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A New World Awakens A New World Awakens

A Saint-Germain Book
A Saint-Germain Book
Dan Bennack and
Alexandra Mahlimay Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay

“Humanity is experiencing an unparalleled, spiritual

awakening. The age-old tendency to act thoughtlessly,
impulsively, and without love is being replaced by softer
expressions from the heart. What does this mean to you?
Simply this. The days of emotional self-indulgence are
coming to a close. If this has been one of your favorite
modes of expression, enjoy it while you can. It won’t last
much longer.”

– A New World Awakens

Dan Bennack, Alexandra Mahlimay, and Saint-Germain

Thank you for your interest in A New World Awakens.

It is our hope that by reading this book, you will be
strengthened in the sovereign experience of your Divinity
– in remembering that You Are God, also. These channeled
materials from Saint-Germain will encourage you to live
from the heart, as your Soul does, which is what living in the
New World is all about.

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Cover design by the authors.

Cover illustration Spiral of Light (2005)
By Alexandra Mahlimay

ISBN 978-606-504-058-8
A New World Awakens:

A Saint-Germain Book
A New World Awakens:
A Saint-Germain Book

By Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay

Alma Mater Publishing House

Cluj-Napoca, 2008
In Loving Memory
Gene E. Bennack

Copyright © 2008 by Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay

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Cover design by the authors.

Cover illustration Spiral of Light (2005)
By Alexandra Mahlimay

First printing, December 2008

ISBN 978-606-504-058-8

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We would like to thank our families for their love, support, and
encouragement in the preparation of this book: Aaron Bennack,
Gene Bennack, Jane Bennack, Jeremiah Bennack, Steven Bennack,
Patty Roach, Alexandru Moldovan, Ana Moldovan, and Mihai
Thanks are also due to Nicole Mocellin for offering us the
sanctuary of her home during the early stages of this project; to
Jane Cormack for her wonderful friendship and editorial skills; and
to Ray Higgins for his kindness and generosity.
Table of Contents

Acknowledgments V
Table of Contents VII
Greetings from Saint-Germain IX
What This Book Is About 3
Section 1: The New You
Chapter 1: The Truth About You 9
Chapter 2: Birthing the New You 13
Chapter 3: Your Spiritual Sovereignty 17
Section 2: New Relationships
Chapter 4: From Conflict to Harmony 25
Chapter 5: New Relationships 31
Section 3: The New World
Chapter 6: Master Creators in the Making 39
Chapter 7: The New World Awakens 47
Chapter 8: Prosperity in the New World 53
Section 4: The Transitioning You
Chapter 9: Who Is “Not Good Enough”? 59
Chapter 10: Shame, Blame, and Money 65
Chapter 11: Choosing Life or Death 73
Chapter 12: Conscious Creation 79
Workshops and Resources 85
About the Authors 87
Greetings from Saint-Germain

“Do not believe me unless I do what my Father does…

But if I do [then]… know and understand that
The Father is in me, and I am in the Father.”
Jesus of Nazareth, The Bible

You’ve come far in remembering your Divinity these last two

thousand years – in remembering that You Are God, also. Jeshua
ben Joseph (Jesus) has shown you the way.
When Jeshua said,“The Father and I are One,” he was not setting
himself apart from you in Spirit. Instead, he wanted to remind you
that the living God indwells us all, and that acting this way is the
surest means of demonstrating it to yourself, and to each other.
In modern terms, he would probably say it’s time you “walk
your talk” upon this planet. That you put into practice your deepest
truths. Jeshua was a wonderful example of this for everyone he
If you are reading this now, you’ve probably reached a point
where you, too, like Jeshua, are ready to let your Divinity be the
main focus of your humanity. You’re ready to walk your talk. You
have awakened to the Truth About You, and you are calling upon
the rest of the world to awaken with you. You know that this is no
time for the world to slumber.
A New World is awakening, indeed, and at a pace that is
overwhelming your planet. Much is falling away now. You are
seeing that cultures built upon self-interest and greed are not
sustainable, and that living your life without a spiritual focus is
really no life at all.
While this may feel apocalyptic, it is a crisis of the collective
heart, more than a collapse of your social systems as many claim.
Your interdependence is becoming too evident to avoid, and your
connection to Spirit is no longer deniable.
You will see many who are stumbling with these truths now. If
you are willing, then please listen to them, and offer guidance only
when it is asked for. Remember that the only thing they need to
hear from you is what you already know to be true, “You are God,
also.” This will encourage them to demonstrate this fact in their
lives, just as Jeshua did.
Know that you will be called to stand firmly on this truth in the
days ahead. This can be your joy, as it was for him – rather than a
burden, as you have been lead to believe.
Remember, do not offer unsolicited gifts. This is no time
to devote yourself to the care of others who will not care for
themselves. Instead be clear and compassionate with them. Offer
your support when the request is sincerely felt, and only to help
them remember their Divinity.
You can best serve the world now by demonstrating that God
lives in you, as your innermost Self. This was Jeshua’s path. When
you are certain about this, you will teach this certainty to others.
All else is unnecessary.
I Am Saint-Germain

What This Book Is About

Humanity is experiencing an unparalleled, spiritual awakening.

The age-old tendency to act thoughtlessly, impulsively, and
without love is being replaced by softer expressions from the
heart. What does this mean to you? Simply this. The days of
emotional self-indulgence are coming to a close. If this has been
one of your favorite modes of expression, enjoy it while you can. It
won’t last much longer.
You, and the whole of humanity, are at a place where constantly
shifting your allegiance between base emotional states – such
as anger, self-pity, and depression – will no longer serve you as
catapults for your growth. In the old world, there was a point to
this. As you struggled to harmonize conflicting emotional states,
and your over-identification with them, it led you to eventually
inquire about your Divinity. These experiences served to awaken
memories of the Truth About You – remembrances that You Are
God, also.
This book is not about the old world. It is not about pain and
suffering, drama, or distraction. Instead, it is about leaving the old
world behind and entering a new one. It is about experiencing
joy, freedom, and fulfillment in greater measure than you have
ever known before. It is about a consistent experience of love and
mastery that is within your grasp, right now.
A New World is awakening, and you are starting to perceive
it clearly. No longer lingering beyond the edge of your compre-
hension, it is coming into focus. You, are coming into focus.
Some experience this as a desire to have their inner and outer
worlds blend together in greater harmony. To give voice to their
inspiration, without being misunderstood or judged by those
around them. Others register this as frustration, reacting with
impatience and anger at how slowly the world is responding to
the impulses of change.
But rest assured, the old world doesn’t interest you anymore.
Its melodrama may entertain those around you, but for you it is
a misportrayal of life. It no longer appeals to you. And it cannot
touch you. Instead, your attention is upon the New You.
The New You (Section 1) is your Soul-centered self. It is you,
expressing your Soul’s love and desires in this body and in this
lifetime. Right here and now, you can enjoy the fact that you, as
your Soul, are having a wonderful experience on Earth. As the New
You, you remember your Divinity, and then consciously choose to
live your life that way. This is your legacy and your birthright.
If the New You is about remembering your Divinity, then New
Relationships (Section 2) are about sharing this with others. New
Relationships are founded on the simple truth that you need
nothing from anyone else, because You Are Everything.
With this awareness, you and those you are in relation with
no longer use each other to fulfill unmet desires or satisfy your
perceived needs. Instead, you share your experiences of Being
God. When you share Divinity in this way, you increase yourselves
in the only way possible – by expanding your love.
Moving from the old world to the New World can be confusing,

as many of the landmarks in your personal life begin to change.
Relationships, family ties, jobs, and religious values will come
under your closer scrutiny. This may create disturbing experiences
for you, especially if you are unprepared.
What is happening is that your ego (the person that you think
you are) is being deconstructed, so that the New You can be born.
When this happens, trust your inner guidance. It will assist the
Transitioning You (Section 4) in this passage. Know that by releasing
beliefs about yourself that do not serve you, you will be able to
express more of your Divinity than ever before.
In the New World that is awakening (Section 3), you will
discover people just like you; individuals who have chosen to
align themselves with their Divinity, and then express this in their
human lives on Earth. Like you, they have decided to deepen their
relationships with themselves and others. Together you will learn
that your unified experience of God is truly greater than the sum
of its parts, and that by living this way, you can create societies
that will serve you better than any that have come before.
This is the New World that awaits you. And it is our pleasure, in
preparing this book, to introduce it to you.

Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay

Chichilianne, Vercors, France
Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, Romania

Section 1:
The New You

Chapter 1: The Truth About You

You Are God, Also *
Proclaiming the Truth About You *
What Happens When You Proclaim the Truth? *
Remembering Who You Are *

Chapter 2: Birthing the New You

Deconstructing the Old *
No More Leaping, No More Ladders *
Birthing the New You *

Chapter 3: Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Spiritual Sovereignty *
What It Means to Be Sovereign *
Unity Makes Sovereignty Work *
Chapter 1: The Truth About You

You have inhabited a world of false beliefs for too long. For too
long you have imagined yourself to be unloved and rejected by
God. You may believe that these thoughts have no consequence
in your life, but you are mistaken.
In a world such as this – a state that exists solely in your mind
– the best that you can expect from yourself is failure; the attacks
of others are unavoidable; and God prefers your obedience to
your love.
You have allowed these lies into the holiness of your mind and
given them a shelter that does not correspond to them. In this
unhappy home, the images you hold of yourself keep you feeling
weak and vulnerable, and believing that sooner or later even the
people closest to you will harm you.
In this confused state, you are unable to employ even the
simplest tools for right living. General principles that would
improve your life, if you would only apply them – such as “Love
your neighbor as yourself” and “Do unto others, as you would have
others do unto you” – are meaningless to you.
In this nightmarish world, the thought of trusting your neighbor,
or communicating with God, is as frightening as the prospect of
knowing yourself. This frightens you because you have forgotten
Who You Are.
This world is changing now, and so are you along with it.
You Are God, Also

When you are ready to leave behind the world of lies and
uncertainty – of not knowing who you are, or what you should be
doing – you will rediscover the Truth About You. You will remember
that You Are God, also, and that God is your innermost Self.
By engaging the truth of your identity at this fundamental level,
you will begin to disentangle yourself from the complications of
living in the world. You will find that the challenges you faced
were only imaginary. They only reflected the energy you were
expending by keeping your masks in place – masks that hid your
true identity.
When you stop pretending to be something that you are
not, you will free yourself from the illusions of forgetfulness.
The constraints imposed by your beliefs, and by the people and
situations around you, will lose their power. They will no longer
prevent you from expressing your Divinity. You will remember the
Truth About You, and never deny it to yourself or the world again.

