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Welcome Doctor What System?

Doctors Without Sectors is a Star Wars The Doctors Without Sectors supplement
supplement that focuses on the difficulties takes place in the Star Wars universe, and
of medicine during wartime and disaster. thus, there is no shortage of options when it
Inspired heavily by the real world organiza- comes to systems one can use to facilitate
tion Doctors Without Borders, Doctors a game. While the focus of this supplement
Without Sectors explores the danger of try- is stories about healing, that doesn’t mean
ing to do no harm in an ever-changing hos- the players should expect not to find adven-
tile situation. ture and battles along the way. You can
use either rules-light systems or crunchier
Whether you play a Jedi Healer during the ones, depending on your group’s prefer-
age of the Old Republic, or an Imperial ences.
nurse trying to cure a rabid Gundarc bite,
the Doctors Without Sectors supplement Here are a few suggested systems:
has information to formulate your own med-
ical drama in the Star Wars universe. You • Star Wars Edge of the Empire by
will find the history and practices of Doctors Fantasy Flight Games
Without Sectors, an exploration of the or- • The Star Wars d20 System by
ganization throughout the eras of Star Wizards of the Coast
Wars, example characters, and finally ta-
• The Star Wars d6 System by West
bles that provide everything a medical dra-
End Games
ma needs - a random element of chaos.
• The Ward by Kevin Petker
• Fate Core by Evil Hat Productions

Welcome to real medicine, ladies and germs.

Now I know most of you are either fresh out of

med school, the Academy, or just passed
enough of our tests to prove you’re capable of
holding a scalpel. You’re probably used to a
certain amount of decorum or routine while
practicing medicine. Well, that wonderful deco-
rum and that reliable routine is gone today.
Doctors Without Sectors might look like a shim-
mering beacon of hope on the holo-screens,
but let me tell you… we pay a marketing team
a lot of money to hide the truth.

That isn’t to say we don’t supply hope. We do.

We do a lot of supplying when no one else is
offering. But you won’t be ending your days
working with Doctors Without Sectors with a
smile and a hug. No, you’ll be exhausted,
cranky, and wondering when the sonic showers
will be up and working again. You won’t be
working inside a pristine operating room or
well lit surgical bay. If you’re lucky, you’ll be
able to do the important surgeries inside of a
loading dock that was hosed down a few
minutes ago by a Bothan who isn’t picky about
being clean.

I see a lot of your looking around. You’re prob-

ably wondering if signing up with the organiza-
tion was a smart move. Well, let me tell you
from personal experience, this place will be the
most rewarding experience of your medical ca-
reer. This organization will separate those
looking to heal with those looking to own a ti-
tle and a fancy office.

Jobs within Doctors Without Sectors
Like any medical organization, Doctors for certain missions. While an adminis-
Without Sectors needs a number of dif- trator is always welcome along the of-
ferent professions beyond just doctors. fices of Doctors Without Sectors, they
They need pilots to fly personnel and might not be the best fit for a group be-
materials into dangerous environ- ing sent out to investigate why they lost
ments, and soldiers to protect said communications with a Doctors With-
people and materials when they even- out Sectors encampment a few clicks
tually land. Engineers are needed to from HQ.
help keep shield generators running
while battles rage outside, and scouts The best thing a person can have while
who are brave enough to move through applying for Doctors Without Sectors is
battlegrounds in hopes of finding a broad collection of skills. Especially
wounded. Administrators need to keep during the Age of the Empire era where
tight records on materials and proce- people are expected to be wearing
dures else the doctors might find they many hats for the organization. A doc-
are running out of a much-needed tor might find themselves leaving the
medicine far too late. medical bay only to pick up a spanner
in order to fix the air purifiers that are
Of course, certain jobs are better fitted acting up again.

You’re going to be sent to a lot of differ-

ent places in the Galaxy. War zones.
Refugee camps, quarantined space sta-
tions… Heck, moisture farming commu-
nities devastated by Sand People. But
everywhere you land will be a place you
are absolutely needed.

You will not question if you are doing

good because you will see it happening
every day. You will serve the people.
You will heal their wounds. You will make
a difference, albeit a small one in some

I see we lost some people during my

presentation. That’s fine. Those that are
still with me… welcome to the most nec-
essary and heart wrenching job you’ll ev-
er experience.

