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Lesson Plan: Solving Equations

Concept / Topic to Teach: Solving equations with variables on both sides and solving multi-
step equations.

Grade Level: 8th grade

General Goal(s): Students will be able to solve equations with multiple steps using distributive
property, combining like terms, and by adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing.

Specific Objectives:
o Students will be able to distribute in the equation.
o Students will be able to combine like terms.
o Students will be able to isolate the variable to one side of the equation by adding or
subtracting and by multiplying or dividing.
o Students will be able to check to see if the solution was correct for the equation.

Required Materials: The technology students will use is the PowerPoint to see the presentation
and learn the lesson. Students will be provided the acronym sheet Don’t Call Me After Midnight
to help them remember the steps. Students will need the Solving Multi-Step Equations
worksheet. Students will need a pencil or pen to complete the worksheet.

Anticipatory Set (Lead-In): This is a middle school pre-algebra math class which is in 8th
grade. In yesterday’s class we learned how to solve equations with two variables on both sides.
Today we will be learning how to solve multi-step equations.

Step-By-Step Procedures: PowerPoint

a) Solving equations with variables on both sides. (Explain the problem on the PowerPoint.)
b) The acronym of Don’t Call Me After Midnight – Distribute, Combine like terms, Move
variable, Add/subtract, Multiply/divide.
c) Solving multi-step equations. A multi-step equation is when there are more than two
steps to solve the equation.
d) Distribute. Distributive Property- Multiply times everything in the parentheses.
a ( b + c )= ab + ac OR a ( b – c ) = ab - ac
e) Combine like terms. Like Terms must have the same variables and the same powers on
the variables. Combine like terms by adding or subtracting the coefficients.
f) Add, Subtract, Multiply or Divide to be able to isolate the variable.
g) Check if the solution is correct by putting x into the equation to check if the solution is
Plan for Independent Practice: (5-10mins)
The Solving Multi-Step Equations worksheet.

Closure (Reflect Anticipatory Set): Briefly go over how to solve the equation using the
acronym, and ask if they have any questions on how to solve multi-step equations.
Assessment Based On Objectives: A quiz where students show their work on how they solved
multi-step equations using distributive property, combine like terms, and add, subtract, multiply,
or divide.

Possible Connections to Other Subjects: Students will need this subject to be able to solve
linear equations and later be able to graph the equations. Later in the semester and in the
following math classes they will take in high school they will be required to know the topic.

Special Needs Accommodations: For a student who is special needs, I can explain the subject in a more
visual way by putting squares or circles for them on the bottom of the equations so it can be easier for
them to solve the multi-step equations. Also, by making it a more hands on visual by using cubes or balls
and showing them how to solve the multi-step equation.