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Fuzoku Junior High

Fieldwork Report
Written By
Mad Sholeh


Firstly, I would say my thank you to Fujimoto Sensei and Murata Sensei that had
given me a chance to study under their supervision in Hokkaido University of
Education, this is a such great opportunity for me to study with great Sensei like
them, I never imagine before that I can study abroad especially like Japan which
very famous country in the world because its modernity. I always wonder what kind
of education that have been running in the country, that why I want to study about
the education here and I also want to experience myself how the situation in the
Japanese school, those make me interested in running the field work during for two
I also want to beg your sorry if during doing my research here and doing my field
work I made many mistake and disappointed both of you.
Once again thank you very much for both of you and please receive my respect for
both of you.
Second, I also want to say my thanks to the Fuzoku Junior High School Teachers
and Staff, my thanks to the Principle and Vice-principle who had allowed me to run
field work in their school and all the teachers who gave a chance to involve in their
classroom in teaching and studying process.
To Social Studies teacher Kobayashi Sensei as our tutor in the school who already
helped me very much with his guidance and at least now I have a picture about how
the social studies subject be taught in Japanese school.
To Shibasa Sensei as the Homeroom Teacher of 2B who give me the explanation
about the condition in the Japanese classroom in daily activities and gave some
inspiration about how to become a homeroom teacher and the responsibility.
To all the Hokkaido University of Education students who helped me much with the
Once again thank you very much for the people who always give their hands during
my living here, the people who always help me when I find difficulties.

Since the first time I stepped my feet here, I always want to know how the situation
in Japanese school in the daily activities, teachers, students and the staffs. I also
want to know how the school principle manage and runs the school, and how the
school make relationships with the students` parent, also what kind of action would
be take if there is a case involving the students, the school`s programs to make the
school runs well and to achieve the school goals.
The objectives of the field work for me are to learn and find the important things in
Japanese school both from teachers and school that I can`t find in Indonesian School
so I can learn from Japanese school and teachers what kind of things that should be
done in order to become a better teacher and the things should be done to conduct a
class. This activities also to answer my thinking about the Japanese school so I can
find something good to apply in my school after I return to my home country.


During two weeks my field work at Fuzoku Junior High School the are some
activities that I had done together with the university`s students. Below are the
activities from day one until day 9 :

Day #1
1. Introduction in 2B with the homeroom teacher, because the homeroom teacher
was absent for that day our introduction to the class was guided by substitute
2. Observing Social Studies (History) classroom in 2B with Kobayashi Sensei.
3. Observing Social Studies (History) classroom in 1A with Kobayashi Sensei.
4. Observing Social studies (History) classroom in 1B with Kobayashi Sensei.
5. Observing English Classroom in 2B.
6. Following Ending Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B

Day #2
1. Introduction with the Teachers Staff
2. Observing “Asa no Kai” in 2B with homeroom teacher Shibasa Sensei.
3. Received an explanation about Social Studies from Kobayashi Sensei.
4. Observing Sport Classroom
5. Observing Japanese Classroom
6. Join the Ending Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B

Day #3
1. Following Teacher`s Morning Meeting “Shokuin Choukai”.
2. Join Morning Class Meeting “Asa no Kai” in 2B
3. Reading in the library with University`s Students
4. Became Supervisor in the examination in 2B classroom.
5. Join Ending Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B

Day #4
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting “Shokuin Choukai”
2. Join Morning Class Meeting “Asa no Kai” in 2B
3. Reading in the library.
4. Observing the School Facilities
5. Watching Theatrical Performance.
6. Join Ending Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B

Day #5
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting “Shokuin Choukai.”
2. Join Morning Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B
3. Observing The Class with Kobayashi Sensei in 2B.
4. Discussing about lesson plan with university`s students.
5. Observing the School.
6. Join Ending Class Meeting “Kaeri no Kai” in 2B

Day #6
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting “Shokuin Choukai”
2. Observing Social Studies Classroom(Citizenship) in 3B
3. Join Social Studies Classroom in 2B.
4. Join English Classroom in 3B.
5. Join Research Study Classroom together with all Teachers.

Day #7
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting.
2. Join Student`s Morning Meeting in 2B.
3. Discussing Social Studies for Making the Class.
4. Join Afternoon Class Meeting.

Day #8
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting.
2. Join Student`s Morning Meeting in 2B.
3. Observing University`s Making Social Studies Class in 1B.
4. Discussing Social Studies with Kobayashi Sensei.
5. Join Fire Rescue Training with Students and Staff.
6. Join Afternoon Class Meeting.

Day #9
1. Join Teacher`s Morning Meeting.
2. Join Student`s Morning Meeting.
3. Preparing for Social Studies Classroom with University`s Students.
4. Doing the Social Classroom in 2B with University`s Students.
5. Discussing Social Studies Classroom Training with Fujimoto Sensei and
Kobayashi Sensei.
6. Join Kaeri no Kai in 2B.


After two weeks running the field work there something that can be learned and
should be consider for study case and could be implemented in my School. The
finding itself as follow :

a. Teacher`s Morning Meeting “Shokuin Choukai”

This activity involving all the teachers and school staff, it seem like discussed
about daily matters in the school and some teachers gave their opinion, in this
activity also sharing information among teachers, lead by school vice-principal.
This activity just before school daily activity about 20 minutes.

b. Student`s Morning Meeting “Asa no Kai”

This was very interesting activity among students where every morning before
the first subject was started, everyday two students became master of ceremony,
one student gave the speech(about everything, etc. experience, hope, hobby, or
daily funny/memorable experience), some students give their comments against
the speech. Also some students give new information about home work, thing to
bring, and another information.
This activity about 10 minutes before the class started, led by homeroom

c. Students Afternoon Meeting “Kaeri no Kai”

This was also the same as with Asa no Kai but this meeting was held in the end
of the class, only a few students involved, usually students who charged with
daily cleaning.
This also led by homeroom teacher.

d. Homeroom Teacher
Homeroom Teacher little bit different with Indonesia Homeroom Teacher in
general, here Homeroom Teacher come to the class where they belong every day
before the first lesson started, also sometime communicate new information and
give short speech in Asa no Kai or Kaeri no Kai and together with the students
having luch everyday.

e. Collecting Valuable Things.

Every day before the class started in Asa no Kai Homeroom Teacher asked the
students to store their valuable goods in the box and then the Homeroom keep it
and return it to the students in the end of the Class.

f. Classroom Management.
Every time the teacher conduct the class, they run the class very well, using
lesson plan and used the time effectively and efficiently until the class finished.
There no wasting too much time, because they followed the lesson plan. They
sometime made the class into grouped and used some techniques in making the

g. Fire Prevention Training.

This was very good training program where the school gave the students a skill
to face unpredictable condition like a fire, it was a very useful program.

h. Blackboard.
Since the first time this thing always plays in my mind, blackboard with magnet
was very interesting, it helps much teacher when teach the student with clipping
or a picture just stick it with other magnet accessories.
i. And other finding and experience that I can`t write.

During two weeks in Fuzoku Junior High School there were lot of things that I can
learned and experienced the points above some of the things which have big
possibility to apply in my school.
But since my Japanese is not good there are also still some question in my head, I
hope in the next opportunity I have a chance to interview some teachers about
classroom and school management in detail.