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Дисциплина: Практический курс английского языка Направление: Педагогическое

образование с двумя профилями Группы: 16ПО(2)17ИНЯЗ

Форма занятия: Практическое занятие 07-04-2020 Преподаватель: Косырев Сергей
Контакт: s.n.kosyrev@utmn.ru,
Задание: make sentences with the new vocabulary
kings. 12. Am erican slang is forcing its way ... English. 13. It's
good to be able to turn sorrow ... joy. 14. W hy did you b u r s t ...
the room
... so m uch noise? 15. He sat staring ... the fire.

13. Translate the following sentences into English. Pay attention to the
prep ositions and adverbs:
1. Когда вечер был в разгаре, Руфь незаметно выскользнула
из дома. 2. Я не могу разобрать некоторые слова, у вас
ужасный по черк. 3. День оказался прекрасным, и мы
пожалели, что остались в городе. 4. С глаз долой, из сердца
вон. 5. Кейт улыбнулась сквозь слезы и сказала: «Извини
меня, у меня нервы не в порядке». 6. Он живет за городом, и
ему нужно полтора часа, чтобы добраться до ра боты. 7. Вы
попадете в беду. И не говорите тогда, что я не предосте
регал вас. 8. Узнав, что отъезд опять отменен, Кейт
залилась слеза ми. 9. Джим ворвался в комнату, схватил
что-то, и через минуту его уж е снова не было в доме. 10.
Теперь, когда они были вне опаснос ти, они могли,
наконец, передохнуть. 11. Он не выходит уже месяц.
12. Дверь не запирается: должно быть, замок не в
порядке. 13. Не в его характере спорить просто из

14. a) Give Russian equivalents for the following English proverbs

and say ings (or translate them into Russian), b) Make up
situations to illustrate their meanings:
1. It is sink or swim. 2. Caution is the parent of safety. 3. W ho has
never tasted bitter, knows not what is sweet. 4. A threatened
blow is seldom given. 5. Better the foot slip than the tongue. 6.
Be tween the cup and the lip a morsel may slip.

15. Write an essay on one of the following topics:

A Russian national hero of the war of 1812.
A play by B. Shaw on Russian stage.



Topical Vocabulary
Positive feelings: admiration, enthusiasm, excitem ent, ela tion,
joy, love, pride, zest.
N egative feelings: anger, annoyance, irritation, anxiety, de spair,
hum iliation, embarrassment, tension, envy, hate, jealousy, fear,
shame, guilt, rage, terror.
Emotional condition: a) to feel good, to feel fine, to feel great, to
feel pride and joy, to be bright and happy, to be in a good mood;
b) to feel bad, to feel uneasy/anx io u s/lo n ely /scared /m iserab le / guilty,
to feel put upon, to be upset, to be tense and jumpy, to be furious, to be
in a bad tem per.
Display of emotions: to ex p ress/h id e /d isg u ise/co n tro l/re-
veal/relieve one's feelings, to cope with one's feelings, an
outlet for one's feelings, to get angry at sm th./sm b., to let off
steam, to burst out laughing/crying, to behave calmly and
coolly, to take one's irritation out on smb., to throw tantrum s, to
scream and yell at smb., to keep/lose one's temper, to fly into a

Read the following text for obtaining its information:

One day you feel good and the next you feel bad, and betw een
those two poles are com pressed all the joys of heaven and the
an guish of hell. The events that prom pt feelings, the
justification for the feelings, even the reality of the perceptions
that lead to them are all unim portant. It is the feeling that counts.
Despite its importance, there is an incredible am ount of confu sion
about feelings and emotions in both the m inds of the public and
the attention of the "experts". "Emotion" is the general term
which encom passes the feeling tone, the biophysiological
state, and even the chemical changes we are beginning to
understand underline the sensations we experience; "feeling" is
our subjec tive awareness of our own emotional state. It is that
which we ex perience; that which we know about our current em
otional condi tion.
Feelings, particularly the complex and subtle range of feelings in
hum an beings, are testam ent to our capacity for choice and
learn ing. Feelings are the instrum ents of rationality, not — as
some would have it — alternatives to it. Because we are
intelligent crea tures, we are capable of, and dependent on,
using rational choice to decide our futures. Feelings becom e
guides to that choice. W e are rujt just passive responders, as
some lower life forms are, to that which the environm ent offers
us. W e can avoid certain conditions, select out others, and
anticipate both and, moreover, via anticipa tion we can even
modify the nature of the environm ent. Feelings are fine tunings
directing the ways in which we will m eet and m anipu late our
Feelings of anxiety, boredom, tension and agitation alert us to the
sense of som ething wrong, and, more importantly, by the subtle
distinctions of their m essages they indicate som ething of the
nature of the im pending danger and direct us to specific kinds of
adaptive m anoeuvres to avoid, prevent, or change the incipient
threat. Feel ings of guilt allow us to m odel our behaviour against
certain ideals and register when we have moved away from these
ideals, or have not yet achieved them. If there is a common
ingredient to the vari ous sources and forms of pleasure, the only
one that can be identi fied is that they all seem to contribute to an
enhanced sense of self. Pleasurable events either intensify our sense
of ourselves or enlarge our view of ourselves. Joy stem s from an
altered sense of self and, in turn, alters our view of our world and the
way we are viewed.

