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il A two-scene control console with memory which
provides many features of more expensive systems.
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Channel Manual
Control Module Control Module
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o Memory may be included

initially or plugged-in later.
o Completely modular design Memory Control Module
allows f uture expansion up to 64 -r>
channels (in groups of B).
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o Dipless split crossfader.
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o lndependent master.
o Grand Master.
o Recorded fade times.
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lll ll:::ll o Illl s c B ll
o Cue-insert capabi lity.
o lnstant modification without matching.
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Control Module

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20 Bushes Lane 5432 West 102nd Street 6334 Viscount Road
Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407 Los Angeles, California 90045 Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L

U.S.A. U.S.A. L4V 1 H3

Tel: (201) 791-7000 (212) 564-6910 Tel: (213) 776-4600 Tel: (416) 677-7130
Telex: 130322 Telex; 653508 Telex: 06968646
Strand Centu ry micro-Q'"

Specifications 4. The output from the manual system to lndependent Master or the Memory Control
the dimmers shall vary f rom 0 volts (Off) to 10 Module.
The lighting control console shall conform volts RMS (Full)with infinite resolution. Varia- 2. Manual Control Module
strictly to requirements of this specifrcatjon tions in linearity shall be held to a maximum
without deviation. The lighting control con- of l: 17o.
A. CROSSFADER - provides for dipless
sole indicated and called for herein is known c rossfades between the Scene One and Scene
as MICRO-Q as manufaclured by STRAND 5. The N4anual Control shall have an
N,4odule Two manual controllers for all channels as-
CENTURY lNC., 5432 W. 102nd Street, Los integral power supply. Voltages shall be regu- signed to Preset position. Dual handles may be
Angeles, California 90045, and 20 Bushes lated to within a 0.17o for incoming line volt- split for lead-lag fades or pile-ons.
Lane, Elmwood Park, New Jersey 07407. ages between 105 VAC and 125 VAC. A 220 B. INDEPENDENT MASTER - provides pro-
VAC/50 Hz option shall be available for appli- portional control of all Scene One controllers
The lighting control system shall be designed
to record, modify and play back lighting cation outside the U.S. assigned to Memory/lndependent.
scenes quickly and easily. The system shall C. MANUAL MASTER- provides proportional
The memory system shall be a self-contained control over the Crossfader and lndependent
include, but not be limited to, a complete two- plug-in module so that it can be ordered ini-
scene manual system with dipless split-handle Master.
tially or field-installed easily later, and shall
crossfader, independent master, and manual
have the following basic capabilities:
D. KEYSWITCH - power on-off switch.
master; and a complete memory system with Power-on is indicated by the green LED.
timed dipless split-handle crossfader, scene 1. All lighting levels for a preset can be re-
corded simultaneously. These lighting levels E. OVERTEMP- warning light activated by an
master, and memory master. All output chan- overtemperature sensor in the dimmer bank.
nels can be placed under the control of the can be recorded for the manual controllers, or
manual system, or mixed between the two on from any preset on stage. 3. Memory Control Module
a channel by channel basis. 2. lndividual lighting levels can also be set A. KEYBOARD - used to enter or modify
There shall be a total of channels of digitally by means of a calculator-type key- numbers in the Preset, Channel, and Level
control. two scenes of manual controllers, board. lndividual levels can be previewed and Displays.
and presets of memory. There shall be adjusted at any time without the need of any B. MANUAL RECORD - records the levels on
provisions for an additional presets of action to "match" the current stage intensity. the manual controllers into the preset indi-
plug-in memory. 3. Groups of individual channels or se- cated by the Preset Display.
The memory portion of the system shall be quences of channels can be set digitally or C. STAGE RECORD - records the levels cur-
based on a general purpose micro-processor. adjusted, simultaneously. rently on stage into the preset indicated by the
Memory shall be retained in a MOS device with 4. The fade-in time for a preset can be re- Preset Display.
power-farl protection. The lighting control corded, previewed, or adjusted in the same D. LEVEL DISPLAY- indicates the level of a
program shall be stored in a non-volatile manner as the level of an individual channel. channel in the Channel Display. When display
"read-only-memory". All system controis, A fade time can be increased, or decreased is activated, levels may be set or modified by
electronics, and power supplies shall be in during a crossfade without affecting the the Keyboard. Also used to display Time (in
