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It would be great if all -vou had to do was
and-prcsto-a perfectly
war/e a (naglc wand
decorated room appeared. Ilrbtle tt rnay not
be qutte that easy, there ls a ldnd ofdecorat-
lng magtc you can male appear u'tth the fltp
of a swltch. It's tLat spectal maglc a room has
when tle ltghtl4g ts right-when ltght ts used
to create a mood, hrghJrgltt an lrnportant de-
corathg element or bathe an actfi{ty a.rea ln
Tbts book ts plamed to help -vou become a
sltght' rnagtctan. It's also destggrcd to shorv
you how todafs ltghillrg cornbtnes the best of
both fimctlon and beauf. So breeze ttrroug!
the pages-and 1'ou're bound to fild a brfght
ldea to tul:n you on.
Here-fiom Sl.lvanta to you-ls your ori.n
Itght decorattng magic ldtl

Create a mood with . . .3-5light

FTon' to make lour moods-
r(x)rns rrratch vour
fr.,m thcarri, al t,, "lrcslr-u*-r,ll outdnor:'"

Give a little light to the great

outdoors ,,...6-7
\\'J:ry keep all your lighting cooped up inside'/
Here's horv to let it out-in st}4c

up your acttu{t}r areasS-ll
on top-flight lighting for kitchens, bath-
rooms. llamilv ruurns cn'l latrrtdric:.

See the liglrt aboutlrghthglS-13

Some nerv idea bulbs frorn S1'h'ania artd a glos-
sary of lighting teims to he\r 1.ou

Garden under lights. . .. ..14-17

The secret to grorving most an_"-Lhing, all.rvhere,
an\time-$'ith()ut suushine
Bring a room to life wtth
fiSht . 18-19
\\rhat you need tr klorv to add the finishing
touch to a s.cll-rlccoraterl rtxrm
Try some bright ideas .. ..30-33
Four pages of prcjects to makc 1ou shirre as a
"light" designer
,, ll..(dtlh ( {,rlx,fult,nr. l!)7{j. \ll ri{hr\.r\cnr(1. Il-inl.(l ir 15.\-
A r()()m ls just a room until xru add the {inal
CrecteAMood dlrncnsi()n-llght! 'I'hcn thc anca becomes a
soli romamHc .oout-a ll\.clv, cxcltlrrg roorn-
an elficicnt buslness-llkc room. Ltght ls the
with ultlmate ruoocl-ma.l<cr! Just lmaglnc horv hfeless
thts ltvtng arca igouftl look s.lt-hout its drarna.
tic llghtlng. Nant rnoo<l? f-se ltglrt!
The balcony gets irr on the Clear spotlights dramatize
light show, too. Here, the this corner plant $ouping.
tubbed tlee is lit by two Syl- Once you've figured out
vania 7s-watt outdoor spots where to place your spots,
in a double weatherproof stick Uny pieces of tape on
socket resting in the poL the floor as markers.

To call atLention to any dec- Light produces shadows,

orating element, light it and shadows are first-class
fiom the fionl Here, the at- pattern-makers. Spot or
t€nton-getting plant is lit by flood lights can be mixed
a clear Sylvania spol placed with floor-standing plants
12 to 18 inches in front of to ttrrow interesting shadow
the pot. pattems on the wal1 behind.

