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NOVA (Richard "Don't Call Me Dick" Rider, aka Nova Prime

Created By   Marv Wolfman & John Buscem

First Appearance   Nova #1 (Sept. 1976
Role   The Last Hope of the Galaxy, Former Dunderheaded Hero, Cosmic Her
Group Affiliations   The Avengers, The New Warriors, The Nova Corps., The United Fron
Avengers Grade   D-Level (very brief run
PL 13 (261
STRENGT   2/1   STAMIN   3/1   AGILIT   

Aerobatics 3 (+6
Close Combat (Unarmed) 2 (+10
Expertise (Current Events) 3 (+3
Insight 3 (+4
Intimidation 6 (+7
Notice 3 (+4
Persuasion 3 (+4
Ranged Combat (Gravimetric Blasts) 3 (+10
Technology 2 (+2
Vehicles 4 (+6

All-Out Attack, Benefit 5 (Full Access to Xandarian Worldmind), Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Improved Critical
(Gravimetric Blast), Improved Initiative, Interpose, Power Attack, Taun

"Nova Prime Access to Nova Force
Protection 1 (Extras: Impervious 15) [16
Flight 10 (2,000 mph) [21
Movement 2 (Space Travel 2) [4
Enhanced Stamina 9 [18

"Force Wave" Damage 13 (Feats: Penetrating 6) (Extras: Area- 60ft. Burst +2) (46) -- [60

 Dynamic AE: "Gravimetric Force" Blast 16 (Feats: Dynamic, Penetrating 6) (39)

Dynamic AE: "Force Line" Damage 13 (Feats: Penetrating 6) (Extras: Area- 60ft. Line +2) (46)
Dynamic AE: "Boost Stats to Class 400" Enhanced Strength 12 (24)
Dynamic AE: "Groundstrike" Affliction 13 (Dodge; Hindered/Prone) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (Flaws:
Limited Degree, Instant Recovery, Limited to Grounded Targets) Linked to Damage 13 (Extras: Area- 30ft.
Burst) (Flaws: Limited to Objects) (16)
Dynamic AE: "Gravity Control" Move Object 13 (Extras: Perception Range) (Flaws: Limited to Up or Down)
Dynamic AE: "High Gravity" Environment 5 (Impede Movement x2) (11)
Dynamic AE: Force Field 4 (Extras: Affects Others 13, Impervious 4) (Flaws: Immobile -2) (18)

"Worldmind Powers" 
"Datalink" Communication (Computers) 2 [10]
"Attention Richard Rider! It Is Imperative That You Pay Attention At This Time!" Senses 1 (Danger Sense) [1]
Immunity 10 (Mental Effects) (Flaws: Limited to Half-Effect) [5]

"Nova Uniform" (Flaws: Removable) [28]

Senses 7 (Extended Vision 2 & Infravision, Detect Energy- Acute, Ranged & Tracking) (7)
Immunity 9 (Life Support- Starvation) (9)
Communication 3 (Radio) (Flaws: Distracting) (12)
"Open Stargates" Teleport 20 (Extras: Extended Only +0) (Flaws: Distracting, Requires Medium- Stargates, Limited to
Other Stargates) (5)
Features 1: Quick Change (1)
-- (34 points)

Unarmed +10 (+2 Damage, DC 17)
Unarmed Boosted +10 (+14 Damage, DC 29)
Gravimetric Blast +10 (+16 Ranged Damage, DC 31)
Force Waves +13 Area (+13 Damage, DC 28)
Groundstrike +13 Area (+13 Affliction, DC 23)
Initiative +3

Dodge +10 (DC 20), Parry +10 (DC 20), Toughness +3 (+13 Stamina Boost, +17 Force Field), Fortitude +6 (+14 Nova
Power), Will +8

Responsibility (Earth)
Responsibility (Last Nova Corps Member Alive)- Richard Rider is the sole survivor of the Xandarian Nova Corps., and
tries to continue the legacy with his new recruits, including his brother.
Responsibility (The Xandarian Worldmind)- The Worldmind is argumentative and loud, and can drive the wielder insane
if he doesn't spread it around to the various other Nova Corps members.
Enemy (The Sphinx)
Relationship (Gamora)- The two hooked up during the war against The Phalanx, but kind of split up when they were in
different books.
Relationship (Namorita)- Richard flirted with her constantly during The New Warriors, and apparently she finally
stopped being disgusted by him and hooked up with him. He later helped resurrect her in more modern times.

Total: Abilities: 40 / Skills: 32--16 / Advantages: 13 / Powers: 172 / Defenses: 20 (261)

-Nova was created by Marv Wolfman & Len Wein for a fanzine Super Adventures in 1966, but brought him into the
Marvel Universe proper in 1976. In this form, he was yet another Peter Parker Clone (in concept, not *shudder* Ben
Reilly)- an alliterative-named Everyday Teenager given super-powers and super-responsibility, with the addition of
portions of the Green Lantern mythos (the army of Space Cops, a fatally-wounded one of which giving Richard his
powers). He fought various loser villains like Diamondhead & Powerhouse, as well as the super-powerful Sphinx. The
Man Called Nova lasted a mere 25 issues, and failed to set the world on fire, being cancelled. Unfortunately, that era
nearly killed Marvel due to lack of sales until Star Wars saved them, so Nova basically vanished. He wouldn't reappear
until almost TWENTY YEARS LATER, when the New Warriors creators went searching for unused teenage heroes, and he
stuck around off-and-on since then.