modular form and housed in a single metal- memorized value. seconds) of recorded timed fade. When a
framed walnut veneer console with padded 5. The sequential order of presets can be al- timed crossfade is initiated the display counts
arm rest. All modules shall be plug-in and read- tered at any time allowing the operator to in- down to show fade time remaining.
ily accessible from the front of the console sert or delete any number of cues. E. LOAD-transfersa preset numberfrom the
with the removal of no more than lour screws. Preset Display to the selected playback.
6. Playbackfacilitiesshall includeatimeddip-
lf the memory system is not ordered or in- less split-handle Crossfader and Scene lvlas- F. CROSSFADER- provides for dipless cross-
cluded in the initial phase of this project, it is a ter. These faders can be operated simultane- fades between presets loaded into the Up and
requirement of this specification that the fu- ously and can be used in either auto-sequence Down sides of the crossfader. Dual handles
ture addition of the memory control module or random access mode. A Memory Master may be split for lead-lag fades or pile-ons. Can
shall be a plug-in operation to be performed shall also be provided. be operated in automatic mode, from fade
on site. The console must be designed and times recorded in memory.
furnished so that the memory system can 7. The manuals can be played through the
be added at any time. memory system by activation of a single G. SCENE NIASTER - piles the preset in the
switch. Scene Master Display onto the output of the
Control surfaces shall be black anodized
aluminum with identification in white. Non- 8. Selective assignment of dimmers to 10 Crossfader.
working surfaces shall be textured black Submasters for proportional control during H. I/EMORY MASTER - masters all lighting
f inish. The console shall be factory wired with
playback through the Crossfader and Scene levels in presets originating from the
Master. These Submasters may be ordered ini- Crossfader and Scene Master.
receptacles for the dimmer control cables and
an A.C. power cable. These cables shall be 12'
tially or f ield-installed later. L ALL ON MANUAL - plays the manual con-
(3.7 m) long and shall be provided with mating 9. The output from the memory system to the trollers onto the stage and drsables output
pluES on one end and shall be color coded for d immers shall vary f rom 0 volts (Off ) to volts10 from the memory.
installation on the other. The console shall be (Full) with a resolution of 256 equal steps. J. KEYSWITCH - enables all recording func-
provided with a sturdy vinyl protective cover. Output accu racy shall be :t- 0.2% of f u ll output. tions (Record), disables recording functions
10. The Memory Control Module shall have an (Record Lock), or turns system off (Off).
Micro-O Features
integral power supply totally independent of 4. Submaster Module
The manual system shall have the following the manual system. Voltage shall be regulated This plug-in module shall provide the capabil-
capabil ities: to within +0.17o for incoming line voltages ity to record selective assignment of dimmers
1. The individual manual controllers shall be between 105 VAC and 125 VAC. A22OVAC/50 to 10 Submasters. Each Submaster shall pro-
of the slider type and shall be mounted on Hz option shall be available for applications vide proportional control of the assigned
plug-in modules containing two rows (scenes) outside the u.s. dimmers playing back through the Crossfader
of 8 channels each. Each controllershall have The MICRO-Q shall consist of, but not be lim- and Scene Master for modification during
an associated scale of "0" to "10" calibrated in ited to, the following elements and contrgls: set-up or running of the show.
half steps. Above each pair of controllers shall 1. Channel Control Modules
be a two-posltion switch labelled MEMORY- 5. Auxiliary Module(s)
INDEPENDENT/PRESET to enable the chan-
(-required). A. HOUSELIGHT MODULE - 3 houselight
nel to be played onto the stage through the A. MANUAL CONTROLLERS- 16 per module controllers and a master, panic/reset
memory system or through the manual (2 for each of 8 channels) used to set lighting switches, and 3 non-dim switches.
2-scene preset system. levels for Scene One (top row of controllers) or B. NON-DIM il/4ODULE - 3, 6, 9 or 12 non-dim
2. Playback facilities shall include a dipless for Scene Two (bottom row). switches with pilot lights and a master, as
split-handle crossfader, an independent mas- B. MODE SWITCHES- 8 per module; in Pre- specified.
ter, and a manual master. set position, assign the associated channel Optional Accessories
3. A power switch, power indicator, and dim- to the crossfader on the Man ual Control; i n ln-
STAND- castered base for single tier console
mer bank overtemperature warning light shall dependent-lvlemory position, assign the provides a work area in f ront of the console.
also be included. associated channel in Scene One to the
LIGHTS - 2 adjustable worklights mounted
on the console, with on-dim-off switch.

Copyright 1977 Strand Century lnc

Printed in Canada