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Digital Story Rubric

Category 5 4 3 2 1
Voice - Consistency Each student has a Each student has a Students do not Students do not Voice recording is
speaking role. speaking role. have an equal have an equal missing.
Voice quality is Voice quality is speaking role. speaking role.
clear and clear and Voice quality is Voice quality needs
consistently consistently clear and more attention.
audible throughout audible throughout consistently
the presentation. the majority (85- audible through
95%) of the some (70-84%) of
presentation. the presentation.
Voice - Pacing The pace (rhythm Occasionally Sometimes speaks Frequently speaks Voice recording is
and voice speaks too fast or too fast or slowly. too fast or to missing.
punctuation) fits too slowly for the slowly.
the story. digital story.
Voice-Enthusiasm Voice makes you Frequently the Sometimes the Rarely is the voice Voice recording is
want to listen. voice shows voice is enthusiastic. missing.
Voice inflections enthusiasm and enthusiastic. The Obviously the
are frequently some voice listener can tell the speaker is using a
used. The speaker inflections are speaker is using a script that he/she
does not sound like used. Most of the script. has not practiced
he/she is reading time the listener reading.
from a script. cannot tell the
speaker is reading
from a script.
Images Images create a Images create an An attempt was Little or no attempt Less than four
distinct atmosphere or made to use to use images to images were used.
atmosphere or tone that matches images to create create an
tone that matches some parts of the an appropriate
different parts of story. Eight atmosphere/tone atmosphere/tone.
the story. At least images are used. but it needed more Four images were
ten images are work. Image choice used.
used. is logical. Six
images were used.
Digital Story Rubric

Soundtrack - Music stirs a rich Music stirs a rich Music is adequate, Music is distracting Music is missing.
Emotion emotional response emotional response and not distracting, or inappropriate.
that matches the that somewhat but it does not add
story well. matches the story. much to the story
Transitions Transitions have Transitions have Transitions have Transitions have Transitions are
been applied to been applied to 90- been applied to 80- been applied to 70- missing or are not
every slide, and 99% of the slides, 89% of the slides 79% of the slides, consistent.
they are all and they are and they are and they are
consistent. consistent. consistent. consistent.
Text Spelling and Only one grammar No more than two No more than More than four
grammar are all or spelling error is grammar or three grammar or grammar or
correct. Text is present. Text is spelling errors are spelling errors are spelling errors are
written in an easily written in an easily present OR the present OR the present. The text
read font and read font and text is not written text is not written is not written in an
easily read color. color. in an easily read in an easily read easily read font
font or color. font and color. and color.
Duration Length of story Length of story Length of story Length of story Length of story
was 10 slides. was 9 slides. was 8 slides. was 7 slides. was 6 or less
Cooperation Worked Worked Worked Worked Did not work
cooperatively with cooperatively with cooperatively with cooperatively with together at all.
partner all the time partner most of partner most of the partners some of
with no need for time but had a few time, but had one the time, but had
adult intervention. problems that the problem that several problems
team resolved required adult that required adult
themselves. intervention. intervention.
Use of Time Used time well Used time well Used time well, but Used time poorly in Did not stay on
during each class during most class required adult spite of several task for most of
period with no periods with no reminders on one adult reminders to the class periods.
adult reminders. adult reminders. or more occasions do so.
to do so.