Choosing the Right Era
Doctors Without Sectors has been 19 BBY), and then during the Rise of
around since the end of the New Sith the Empire (19 BBY– 0BBY).
War (1000 BBY). This means your Of course, it’s encouraged to explore
campaign can take place during many whatever era you like.
plights that have taken place during the
history of the Galaxy. Regardless of what era you set your
game in, enjoy the joys of negotiating
Before you begin, make sure you’ve over medical supplies with your hand
spoken with your players about what on your blaster, dealing with greedy
they’re hoping to get out of the game. Hutts who wish to use Doctors Without
Depending on what they want to play Sectors to their own advantage, and a
and what they want to experience, your number of other adventures that make
time period during play will change. medical dramas popular in the media.

The following section explores three

dynamic eras in Galactic history. These
will be during the formation of Doctors
Without Sectors which takes place
1000 BBY, during the Clone Wars (22-

old Republic Era

(1000 BBY)
The Old Republic is heyday of Doctors and that is to say nothing about the planets
Without Sectors. Founded in the aftermath located in Wild Space. This requires Doc-
of the New Sith War, it’s an organization tors Without Sectors to work closely with
that operates outside of the red tape of the the Old Republic Diplomatic Corp to negoti-
Senate. And the upper-classes of the Re- ate with planets and allow them to help citi-
public love supporting it. Donations are zens.
high, equipment is new, and the organiza-
tion travels the stars to far-flung planets With the recent end of the war, many peo-
who are dealing with the fallout from the ple are hesitant to believe any organization
end of the New Sith War, and the accom- would arrive to offer free services. Mistrust
panying wars, famine, and disease from the is high but the need for medical support
resulting power vacuum. Doctors Without higher. Doctors Without Sectors have their
Sectors is proud to be the first to arrive on work cut out for them.
many planets in need of aide.

While Doctors Without Sectors are adored

in the Inner Core, the Mid- and Outer Core
are still unfamiliar with the organization -

Failed Med Student
Losing a brother during the New Sith War is what ended your medi-
cal career. While you were never a great student during your time in
the Republic Medical Corp, you passed your test and turned in all
your lab work. But after your brother was killed, you gave up.

You got kicked out of the Medical Corp and were working as a back
alley doctor on Nar Shaddaa when you stopped to help a stabbed
civilian during a bar fight. Turns out, that civilian was part of Doctors
Without Sectors. And they saw talent. Now you work as a field med-
ic during the day and take night classes in order to finish off your medical degree.

Jedi Rogue
The New Sith War might have wiped out the Sith but it nearly did
the same with the Jedi Order. While many of your fellow Jedi looked
forward to returning back to their temples, you couldn’t. The War
had broken the Galaxy, and it was going to take more than medita-
tion to fix it.

Some civilians don’t like you. They see you as just another instigator
of a war they hardly understood. You can’t blame them. So you al-
low them to stare while you use your abilities to heal their bodies.
Perhaps with time, you’ll heal enough broken bodies to clean the blood off your own hands.

Former Sith Soldier

Your father was disgusted when he realized you were born without
a connection to the Force. Instead of being celebrated like your sib-
lings, you were shipped off to fight the Republic like the rest of the
Sith pawns.

You did fight. You did kill. And when your commanders told your
squad that the war had ended, and you were all to end your life in
honor of your masters, you were the first to put a bolt through his

Now you’re hoping to just blend in. You paid every credit you had for fake papers and you’re
hoping to make enough with this guard gig to buy a ship so you can sail as far away from this
galaxy as you can get.
Jedi and
Doctors Without

The Jedi have always been amenable to as-

sisting Doctors Without Sectors. After all,
both group have members whose only wish
is to help others. So it isn’t unrealistic for
Jedi to join Doctors Without Sectors in
The Clone Wars some capacity.
(22-19 BBY)
Prior to the Clone Wars, a Jedi could re-
The galaxy hasn’t experienced war like the quest to journey with Doctors Without Sec-
Clone Wars in centuries. It seems that every tors, and this request was rarely refused. In
planet is a dejarik piece on the table, and truth, the Jedi Council knew that it would
the Republic and Separatist forces are look- be good for the public image of the Jedi to
ing to claim each and every one for their be out helping such a visible organization.
own side. Sectors are cut off, planets are
experiencing open war, and the sick and
wounded are desperate for aid. This changed during the Clone Wars. It was
at this time that Jedi were expected to be
In the Old Republic era, Doctors Without serving in the war. While a Jedi would occa-
Sectors was known as an a-political organi- sionally end up working in an encampment
zation with Republic sympathies. In this time set up by Doctors Without Sectors, this was
of active war, Doctors Without Sectors generally done while Doctors Without Sec-
openly supports the Republic, and choosing tors were supplementing the Republic’s
a side means interference can come from own Medicorp on a planet.
any direction. Separatists will attempt to de-
stroy medical camps, and the Republic forc-
es expect Separatist soldiers to be detained When Order 66 was enacted, harboring a
after treatment. Jedi became illegal, and thus no Jedi was
officially welcomed by Doctors Without Sec-
The war has caused supplies to be tors. But occasional rumors floated about of
stretched thin and morale is about that a Jedi hiding in their midst.
same. While the Separatist forces are com-
prised mostly of droids, they have a fair Of course, Force Sensitive characters with
number of biological soldiers willing to fight no Jedi training have found their way into
to the death for their cause. The Republic Doctors Without Sectors. But at the first
has mostly Clones - and if you think it’s
sign of Force use that couldn’t be waved off
easy to tell which trooper is which on the
battlefield, try dealing with seven patients as just luck, the organization was quick to
with the same face during a medical emer- ask the individual to quietly move along.

