year jump (they lose 2 years due to paying their
fees) to invest in business back home. We wish to help them by providing links to
helpful Ebooks, online lessons and courses (many free or with 30 day free trial) and
with mentoring. Hopefully the mentor could form lifelong relations with them.

We do not offer direct solution for the placement fees. Instead, we wish to raise
outrage amongst the lenders and mentors (who will be from top 20% financial and
educated in their countries) to the issue and put public pressure to reduce the fees.
The fees are abusive because the agencies don’t count the caregivers. The lenders
and the mentors will change the power balance.

In addition, we offered some specific benefits to foreign workers who work in Israel.

The project focuses on caregivers but is relevant to many foreign workers in the
fields of construction, agriculture, etc. it will save each year $2K-$10K to hundreds
thousands workers coming from developing countries and will bring their economies
hundreds of millions dollars. In addition, the project will help tens of thousands
workers establish successful small businesses in their countries.
We are not an agency, law firm or even administrator to coordinate the project for
commission. I am just an individual who wish to raise awareness and offer solutions.
The collaborations will be directly between lenders/mentors to the workers.

Sadly, there are very strong forces against the project. I detail them more in the

Their governments aware of the problems that been going on for at least 20 years.
They are slow to work for number of reasons which I suspect includes corruption,
lack of creativity, goodness, care and lack of pro-active mentality.

The Filipino Embassy politely chased me away by talking about government to

government agreement they are working with Israel. I talk about this in the Ebook.
It's been 6 years since and almost million caregivers lost on the benefits since and
the economy of the Philippines since lost more than 1 Billion dollars.

The caregivers' organizations are against the project because they don’t see away for
them to profit from it and as many told me possibly because they are closer to the
ones profiting from the situations.

Caregivers are very passive and pessimistic and don’t have faith that anyone will care
about helping them. However, by being passive they contribute to the situation to
continue for indefinite.

The solutions depends on getting high profile public figures in the countries
caregivers come from and in the countries they work in order to over influence the
"bad apples" that keep the situation going for so long.

The main campaign to ask for assistance – which is only the second phase – from the
public in the countries where caregivers work: North America, Europe, Australia, etc.

However, the first phase – which will take few months – is to rally the caregivers, the
public of their countries (e.g. Filipinos, Indians, Thailand, etc) and public figures
behind the project.

It is then, when the caregivers express their understanding, desire and claim the
project that we will have greater chance to convince and inspire the public in the
countries they work to assist.

The 27-page Ebook explains the ideas, risks and different options in more details.

Eytan Katz

Copyright by Eytan Katz 2020