Proclaiming the Truth About You

When you remember your Divinity, there is nothing more to

demonstrate. There is nothing to justify, and there is nothing to
defend or argue about. You are no longer willing to hide in the
shadows of denial. Instead, you name and proclaim the Truth
About You. You assume this stance from within, and maintain it
with every breath you take. You stop pretending to be anything

You are a Child of God, and God also.
This is the Truth About You.

What Happens When You Proclaim the Truth?

When you acknowledge your Divinity, do things get magically

easier? Not exactly. When you first proclaim the Truth About You,
greater accord will come into the parts of your life that are already
aligned with the Truth. But whatever is not aligned will become
heavy and strained, and fall away. It will become apparent that you
are deceiving yourself, about your Self. This may cause temporary
conflict within you, and in the world around you.
This shouldn’t surprise you. When the Truth enters your life, it
does create conflict with anything that is untrue – and it drives it
out. So, please don’t be alarmed. Understand that this is a process,
and that your willingness to cooperate with it, will make it easier.
If you hang on to the untruths about you, then your struggles will
only be prolonged. You will spend more time moving through
conflict to get to a place of harmony.

Remembering Who You Are

Remember to remind yourself often that You Are God, also.

This is the best corrective for any difficulties you may experience.
This simple remembrance, as a daily practice, is a powerful tool for
moving forward in your life. It will remind you that just as a seed

grows with the summer rains, so remembering the Truth About
You, will awaken it in you. All that is required is your patience.
Know that this Truth shall be revealed. There is nothing you can
do to prevent it. The Truth is inevitable – just as You Are. Take heart
in this, and be glad, and let this knowledge bring you peace.

Chapter 2: Birthing the New You

There are many in the world like you, who are here to experience
life on Earth in a new way. You have come to remember the Truth
About You – that You Are God, also – and then to live your life that
way. You are opening to the broader range of experiences that is
possible for you, when you consciously choose to engage your
Divinity. By embracing your oneness with God, you begin to live
life as the New You – the Soul-centered you.
Living as the New You is not about having a perfect life. It’s not
some angelic ideal, and it’s certainly not about being free from
faults. It’s about living with the simple awareness that You Are God,
also – that God lives in you, as you. When you live this way as your
Soul does, you can immerse yourself in the physical world, but still
remember your origins in Spirit. You can express your Divinity in
every moment, while enjoying your humanity to the fullest.

The New You is Soul-centered.

It is you, focused upon your Divinity,
While living your life to the fullest.
Deconstructing the Old

When you take up life as the New You, you come into conscious
relationship with your Soul. As you do, you are confronted with
everything you once believed to be true about yourself that is not,
and by any fictions that you have used to define yourself until now.
If you feel that your life is coming undone when this happens, it is
because your Soul is deconstructing your old identity in order to
birth the New You. Nothing will be excepted.
For example, if you once considered yourself to be a good
partner because you lived to fulfill the expectations of others, your
Soul will encourage you to release this. As a consequence, you may
no longer know how to respond as a “good partner,” or even what
it means to be one. But if you allow your Soul to assist you in this,
eventually you will find yourself relating to others, and to yourself,
in ways that are more loving and honorable.

No More Leaping, No More Ladders

Completing the transition from the old to the New You may
challenge you. It can defy your beliefs about who you think you
are, and about the purpose and meaning of your life. To embrace
the New You, you must be willing to let go of all that is not real, and
all that you are not. You must dispense with the self-deceptions
that have allowed you to function in a world conditioned by fear,
and not love. This is what your deconstruction is about.
How do you feel when you read these words? Are you ready
to relinquish control over everything you imagined yourself to

be, in order to experience Who You Really Are? Or is this just one
more thing you have to work at? Be still and go within for answers.
Ask yourself if this is yet another leap of faith, or if something else
might be going on.
Perhaps this is not about leaping into the unknown at all, and
that living as your Soul does – in this body and in this lifetime
– is not as far-fetched as it sounds. Maybe you are not throwing
yourself into another endless process, but you are done with
processes altogether. What if this was true?
Consider that you no longer need to climb the ladder of
spiritual attainment, hoping to reach the top. Perhaps there is
no ladder at all. Have you ever stopped to contemplate this? Ask
yourself if ladders are even necessary, or if they simply materialize
before you each time you doubt yourself? Each time you feel that
you aren’t good enough, or believe that you haven’t done enough
to deserve a wonderful life.
If you’ve had enough of ladders, and the need to perfect
yourself to feel better about who you are, then answer these
questions honestly, because ladders place the appreciation of
who you are, always just out of your reach. When the illusion of
climbing no longer compels you, then you can give yourself over
to the spontaneity of birthing, instead.

Birthing the New You

Birthing the New You heralds your re-emergence into the

world of expression. It is your Spirit in motion again, but it’s not the
striving that you knew before. Like childbirth, you may be anxious

or worried about what is happening. But if you can relax, then it
doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. The best thing to do is trust
yourself and your Soul to ensure an easy delivery.
Remember that the expectant mother does not labor
throughout the delivery of her child. Instead, she rides the waves
of her contractions. She pushes, when it is time to push – and rests,
when it is time to rest. She breathes in a conscious and rhythmic
way, and this assists her in staying calm. This is not striving. This is
allowing. And this is what you shall do, as you birth the New You.
With the coming of the New You, you will begin to notice
greater freedom in all areas of your life – from your relationships,
to prosperity, to the way your body functions in healthier, more
balanced ways. Although you may feel discomfort from time to
time, you will find that good things appear more frequently in your
life, and with greater joy and stability, as you continue to embody
the New You.
Rest assured that this transition will be very natural. It requires
no great effort on your part. Just remember Who You Are in Truth,
and remind yourself to hold a focus on the light and love of your
Soul. This is all that is really necessary.
Allow the New You to emerge into this reality. Permit this
birthing to take place, and know that you have made it possible
through the clarity of your choices, and the love in your heart.

Chapter 3: Your Spiritual Sovereignty

As you invite your Soul into greater relationship with the

human you, it will speak to you of sovereignty. Sovereignty is the
chief attribute of the New You.
Sovereignty can be experienced in many different ways. For
some people, being sovereign means being free from the influ-
ence of institutions and outside authorities in their lives. For other
individuals, it’s about having the money, power, or status to satisfy
their needs and desires. For others still, sovereignty supports their
freedom of choice. What matters most to people like this, is their
right to decide what they will (and won’t) do with their lives.

Spiritual Sovereignty

When you welcome the New You into your life, you will be
choosing a life of sovereignty, too. But the sovereignty that you
will experience has nothing to do with your political or economic
situation. This kind of sovereignty is spiritual in nature.
What does it mean to be spiritually sovereign?
Does it mean that you feel superior to others? That you are
more evolved in consciousness than they are? That you have more
power, creativity, or authority? Does God enlighten your choices,
but not those of another, or make your prayers and petitions the
only ones of consequence?
No, it doesn’t mean any of these things.
Being spiritually sovereign means only one thing – that you are
free of the illusion of being something that you are not.
When you are spiritually sovereign, you remember that You Are
God, also, and not the collection of false personas fabricated by
your ego. You know that God is your innermost Self, and as close
to you as your own heart; and because of this, you do not allow
yourself to be persuaded otherwise. You acknowledge that the
reason you are here on Earth is to embody the life of your Soul
– to give voice and creative expression to that unique focus of
consciousness that You Are Within the Mind Of God.

When you are spiritually sovereign,

You are free of the illusions of
Being something you are not.