War has changed the Jedi. And with every battle, the future of the
Galaxy grows darker. You and the Jedi Council know something insidi-
ous is coming, and yet they continue to push deeper into the fighting
and bloodshed.

Not you. You’ve turned in your blade. You’ve ignored the Council’s
calls and the calls from your former temple mates. Instead, you’ve
joined Doctors Without Sectors. If the Galaxy is going to war, at least
you can be there to put it back together when it’s done.

Separatist-Sympathetic Nurse
The Republic Senate is corrupt. Anyone with eyes can see that. And
the fact that people were angry with a collection of planets for
wanting to leave the Republic because of it is ridiculous.

You joined Doctors Without Sectors because you were told they
were apolitical. And you assumed that meant they wouldn’t take
sides in this war. And yet, they did. They sided with the Republic and
now you’re expected to turn over every Separatist soldier you heal.

Not a chance. You plan on helping any wounded Separatist soldier you treat escape.

defective Clone Trooper

Some injuries can’t be healed by dipping a man into bacta or slap-
ping on some cybernetics. No, some wounds are too much for the
body. You used to be a Clone Trooper, fighting with your brothers
for the good of the Republic. But after stepping on a kinetic mine,
you’re less than capable of fighting.

You have a hard time with words but you’re still good in a fight. You
can still track. You can still shoot. Which is why the Republic has as-
signed you to protect Doctor Without Sectors.

You aren’t happy to be brushed off to a babysitting mission, but you won’t fail the mission. You
will protect these doctors with your life. And maybe you can prove you’re still capable of being a
good soldier.

Rise of the Empire Improvisation is important to Doctors With-
(19 BBY - 0 BBY) out Sectors more than ever in this era. A
doctor dropped off in Mos Espa may realize
After Order 66, for the first time in millennia, they are the only one the moisture farmers
the official support for Doctors Without Sec- in a 200-kilometer radius will have access
tors has ended. Any Jedi within the organi- to for five month. Blood transfusions must
zation’s ranks are expected to be turned be jury rigged using a Landspeeder’s en-
over to the burgeoning Empire, and anyone gine valve and luck. The Galaxy needs a
found to be harboring fugitives is charged hero...but until they show up, Doctors With-
as a traitor. Every day, new laws are being out Sectors will do their best with what they
enacted in the name of “security.” A human have.
-centric fervor has spread throughout the
galaxy and non-humans are facing a back-
lash to their identity and culture like they
haven’t felt in centuries.

In 19 BBY, Doctors Without Sectors is re-

vived, but is no longer a favored charity
among the Galaxy’s elite and must instead
rely on Imperial handouts while cutting
costs at every opportunity. Medicines and
vaccinations are expired, equipment is
breaking, and the workload of the staff
have doubled. Instead of highly trained
doctors seeking a noble cause, the medical
staff relies on med school dropouts. Worse,
the whisper of Rebellion has wooed far too
many in the organization, resulting in the
ever watchful eye of the ISB to remain
locked on Doctors Without Sectors.

aiding the rebellion

Helping any Rebel cells during the rise of Without Sectors is to be turned over im-
the Empire is a quick way to bring the mediately to the Empire. However, Doc-
wrath of the Empire down onto any opera- tors Without Sectors is filled with people
tion. Officially, Doctors Without Sectors who at least hold some sympathies to-
works alongside the Empire and follow wards the Rebellion. And if they can assist
their laws and directives. It’s expected that without bringing too much attention on
any rebel or terrorist treated by Doctors them or their patients, they just might.

on-Leave Stormtrooper
You were a CorSec officer once. Then some terrorists got angry about
Palpatine and blew up an apartment building. Your apartment build-
ing. Your wife and child were in it.