-However, in this form, Nova fans were angered to learn that the creative team (Fabian Nicieza & Mark Bagley) had
basically given Nova an entirely-new personality- that of Team Doofus. A more jockish, buffonish Richard "Don't Call Me
Dick" Rider was now jumping to conclusions, diving headfirst into combat, and flirting with anything that moves
(especially his teammate, Namorita)- the justification was that he'd missed part of High School due to his super-heroic
activities, but this was still a far cry from the failed '70s hero. He DOES get a big focus story when The Sphinx returns,
re-writing history so that he defeats the Hebrew Sorceror Moses centuries ago, making the modern world an Egyptian-
themed one. Nova (an Avenger in that world, where he is a minority) fights back and is instrumental in beating his old

-He reappeared and was given a boost in power and popularity due to the REALLY hard work the Annihilation creative
team did- make no mistake, Annihilation was Nova's story. Sure, it re-debuted Drax, made Ronan important again, and
featured a buttload of other cosmic characters, but Richard Rider was the hero of the Annihilation War, he stopped
Annihilus with his bare-freakin'-hands, and he got one of the biggest power-boosts in comics history at the same time.
Taking what was once a do-nothing, dropped Peter Parker homage from a swack of failed series (the '70s run & and
various failed New Warriors books) and making a reasonably popular ongoing book by Abnett & Lanning (DnA to their
fans) was completely unexpected, but appreciated.

-Since most of the Annihilation series was based around building up one or two names and giving them a spin-off book
when the Event ended, Nova was soon joined by the new Guardians of the Galaxy, sharing a universe with them.
Unfortunately, as time dragged on, so too did the sales falter, and they ended in a pretty shoddy story involving
Thanos, a Cancerverse (a repetition of DnA's Games Workshop/Warhammer stuff, just changing the name of The Chaos
Warp), and an evil Mar-Vell. Nova was "killed off" at the end, with his fate unknown, especially since Star Lord made it
back from the same situation.

-Nova's tough to nail down as an exact level, as are a LOT of cosmic guys, because a lot of them only fight each
OTHER, and not Marvel's standard heroes and villains. Nova's strong enough at full-tilt to basically fly THROUGH a
massive star cruiser with the full Nova Force (this build represents him as he is normally- now that the power is more
drawn-out), he can hit light speeds, and he can boost his strength to unknown levels (likely well beyond a Class 100's).
I went with my standard "Powerful Guy" build plus a bit, a PL 13. He's tough enough to hang with Thor, Dr. Doom, Dr.
Strange and any other tough guy, but would need to get lucky to take out Thanos or Darkseid. Seems about right to
me. He`s notably weaker defensively (PL 11.5), which also feels right- like a lot of Bricks, he takes a LOT of hits, but
generally keeps going.

-Regarding the Worldmind and it's benefits- I figure 5 ranks of Benefit is good enough. The thing essentially knows a
little bit about everything, but can't just tell him anything he needs to know at once, like Cosmic Awareness would. It
boosts a few other powers and feeds him info. About his Strength being Alt-ed off of his Blast- I'm not normally a fan of
that kind of thing, but in this case, it's explicitly laid-out in-universe that his Gravimetrics can be splayed out
Dynamically into any one category of his power. So despite being a rather cheap way to get a sweet load of powers at
the same time, he has it. 
NOVA (Richard Rider)- circa The New Warriors
Created By: Marv Wolfman & John Buscema
First Appearance: Nova #1 (Sept. 1976)
Role: Dunderheaded Hero
Group Affiliations: The New Warriors, The Nova Corps.
PL 9 (119)

Aerobatics 3 (+6)
Intimidation 6 (+7)
Notice 2 (+3)
Ranged Combat (Gravimetric Blasts) 3 (+10)
Technology 2 (+2)
Vehicles 4 (+6)

All-Out Attack, Fast Grab, Great Endurance, Interpose, Power Attack, Taunt

"Nova Prime Access to Nova Force"
Flight 7 (250 mph) [14]
Movement 2 (Space Travel 2) [4]
Enhanced Strength 8 [16]
Enhanced Stamina 6 [12]

"Groundstrike" (AE of Strength-Damage) [1]

 AE: Affliction 9 (Dodge; Hindered/Prone) (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (Flaws: Limited Degree, Instant
Recovery, Limited to Grounded Targets) Linked to Damage 5 (Extras: Area- 30ft. Burst) (Flaws: Limited to
Objects) (9)

"Nova Uniform" (Flaws: Removable) [10]

Senses 3 (Extended & Infravision, Radio) (3)
Immunity 9 (Life Support- Starvation) (9)
-- (12 points)

Unarmed +8 (+10 Damage, DC 25)
Groundstrike +9 Area (+9 Affliction, DC 19)
Initiative +3

Dodge +8 (DC 18), Parry +8 (DC 18), Toughness +3 (+9 Stamina Boost), Fortitude +4/+10, Will +4

Reputation (Idiot)- Nova's grown into quite the fool by this point, having skipped the last few Grades of High School,
and his teammates know him as a generally dopey character.

Total: Abilities: 36 / Skills: 20--10 / Advantages: 6 / Powers: 57 / Defenses: 10 (119)

-Nova in his New Warriors era was controversial for his fans, as Fabian Nicieza basically put a completely different
character out there, sharing the name, origins, etc. of the original hero. Yeah, a complete Character Derailment. This
dunderheaded savage was MUCH weaker than the full-on Nova Force packing later version, lacking even Energy Blasts,
making him a generic low-level Flying Brick. He's tough, but only PL 9 on offense and PL 8.5 on defense, as I've seen
him go down to TONS of attacks in all the New Warriors books I have.