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DIMMER CCR 600 series


Compact, economical plug-in modules.
5l o Field adjustable curve shaping potentiometers.
ul o Heavy duty power and control plugs.
zl o Two silicon controlled rectifiers.
ol o External control and load test points.
Fl o Complete range of sizes up to '12 Kw.



c m

ffi a
STtrIAIVtrl -t
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Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 Los Angeles, California 90045 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada r
U.S.A. U.S.A. L4V 1 H3
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Strand Century Dimmer Modules CCR 600 series
7 7 1 Removeable preamplifier printed circuit board
8 8 2 Faceplate
9 9 3 Handle
4 Control pins
10 1(
5 Power pins
6 Heatsink w/scr's
7 Control voltage monitor iack
8 Dimming curve adlustmenl potentiometer
9 On/Otl pilot light
10 Output voltage monitor iack

Model 607 Maximum Capacity 7.2KW Model 603 Maximum capacily 3.6 KW
Height 7" (178 mm) Height 7" (178 mm)
Depth:714" (191 mm) Depth: 7%" (191 mm)
Width:6" (152mm) Width:3" (76mm)
Weight: 4 lbs. 4 ozs. (1.92 kg) Weight: 2 lbs. 6 ozs. (1.07k9)

Specifications K. The rise time shall not be less than 500

Ouantities and ratings of dimmers shall be as E. The dimmer module shall be desiqned to .1
microseconds measured at 90' conduction
specified in the schedule. o pe rate sati sfacto ri ly o n 50 to 60 Hz.,
to 1 40 1 0 angle from 10% to 90% of the output wave
volt A.C. lines, and in ambient temperatures form with the dimmer operating at maximum
lndividual dimmer modules shall be built on a
from 32'F - 104'F (0'C - 40'C) with component oad.
slide-mount chassis with a steel faceplate. l

L. The output voltage versus control position

Each shall slide into the Dimmer Equipmeni variations not exceeding '5olo.
F. The power e{f iciency of each dimmer mod- shall be factory adjusted to coniorm to the
Bank and shall be provided with power and ''Square Law Dimming Curve". lt shall be pos-
control connectors for plug-in to the mating ule shall be approximately 957o minimum at
full load and the output voltage 967o to 100% of sible to adjust the dimmers in the lield to meet
receptacles in the Dimmer Equipment Bank as
previously specified. The faceplate shall be the input voltaqe. field conditions. Screwdriver adjustments,
provided with a handle tor ease of withdrawal, readily accessible through the face of the
G. The dimmer module shall be capable of dimmer, shall be provided for this balance.
power-on indicator light, test points and ac- ''hot patching" cold, incandescent lamp loads
cess for curve adjustment. The dimmer mod- up to its full-rated capacity, either in parts or in l\,4. The input signal shall be 10 volts D.C. at .2
ules shall be finished in baked enamel. one complete load, without malfunction or milliamperes; and dimmer response shall be
change in operation. The control setting may insensitive to the phase from which this con-
These solid-state dimmers shall be of the
generic type designated as avalanche recti- be at any position during this patching opera- trol signal is taken.
f iers. They shall utilize two silicon controlled tion. N. Switch-On versus Switch-Off response
rectifiers in a back-to-back electrical con- H. All rectif ier components shall be com- time shall be within 1/n Second for all loads.
figuration which provides, at all times, sym- pletely protected, during "hot patching" or O. At minimum load, the output of the dim-
metrical alternating current output to the lamp any proper or improper operation of the mer with circuit controllers at "zero" may be
load which it controls. The full load of the dimmer. adjusted not to exceed 5 volts RMS.
circuit is to be carried and controlled solely by L Each dimmer module shall have an as- P. The preamplifier shall not misfire during
the silicon controlled rectifers. Dimmers sociated fully magnetic circuit breaker which transient energization or de-energization.
employing triacs will not be acceptable. may also be used as a disconnect and reset.
Q. Power consumption of the control circuit
Dimmer modules shall be U. L. approved. Under overload conditions it will dlsconnect shall not exceed a total of 6.5 watts.
A. The output of each dimmer shall be A.C. power to the dimmer module before damage
and at maximum shall approach a full sine can be done to the power devices. R. For test purposes, test points shall be pro-
wave. lt shall be symmetrical with respect vided in the faceplate to make available dim-
Each dimmer shall be protected by a replace- mer output and control voltages. A neon pilot
to the zero voltage axis at any point on the able silversand fuse of the proper rating for light shall indicate when there is power to the
dimming curve. short circuit protection, which wall open within
112 cycle. This fast-acting fuse will prevent dimmer module. Two curve adjustment de-
B. Each dimmer module shall have an as- vices shall be accessible through the faceplate
sociated, inductive-type filter, mounted on failure of the semi-conductor elements due ol the module, without having to remove the
acoustically dampened vibration mounts, to to short circuit in-rush current. dimmer module from the Dimmer Equipment
accomplish the following: Current limiting feedback technique will not Bank.
1. Limit objectionable harmonics. be acceptable as a means of protecting a main
power device because an overload condition S. All dimmer modules shall be interchange-
2. Limit the conducted radio f requency intetr must exist before circuits can sense and able in the system with others of the same
lerence on supply lines. capacity. lndividual dimmer chassis weights
correct for the condition. Under no circum- and sizes shall not exceed the lollowing:
3. Modily the steep wave front of the ava- stances will dimmers allowing continued
lanche effect which would otherwise create operation with loads substantially in excess of 2.4 Kw and 3.6 Kw: 7" H x 6" D x 3" W, (178 mm x
noise of an acoustical origin in the lamp fila- the rated capacity be acceptable. The protec- 152 mm x 76 mm) 23tslbs. (1.1 kg.)
ments in the output circuit. tive devices shall have maximum "must trip" 7.2 Kw and 12Kw:7" H x 6" D x 6" W, (178 mm x
C. The control circuit shall be complete on a ratings of 1 257o of rated capacity. On overloads 152mm x 152mm) 4114 lbs. (1.9 kg)
single 1/16" (1.6mm) thick, fiberglass, printed g reater than 25o/o, the fuse may open depend- T. The following dimmer modules shall be
circuitboard. This board shall also carry two ing on circuit conditions and the degree of ihe provided:
dimmer curve adjustment potentiometers overload. Otherwise, the circuit breaker will 2.4 Kw (stage)
accessible through the face of the dimmer. trip, opening the primary circuit.
Circuitboards for all dimmer capacities shall 3.6 Kw (stage)
J. Each dimmer module shall be capable of
be the same. Circuitboard replacement shall voltage regulation within t 21lr 7o f rom 8 watts - 7.2 Kw (stage)
not require the use of tools or removal of
other components lor access.
to full-rated load at any point on the dimming - 12 Kw (stage)
cu rve. Kw (house)
D. The dimmer module shall include all
solid-state devices. No relays, tubes, or mov-
ing parts shall be used. -

Copyright 1977 Strand Century lnc

Printed in Canada