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Rachel Christian
Art Teacher at WRAMS & LHS Wisconsin Rapids Area Middle School
Mrs. Christian’s

Real-life” me

Parent or Guardian of:______________________________________________
“Bitmoji” me
BIO: I am a mother of 3 crazy kids, my youngest
is entering 5th grade, my son 7th and my oldest
daughter will be a sophomore this school year. I
have been married for 13 years and while central
Wisconsin is not my hometown I lived here as a
teen and then recently moved back, and this is my
second year here at WRPS.
I love nature and spending time with my
family as well as making many different types of
Art. I LOVE the 80’s (I did grow up in them after
all) I often play 80’s music in the Art room, along
with a little of everything else.
I believe in hard work, perseverance,
independence, empathy and the power of a
positive attitude. I hope to grow these qualities in
my students through Art making. I want my
6th grade Term 1 2019-20
students to never stop learning!
Room # 411 (WRAMS) – Room #’s-124 & 135

WRAMS (715) 424-6740 ext. 3411 (Mornings)
LHS (715) 424-6750 ext. 4132 (Afternoons)
Email: Rachel.christian@wrps.net
✓ Drawing Unit
Whats going on and coming up?….. ✓ Clay Unit
✓ Painting Unit 6th- Parent/Teacher Conferences 11/14
Back to school! Hopefully everyone has Youth Art month-March
✓ Sculpture Unit
had a great summer filled with relaxation. As Capitol Art show-April
✓ Printmaking Unit
we get started this first term of Art, I want to Middle School/High school Art Show-May
✓ Mixed Media Unit WRAMS Awards night-June
mention a few things to get us going… Given *the projects and units may vary from term to term…...
that Art in 6th grade is only 6 weeks, we move
along quickly to fit in everything.
I will be sending home a monthly Students are graded in 2 ways, during the
newsletter to keep you informed, as a mom of process of making Art, and when the unit is I have set up a Google
complete. Each category is weighted differently classroom where I will be posting project
a middle school kiddo I know they don’t always
in the gradebook: details, resources, rubrics and more…..Please
tell us about what’s going on in school so I Practice/”formative” work such as: help your student join the class with this code:
want to provide a direct way to get that info to sketches, design, production effort,
hrq0cya please help your student remember
equipment/tool usage is weighted at 20% in to check it daily and especially when they are
This year I will also be trying my hand at a skyward gradebook. absent or struggling or if you just want to see
YouTube channel and as always, I will have a what we are working on to help them out.
Final designs/”summative” work
Google classroom set up for your students, Complete Artwork is the “test” in Art, it’s where Class announcements are posted in classroom,
how to access those resources will be you can be added to receive access as well by
we see if students understood and met the goals your student with an email address.
included later in this letter. of the unit and therefore, they are weighted at
80% in skyward gradebook.
This means unit projects All completed Art will be handed back after grading
In middle school Art we move away from will have multiple grades, the exception would be for Art held for display or Art
effort grades and the focus shifts to learning they include grades for: shows, students should check school
announcements as to when their art held for shows
new skills, creativity and craftsmanship. Creativity/Design idea,
or display will be available for pick-up.
Students are expected to work to the best of Specific objectives “Learning
Targets”, and Craftsmanship
their ability, use class time wisely, use
materials appropriately, maintain shared There is one final category in skyward
spaces and materials, clean up, communicate “Practice”, this one is worth 0%, confusing I
and ask questions, be respectful to self and know but this category is used to communicate
While many students take Art, we know not all
with you about other things in the classroom
others and be responsible. All these factors plan make a career out of it but the skills they
such as permission slips, or equipment safety
are part of your students’ overall grade. I will contracts, ect…things that we don’t want to have
gain while creating Art are highly sought out by
be sending out the rubric we use for grading in today's employers. The ability to think
affect the grade but that we need a way to track.
early September, If you have questions please creatively and problem solve while following
the steps of creating unique art pieces is
contact me.
helpful in many parts of life; so even if they
Art should NOT be considered Students need a folder to keep don't plan to be making a career in Art they
an easy “A”, students sketches & handouts together can still benefit from everything we do in
and must bring a pencil EVERYDAY!!! As an Art class.
need to work hard
well as their school agenda, which has If you have any questions or
to EARN a good grade concerns contact me anytime,
passes for bathroom/locker/office ect…
Thank you for your time!
*(no agenda=no passes-no leaving the room

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