What It Means to Be Sovereign

When you take up life as the New You, you will learn to
express many aspects of your Soul’s sovereignty. Some of the
most notable of these are majesty, autonomy, authorship, power,
and freedom.
Majesty – As the New You, you will come into deeper
communication with your majesty than has ever been possible
before. Majesty is the greatness and grandeur that your Soul
experiences all the time.You will feel that you are living majestically,
when you are absolutely aware of Who You Are – when there is no
doubt in your mind about the love and well-being that is yours by
Autonomy – Being autonomous is another aspect of living
as the New You. When you are spiritually autonomous, you are
not independent of God, but you ARE Self governing. Spiritual
autonomy means that God, acting as your innermost Self, has
empowered you to live your life as you will. Because God is the
ultimate authority in your life, you won’t allow others to control
you, and this frees you to experience life in any way that you
God empowers your choices this way, so that you might fully
experience Who You Are. Your Soul knows this with certainty, and
revels in it – and as the New You, you will, too.
Authorship – As the New You, you are going to realize that
you are the author of your own life. God has vested you with the
authority to create your life experiences according to the thoughts
and beliefs that you hold in your mind. You will see that God
supports you in this, by molding the Universe around you in order
to provide you with the experiences that you have requested.
Because you are aware of the potency of your thoughts, you
are vigilant for the truth. You do not allow any doubts or misbeliefs
about who you are, or your place in the world to enter into your
mind. You choose to experience the Truth About You, and nothing
more. You know that by living this Truth, you will have the greatest
opportunity to experience the joy and fullness of your Being.
Power – Power is another attribute of the Soul-centered you.
But this is not power as the world knows it. The New You is not
interested in forcing its way upon the world, because power has

nothing to do with dominating or manipulating others. Real
power is the ability to create. It’s as simple as that.
The New You recognizes that turning essence into substance
by using the creative power of the mind, is the greatest game
in town. It’s the game you were born to play. It also knows that
any other use of your talents would lead you to boredom and
Freedom – Sovereignty gives you the freedom to live your life
right now. Right here and now, you can enjoy the fact that you,
as your Soul, are having a marvelous human experience. The New
You is anchored in this awareness. As the New You, you can walk
into situations that would have shaken you in the past, and remain
calm and unperturbed. You are fearless, yet free – and responsive
to love in a way that is appropriate for each moment.

Unity Makes Sovereignty Work

It is important to remember that your sovereignty does not

separate you from others. This would be impossible to do. Every
person shares the Life of God with you, and all are free to live as
they choose, just as you are.
You are independent in choice, but interdependent in Life.
When you understand this, you will recognize that your sovereignty
functions only within the embrace of God’s Unity, and then you
will cease creating so many problems for yourself.
How can so many people making sovereign decisions ever
agree on anything? Where is the hope for harmony in this? The
important thing to remember is that there is only One Life – God’s

Life, in which you are all equally loved. Anytime you need to make
a decision that affects others, remember to connect with this
Ask that your individual desires be aligned with God’s Love for
all life, and invoke the best possible outcome for everyone involved.
It’s not important to know what this is. Just trust that it will come.
By clarifying your desires, and then releasing them for the
benefit of all concerned, you will fulfill the only mandate placed
upon you by your Creator – “Love one another, and do as you
will.” Remember this, and you will hold the key to your spiritual
sovereignty in your hand.

Section 2:
New Relationships

Chapter 4: From Conflict to Harmony

How Do You Release Conflict? *
Letting Things Be *
What Happens When You Let Things Be As They Are? *
Judgment and Conflict *
How Does Non-Judgment Work? *
Practicing Non-Judgment *
Mastering Conflict *

Chapter 5: New Relationships

Stepping into the New You *
Rules of Engagement in Relationships *
The Nature of Old Relationships *
The Meaning of New Relationships *
What You Are, Is What You Share *
Inviting New Relationships Into Your Life *
Chapter 4:
Chapter 4: From Conflict to Harmony

Your choice to begin a New Life has deepened and quickened

your spirit. It has brought you into greater resonance with the
Truth About You – that You Are God, also – and it has opened your
eyes to the possibility of living as your Soul does, without suffering
or drama.
But even though you are prepared to claim your Divinity now,
you may still have to respond to people who are confused about
theirs. What will you do? Telling others that they should live a Soul-
centered life, as you have chosen to do, may aggravate them more
than encourage them.
To resolve this dilemma, it is important that you understand
the nature of conflict. This requires great compassion for others
and for yourself. You must be non-judgmental when people
challenge you, yet refuse to participate in their aggressions when
they provoke you. Can you do this?
Of course you can. Let’s explore how.

How Do You Release Conflict?

Releasing conflict is like letting go of any situation in which

you have felt hurt.
Do you remember when you were a child? What did you do
when you fell down unexpectedly? Did you dramatize your fall
by staying on the ground, crying in despair? No. Soon you got up
and walked on.
Perhaps you cried for a while, feeling sorry for yourself as
you continued along your way. But soon you began to laugh,
remembering how a silly distraction caused you to trip in the
first place. From this point on, you might have started paying
more attention to where you were going, choosing to look ahead
from time to time, and lift your feet higher whenever obstacles
appeared in your path.
The same is true with conflicts. The easiest way to release
a painful conflict is to acknowledge that you feel hurt, while
remembering that it’s no one’s fault, really. It just happened. Then
pick yourself up, consciously step out of it, and be willing to seek a
higher resolution, instead.

Letting Things Be

Most conflicts result from miscommunication, followed by

episodes of blaming, judgment, and entangled emotions. If
shame is also involved, there is injury to the psyche. Why? Because
anytime you feel ashamed or shame another, your awareness of
the flow of God’s Love is disrupted. You see yourself as less than
you are, feel guilty about it, and judge yourself for it. If this persists,
you cannot help but fall into difficulties.
But if you let yourself and others be As You Are, releasing
your desires and expectations for change, then you free
everyone from conflict. By denying judgment, blame, or shame
any foothold in your disagreements, you will find that there is a

resolution to your problems. You will find reSOULution. A Soul-
inspired resolution.
When you call upon the New You, your Soul-centered aware-
ness, to help you in this, then stepping out of conflict will be
the most natural thing for you to do. It will be the path of least
resistance. Your willingness to go higher will automatically move
you in that direction. When this shift takes place, you will discover
how you were emotionally and intellectually entangled, and
determine what new road you might want to take up, instead.

What Happens When You Let Things Be As They Are?

When you allow people to be As They Are, they often explore

their values and find higher expressions for them. But when
you try to restrict or control others through conflict, indicating
a certain direction for them that you consider appropriate, then
you limit your understanding of them and their understanding of
Do you see this?
Each being, every relationship, and all situations have an inner
compass orienting them toward higher expression. It is the natural
way of things. It is the evolutionary impulse at its simplest. When
people, situations, and relationships are allowed to be As They Are
– without restricting them with judgment, expectation, or blame
of any kind – then you give them the opportunity to move forward
in the best way they know how.
When you stop holding back others, or yourself, with judgment
and misguided beliefs, then you free everyone to go beyond the

limitations you’ve imposed and become more than you’ve been

Judgment and Conflict

Remember that judgments are derived from what you believe

to be right or wrong with the world. They are not necessarily
related to the truth about the world, or the Truth About You.
Judgments fragment. They divide what God has established
as Wholly Perfect into acceptable and unacceptable categories.
These are determined solely by what you believe to be true, and
not by what you know to be Truth.
Do you see the difference?
Whenever you judge people, you encircle them with beliefs
about who you think they are, and blind yourself to the Truth
About Them. It stands to reason that if your perceptions
about people are limited to your beliefs about them, then
your understanding will be limited, too. You will be unable
to recognize their Divinity. And if you fail to recognize this in
others, how will you see it in yourself? This is the root cause of
all conflict.

Forgetting your Divinity,

Is the root cause of all conflict.

When you forget that you share God’s Life with those around
you, then you are lost. All you have are conjecture and opinion
to navigate your way through life. Ask yourself, what else but
misunderstanding can ever come from this?

How Does Non-Judgment Work?

There is a way to remember the sacredness of your relationships

and step out of conflict. It is called non-judgment.
Non-judgment begins as you become aware of your limiting
beliefs, and realize that your interactions with others are driven
by what you believe to be true about them, and not by the Truth
About Them.
Non-judgment begins when you recognize that limiting beliefs
will always separate you from others, whereas the truth will always
unite you. As you gain this awareness, you become more tolerant.
You can do this because you remember that beyond beliefs, you
are all One in God.
Non-judgment arises when you remember that your Divinity
IS theirs, too.

Practicing Non-Judgment

When you go beyond beliefs and allow your Divinity to touch

That of others, you reach a point of contact. You initiate a new form
of communication with them that is soulful and non-judgmental.
How do you practice this in the middle of a misunderstanding
or argument? It is simple.
When the first signs of discord appear, acknowledge that
your beliefs may be limiting your understanding of people and

situations. Then inwardly choose to go higher. Allow something
greater than understanding to penetrate your perception. Choose
to remember the Truth About Them and About You. Then silently
offer this remembrance to everyone involved.
Once you remember your Common Divinity, then grant
everyone the freedom to express themselves, and evolve those
expressions as they will. Free them to go higher with all they
say and do. Offer yourselves a place for respectful, unrestricted
exchange. When you suspend judgment, let go of expectations,
and stop blaming yourselves at every turn, you will come to
see each other As You Truly Are, and appreciate your love and

Mastering Conflict

Remember, there is only one path to mastering conflict, and it

is this. Share your Divinity with others. This is the key. And as you
do, you will free others to walk this path with you. Once you can
share your Divinity, you will know your mastery. You will see that
you respond to people, instead of reacting to them, and that you
have moved yourself greatly forward – from conflict to harmony
in New Relationships.

Chapter 5: New Relationships

You may imagine yourself to be many things, but a Child of

God is what you are. You are an immortal Soul acting in a physical
body on behalf of the God that birthed you.
As you become more aware of this unique relationship that you
have with God, you will feel motivated to live as your Soul does –
in close communion with God and in harmony with those around
you. This is the New You, and living this way is your destiny.