creoteA Mood with LlGlFtT

Alal1'ze a room and \\'hat do you have? \\ra11s,
lr.irrdorvs, ceiling alrd floor. ,\dd the furniture
and accessories and the roour starLs to develop
some character But it still lacks mood-until
you add light! For mood enough to turn any
room into an emotional experience, take a look
at this decorated-with-light apartment
Ltght not only adds treauf and
Brino A Liltle charrn to your outdoor living
areas-lt adds somethlng else-
securttyl Even the black-hat r"ll-
Lighl To Thr'e Greol lalns of western movles would
tfilnk twlce about crosslrrg a well-
Itt backyard. So for peace of rnlnd
and the pleasure of creatlng
@UTD@@RS another ltvtng area-ltgfut up your
own part of the great outdoors.
Patto ltghttrrg calr bc as elabo Turn clav half-tiles into glaru- Welcome guests \\ itl the glou'
ratc as you like or it can bc sirn- otorrs reflectors lbr rirrtdoor lights. of the cltrl light il rhe boitorn
ple, filnctional arrd easv on l-he Thcl're quich ald easv to install. photo. Build the basic unit of 1x4
budget. The patio dining area All vou do is paint thc irrsicle of 1he redu cxrcl widt angle ilon for coL-
belorv fcatlres outdocir firlurcs tiles rvhitc, thcn b1r4, 1hc llared rr. rs. .\dd *quar. rt h,, r ,d -r ril rs
snuggled into shrubbcn' and ends aboul six inchcs in t.hl: arrd moutrt on the s all ovcr a
plaDts. For a none\.sa\-ing light- grourrd. Use outcloor stake-t1pe porcelain [xl.urc. Instal] a 100
ing scheine, use srvivcl sockel.s fixttres srrch as Svlvarria Night- rvatt Svlvarria Soft \Yhilc Plus
rvith Sylvania outdoor spol.s or Lightcrs and "larrdscape" vour bulb. Cut picces of opaquc plasLic
floods rnountr:d on lrces lights s'ith pebbles. and scrcw to the rcdrvood 1x4's.

LightUpYourAclVily '
Movle-goers-aud lovers-nray
prefer drm lJght, but anyone else ls 'c
happler when the Lghling rs a brt
lnore up.tempo-partlculady ln a
a.ctitiry area"s. Worldng in a subtly a
Itt kitchen, for lnstance., lsn't tl
exactly rornantlc. It isn't erren re- it
ally safe.
For safe, comfortable ald attrac- ft
tJve aati\.iry centers, study the fol- t}
lowtng pag€s and ptck up solne al
polnt€rs for your home, n

- ,-'l --;

Kltchens can sparkle like Batbroorns need to be bright- Farnlly roorns have to take a lot
crorvn jewels if you pla]. it right if y.u *unt to be beauriful. You of living-which takes a lot of
with light The windorvless area certainly can't expect the right lighl In the multi-function room
abor.e left could have been about ans\\'er to t]]e "mirror. mi1Tof on above, both the hobby center and
as cheery as a coal mine rithout the rvall" question if 1.ou haven't piano alcove feature los'ered ceil-
the rvell planrred lighting that giyes been able to see your make-up or ings with fluorescent lamps be-
it an open, bright look. Starl \\.ith a .vour hairdo in the best possible hind opaque plasric difrrsers. Use
generous size cefing fi,:r:ture. Add lighf To solve the problem, install versatile track lights for whole-
recessed fluorescent lighting to a lighl box rrnder drc soffir Use room lightlng. And if you have a
the under side of the softts and Cool \{hite Deluxe fluorescent favorite pdl1t, bdng it into focus
above the sink. Presto . rrho tubes shielded by a \\'hit€ plasdc l.ith a fluorescent light box like
needs l.ildorvs? difrrser sct in a s'oorlen frame- the one shown at the far 1eft.
Lighl Up Your Aclivily'Al R ElBlS



|: *,

Falnil-v dld4 in a kitchen isn'r Launddes used to be clingv A home office beconrcs i1s
quite like entertailing il ar ele- basenrelt corners rvhere vou .ffi.i.nt cs dr\ lr\rd'lurn\rs uf r
galt dirring room-unlcss vorrr tosscd tle clothcs in the rvasher co4)oratiolr president \yith th(] ad-
kitchen tablc is topped by a charr- and lcft as soon as possible. But dition of sorne basic equipmelt
d. licr . quipp. d rrirlr Svllarria dtcv dnn t ltur. t., tc. Lturrdri.s and th(. right lighting. 'l'hc arca
Decor Lites anrl a tlirlmer. Thcrr can bc light, briglrt-and in any abovc solves both problenrs. TIre
you cal dial the right clegree of part of the house. The area abovs desk is a slab door on sarr horscs,
roma l-icism lirr a dinncr atrnos- attdbutes a lot of its openness as teamed l'ith a firlding chair. Ald
phere like the ole at the lefl Alst.,, s.cll as its practicaliry to the light the lights are fir.e S1'h-arria Nlood
flrrorescent larnps are mounted panels above the appliances and Glo bulbs mounted orr the q.all
urder onl.x courrter tops for a sur- sewing center. LIse fluorescerrt above the work surface to give
prisc efcct, lamps bel.rind plastic tlilluscr grids. plcng of ligirt $ ith littls glarc.
Look For These Sylvonio Lomps Io Decorcteyour Homewith LIGI,IT

Here are some of the lamps that you can use to varief of bulbs made for llgtfing in tle home.
acbteve the ltghttnp; effects shown in tbls booklel Most are readily available ln reta outlets carry.
They mrnber only a handful among the ext€nslye fng Sylvanfa L$rtlngi products.


