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Twas FINISHED LONCITUDIXAL AND CIRCUMFERENTIAL JOINTS fa) Butt welded joimt: shall have complete penetration, and full fusion. As-welded surfaces are permitted: how- ever, the smface of weld: shall be sufficiently free from coarse mpples, grooves. overlaps, and abrupt ridzes If there is a question regarding the surface condition of the weld when intezprenng = radiographic Sm, the @lm chall be compared to the serusl weld surface for determination of acceptability. (&) A reduction im thickmess due to the welding precess is acceptable provided all of the following conditions are met. (2) The reduction in thickness shall not reduce the material of the adjoining surfaces below the minimum required thickness at any pomt (2) The reduction in thickness shall net exceed 4g. mm. (0.8 mm) er 10% of the nominal thickmes: of the adjowung surface, whichever is less BAe ean eed neal fenton @ backime stap which & left m place [Type Neo. (2) of Table UW-12]. the requirement for reinforcement applies only to the side opposite the backing strip. fe) To assure that the weld grooves sre completely filled so that the surface of the weld metal at amy point doe: not fall below the surface of the adjoining base materials.? weld metal may be added as reinforce ment on each face of the weld. The thickness of the weld reinforcement on each face shall not exceed the following: ‘Material Nomtinal Thickness. im. ‘Less than 342 24. to 345, incl Over 34. to %, incl, Over 14 to 1, incl Over i Over Over Over Over ct EEE Whey