Stepping into the New You

Does stepping into the New You mean that your life will be
trouble free in an instant? No, not really. Instead, it means that you
are willing to accept the world just as it is, troubles and all, and act
from a place of loving discernment toward it.
When you love and embrace people in a way that is
appropriate for you, without demanding that they change, then
you free yourself from the difficulties they face, and offer them the
best opportunity to find their own resolution. By loving them as
they are, and then releasing them, you show them the way to the
healing power of their self love, while maintaining the integrity of
your own.
One of the areas where you may be challenged to do this is
with relationships.
Rules of Engagement in Relationships

When you decide to live as your Soul does, some people may
see you differently and fear the changes they observe from lack
of understanding. This may provoke conflict and resistance in
them. If this happens, don’t be alarmed. You are undergoing an
important shift in how you perceive yourself, so why wouldn’t
this alter the way you are perceived and treated by others, as
Rather than fall prey to self-doubt when this happens, realize
that you are still in contact with the old world, and that relation-
ships in the old world operate by “rules of engagement.” The use
of this term here is not casual.
Rules of engagement are used by your police and military
bodies to determine how, when, and under what circumstances
force or persuasion should be used to disable a conflict. They do
not ask why harm should ever be directed toward another human.
They only assume that hurting another may be necessary to bring
a conflict or disagreement to resolution.
New Relationships don’t work this way. And this is why you
may experience difficulty functioning in old relationships now.

The Nature of Old Relationships

Old relationships are based upon neediness and lack. The

things you perceive you lack in yourself, you seek in another and
vice versa. You form relationships based on mutual exploitation
in order to feel better about yourself, simply because you have

forgotten Who You Really Are – A Child of God, and God also. You
call this love, but it is not.
When the conditions of these alliances break down, you blame
each other for it, arguments begin, and before you know it, you are
engaged in conflict. And what is the first rule of engagement during
any conflict? The right to attack another in order to defend yourself.
These are the beliefs that govern old relationships. And this is
what you have chosen to leave behind.
You might wonder if old relationships have served you at all.
The basic answer is yes, they have. Old relationships have provided
you with ample opportunities to remember Who You Are.
By experiencing conflict and dependency in your relationships,
you have come to remember what is essential about you – that
you need nothing from anyone else because You Are Everything.
You are a perfect and sovereign reflection of God’s Love for all
life. Grounding yourself in this knowledge is the basis for forming
New Relationships.

The Meaning of New Relationships

If old relationships were about remembering your Divinity,

then New Relationships will be about sharing your Divinity. How
does the one make the other possible?
First of all, when you remember that You Are God also, you no
longer fear losing yourself in a relationship by giving too much, for
it is impossible to lose What You Really Are. Nor do you fear that
a partner may deny you something you really need, because you
understand that you are complete, just As You Are.

This realization is the key. When you recognize that nothing
can be taken or denied you because You Are Everything, then you
will share Everything You Are without hesitation. You will give and
receive God’s Love from each other freely and without fear.

What You Are, Is What You Share

Giving and receiving love is quite natural. There is no risk

involved, despite what you have been lead to believe. This is so,
because you are a living embodiment of God’s Love, and you can
never lose What You Are by sharing it with others. It is absolutely
impossible to be less than What You Are.
The only possible outcome of sharing your love with another is
to expand your experience of Being Love together. Just as waves
merge and grow in a shoreward encounter, so your experience of
Being God’s Love expands as you share your love with each other.
This is what happens when two or more of you come together in
remembrance of your Divinity.

By sharing your love with others,

Your experience of Being Love grows.

Inviting New Relationships Into Your Life

When you decide to live as your Soul does, taking up life as the
New You, you may feel drawn toward others who have made this
commitment, too.
The most important thing you can do to invite New Relation-
ships into your life is to remember Who You Are. Remember your
Divinity. Do this on a daily basis, and you will attract relationships
of high quality and beautiful resonance into your life.
It is not about whether you will find them or not. It’s about
trusting yourself enough to know that you deserve them. When
you are able to do this consistently, you will see how others are
drawn to you by the love and trust that radiates from you.
Do this without expectations, and then watch your life. See
who comes and goes, and be prepared for miracles and surprises.
Know that you can experience all the joy and satisfaction that
relationships provide, simply by being the Love That You Are.

Section 3:
The New World

Chapter 6: Master Creators in the Making

Acknowledging Your Mastery *
Conscious Creation *
Fear of Creating *
Michelangelo *
You Are a Master of Self Awareness *
The Master Before the Canvas *
Being Still, Going Within *
Inspiration in the New World *

Chapter 7: The New World Awakens

The Human Tapestry *
The Symphony of the Soul *
What More Is Yet to Come? *

Chapter 8: Prosperity in the New World

Prosperity Begins with Charity, Charity Begins with the Heart *
Individuality and Interdependence *
What Is the Cause of Prosperity? *
Awakening to Your Prosperity *
Chapter 6: Master Creators in the Making

When you dare to blend with your Soul in this lifetime, you
express the Truth About You. You acknowledge that You Are God,
also, and that you are willing to live your life that way. Neither a
statement of false pride, nor spiritual superiority – it is the simple,
earnest recognition that you are the Source and Author of your
own life. It is a declaration of your mastery, and a marvelous leap
forward in your awareness.
When you take this step, you recognize that you are an
individualized focus of Self consciousness within the greater life
of the God Source – uniquely you, but God, also.
Resolving this paradox in your mind is a sign of mastery. You
now understand that all of God’s power is vested within you. And
because of this, you know that you can create realities, love them,
and experience them fully – just as God does.
This IS mastery.

Acknowledging Your Mastery

But what happens when you recognize your mastery for

the first time – when you finally see that everything you’ve ever
experienced is your own creation? The joys and sorrows are yours
alone. The highs and lows, you have brought upon yourself. No
one else can be blamed.
Do you hurriedly rush to make things better? Do you retrace
every line you’ve ever penciled or change every brushstroke
you’ve ever laid down on the canvas of your life?
No. You don’t. These works are finished.
As a master, you accept them for what they are – expressions
of the knowledge and expertise you had at the time they were
created. You love them, and you move on.
You take up a fresh canvas, and you draw or paint again, but
this time with a newfound awareness of the creator that you are.

Conscious Creation

For many people, accepting themselves as a master creator is

After all, it is one thing to create unconsciously – generating
one portrait of yourself after another without acknowledging that
you are the artist. This way, it is easy to pretend that the flaws you
see in these images are the result of someone else’s handiwork,
and then blame them for it. But this is delusional thinking.
It is quite another thing to create consciously.
When you are a conscious creator, you know that you are
the artist. You know that you pick the medium and choose the
tools for expressing your Self. And you are aware that you alone
determine whether your creations, and your creating, will inspire
you or not.
Yes. Accepting that you are the master creator of your own
reality can be quite unsettling, even when you willingly step into
this awareness on your own.

Fear of Creating

Ironically, when you first step into awareness of your mastery,

you are often afraid to create again. The responsibility just seems
too much to handle. You may still remember what it was like to
create unconsciously, and to not have enjoyed what you created.
This is what is inhibiting you now.
If you are an artist, you might begin to feel uncomfortable with
your tools. Your brushes might seem less familiar, and the colors
you used in the past might be distasteful to you now. The empty
canvas, rather than inviting your expression, turns you away. It
is blank and void – a place where nothing can be known and
nothing discovered. And the more you dwell upon your dilemma,
the more blocked you feel.
Does this sound familiar? Do you know this feeling?
What will you do? Perhaps you are not the master you imagined
yourself to be.
If you continue down this path, then before you know it, you
will convince yourself that you are unable to create.
“I’ve neither the tools, the medium, nor the talent for the task.
So why bother? Perhaps the right thing to do is walk away. No one
will notice, anyway.”
And so, you do.
This type of resignation is sad, and wholly unnecessary. There
is another way.


You may be familiar with Michelangelo. He was well known in

his time, and even more so now, for his exquisite sculpting of the
human figure in marble. He was a master of his art and craft at a
very early age, and he knew it.
In the early 1500s, Michelangelo was asked by the Pope to
paint the ceiling of the Sistine chapel in Rome, a project that took
him four years to complete. Not much older than 30 years, he was
worried and apprehensive. He told the Pope from the beginning
that he would prefer not to accept the commission.
Michelangelo knew he was a master sculptor, but he did not
really consider himself a painter. He had painted during his youth,
and still sketched almost daily, but his confidence with brush and
pigment was not the same as it was with hammer and chisel.
Michelangelo was also concerned about the motives behind
the request. He suspected that his rivals had encouraged the
Pope’s invitation in order to see him fail. After all, the scale of the
task was tremendous – and it was to be carried out using tools and
a medium (color upon wet plaster) that were not his favorites.
Despite his misgivings and self-doubt, Michelangelo accepted
the commission. What resulted is one of the finest works in the
history of Western art.
Of course, there were many obstacles to overcome along the
way: Designing a scaffold from which to stand while painting
high above the floor; developing a plaster that resists molds and
fungus; establishing a color scheme that can be seen far below the

ceiling; and most importantly, creating brushes and brushstrokes
that convey the drama and pageantry of his Biblical themes.
This he did with consummate mastery.

You Are a Master of Self Awareness

Like Michelangelo, you have attained a high level of mastery.

You are a master of Self awareness. Self awareness is knowing that
God lives in you, as you. Mastery means that you live your life that
Mastery also means that you understand the nature of creation
and recognize your partnership with God in this. You know that
creations arise from the beliefs in your mind and desires in your
heart, and that God assembles Itself around these to bring you
what you have asked to experience in the best way possible.
You are free to experience your creations in any way you
choose. But when you have mastered Self awareness, the thoughts
in your mind are guided by the love in your heart, so that you have
a consistent experience of Divinity in all that you create.

The Master Before the Canvas

Like Michelangelo, there are times when you may feel

challenged by the creative potential you possess – by the scope
and magnitude of what you are capable as a conscious creator.
Perhaps now, with your newfound awareness of mastery, you feel
thrust into unfamiliar territory. Into the realms of unknown or
untried potential.

