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Teaching Diary

(September, Monday 2​nd​,​ ​Tuesday 3​rd​, Wednesday 4​th​, Thursday 5​th​)

On this weekend I went to the institute just to check exams and pass the scores to the
record book, and as the tutor usually does, ​he pass the same exam to all his students, and
he has 10 sections, this time only made an exception with 10th because they had seen
different topics, but with the rest it was the same test, I think that he has to change his
evaluation form.

in one or two occasions students of my tutor approached to him and ​ask for a second
chance with some of the activities they had pending, and something that I observed was that
he is flexible in that kind of situations, he allowed for students to have another opportunity to
solve their notes and that is great.

When I was passing the scores​, some of the sections that he attends were missing scores
and I asked him about it and he told me that those scores are like the duplication of the last
score, in other words, he put the scores that he wants, it does not matter if the students do
not have that score he only fills the empty spaces

When I finished, he had to upload the scores in the system, something that only he can do,
when he finished that he went to the section that I had to give my class I started to talk about
the bad grades that the student had in that period, he was really disappointed in them, but at
the end, students understood the message.
Teaching Diary

(September, Monday 9​th​, Wednesday 11​th​, Thursday 12​th​)

During this week I ​introduce a new topic in both sections of the 10th that was about a
conversation in a restaurant, because the teacher told me that I had to teach the topics in
order to make students improve their speaking area.

The first section that was 1 TAC C was kind of easy because they usually work really well
and pay attention in classes, the problem was with the other section, they do not like to work
and most of the time they speak loud and make annoying noises, the teacher told me that I
had to take more control of the class and apply punishment if it is necessary but to be honest
I am not that kind of person.

When I started the next classes I decided to apply more discipline to the students that do
not work in class, I started to put strikes, the three strike that they have, they are going to get
out the class and go to talk with the teacher about their behavior, and it really worked as a

I think that the reason why my students do not pay attention in class is because they do not
see me like a real teacher, but with some of the advices that my tutor said to me, I have
learned how to deal with that kind of students who do not like to work or simply do not care
about the subject, I have been preparing the class in a way ​that not seems bored of them, a
simple solution but it works.

I have been talking with some students from other years, students who my tutor taught, and
they told me that to be a student of him is like not to have a teacher, because he does not
care about the learning of them, and it makes a lot of sense because is what I have felt, is
like not to have a tutor, in all this time I have seen him like two or three times in classes.
Teaching Diary

​(September, Monday 16​th​, Tuesday 17​th​, Wednesday 18​th​ & Thursday 19​th​)

This week I went to the institute to start preparing students for a dialogue evaluation, the
teacher told me that they must be prepared for it in order to improve their speaking skills. So
I decided to make them work harder because they usually start to work in other subjects, but
in English. I tried to apply a new technique which consists of asking questions to each other
in a short period of time, then they were able to speak about the information that their
classmates have already given them, it worked​, ​but some of them were shy at the moment
of participation.

When I was working with students I noticed the lack of liberty they have ​at the moment of
pass ​in front and speak to their other classmates and every time I asked for a volunteer for a
participation, everybody avoided it, so I encourage them to be more participative bay giving
them some prizes like candies or chocolates or even bonus points.

I was checking dialogues or activities for students that did not make them and filling the
blank spaces in the record book, I tried to help them because they were afraid of the
teacher, he is kind of unfriendly with his students, that is why they did not ask him for help, I
think he should change that because if students have questions or doubts about something
he should be the one who helps them in a very kind way
Teaching Diary

(September, Monday 23​rd​, Tuesday 24​th​, Wednesday 25​th​, Thursday 26​th​)

This week I started to check the dialogues and evaluated them, but before the evaluation, I
wanted to make sure that they had had good pronunciation so we were practicing a lot. The
first time I saw the teacher evaluating, he only evaluated memorizing something that I
disagree because if you want to evaluate the speaking, memorizing is not the only criteria
that you are going to check.

Students barely had good scores, even they told me that they prefer to write a lot of
sentences instead of speaking, and I asked them why and told me that they do not like to
speak in front their classmates specifically English because for them is hard and they are
afraid about how their classmates could make fun of them
Overall reflection

In this second practice​, I could feel ​a little of pressure than the first practice, that because I
have been planning all the classes, literally and my tutor was not in the classroom at the time
of my teaching sometimes or even in the institute, there were days that he just disappear
and did not show up. Something that made me strong or improve in my teaching skills
because all the time the teacher was not in the classroom I had to maintain students quiet
and of course it was not easy.

There were cool moments with my students, I remember once a student came to me and
told me: you will be a good teacher. I just said: maybe, but the thing is that they have had
just bad teachers or at least that what they said, in schools they only learned about a few
things in the English subject. And that is one of my motivations to be a good teacher

In the long run​, ​I have learnt about how to deal with many things, the students’ behavior for
example, all ​this years that I was a student I never can even imagine the big work teachers
does every day at schools, even though the experience that my tutor gave me, I mean, it is
not too difficult put a little of interest on your students’ learning, maybe he has been teaching
in this way for so many time and the only thing that comes to my mind is why this kind of
teachers still working in that way, probably is because they know they have a job in which
they cannot be fired unless they commit a big mistake.

In conclusion​, all what I learnt this year in my teaching practice I am completely sure that will
be helpful not only for my career but for my life (If I get graduated obviously).
Criteria 5 4 3 2 1 No
Excellent Proficient Adequate Improveme Limited Evid
nt needed ence

Spelling Great Attention Less Little No No

attention has been attention attention attention evide
has been paid to has been has been has been nce
paid to spelling. paid to paid to paid to 0
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Gramm Grammar Text has Text Text has Text has a No

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the quality hard to is not
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document. able at all.

Length Teaching Teaching Teaching Teaching Teaching No

of diaries have diaries have diaries have diaries have diaries evide
teachin at least 5 at least 4 at least 3 2 complete have 1 nce
g paragraphs complete complete paragraphs. paragraph.
diaries. or a paragraphs. paragraphs. 0

Vocabul The The The The The No

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outstanding. very good. basic. is very 0

Quality The The The The The No
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written reflection is reflection is reflection is reflection reflection is 0
for the reliable and very good. good. needs to be unreliable
overall outstanding. Reflection Reflection better. and
reflectio Reflection has at least has at least Reflection unclear.
n. has at least 4 3 has at least Reflection
5 paragraphs. paragraphs. 2 has 1
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x paragraphs. paragraph.


Portfoli The One Two Three Four or No

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all the not included are not are not documents nce
documents in the included in included in are not
required for portfolio. the the included in 0
the second portfolio. the

lab. portfolio.

General Grade 7.7

● You did not add lesson plans

● You did not add evidences.

Criteri (2) (1.50) (1) (0.50) (0.25)

a Excellent Proficient Adequate Improvement Limited

Gram Student uses Student uses Student Student makes Student

mar grammar most of the makes various plenty of makes a lot of
tenses grammar grammar grammar mistakes when
correctly tenses mistakes when mistakes when providing
when correctly when providing providing his/her point of
providing providing his/her point of his/her point of view, as a
his/her point his/her point of view. view making it result the
view. ​x
of view. hard to message is
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Timin The The The The The
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lasts the lasts 1 or 2 lasts 3 or 4 lasts 5 minutes lasts 6 or 7
required time minutes less minutes less less than the minutes less
(10 than the than the required time. than the
required time. required time. required time.

Fluenc Student Student Student Student Student gets

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pauses when pauses but few pauses long pauses of presents long
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Vocab The The The The The
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is good. basic. very limited.


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General Grade