Sylvanta llood"Glo lamps. Changing the mood of a Sylvanta Chimney lamps. Here's how to make your
roorn can be as sasv as changing the bulb. Available outdoor fixtures crackle with the charm ofol' London
in silver, gold, 5 transparent colors, x'hite or clear. town. In h;vo colors, amber or white.


S-vlvalrta Decor larnps. For tasteful chandeliers,

Sylvanta Spot and Flood lamps. Dmmatize your decor lamps add a brilliant finishing touch. They
home entrance or beautify the patio at nighl Spot come in five diferent decorative s!'les and a range of
lights ln clear only; floods in clear and six colors. colors.
See the ltgftt about lrgh'larg tems
The lighting industry, like every othel has its own
language-words you fl1n into each time you buy a
light bulb or choose a fixtrue. Ald if vou,ve been in
tie dark about some of t}tose tech n ical-sounding
words. here-s a lalrnan's loc,k at Lighling Lerms:
Lamp-tr'hen you're dealing witi lighdxg dealers
L,r specia[sts. lamp is t]re word t]rey use lor what you
call a light bu1b. In the following definitions, we,ll use
lhe wnrd "lamp" rJrat way. too.
Lumen is a unit that measures the quanti{ of the
$ lamp's total light ouq)ut in a-11 directions.
il Footcandle is a unit for measuring the quantif of
light that falls on a surface (or the illuminition pro-
vided by a 1arnp. )
Reflectamce or reflection factor is the percentage
of light re0ecLed from a su r{ace in proporiion ro r-iie
Sylvanfa GL-1308 Gro-Lux fxture. Gro-Lux iamps light falling on it. When the reflecting surface is
help grow beautifrrl plants and flowers. Height is ad- smootl and shiny the reflection is called specular.
justable to accommodate a wide variety of plant.c. When the surface is dull the reflection is called dti-
DtfiLslon is the scattering of light ra1.s so the light
is emir ted or reflecrcd in all directions.
Absorption is the soaking up oflight by a reflecting
surface or a txansmitting medium.
Transmlssion is the passage of light through a
Drrect IlgfoU,ngi is a lighting system in u,hich all or
near11' all the light is beamed directly to a paxticular
area or subjecl.
Indirect lfghtirrg is a lighting plan in which all or
nearly all the light is bounced of a ceiling or rvall to
create a subtle lighting efect.
Incandescent lamp is one that produces light by
passing an electric current through a filament which
is heated kr the point it glows.
Fluorescent la-mp is a hrbular electric discharge
Sylvant: Spot-Gro la-mp and f xture. Use Spot-Gro lamp in I'hich light is produced by the fluorescence of
to highlight and enhance the appearance ofhouse- phosphors coating the inside of the tube.
plants. Fin:ture mounts easily on u.all or ceiling, or Watt is a unit neasuring the power used by a lamp
can stald alone. or other electrical device. Hou.ever. if vou'd like to
impres:. ycrur friends. rry tiis one: A warr is rhe
meter-kilogram-second unit of power equal to the
power in a circuit in $'hich a cunent of one ampere
flows across a potential diference ofone voll


Sylvanta Ilangtng Gro-Lu-x flxture. .Iust the unit

needed to stimulate growth and beautify plants in
your home. Its design fits any room decor.
GO C e p ""1{i,XTi.1[T1i1 f T,u""J.:r"Jl]
condltlon olr two ttrltrgs-amount
- -" a.ud llgfiL Only you and"yo'r plants
I lnnlaf of water
can figure out what's the rlght water-
\-/l l\-fgl