You find yourself standing before something vaster and
grander than you have encountered before. But this is a natural
occurrence. Major advances in awareness are often accompanied
by new and unusual opportunities, so don’t be afraid.
Yes, you may feel like an artist without his or her familiar
tools. But know that you have the possibility to create something
completely different now – something that combines your
knowledge, skills, and mastery in a new medium of creation.
What confuses you is the feeling of something unusual.
Until now, you have created your life with familiar tools – with
misperceptions about who you are, and the emotional highs and
lows of your daily drama. Your efforts have generated masterful
results. Perhaps not ones you are happy with now, but masterful
ones, nonetheless.

Being Still, Going Within

Before you decide to create again, allow yourself time to

readjust. Be still and go within, at least until you find a place of
confidence from which to begin again. Do not be dismayed by
the unfamiliar, but ask yourself what you might do with this
opportunity, instead.
Ask yourself, what did Michelangelo do when he was handed
a brush, instead of a chisel, and told to paint instead of fashion in
Was he desperate? Did he panic? Did he think, “Nothing
is familiar, so there is nothing I can do. I must no longer be a

Of course not.
Instead, he took inventory of his mastery. He realized that
his ability resided in his knowledge, not in his tools, and that his
creativity could be expressed in many ways – using multiple skills,
not just one.
His mastery did not disappear with the absence of the marble
he loved to carve. He could still envision form and symmetry
as before; his grasp of perspective had not changed; and his
appreciation of color was intact. Nothing had changed.
He was a master creator.
He was able to adapt his knowledge to the change in his
circumstances, embrace the expansive medium that was offered
him, and create again with renewed inspiration.
He was a master creator. And so are you.

Inspiration in the New World

When you have accepted your mastery, and realize that your
creative ability transcends anything you may have experienced
before, then you will no longer fear creating again.
Instead, you will hold a vision of your Divinity and make it your
own, breathing deeply into it and calling it to life. You will charge
your brush with color, trace a line, and begin a course of movement
across the canvas that is uniquely yours.
You will stop comparing yourself with anything you have been
before, or once desired to be, and give birth to new expressions of
Who You Really Are.

You will feel relieved at the mental level because you will know
that you are guided by your intuition, and not your expectations.
And you will feel relieved at the emotional level because you will
be free of self-judgment and criticism.
You will realize that you have entered a New World – a world
of flow and ease, where freedom of expression is yours by
And when your creation stands before you, whole and
complete, you will marvel at what you have done. You will look at
the New You with the eyes of innocence, almost not recognizing
that it was you who gave it life and inspiration.
You may even ask, “Was it me who created this wonder?”
And the answer you will give yourself is, “Yes.”
For indeed, you are a master creator.

Chapter 7: The New World Awakens

If you step aside for a moment and consider the history of life
on your planet, you will see that something has changed. A New
World is awakening.
In the old world, you permitted many abuses. You let greed
substitute for happiness, and allowed your self-interests to
motivate your acts of kindness. In the New World, you will no
longer do this.
Now you know that happiness is not acquired at the expense of
others, but comes within a framework of unity that uplifts all alike.
In the awakening world, your Divinity will provide this framework
for you.
In the New World, you will discover people just like you, who
have chosen to deepen their relationships with God, themselves,
and others. Together, you will form societies that bring your planet
into greater relation as a whole, without denying you the personal
liberties you desire.
What will feel “new” about the New World will be a commonly
held vision of peace and goodwill. What the world will experience
as new will be harmony, instead of chaos.
The Human Tapestry

Sharing your Divinity will build a better world, because shared

Divinity is What You Are.You are individual points of consciousness,
sharing the mind of the God that birthed you. Because you share
God’s mind with each other, cooperating is fundamental to your
nature. You cannot change this fact, even if you try.

Sharing your Divinity builds a better world,

Because shared Divinity is What You Are.

By consciously choosing to live your life this way, instead of

resisting it as you have, you will find that you accomplish more
together in unity, than you could ever do alone. One way to see
how this works is to think of a tapestry.
Imagine yourself as a single thread in the greater fabric of
humanity. When you look closely at this tapestry, you will see that
you can distinguish yourself from all the other fibers by a color and
luster that is all your own. This quality of light and love is the unique
way that you express your Divinity. You are a unique expression of
the God who dwells within you as your innermost Self.
If you look closer at the tapestry, you will notice that the threads
are interwoven, sometimes simply and sometimes complexly. This
interlacing of fibers symbolizes your relationships. Relationships
add texture to your life by bringing you moments of sharing. But
when your relationships include God, they are more than just
sharing. They are you, sharing God with each other.
Finally, the tapestry represents your human collective. Just as
many threads form patterns in the overall fabric of the tapestry, so
humanity is made up of many people living in complex societies
and relationships across the planet. And just as a fabric can clothe a
body, cover a table, or decorate a wall, while a single thread cannot
– so, your societies, when united in God’s Love, can accomplish
things that you as an individual would find impossible to do.

The Symphony of the Soul

Another way to understand how your New World will function

is through the music that an orchestra makes.
In an orchestra there are violinists, flutists, percussionists, and
many more musicians. When it is functioning as it should, this
diversity enriches the musical experience for all. Each person
performs well, but no single performer overpowers another. In the
ensemble, they execute their parts with precision; listen attentively
to each other; and blend together to create a unified sound that
all can appreciate.
When an orchestra is unrehearsed or undisciplined, the musi-
cians perform with no regard for each other. Different sections play
loudly, softly, or not at all, and with no direction or coordination.
They produce dissonant sounds that are not pleasant to hear, and
that no one would tolerate for long. In the context of this example,
your old world has been one of musical chaos.
Now that you are moving into times of greater harmony, more
attention is called for. Your expressions are sufficiently refined to
blend with others in ways that were not possible before. You are

coming into resonance with your Soul; and as you do, you will
touch others deeply, and you will need to listen carefully to their
responses. All good musicians know this. Accomplished members
of an orchestra know that to express themselves fully, they must
also listen to those around them. Soon, you and all of humanity
will use this skill to create communities and societies that serve
you better.

What More Is Yet to Come?

Enough of you value harmony and flow now, that you will find
it easy to come together. You have reached a critical mass. Soon,
this will allow you to build a world that is supportive of your needs,
without having to struggle to do it. But first there is a clearing away
of that which no longer serves you, and this can be disconcerting.
When this happens, don’t be fooled. Be patient, instead.
Whenever you fall into doubt, remember the orchestra and
ask yourself this: When one musician meets another who values
harmony as much as the first – is it not natural for them to unite
in their love of music and create something together that neither
could do separately?
If your answer to this question is “yes,” then know that this
response will serve you well – for this is the spirit that will build
your New World.
Much as a symphonic movement depends on each orchestra
member playing well and in harmony, so your New World will be
built by individuals who express themselves fully, within a context
of unity that actually works. Encourage each other in this, and

soon you will find that you live in a better world. All of you can
bring this greater awareness and sensitivity to the reconsolidation
of your planet.
Believe this, and it shall be so.

Chapter 8: Prosperity in the New World

Humanity is opening toward prosperity consciousness. You

are learning that prosperity, security, and a sense of well-being are
gifts that you give to each other. Not things that you take from
one another or enjoy at someone else’s expense. The Earth will no
longer support you in this, and neither will you.
A major transformation is taking place now, and it has nothing
to do with an apparent scarcity of resources. This is pure fiction.
There has always been enough. All of your key resources are
If you are truly lacking anything now, it is the collective
realization that all of your lives are interconnected. That you, your
neighbors, and your world beat to the pulse of a Common Heart.

Prosperity Begins with Charity, Charity Begins with the Heart

Soon you will experience what the rest of the Universe already
knows: That prosperity begins with charity, and charity begins
with the heart.
You will learn that what you give to yourself, you can easily
give to another. But what you deny to others, will be denied to you
– not because you are being punished, but because your hearts
are closed. A closed heart, like a tightened fist, can neither give nor
Shutting the doors to your heart does not protect your
treasures. Instead, it locks you inside and denies you everything.
You imagine that you are safe and secure, but you are not. You
inhabit a prison, where your only concern is survival and you
jealously guard everything you think is yours for fear that it will be
taken from you.
How can you ever hope to know joy and comfort this way?
Know this. You are interdependent. You are individual points
of consciousness within the greater life of the God Source. This is
your joy and your prosperity.
Are you prepared to accept this now?
The opportunities that are upon you as a global community
will advance you greatly in this, if you allow it. Stand united in this
desire and it shall be so.

Individuality and Interdependence

Many of you have come to understand the paradox of your

individuality and interdependence.
First of all, you have acknowledged that you are unique,
sovereign reflections of the One God. And because of this, you are
beginning to live your lives as your Soul does – centered in its love
for you and anchored in its connection to Source. This is the New
You also understand the nature of relationships. You remem-
ber what is essential – that you need nothing from anyone else,
because You Are Everything. In knowing this, you do not permit

others to become dependent upon you, and you do not allow
yourself to become dependent on others.
Instead, you remember to share your Divinity. You expand
yourselves in the only way possible – by sharing God’s Love with
each other. This is the meaning of New Relationships.
Finally, you acknowledge that you are interconnected, and you
welcome it. Just as a symphony depends upon all its members to
create a unified musical experience, so your complete experience
of Divinity depends upon each of you expressing yourselves
fully, but in overall group harmony. You know that your unified
experience of Divinity is truly greater than the sum of its parts, just
as God Is – and you relish this.
All of humanity must come to an understanding of your
Common Life. The only way this can be accomplished is through
direct experience. There is nothing theoretical about it. It is that
simple. Soon the mass of humanity will experience the reality of
your interdependence around issues of prosperity.

What Is the Cause of Prosperity?