Since that day, you’ve risen through the ranks of the Imperial Army.
You’ve led campaigns to rid planets of rebel scum at any cost. It felt
good for awhile. But then, one day, you realized you aren’t someone
your wife would recognize.

You have a month of Leave time. And sitting around isn’t exactly your thing. You know Doctors
Without Sectors does good. Maybe they could use a volunteer to keep their camps Rebel-free.

Malfunctioning Medical Droid

They found you broken and half frozen on a desolate planet. You told
them you were part of a trade vessel that crashed. You were just a
droid to sell to them, so they didn’t question you.

You are part of the Rebellion. And you have important information to
get to Mon Mothma. You’ve been sold as a medical droid to this Doc-
tor Without Sectors. You need to play the part of the mindless medi-
cal droid until you can make contact with Rebel agents.

Force Sensitive Nurse

You were always a funny child. You’d be able to predict when the
storms would roll into the canyons long before your father’s instru-
ments could. Of course, every time you’d bring this up in public, it
would get you’re a swat on the backside by your parents for “lying.”

Now you’ve grown up and are no longer predicting storms. Instead,

you’re getting hunches when arteries have been nicked or when some-
thing unexpected is just about occur on the surgical table.

Your associates just think you’re observant. For now. If you aren’t careful, someone is going to
notice that your skills border on what’s considered illegal in the current political climate.

Whenever a person goes under the knife, a die and see just what is going to happen
there is always a chance that something un- in your adventure. These tables range from
expected can happen. Perhaps there is an offering story ideas for the GM to suggest-
allergy that wasn’t reported. Maybe the doc- ing some common (and uncommon) compli-
tor realizes only too late that a simple nose cations that occur in a medical setting. Use
bleed is a symptom of something more seri- these tables as-is or as inspiration to create
ous. Regardless, you should feel free to in- your own. And if a result that you roll
troduce a level of chance to your game doesn’t fit into the scene you are playing,
when running a Doctors Without Sector’s always feel free to roll again.
Doctors Without Sectors hopes luck is in
On the following pages, you will find an as- your favor.
sortment of tables that will allow you to roll

Result Plot Hooks

1 A bio-weapon has been unleashed in the Outer Rim. You are to offer aide while DWS
works on a cure
2 You are answering a distress beacon sent from an asteroid mine

3 A Hutt rival as turned into a massive battle in a backwater Mud Mine. They have
asked for DWS to assist with the injuries.
4 You are stuck in a camp under quarantined by the local government. Food and sup-
plies are getting low

5 You are sent to a luxury cruise liner to deal with space madness

6 You are asked to attend a charity event in order to secure funding. Little did you know
you’ll be needing your medical skills by the end of the night
7 Terrorists have taken over your camp and are forcing your team to only help their sol-
diers. You need to figure out how to reach out for rescue
8 An environmental disaster has struck a planet. You and your team are the first to
make landfall
9 A sickness is spreading through the camp. You need to decide if you want to escape
or stay to help the ever-growing hordes of violent patients
10 A gang war has exploded in the Coruscant Underground. You must descend to the
depth of Coruscant to help those caught in the middle
11 A power plant on a planet has exploded releasing a toxic cloud into the surrounding
city. You are to aide with the evacuation as well as treat those suffering from the tox-
12 Ratghouls! They have overrun your defenses. Get your patients and yourself to the
nearest ship without being transformed!
13 A major player in the planet’s civil war has ended up in your camp. The other side has
found out and is demanding you release the person into their custody
14 You land only to find that a disease has killed every adult on the planet. Only the chil-
dren remain. Worse, your team thinks you are all infected now
15 Your medical supplies never arrived. You are sent out with a team to find it. Why is the
supply ship floating listlessly near an asteroid field?
16 Your environmental system has broken. Without it, you cannot survive more than a
few days on the planet. You need to figure out how to fix it
17 A computer virus is decimating droids and those with cybernetics, turning them violent.
You need to figure out how to fight the binary blight!
18 A natural disaster is unavoidable and will result in the death of the planet and popu-
lace. Who do you save? How many can you save?
19 You have been captured by... Jedi? They seem apologetic but demand your aid.

20 You are on a capital ship that’s been converted into a flying hospital. Cramped quar-
ters and constant hyperspace jumps can leave plenty of frayed nerves

Result Where are you being sent?

