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Having a network shut down because the president was having a tantrum is unreasonable. The

people should understand the situation and should not only be satisfied with surface-level

information and avoid resorting to just agreeing with what the president is saying without being

fully aware of what is happening.

ABS-CBN Corporation is a media and entertainment organization in the Philippines. It is

primarily involved in television and radio broadcasting as well as in the production of television

and radio programming for domestic and international audiences and other related businesses. It

is one of the longest-running broadcasting networks that mold and create a connection in our

daily basis. ABS-CBN takes good pride in its dramas and has produced several notable

teleseryes and documentaries such as May Bukas Pa, Agua Bendita, MMK, and a few more.

Their talents and celebrities are known not only in the local, but are known even internationally.

The public knows about the latest issue in the ongoing battle to shut down one of the country's

biggest broadcasting networks as the network is accused of violations and citing alleged

unethical business practices and foreign ownership. The franchise was also accused of unfair or

biased reporting as per President Rodrigo Duterte who condemns the network, for he paid for a

political advertisement back in 2016 but failed to have it aired.

And a lot of people are against it because it is important to remind ourselves why the masses

need the press. The press serves as a system of checks and balances the country's people and its

government. Through the press, the public learns how to form opinions and decisions based on

news, commentaries, and stories they publish. When the people lose the freedom of the press, it

restrains freedom of expression, and the right to information.

The possibility of ABS-CBN shutting down, thousands of people will lose their jobs. In estimate,

11,000 workers will be jobless; 6,730 regular employees, 900 non-regular employees, and 3,325

talents were employed by the company by 2018 as per the report of the network to the Securities

and Exchange Commission and Philippines Stock Exchange.

There is one more thing that must be kept in mind about all this, and that's the people who are

caught in the crossfire. Losing the network will not just mean the loss of a TV channel or an AM

or FM radio station on the dial, rather it will just cause chaos to the people who will be affected

on the issue. Hence, it will not just only affect all the people who are working in the network but

also the audience because it will leave a remarkable impact to the Philippine culture and society

for we grew up along with it and relied on this network to supplement us with the entertainment

and information we needed to function in our daily lives.