Perhaps you have worked with your own issues of prosperity

with varying degrees of success. You may know, for example, that
attracting abundance requires your clarity, focused intention,
and loving self-acceptance. But there is more to it than this. To
CAUSE yourselves to be abundant you must be willing to give
and receive from each other. There is no other way. You must open
your hearts.
Why is this so?

Because God is the Source of your prosperity, and collectively
You Are God, also. These facts are undeniable. One cannot exist
without the other. You can choose to remember this as indivi-
duals, as many of you have done, but that alone is not enough.
Collectively you must decide to live that way, too. Again, it is as
simple as that.

Awakening to Your Prosperity

You all have roles to play in this global awakening – in

remembering that the life you share as God is the cause of your
prosperity. You cannot fail to have a role in this, any more than the
cells of your body can refuse to accept the heart’s nourishment,
or the corpuscles in your arteries deny oxygen to the rest of your
In the coming times, you will all play your parts. Some of you
will give to others in greater measure, while others may receive
more. This is only temporary. Do not become fixated on the illusion
of imbalance. What is truly important is that by playing your part,
you will collectively remember an important Truth About You –
that your interdependence is the source of your prosperity.
You will learn that by giving and receiving from each other,
without agenda or ulterior motive, you will all prosper. And you
will no longer permit abuses of this kind upon your planet again.

Section 4:
The Transitioning You

Chapter 9: Who Is “Not Good Enough”?

Inner Conflicts About Your Worth *
Who Is “Not Good Enough”? *
Lightworker Illusions *
What You Can Do, Instead *

Chapter 10: Shame, Blame, and Money

God and the Ego *
The Creation of Sub-personalities *
Shame, Blame, and Money *
Ending the Illusion of Unworthiness *

Chapter 11: Choosing Life or Death

Chapter 12: Conscious Creation

Perceiving Guidance *
The Seven Steps to Conscious Creation *
Chapter 9: Who Is “Not Good Enough”?

How many times have you asked yourself, “When will I receive
the goodness I deserve, especially after all the good I have done
for others?” Too often to remember, is what most of you would say,
and this would be essentially correct.
What about all the times you were told, “Do what you love,
and the money will follow,” – only to find that when you did, you
weren’t valued by the ones you chose to serve? Again, more times
than you might care to recall.
What does it mean to feel that you’re “not good enough,” no
matter how hard you try? And why do these feelings seem to keep
good things from happening to you?
Feeling that you’re not good enough – or that you’re not good
at what you do – means that somewhere deep inside, you feel
unworthy of love, and you believe that you must do something
about it.
This misperception formed the first time you felt separated
from the love around you. For many, this happened during
childhood. Perhaps you were criticized for something you did or
said. Often the words, “You’ve been a bad boy” or “Don’t be a bad
girl” were heard. The circumstances were not as important as the
feelings they evoked in you. Feelings that reside within you, even
When you are told that you’ve been “bad” by someone you love,
how can you ever hope to feel “good” about yourself afterward,
especially if you are punished for this, too? Instead, you internalize
the hurt. And as more such painful experiences accumulate, you
begin to believe they are true. Soon, you accept that there is
something wrong with you, and that you must try harder to win
the approval of those around you.
And so, your journey into suffering begins.

Inner Conflicts About Your Worth

Any time you feel that you’re not good enough, you can be
certain that part of you is convinced that you must try harder to
be loved. This isolated portion of your self-awareness seems to be
in direct conflict with the core part of you that remembers your
worth and goodness.
This internal conflict is common in children, and unless it is
healed with love and understanding, it will be carried over into
adulthood. Inner conflicts like these can paralyze your capacity to
feel love, and they can prevent you from enjoying the things you
value most, whether at work or play.
Lightworkers are especially susceptible to this dilemma.
Although you feel motivated to serve with compassion and
understanding, what you do never seems to be quite good enough
for you or others.
You have high hopes that you will be appreciated and even
rewarded for who you are, and this encourages you to give more
of yourself, but again with negligible results. Your mind tells you

that you’ve done everything correctly, but the empty feeling in
your heart tells you that it wasn’t enough.
The truth is that you are on a treadmill. You are conditioned to
keep trying harder and harder to get things right, because deep
down inside, you believe that you’re “not good enough” for good
things to happen to you. This belief can be traced back to the
rejections you experienced as a child, simply because you felt the
disturbances in your connection with others so profoundly.

Who Is “Not Good Enough”?

“Not Good Enough” is the part of you that feels that you don’t
deserve good things to happen to you, or to be loved just as you
are. It is a portion of your living energy – the Spirit that you are –
that was convinced in early childhood that it had been separated
from God, you, and those around you. It still feels threatened
This part of your awareness believes that it is you, but it is not. It
is a sub-personality or fragment of your ego. It seems to have a life
of its own, but it is only active when you focus your attention on it
– whenever you accept its belief that you are not good enough. In
truth, it is only a misperception of who you think you are.
“Not Good Enough” is one of your important sub-personalities.
It is so convinced that you are unworthy, that it can’t imagine that
you exist outside of this experience. Because it believes this so
completely, it waits for these conditions to be fulfilled, knowing
that sooner or later you will be hurt by someone who finds you
flawed and unlovable.

“Not Good Enough” is also a saboteur. It will not allow you to
escape its beliefs about who you are. If you dare to do something
that you love – something you’re good at, or something that you
feel good doing – it will feel threatened by this, and not permit it.
It will tell you that who you really are is “Not Good Enough,” and
because you are, you cannot possibly feel good about anything. It
will remind you of this over and over, until you believe it again.
“Not Good Enough” will undermine you with doubt, suspicion,
and self-judgment to the point that you abandon what feels good
to you, or what you might enjoy doing. If this doesn’t work, it will
draw down the disapproval of others upon you, so that you can
blame them for your discouragement, instead of dealing with
your own feelings of unworthiness.

Lightworker Illusions

Does this sound familiar? Many of you struggle with this. The
tiredness, the discouragement, the pretty dreams that don’t come
true, no matter how hard you try to manifest them. You like to
attribute these setbacks to your ascension process, but this is not
always so. Sometimes they are lightworker illusions.
This kind of illusion lets you continue sabotaging yourself with
feelings of unworthiness, without having to bring them to the
light of consciousness. It lets you pretend that ascension is about
sacrificing what you love to do in order to grow in consciousness,
when what you are really doing is sacrificing your consciousness
in order to not grow at all.

Many of you want to serve. You like the idea of it, and you can
imagine that it would feel good, if the world would only appreciate
you while you are doing it. But wait. Who is this talking? Is this you,
or is this “Not Good Enough” speaking on your behalf?
“Not Good Enough” is perfectly happy to let you be inspired by
lightworker ideals, and to even let you get involved in these kinds
of activities. But it will only let you enjoy yourself to the point that
it feels threatened by your growing happiness and pleasure. Then
it will remind you that you are “Not Good Enough,” and because
you are, it is impossible for you to feel good about who or what
you are.
It will tell you that no one knows how to appreciate you, or
what you have to offer. It will tell you that an employer doesn’t
value your work, or a parent or spouse doesn’t love you, as you
deserve to be loved.
Perhaps it will tell you that the world isn’t quite ready for
someone as sensitive, aware, and loving as you. And when it has
finished telling you all this, it will conclude by asking you to stop
doing everything that you feel good about. And that’s what you’ll
do, because by now you’ve been convinced, once again, that “Not
Good Enough” is who you are.
You’ll find yourself believing that you don’t deserve to be
happy, or to have good things happen to you; and this is what
you’ll wind up creating, if you don’t put a stop to it.
So, what do you do then?
Do you sit in a corner and wait for things to fall apart? No,
dear friend. It’s time for you to see the game you’re playing with

What You Can Do, Instead

Know that that you are good enough to live a life of love, fully
connected to your Divinity. You are more than good enough. You
are your Divinity. God lives in you, as your innermost Self; and
because God does, you can assume this perspective any time you
like – anytime you hear the voice of doubt telling you, that all you
are, is “Not Good Enough.”
When you consciously choose this higher perspective about
your Being, you take up the position of the neutral Observer. You
can look at the part of yourself that is confused, and offer it love,
instead. You can have compassion for its suffering, but you won’t
allow it to continue devastating your life. You gently remind it Who
You Really Are – a Child of God, and God, also. Then you welcome
it back home, into the integrated family of God’s Divine qualities
that you embody as the unique person that you are.
The greatest gift of kindness and reintegration that you can give
to “Not Good Enough” is one of re-purposing. You can tell it that you
are whole, and wholly loved, just As You Are – and that it is welcome
back in this place of Wholeness with you. Remind it that you are in
charge of love, and that you will give it all the love it needs. Then ask
it to be vigilant for your goodness in a different way.
Ask it to be watchful for all the opportunities you will have to
feel good about yourself, to do the things you enjoy, and to feel
good about them as you do them. Let this part of you safeguard
your goodness, instead of sabotaging it. Take it back to the truth of
your connection with God, and know that you will be supported
in this. And as you do, your life will be blessed in many ways.

Chapter 10: Shame, Blame, and Money

The following chapter is based upon a private session with a

client. It describes the ego and its sub-personalities and explores
how both can undermine your feelings of worth by manipulating
your relationship with love and money.

Client’s request: “For most of my life, I have had issues with money
and finances, or more specifically, issues with financial institutions,
banks, and creditors. This has filled my life with stress, fear, and an
acute sense of powerlessness. At this point, I no longer want to play
the game. I want to release it, and be free. Please, help me release
this illusion of form and exchange I play with financial institutions. I
want to feel powerful, free, and abundant. Not fearful and powerless.
Thank you.”

