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I. Chooes the appropriate answer

4. is built on rivers to regulate
1. Magnets lose their properties when water flow and distribute water.
they are 5. The Materials which are attracted
a. used b. stored towards the magnet are
called .
c. hit with a hammer d. cleaned
2. Mariner’s compass is used to f nd the III.True or False. If False, give the
correct statement
a. speed b. displacement
1. Maximum iron f lings stick in the middle
c. direction d. motion.
of a bar magnet when it is brought
3. LINUX is a near them.

a. Paid Software 2 .A compass can be used to f nd East-

b. Licensed Software West direction at any place.
c. Free and Proprietary software 3 The evaporation of water takes place
d. Free and Open source software only in sunlight.
4. Which of the following processes add 4. Condensation results in the
water vapour to the atmosphere? formation of dew on grass.
i. Transpiration ii. Precipitation 5.Sea water can be used for irrigation as
iii. Condensation iv. Evaporation such.
a. ii and iii b. ii and iv IV. Match the following
c. i and iv d. i and ii 1. Flood - Lake
2. Surface water - Evaporation
5. About 30% of the fresh water is found
in? 3. Sun light - Water vapour
4. Cloud - Pole
a. glaciers
5. Frozen water - Increased rain fall
b. ground water
V. Circle the odd ones and give
c. other sources of reasons
water d.0.3% 1. Iron nail, pins, rubber tube , needle.

II. Fill in the Blanks 2. Lift, escalator, electromagnetic train,

electric bulb.
1. In olden days, sailors used to f nd
3. Attraction, repulsion, pointing
direction by suspending a piece of
direction, illumination.
VI. Analogy
2. The process of changing water into its
vapour is called . 1. Population explosion : Water scarcity
:: Recycle :
3. Water levels in rivers increase greatly
during . 2. Ground water : :: Surface
water : lakes
VIII Arr.ange the following statements 7. Name the places where water is found
in correct sequence as ice.
3. The heat of the sun causes 8. What are the types of rain water
evaporation of water from the surface harvesting?
of the earth, oceans, lakes, rivers and
other water bodies. X. Answer in detail
4. The large water droplets become 1. You are provided with an iron needle.
heavy and the air cannot hold them, How will you magnetize it ?
therefore, they fall as rains.
2. What is potable water? List down its
5. Water vapour is also continuously characteristics.
added to the atmosphere through
transpiration from the surface of the 3. What is rainwater harvesting? Explain in a few
leaves of trees. sentences how it can be used in houses.

xi. Give short answer

1. What do you mean by Operating

System? How it Works?
2. What is Free and Open Source
Software? Give any two examples?

3. Explain the attraction and repulsion

between magnetic poles.
4. A student who checked some magnets
in the school laboratory found out that
their magnetic force is worn out. Give
three reasons for that?

5. Write down the names of


Substances Substances
attracted by not attracted
magnets by magnets

Plain pins Chalk piece

6. Name four different sources of water