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1. Single Filter Installation

1. Install milk filter in discharge line between the milk
pump and plate cooler or bulk tank. Note inlet and
outlet of filter in Figure 1.

2. Filter can be installed either horizontally or vertically

as shown in Figure 2.

Outlet 3. Filter should not be installed in any location which

does not allow filter to drain completely.

4. When installing filter horizontally, position the outlet

down and slope the filter 1-1/2 inches per 10 feet
(13 mm/m) downward toward the outlet as shown in
1. Clamp
Figure 3.
2. Gasket
3. O-Ring
5. When installing the filter in the milk delivery line, the
4. Spring
filter must be sufficiently supported using hooks as
shown in Figure 3.

6. Plan the installation so that when the filter sock is

being removed, the milk residue will fall to the floor
where it may be readily cleaned away.

2. Dual Filter Installation

1. To increase filtering capacity, two filters can be
Inlet installed in parallel as shown in figure 4.

Figure 1. Milk Filter Assembly L9e376_1 — Note —————————————————————

Under average conditions, the filter sock will need to
be replaced after 200 cows have been milked through
one filter sock.

2. Dual filter arrangements should be installed vertically

to permit proper drainage.
Possible 3. When mounting dual filters directly on milk pump,
locations for some means of support to clamp the filters in place
milk filter must be fabricated. The entire weight of both filters
should not be put on the milk pump.
Bulk Tank
4. To permit changing of filters while milking, the dual
filters can be installed using valves. Two methods
are shown in Figure 5.

Figure 2. Typical Milk Filter Installations Lit9e376_2

Milk Filter Instructions 1 9E-376A

Support Hook Milk Delivery Line Support Hook

1 1/2" Slope per Wash

10 ft.(13 mm/m) Milk Position
Position 1 1/2" Slope per
10 ft.(13 mm/m)

Bulk Tank

Figure 3. Typical filter installation showing correct slpoe and support hooks Lit9e376_3


Top View

1 1/2" (38 mm)Tee

Tee Tee


Side View
1 1/2"
(38 mm) Elbow Elbow
1 1/2"
(38 mm) Elbow
1 1/2" Inlet
(38 mm) Tee

Figure 4a. Basic vertical dual filter arrangement Figure 4b. Basic horizontal dual filter arrangement
Lit9e376_4a Lit9e376_4b

9E-376A 2 Milk Filter Instructions

1 1/2"
Butterfly 3-Way
Valves Valves

Figure 5. Two methods of installing dual filters to permit changing of filters during milking. Lit9e725_3

3. Installing Filter Socks 3. Insert the filter, spring and sealing plug assembly into
the stainless steel body with the O-ring past the
1. Slide filter sock over outside of spring and fold one outlet opening. Be careful not to roll O-ring out of the
inch (25 mm) of the top of the sock inside spring. See groove when sliding past the outlet.
Figure 6. Excess of one inch fold-over should be
avoided due to increased flow restriction. The spring 4. Clamp the cap and gasket in place.
length should be maintained at 22.25 inches (565
mm) in order to get the correct amount of fold-over. 5. On dual-filter installations that have shut-off valves,
The spring length can be corrected by stretching or make sure the proper valves are closed when chang-
compressing the spring. ing filter socks. Open all valves when not changing
2. Connect the filter and spring assembly to the sealing
plug by screwing the end of the plug into the end of 6. When removing the filter sock for washing the pipe-
the spring with the sock folded inside. line, the filter should be moved away from the bulk
tank to avoid allowing sediment and unfiltered milk to
— Note ————————————————————— enter the bulk tank.
Do not over-tighten spring and sealing plug assem-
bly. Over-tightening tends to lock up spring on the
plug. Should this lock up occur, it may be necessary
to back off the end of the spring with a blunt tool.

Milk Filter Instructions 3 9E-376A

Filter Sock
Fold inside spring

Figure 6. Filter sock and spring assembly Lit9e376_6

4. Maintenance
1. Manual washing of the plug and spring is recom-
mended. The O-ring should be removed for clean-

2. O-ring and gasket should be checked periodically for

excessive wear, cracking or cuts and replaced as

9E-376A 4 Milk Filter Instructions