Dear friend, we are Saint-Germain, Alexandra, and Dan, and we

are going to take a look at the part of you that is feeling powerless
and living in fear of financial institutions. But first of all, we need
to do a bit of reviewing. This may feel like a digression from your
question. But we will get back to it.
God and the Ego

Most people identify heavily with their egos, or personalities,

and not so much with the higher aspects of their Being, such as
the Soul or God Self. This is the source of much confusion and
suffering in their lives.
Please remember that the ego is not you, and it has no
independent life of its own. Instead, it is a false belief about you.
The ego is a deeply rooted misunderstanding of who you are that
originated long before you ever walked upon the Earth.
At its core, the ego is convinced that you are separated from
God. It believes that God stopped loving you after your creation,
and then abandoned you, because you did what you wanted to
do rather than what God expected you to do. The ego believes
that God is punishing you for this now – for abusing your free will
in order to violate God’s Will for creation.

The ego is a deeply rooted

Misunderstanding of Who You Are.

In truth, God has never left your side. God’s Love is always there
for you because you are Its living embodiment. And your belief
that you have violated God’s Will is equally invalid. It is impossible
for you to violate God’s Will for creation because you ARE God’s
Will for creation.
You and all of humanity are God’s creative agents in the
Universe. Your belief that you have done otherwise is nothing
more than your misunderstanding of how co-creating with God
Even so, this misperception has provided fertile ground for the
appearance of the ego.
The ego was born the moment that you first imagined, and
accepted in your mind, that God had abandoned you. In that instant,
the ego appeared and promised to be your friend, if you would only
pledge your allegiance to it, and agree to accept its help.
The ego said that it would show you how to survive in a world
without God’s Love – in a world where you lack what you need,
and what you already have can be taken from you by others.
But because the ego’s assumptions about God’s Love are
wrong, it has never been right about anything it has offered you.
As a consequence, its promise to help has only sabotaged your
efforts to be happy in the end.

The Creation of Sub-personalities

How has the ego offered to help you?

To assist you, the ego has created a variety of personas to
deal with the various threats it perceives. These personas, or sub-
personalities, are psychological points of view that you assume,
which try to protect you from whatever is feared, whatever is
perceived to be lacking in your environment, or whatever source
of love you think will abandon you. They promise to assist you,
by first assuming that the world is a fearful place, and then telling
you that you are in danger of losing what you value as long as you
are here.

In this lifetime, your ego with its entourage of sub-personalities
began to assemble the first time you felt unloved or abandoned.
For many, this was in early childhood. At this time, you likely
experienced an interruption in the flow of love between you, your
parents, or someone else you trusted.
You may have said something or done something that did not
meet with their approval, so they withdrew their acceptance of
you. You were made to feel bad about it; accept responsibility for
having caused it; and then have to do something about it to make
things better. You internalized this unlovable image of yourself
and accepted it as your true identity.
From that point forward, this internalized image has acted as
a sub-personality. Now it appears every time you are confronted
with similar circumstances.
It is there to remind you that you don’t deserve to be loved
because you have acted contrary to the wishes of another. It
frightens you with the possibility that you will be abandoned
by this person, and then it tells you that you must do something
about it, despite the hopelessness of your situation. This fear is so
similar to the shock you experienced when you first believed that
you had been abandoned by God, that it cannot help but have

Shame, Blame, and Money

What does the ego and its sub-personalities have to do with

you and money? In this case, you have learned to be fearful, and
feel that you lack control over your life, when confronted with

obligations to financial institutions. This is because for you, and
many like you, having money is a measure of worth. Not monetary
worth, but self-worth.
By allowing yourself to feel unworthy, you are giving the ego
silent permission to sabotage your experiences of prosperity, as
well as love. You are projecting your inner doubt, “Am I worthy of
love?” into a world of money lenders, and then expecting it to be
resolved there.
Your fear of financial institutions can be traced to the first
moment that you ever felt unloved. To the first time that your
worth was questioned by another, you felt ashamed of it, and
then you blamed yourself for it. In this moment, you created a
sub-personality called “Unworthy” – and then you identified with
it completely.
Once you accepted this misperception about you into your
mind, it became possible for it to spread to other areas of your life.
You granted it the right to pattern your experiences of worthiness
in every situation, including in your encounters with money.
How does this sub-personality offer to help you now?
“Unworthy’s” strategy is to encourage you to seek love and
support from sources of authority and validation that you also
fear. As improbable as this sounds, “Unworthy’s” secret hope is
that if you can gain the approval of your accusers and critics, you
will be able to heal the wounds of your past.
Unfortunately, your experiences have been very different from
the fairy-tale ending imagined by “Unworthy.” Instead of feeling
supported in your dealings with financial institutions, you have

needlessly suffered. The control they have exerted has seemed
harsh and arbitrary, whether it really was or not.
You are right in saying that you are playing a game with yourself.
The real problem has nothing to do with getting their approval.
Instead, it’s about recognizing that your own validation is what
you need to reinstate, and not your financial worth. Until you see
this connection clearly and heal your mind of this misperception,
you will continue to struggle.

Ending the Illusion of Unworthiness

You say that you want to feel powerful, free, and abundant
again. Not powerless and unworthy. But to dispel these illusions in
your mind, you must first reclaim the awareness of Who You Really
You must remember that You Are God, also, and not “Unworthy”
– and that because of this, your worth is beyond doubt or question.
You must dedicate yourself to recalling this truth, each time you
are inclined to doubt it. As you do, you will untangle the thoughts
in your mind that hurt you, and find the love and healing that you
There are really only two steps involved in doing this. The first
thing that you must do is stop fighting with yourself. Every time
you struggle with the illusion of your unworthiness, you only make
it more real in your mind.
Understand that each time you allow yourself to feel ashamed,
blamed, or guilty about your financial situation – whether
by another or through self-condemnation – you are actually

confirming that your unworthiness must be true. It is NOT. You
must step out of this cycle of reinforcement completely.
End the illusion with a simple proclamation, “I Am Perfectly
Whole; and wholly loved, worthy, and complete.” This is the second
step you will take, and it will heal your mind with the Truth. As you
do this, you will invite “Unworthy” back home, and give it the love
and acceptance from you that it needs.
Repeat this affirmation often, and then live it with all your heart.
Make this a daily practice, and you will see that your struggles fall
away, along with any beliefs that you’re not worthy enough to be
loved just As You Are.
Once you have taken these steps, there is nothing more you
need to do. Simply anchor yourself firmly in the remembrance
that You Are God, also, and then live your life with confidence and
joy. Know that you are fully supported in this and deeply loved,
and that your value before God is beyond question.

I Am Perfectly Whole, and

Wholly loved, worthy, and complete.

Chapter 11: Choosing Life or Death

The following material was posted on an Internet forum in

response to a young woman who was contemplating suicide. She
had requested help in deciding what to do.

Dear friend, thank you for your courage in writing about your
recent experiences, and about wanting to release your trials and
your body through death.
I feel it’s important to honor our choices, even those we make
to exit this world. I also think it’s important not to romanticize,
mythologize, or otherwise misrepresent death or suicide to
Death is a transition from one state of consciousness to another.
This passage can be accomplished by releasing the physical body.
But it can also be accomplished while we are still living in the body.
It’s all a matter of choice.
Death happens all the time. Think about it.
Oftentimes when we enter a process of deep, transformational
change, we suffer as though we are dying. We engage in a process
so profound that it requires us to relinquish apparent control over
the direction of our lives in order to feel the true leadership and
direction of the Soul.
Yes, deep transformational change can feel like death and
resemble the experience of dying. But when it happens to us, we
are still living. This is the paradox. It is not confined to the moments
in which we approach, contemplate, or experience physical death.
It hits us, full stride – right in the middle of the life we’re living.
The experience of psychological death requires that the ego
be still and surrender before the greater reality of the Soul. This
may be what you are feeling now. It can be quite overwhelming.
(The ego is the fragmented, distorted perception of your
personality that you experience in your day-to-day living. It is
driven by inner conflicts, strong desires, and beliefs in unmet
At certain times in life, we realize that the ego-driven personal-
ity can’t resolve our problems. That’s when the obstacles to our
progress seem insurmountable and our lives become heavy with
burdens we are no longer willing to carry.
That’s when the ego panics.
Its fragmented, helter-skelter approach to life is not working,
and it knows it.
Its habitual way of rationalizing, sentimentalizing, and doing
whatever is expedient to control our lives is falling short, and it
can’t handle the news.
That’s when the Soul approaches.
That’s when we hear the “call.”
That’s when we know there must be something better than
the challenges we’ve been facing, and we long for it.
We begin to feel the Soul’s presence and respond to it.
But at this critical time, especially when sadness, depression,
and desperation are running high, the ego may make one last
attempt to wrestle control from the Soul.

It feels the Soul coming to comfort and guide. It knows it
cannot beat the Soul because the Soul offers something real and
priceless, while the ego offers nothing but trinkets and illusions.
The ego believes that it will be replaced or eliminated by the
Soul, when the Soul steps in to consciously direct our lives. The
ego fears that it will cease to exist, as the Soul takes over where it
has failed to resolve life’s challenges.
In a moment of vulnerability and desperation, when we are
ready to concede that there must be a better way and then choose
it, the ego may play one last trick – one that will allow it to retain
influence to the very end.
It will agree.
It will say, “Yes, the Soul is what you need. I agree completely.
You do need to be comforted and sheltered from the harshness
of this world.”
“Go and rest. Welcome the Soul into your life. This is what you
“And by the way, I will take you there. I know exactly how to
meet the Soul and find the peace you have longed for. It’s easy.
Just listen to me.”
Then the ego will suggest the preposterous. It will say that there
is no other way to take up a Soul life, than to join the Soul in death.
The ego may sound comforting and truthful while presenting this
information, but it’s a lie. There are other ways.
The ego will tell this lie because it knows that when we choose
to join the Soul now in life, the ego will cease to exist. It knows that
when we embody the Soul in our physical form, that this will be
the ego’s undoing.

