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ADM325 Questionnaire

1) Software Logistics provide: (Single Choice)

a. Procedure for Central User Administration
b. Procedure for Development / Customizing
c. Procedure for Post Installation Steps
d. Process to help you monitor your system externally

2) The administrator wants to deactivate the import of all the requests in an import queue for
a SAP System, he should set which parameter? (Single Choice)

3) The area of CTS that schedules and monitors the importing of Change Request is:
(Single Choice)
a. Workbench Organizer
b. Transport Organizer
c. TMS
d. CTS

4) The transaction used for Cross-System Viewer and Client Transport – Export Processing
is: (Single Choice)
a. SUC0/SCC7
b. SCU0/SCC7
c. SUC0/SCC8
d. SCU0/SCC8

5) Types of Client Specific Data? (Multiple Choice)

a. Dictionary Data
b. User Data
c. Master Data
d. Transaction Data

6) Select the correct statements pertaining to TMS configuration (Multiple Choice)

a. Several transport groups can be in a transport domain
b. Transports can take place in the different transport groups
c. Transport layer is not required while defining transport routes
d. Only one transport layer can be defined in the system at any given time

7) Which of the following are the Transport directories? (Multiple Choice)

a. bin
b. actlogs
c. profile
d. tmp
e. log

8) List the Transport Requests that are generated during Client Export and the description
of each request giving the type of data exported

Sr. No. Request Name Description

9) Transaction Code used for Transport Management System / Transport Organizer is:
(Multiple Choice)
a. STMS / SE09
b. SMTS / SE10
c. STMS / SE10
d. STSM / SE01

10) Which of the following is NOT a profile that can be used for client copies? (Multiple
a. SAP_USER – User master records
b. SAP_ACUST – Application & Customizing data
c. SAP_EXBC – Client dependent/independent Customizing & Users
d. SAP_MAST – Master data only

11) You can get Support Packages from the following places (Multiple Choice)
a. SAP Service Marketplace
b. SAPNet-R/3 Frontend
c. Online Documentation CD
e. Collection CDs

12) Why did SAP introduced CRTs?


13) BW Support Package for Release 30B will be named according to which format? (Single
a. SAPBW30B<serial no.>
b. SAPKY30B<serial no.>
c. SAPKW30B<serial no.>
d. SAPKB30B<serial no.>

14) Which tool is used for carrying out R/3 Upgrade (Single Choice)
c. R3UP

15) List the differences between Local Client Copy & Remote Client Copy

Sr. No. Local Client Copy Remote Client Copy


16) The logs generated by ‘tp’ tool are: (Multiple Choice)

a. tp system log
b. Transport Step Monitor
d. <Source SID><Import Step><6 digit>.<Target SID>
17) Which of the following statements are correct in regard to preliminary imports? (Multiple
a. SAP recommends using preliminary imports rather than imports of the entire
b. Preliminary imports should only be performed in exceptional cases
c. Change request imported as preliminary imports remain in the queue and are
imported again when an import of the entire queue is performed
d. Change request are deleted from the import queue after a preliminary import is

18) Parallel Processing in case of Client Copy is: (Single Choice)

a. Performed in Local Client Copy
b. Performed in Client Transport
c. Performed when you want to do other client copy in parallel
d. Not recommended by SAP

19) Explain the meaning of Consolidation Route & Delivery Route (Not more than 30 words)

20) Which are the two most frequently used Change Request Types available in Transport
Organizer? Give a short description of each one

21) Which of the following best describes SAP Customizing? (Single Choice)
a. Writing new ABAP Programs to satisfy business needs
b. Entering Master data
c. Configuring business process to meet the requirements
d. Installing the R/3 software as per recommendations
e. Creating users and granting authorizations

22) The Customizing Client should have the option in SCC4 as: (Single Choice)
a. No Changes Allowed
b. Changes w/o automatic recording of changes
c. Automatic recording of changes
d. Changes w/o automatic recording, no transports allowed

23) Before releasing a change request, the following tasks should be completed (Multiple
a. All tasks must have previously been released
b. SE09 needs to be installed
c. TMs has to be configured
d. All tasks must have previously been tested
24) List at least three things that are automatically generated when a Transport Domain
Controller is first created

25) Draw a Transport Route (in Graphical Editor Mode) for a 3 system landscape with SIDs
D01 (Development), Q01 (Quality), P01 (Production). Include another Production system
with SID P02 in the transport Route. The IT Department decides to have the
development changes to be transported to Training System with SID T01 for urgent
training requirements. Place the same in the Transport Route? (Use assumptions wherever