ttGHTS lg#i::r:'"if#
Any dark corner of a room can turrl
into a lush indoor garden rvith a 1ittle
ingenuity-and Sylvania Gro-Lux@
fluoresceut lamps. As a matter of fircl a
dark corler with Gro-Lu-< lights may just
be a better place to garden than the sun-
niest \\.indow'. These lamps produce a
special tlpe oflighl energy required by all
plants-and you can fit a Gro-Lrx light
an1'where a regular fluorescent lamp
N'ould fit. Sizes range ftom 12 to 96-
inches in length.
A fiee-standirg plant trav like the one
at right is per€ct for a plethora of pots.
Build the tray ftarne n"ith four pieces of
Zxfs and a l/z-inch plyrvood bottom. Re-
cess the bottom to crcconmodate casters
as in the drav.ing belou'. Fasten corners
rvith glue and scrervs, nail il the bottom,
then sea.l cmcks s.ith wood putty. Water-
proof the urft \\'ith polyester resiu used
according to rlirections on the package.
Place the plaut tray under ceiling-hung
fixtures fitted rvith Sylvania Gro-Lux
1arups arrd you'1l be able to gtrrden s'ith-
out sunlight.
A bascment gree house is a grcat
\vavtil gct tlcjrrrnp orr spdrrgt lrc flri$-
crs or salad grccrls. An\tirrrt of drc Icar-
is gro\\ing scasorr s'ith 1lc A lianre urrit.s
belorl.. Thcrrrc rrot liurcr', but thel,nolk-
Folllv tlc <liarlrarn abot'c liir crirstmc-
tio , thcl use 7P-iuch Slh'rLrria VHL)
\\'i,1. 5p., t rrrrrr Lrri,-LLL\ liglrr. irr -v,,Lrr
flrturc. LIse a tinler to trrrrr tlc Lighls on
and of autorrraLicallr'.

{j '

,rl,' .l

GordenUnder UGHIIS
Plants enhance any roon's decomting scheme. And
to further enhance plants, use Sylvania Spot-Gro
bu1bs. In the living room belorv, aluminum work
fixtures were spray painted and fi.tted with 75-watt
Spot-Gro lamps. Now the lights are good-looking
accessodes-and the plants look great!

\ ii{S..



A houseplant centcr doesn't have to have horticul-

ture as its only function. The wall-hung unit at the left
does a lot ofjobs. It's designed with adjustable open
shelves for books and a storage cabinet below the plant
tray. Sylvania Gro-Lu-x lamps are installed behind the
wall unit over the plants. If building this whole unit is
more challenge than you wanl make only the lighted
top portion and attach it to the rvall over a plant-laden
table or chest

Not all plants need to be drenched in light to grow.

Some, like the hy below, rviJl get enough daylight in
most rooms and can be used strictly for efect after
,.l darh A single spoilight, placed on the floor behind th€
plant stand, provides enough drama for anyone and
just enough light for the ily to feel loved,
.'ol ]
tLv r liil

Is t- :l
flt rl



ARoomTo Life

romantic, but nothlrrg beats ltght for gta'tng
- -ihd any room t.lte plzazz we all wamt ln our
7: -:
ill lf-ac homcs. Here are examples of what ltght cal
do to spark up a room-to gtve tt that e\tra
something-that serrse of betng ahve and
warm. ff'your rooms lack vttaltlv, llght ts the
r.ltamln thev need,

ffi" %, -** sGAl
r- k#
,f, ffiB



Flank a fireplace $'ith lighted shelves and

you liven up a rvhole room. Here, plpvood
frames shield the fluorescent lamps that shine
both up and dot'n through plastic shelves.

The outdoor look of latttce is a sure-fire

roorn brightener. L{ake the frameu.ork from
l/:-irrch p11'u,ood and 2x4s. Crisscross laths for
lattice. Allos' a 6-inch space between the wa1l
and lattice frame to accommodate the fluores-
ce nt lamps.

Create a brlght focal potnt in a dark corner

by duptcating the pl1.wood fr€e-standing units
above. Install translucent plastic parels to
shield the fluorescent lamps that shos.case ac-
cessories and pror-ide soft, genera1 illumination.