1 A city planet (Upper levels)

2 A planet in the Inner Core with a diverse climate

3 A desert planet

4 A jungle planet

5 A planet in the Outer Rim with a diverse climate

6 A gas planet

7 A planet with an atmosphere poisonous to everyone except for the local species

8 A space station

9 A swamp planet

10 A planet in the Mid-Rim with a diverse climate

11 An ice planet

12 A planet in the Inner Core with a diverse climate

13 A spacecraft

14 A tidally-locked planet. One side of the planet always faces the sun

15 A planet with no atmosphere, inside a domed city

16 A city planet (The Undercity)

17 A planet suffering from extreme weather

18 A lava planet

19 An ocean planet

20 A planet in Wild Space with a variety of regions

Result The State of the Camp

1 Your camp has no working showers currently.

2 The speakers of the camp are broken and continue to play the same message over and
over again.
3 A black market has popped up in your camp and now your medicine seems to be dimin-
ishing at a rapid pace.
4 Power is in short supply. Rationing is becoming necessary in order to keep the medical
machines up and running.
5 You have minimal food for the time being. People are starting to get angry.

6 Two rival factions are being treated inside your camp. Security is working overtime to
keep them from continuing the fight inside the camp.
7 You are experiencing radio silence throughout the camp. No messages can go out and
no messages can be received. This is for short range and long range communications.

8 Your shield generator is on its last leg and the fighting outside is getting worse.

9 A religious fervor has risen up inside the camp. Someone is trying to convince the mass-
es that Doctors Without Sectors’ treatments are against the will of the Gods.
10 Double Stocked. Because of a mix up, you’ve been sent double the food supplies you

11 A killer is inside the camp. From the looks of it, it might be a serial killer. The camp is on
high alert and paranoia is on the rise.

12 Low ammo. The shipment with extra blaster packs never arrived. Your security is hoping
the locals don’t find out.
13 The Empire/Republic has decided it would be good PR to assist with Doctors Without
Sectors for this mission. You have the aide of the galactic government on your side.
14 Something in the atmosphere has made it impossible for MOST droids to function
properly. All NPC droids have a higher chance of malfunction.
15 You are treating several high profile individuals from this planet. That means more media
attention than normal is drawn to the camp.
16 You have more than double the amount of people in your camp than what it was built for.
Supplies, water, power, and personnel are stretched thin.
17 Your camp must follow rigorous local laws and customs in order to remain open. Even
the slightest mistake will get your camp closed down by local authorities.
18 Your camp has suffered from an accident in one of the doctor bays resulting in wounded
and dead staff. You are short handed until Doctors Without Sectors can send help.
19 No ships can fly in or out of the camp for the next few weeks. You are on your own com-

20 You have been allowed to set up camp in a local hospital. This means you have access
to medical bays, medicines, and possible local staff.

Result Medical Chaos

1 Wait - this is the wrong chart! You’ve been given the wrong information and only realize
it halfway through the treatment of the patient
2 Unknown allergy results in an extreme allergic reaction

3 Expired medicine or broken medical equipment

4 You’ve dealt with this injury/disease before. You know exactly what to do

5 Explosions and nearby blaster fire make it hard to focus on the task at hand

6 What the...?! You discover a worse medical issue while trying to treat a patient for
something else entirely
7 It’s not so bad. The patient actually is in a lot better position than you had feared.

8 A fainting nurse or medical droid malfunction

9 Patient awakens/has a panic attack mid-treatment

10 Your patient has ingested a powerful drug (purposely or on accident) and the effects
just kicked in
11 Another patient has rushed in and demanded immediate treatment

12 The treatment isn’t working for some reason

13 You are just given the exact thing needed to save this patient’s life

14 Hidden cybernetic. A cybernetic you were unaware the patient had causes complica-
15 Don’t you look familiar? You realize this patient has caused personal grief and/or harm
to you in the past
16 Are they faking? For whatever reason, the patient isn’t hurt. They’re deceiving you

17 The patient has turned violent

18 Power turns off due to a faulty generator

19 Your patient is showing signs of having a contagious disease

20 Roll twice. Those two things occur at the same time.

About the author: Billy is a writer, performer, and digital editor, and
married to fellow-Fandible-member Angela. He contributes a number of original
character voices to Fandible podcasts, and designed Fandible’s first digital game,
Horatio’s Story, based on characters from the on-going Unhallowed Metropolis
podcast. Billy also stars in the Fandible SoloShot and is also the podcast’s chief
editor. Follow him on Twitter at @themindfulfool.

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