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Learning activity 2

Evidence: Timelines

For this evidence, we suggest you to visit:

http://ourtimelines.com/create_tl_2c.html  and follow the instructions to create your

personal time line. Once the page provides you with your timeline, you need to
identify at least 10 historical events that draw your attention and create sentences
using the past perfect and the time epressions you learned in this learning activity.
!elow you will see a screenshot of what the timeline loo"s li"e. !elow are some
model sentences that eemplify the product your instructor epects from you.

#ote: $f there is any issue with the we%page given, do your own research on the
we% a%out the historic milestones. &hen, complete the evidence as re'uired.

(odel sentences:

 )hen *ichard #ion was the president of the +nited tates, $ hadn-t %een
 $ had already %een %orn when erald Ford %ecame the president of the
+nited tates.
 &he first genetically engineered product had %een produced %y the time $
was .
 !y the time $ was , (argaret &hatcher hadn-t %ecome the rime (inister in
the + yet.

#ote: once you finish writing the sentences, create an auto%iographical

composition where you use them all.

My Timeline
LINK OF MY TIMELINE: http://ourtimelines.com/cgi3%in/timeline.py
1. )hen $ was %orn, the (ount t. 4elens locali5ed in )ashington +nited
tates erupts.
2. First space shuttle flight 3 6olum%ia, when $ was 1 year old.
7. $ was 18, when the first 1 45 microprocessor ships came out 3&he 96
 ;lpha 6+.
<. )hen $ was 21 years old, (uslim terrorists destroyed the )orld &rade
6enter on eptem%er 11.
. &he first #on3government paceship One achieves spaceflight, %y the time $
was 2<.
=. )hen $ was 2 years old, (uslim terrorists %om% >ondon transit system ?uly
@. $ was 2 years old, when !arac" O%ama %ecame the resident of the
+nited tates.
8. $n ?apan there was a .1 earth'ua"e and &sunami 3 10 thousand dead, %y
the time $ was 71.
. &he (ayan calendar ended at age 72.
10.$ had not complied 7@ years old, when 9onald &rump %ecame the president
of the +nited tates.

$ was %orn on #ovem%er 1, 180, in the city of evilla Aalle, 6olom%ia, the year $
was %orn, the (ount t. 4elens locali5ed $n )ashington erupts. &hen at the age of 
one, First space shuttle flight recorded B 6olom%ia. !y the time, the technology
was progressing, when it was 18 years old, the first 1 45 microprocessor ships
came out 3&he 96 ;lpha 6+.

?ust when $ was 21 years old, the world shuddered, with the attac"s on the twin
towers of 11 eptem%er, where (uslim terrorists destroyed the )orld &rade
6enter. $ was 2< when the first #on3government paceship One achieves
spaceflight. ?ust $ was 2 years, again terrorism sha"es the world, (uslim terrorists
%om% >ondon transit system ?uly @th.

!y the time $ was 2, !arac" O%ama %ecame the resident of the +nited tates.
)hen $ was 71 years old, $n ?apan there was a .1 earth'ua"e and &sunami 3 10
thousand dead, was devastating. )hen $ was 72, it was %elieved that the world
would end, for an event that mar"ed the end of an era, the completion of the
(ayan calendar. $ was entering the 7@, when 9onald &rump %ecame the president
of the +nited tates. &hatCs all a%out my timeline.