Llght at the top makes an)i roorn livelier. In

the bath at dgh1. a high cefing rvas los.ered,
rl.i1-h recessed fluorescent lighting tucked up
a.long the edges. Use a s.hitc border for impact.
i62<. t

(iivc r.:n1 1() \'on. fr'alilrgs about rlin-

ing irr tlrr-r clath. ( !-catc a c()ntalrlfo
ran' classic: Il-ri ur-c ]ikc thc rrrre
alrovc alcl (1o il \\'i111 a lull-cliain
brrl| so,.kcl, sl)nra t\\'o ,,,, irc latn1t
crtrcl anrl art altrrninurn vr-trt top.
Splav thc vclt. both irrsidc arrcl orrl.,
\\-ith \yhitr- pairrt. 'lhcn lollxl thc
t'liagrarn al thc riglrt to assernblc thc
u1lit. Ilsc i1 as a pcrtrrallctrtl\'
ir.rstallecl ceiling fi-.<turc ol attllch il
plttg to 1hc crrtl of thc corcl lirr a
cciling-hulg 1arrp.





A lrgfited plant stand makes any Just for ktcks-make a lamp Stx sheet rnetal Ts stack up just
plant look like a garden club $'inner. from an air-con&tioning bool Spmy 6ne for a contempora.ry floor lamp.
Make this 36-inch square unit u'itl the inside white, the outside a Ts are painted $.hite on the hside;
a s/a-inch pl]"evood top and 3/a-inchbright color. Attach a porcelain high-gloss black on the outside. The
lumber sides. Cut openings in the socket to a s/r-inch ply'wood circle innards are engineercd with bulb
sides, then stain or paint the stand.base. Then drill a hole in the back of sockets. pipe fittings and continu-
Fasten lvhite opaque plastic diffus- the boot and uire the 1amp. ous tlreaded pipe. Attach the com-
ers from the inside of the plant pleted works to a p11.u'ood circle
srand and use lour ?4-inclr Svlvania base. Add a p\rvood top, use 40-
Cool White Deluxe fluorescent $'att Sylvania Soft White bulbs, and
lamps to pro'ride the light. you'Ye just created a lamp that carr
match any on the markel
Try Some

Everytling but tJre ldtchen sink can

inspire a light designer-and we're
not even sure about the sink Above
you see l.hat household-va.dety grat-
ers can do lvheu tley're called into
play in the lighting departnent Here
the grates shield light sockets at-
tached to a ceiling-hung rvood bar. If
you $'ant to scale things dolvn, use a
single grater as a drop fixture.
Plpc dreams can turn into
rea1iry-and lamps. The floor lamp at
left is fashioned of galvanizecl
stoYepipe in six and eight-inch
dianletels. Butrthe pipe, tllen cut it in
lerrgths var-ving fron 16 to 30 inches.
Cut a disc of 3/a-inch plyrvood to fit
thc bottorn of each pipe. Attach a
r'cramic 6-x1ur( cnd cornmon Niriilg
to each disc before irrserting. Use
Sylvania 4O-rvatt Soft lVhite bulbs.
Place the entire urrit on a 3/a-inch
pllrvood base, cut to siz€.

Getttng potted is one of the best

things a lamp can do. The one at tl.re
leli is ruadc ,rftlrree 8r,:-irtch diarne-
ter cla)'pots, fastened together rvith
epoxl' and secured to a rvooden
block Install lan.rp fi.ttings.
Don't hide )'our ltght under a
L,askct-ut ]('ur acccssotics ill a
r1iml1' lit corner. Build the lighted dis-
It's a llarne up! Thc larnp at tle play shelf abcrve. Make sideboards of
is made of ur 8x10-iuch s'ood
lcft. clear fu 1x8s eight feetlorrg. Nail 1/z x
picturs fralles, painted black. Use 1-inch strips inside the side panels to
3/a-ilch phsrxrd tO n-ral,re a recessed suppoft the opaque plastic or fiosted
base, slotted for the lamp corrl. .\s- glass. Our side panels are spaced trvo
5cmlrlc thr liurnc=:rtt'l I'l{.. lll( rl irl- feet apart but you can customize tl-le
stal1 a light socket, cord artcl line dimerrsions kr fit your crvn rreeds.
II srvitch. Nail clear ancl opaquc 1)lastic Use 1x3s t() support the fluorescent
in thc ftarrrcs anrl orrtfit the lamp rvi[r flrtures. Xlake sure the s.all-hung
a Sr.lvania 11rxxl-Glo bulb. ir il is attached to st!.ls.