Answer the following questions:

1. How do you understand the statem ent "it is the feeling that
counts"? 2. W hy is it difficult to classify sensations and what
terms are suggested in this article? 3. How does "emotion" differ
from "feeling"? 4. Do you agree that feelings are "the instrum ents
of ra tionality, not alternatives to it" ? 5. How do feelings of anxiety,
bore dom, tension and agitation serve adoptive purposes? 6. Of
what im portance are feelings of guilt? 7. W hat do the positive
feelings have
in common? 8. How do pleasurable events affect our feelings?

Summarize the text in two paragraphs emphasizing the importance of

emotions and feelings in our life.

Use the Topical Vocabulary in answering the questions:

1. W hy do people have emotions and feelings? W hat good are they?

2. W hat em otions and feelings are usually classified as posi tive
and negative? Is there a strict border line betw een them?
If you have a look at the topical vocabulary list, you'll notice that it
deals with painful feelings and emotions rather than joyous ones.
How can you account for it? 4. The first and simplest pleasure is
the pleasure of our senses. How can you illustrate the joys of taste,
smells, sounds, and sights? 5. There are various sources of pleasure
such as discovery, the immersion of ourselves in an activity, con
frontation with nature and the thrill one gets in all cooperative ef
fort, to m ention but a few. W hich of these gives you the most joy
ous experience? 6. It isn 't always easy for us to keep our tem per
w hen things go wrong. W hat do you do or say to let off steam?

He felt great admiration for them.

He was ablaze with enthusiasm.
The puppy wiggled with excitement.
Most people can't imagine the kind of elation that comes with
winning a super lottery's grand prize, but they're dying to
find out.
The garden was his pride and joy.
I fell in love with Amsterdam the very first time I visited the
Success in sport is a source of national pride.
The danger of being caught added a certain zest to the affair.
He learnt to moderate his anger.
His annoyance that he had been awakened so early was
He could not hide his irritation that he had not been invited.
There is real anxiety about the effects of radiation.
Her spirits alternated between hope and despair.
The humiliation was more than he could bear.
This issue is set to cause some embarrassment.
Her joke diffused the tension in the room.
He envies her the position she has achieved in her profession.
I hate getting up early.
Jealousy is an ugly emotion.
I fear the results of the final exams.
It shames me that I treated her so badly.
He's been troubled by feelings of guilt.
A terrible rage possessed her.
Blank terror reigned over the community.
We want our children to be secure and feel good about
It's been a difficult time but, on the positive side,
I feel physically fine.
I worked out this morning and I feel great.
I feel pride and joy to see the growth of my team.
Her voice was bright and happy.
You're in a good mood this morning!
I feel bad for Ann — she studied so hard for that test and she
still didn't pass.
I feel uneasy in tight clothes.
People who can exercise some control over their
surroundings feel less anxious.
She doesn't mind being alone because she never feels lonely.
All I want is to face the fear but, not feel scared.
A sudden access of hay fever was making him feel miserable.
She has reason to feel guilty.
That naturally makes him feel put-upon.
The last thing I want is to upset him.
The atmosphere at home was rather tense and jumpy.
She was furious with herself for letting things get out of
Jane thrust her plate away in a bad temper, refusing to eat.
He expressed his feelings about the latest discoveries on.
She tried to hide her feelings, but the tears in her eyes were a
Try as he might, Dan couldn't disguise his feelings for Katie. 
I couldn’t control my feelings and cried.
He didn’t want to reveal his true feelings.
The conversation helped her to relieve her feelings.
I am learning to cope with feelings.
She had no other outlet for her feelings.
Although he seems outwardly imperturbable, he
can get very angry at times.
The radiator hissed as it let off steam.
She tried to be serious, but
she couldn't help herself and burst out laughing.
The other girls burst out crying at the sight of the coffin.
The partners behaved calmly and coolly to each other.
I didn’t want to take my irritation out on somebody, that’s
why I went away.
She throws a tantrum when she can't have the toy she wants.
My friend was very angry, he screamed and yelled at us.
I was finding it increasingly difficult to keep my temper.
I've never seen him lose his temper.
Richens was 17 when he flew into a rage and stabbed another

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