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Buontempo Brothers exceeds expectations;

Italian food has never tasted better

Buontempo Brothers; Bel Air’s very own classic Italian restaurant. No place can compare to their signature soups
and freshly baked pizzas. This business continues to impress costumers with their daily specials and wide-ranging
menu along with reasonable prices.
When first entering the restaurant, you’re hit with the amazing amora of simmering tomato sauce and pizza
fresh out of the oven. Food is ordered and paid for in the center of the building. There are no pesky waiters that
constantly ask for your order. However, busboys travel throughout the dining area and are there to deliver your
food and assist with anything you may need.
For appetizers, the cashier recommended the cream of crab soup. I received the soup within ten minutes of
ordering. The soup was impeccably made. It was rich and buttery along with containing the perfect proportion
between meat and vegetables.
As soon as I finished the delightful soup, a busboy arrived at the table. He asked what was ordered while also
clearing away the bowl and utensil. The next meal arrived five minutes later.
I chose to get their praised classic 16-inch cheese pizza for my main course. The pizza arrived fresh out of the
oven and came with two containers of marinara sauce along with plates and utensils. Although the pizza needed a
few minutes to cool off, it was very enjoyable, and the marinara sauce complimented it nicely. The pizza was made
with just the right amount of sauce and cheese. The crust was thin, crispy, and baked for the perfect amount of
When it came time for dessert, a Cannoli was delivered to the table. The pastry was well made with its creamy
filling and fried shell. It would have been even better if the shell was fried for a few seconds less. Other than that, it
was delectable and very appealing.
The average price of a meal including an appetizer, drink, main course, and dessert is about 25 dollars. For that
amount of food, the price is very reasonable. They also provide containers and boxes if you decide to take your
unfinished meal with you. Buontempo Brothers also provides carry out.
Let's not forget about their kid's menu! This separate section of food is for all the picky eaters out there. It
contains all of your basic menu items. Not only is this Italian restaurant serving quality Italian meals, but they are
also doing their best to make sure there is something for everyone to eat.
Every worker was very polite, along with the environment being very pleasant and comfortable. The restaurant
was nicely decorated and the food on display was very intriguing. It was fascinating to be able to see one of the
chefs make the pizza from scratch.
Another great feature of the building is their upper level. It is used for large gatherings and can be reserved. The
floor also acts as additional space if the first level filled.
Buontempo Brothers is open six days a week. Monday through Thursday the restaurant is open 10a.m. to 11p.m
and 10a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday.
Although the restaurant has a few minor adjustments to make, it’s already on the trail to success. Their Italian
style food is delicious, and it puts them aside from other restaurants.

Buontempo's staff feeding the rush hour crowd. The restaurant has been focused on making sure
every customer is satisfied with their food and service.