When the truth and reality of the Soul consciously take up
residence within us, all that is unreal vanishes.
The ego – that vast amalgam of sub-personalities competing
for our attention, with incompatible interests and unreasonable
demands – ceases to exist.
It returns to Source. It becomes part of the greater life of the
This is terrifying for the ego. It would prefer to kill us than cease
to exist itself. Rather than relinquish control to the Soul, the ego,
with its twisted logic, will propose suicide as a way to return to
My advice, dear friend, is to welcome the changes that this
challenge is bringing to you. Allow it to initiate a process that is
part of the evolution of your consciousness.
But rather than undertaking this transition through death,
consider allowing your Soul to come closer to you in life. Give your
Soul permission to operate, where the ego cannot.
My friend, I honor your choice, whatever it is. Just remember
that whether you choose life or death, you will still find yourself at
the same place.
You will find yourself having to dismantle your ego.
In order to make the transition in consciousness you long for, so
that you can live a Soul life fully, you still have to reclaim the power
and control that you have ceded to the ego. And then you will
have to put this back in the hands of your Soul, where it belongs.
This is the “price of admission” to heaven, whether you choose
to experience it here on Earth, or somewhere beyond the veil of
death. There are no short cuts in this process. None at all.

So my advice is to go to the depths of your current experience.
Make a commitment to see it through, even if you feel frightened
or discouraged. Promise yourself to see the other side of this
challenging time. You may feel like you’re dying along the way. But
when the ego is finally undone, and the psychological death and
suffering you are experiencing has ended, you will awaken closer
to your Soul than ever before. And you will be amazed at the New
You that you have become.
In closing, please remember this: You don’t have to die
physically to live as Spirit. You can take up a Soul life, right here
and now in the body. That’s the whole point of being on Earth.
That is why we are here.
With love and honor for a life well-lived.

Dan Bennack

Chapter 12: Conscious Creation

This chapter outlines the steps used to manifest what you

would like to experience by conscious choice, rather than through
unconscious programming. It also shows you how to perceive
guidance from Spirit that will inform those choices. This text was
inspired by a private session with a client and is reprinted here
with permission.

Client’s request: “I would like to have some clarity on conscious

creation. How do I create what I would like to experience in my life? I’m
not sure what steps to take. Can you provide me with some guidance
about this? Thank you.”

Dear friend, please take a moment to receive the Love That You
Are. Be still, and listen to the whisperings of your Soul.
Many times you have felt a desire to contact Spirit, and many
times you have asked to manifest a better life for yourself. You sit,
and wait for a connection that inspires you – one that gives you
hope and fills you with zest for living. You may experience a bit of
an opening at first, but soon you feel that you are shutting down
again, and you wonder what has happened to you.
Perhaps you are expecting guidance to strike you like a bolt
of lightning from above, when more often it speaks to you from
the “still, small voice within.” This is the voice of your Soul. It is
the sound of you, when you are untroubled by your worries, or
by your desires to improve your current circumstances.
The expectations in your mind, along with the strong desires
in your heart about what you would like to create, are keeping
you confused and tired. They agitate your mind and intensify your
emotions, without giving you any clear idea of what to do next.
This has created a sense of futility within you, and an inability to
coordinate right action.
My friend, you have come here to receive the voice of Spirit. To
partake of the love and wisdom that it freely offers you. Turn this
matter over to your Soul. It knows exactly what to do. The only
thing that is required of you is to listen quietly to what it says.
To hear your Soul, you first must calm your mind and curb the
intensity of your desires. Remember that troubled waters neither
reflect the clarity above them, nor reveal the depths beneath
And so it is with Soulful communication. You don’t need to
seek it. It will find you, instead. This is a natural condition. When
your mind is quiet and your emotions are calm, you will perceive
the guidance that satisfies all your true desires.

Perceiving Guidance

To reach a place of stillness and perceive guidance from your

Soul, you must be willing to feel everything around you. If you find
that you are afraid to feel deeply, then this same fear may dampen
your ability to sense the Divinity that is around you.

To open the channels of communication with your Soul, you
must first be willing to touch the old hurts that reside within you
still. These are the parts of you that were made to feel isolated and
unloved in the past. To reintegrate these aspects from your past,
you must honor their traumas, but without identifying yourself as
When you allow yourself to feel past wounds in this way, you
can welcome them safely home, and give them the love that they
desire. You can accept them as they are, and allow your love to
transform them into something better.
Healing your past this way will restore your ability to feel
without fear, and this in turn will improve your capacity to perceive
the guidance that comes to you from your Soul.
When you touch upon emotional wounds, please be gentle
with yourself and accept the love that comes to you from your
Divinity. Allow it to embrace you, and comfort you. This will
remind you that you are not alone, and that you are loved, safe,
and secure.
Once you are able to love yourself As You Are – without
judgment, expectation, or regret – then you will open widely to
assistance from the angelic realms. You will enter a place of quiet
contemplation that is the point of reconnection to your Soul.
From there, the inspiration that it brings you will permit you to
create things easily – things that bring you joy, and reassure you
that the world is a safe place to live.

The Seven Steps to Conscious Creation

There are seven basic steps to conscious creation:

1. First of all, you should recognize that you attract into your life
the people, things, and experiences that match your beliefs
about the world, and about who you think you are. You often
do this unconsciously, but you can also do it consciously.
If you are creating unconsciously, you may be responding
to unresolved fears, or to the belief that something is missing
or unfulfilled in your life.
But when you create consciously, you deny lack any place
in your mind. You remember that you are a Child of God, and
God also, and that you can experience anything your heart
desires because You Are Everything.
2. Affirm that everything you desire to experience is within
you now, whether it is an enriching encounter, an intimate
moment, or a kind word from another.
3. With the certainty that you are denied nothing, look about
yourself and observe how you are already experiencing the
ESSENCE of what you would like to create – be it prosperity,
partnership, or anything else.
4. Once you have identified the essence of this experience, then
choose to have MORE of it.
5. This is the key to conscious creation: Ask for more of what you
enjoy, acknowledging that its essence is already present in
your life.
6. As you do this, you will find that you can transform essence
into substance easily, because essence can take on many

forms. You can do this along new pathways if you like, or simply
maintain or increase what you are already enjoying now.
7. Remember to focus on essence before details. For example,
if you would like to experience more peace in your life, then
identify the peace that you are already feeling now; give
thanks for it; and ask for more.
Indicate your preferences, but be willing to accept what is
delivered. Trust that your Soul will provide the perfect match
for you.

Always focus upon your Divinity when you choose to create.

Remember that because You Are Everything, you can enjoy the
essence of anything you desire to create right now. The rest is just
attraction and amplification.
Also, please remember that when you deny the illusion of lack
a place in your mind, you are affirming the reality of plenty. This
will open the doors of manifestation for you, and let you create
anything your heart desires.
And so it is with conscious creation.

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from helping others. This led her to obtain a Master’s Degree in
Social Work from the University of Applied Sciences in Merseburg,
Germany. Her professional experience includes crisis counseling
and refugee assistance. Alexandra is multilingual, speaking
Romanian, French, German, and English.
As an adult, Alexandra rediscovered a childhood gift. She
began to communicate again with Spirit. In 2004, she channeled
publicly for the first time, giving voice to Saint-Germain, Kuthumi,
Jeshua (Jesus), and Miriam (Mary Magdalene).
At present, Alexandra divides her time between writing,
workshop development, and private sessions. In her session work,
she assists clients in opening clear lines of communication to
their sources of Divinity. These include spirit helpers, guides, and
ascended masters, but more importantly they involve the Soul
and Higher Self of the client.
Dan Bennack is from Texas in the United States. After obtaining
his Doctor of Philosophy degree in Ecology and Evolutionary
Biology from Michigan State University, he worked for twenty
years as a conservation biologist in tropical Mexico and in the
Chihuahuan Desert of the United States. Dan also has experience
helping rural communities with environmental problems and has
served as a refugee resettlement specialist. He is fluent in English
and Spanish.
Dan’s conscious spiritual path began as an adolescent, when he
was drawn to the works of Edgar Cayce. Since then, the love and
wisdom of many have guided him. He affirms that the greatest
source of inspiration available to him is his Higher Self, the “God
Who Lives in me, as me.”
In 2007, Dan began a trip around the world to meet spiritual
adventurers he had come to know through various Internet forum
groups. During his travels, he shared moments with friends from
North America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.
In Romania, Dan met Alexandra, whom he married and with
whom he now shares his life, love, and service to Divinity.
Dan’s current passion is writing, developing workshops with
Alexandra, and teaching their channeled materials.

If you would like more information about Alexandra and Dan,

and their channeled materials, workshops, and private sessions,
please visit their website at www.joyandclarity.com or send an
email to joy.clarity@gmail.com.

A New World Awakens A New World Awakens
A Saint-Germain Book
A Saint-Germain Book
Dan Bennack and
Alexandra Mahlimay Dan Bennack and Alexandra Mahlimay

“Humanity is experiencing an unparalleled, spiritual

awakening. The age-old tendency to act thoughtlessly,
impulsively, and without love is being replaced by softer
expressions from the heart. What does this mean to you?
Simply this. The days of emotional self-indulgence are
coming to a close. If this has been one of your favorite
modes of expression, enjoy it while you can. It won’t last
much longer.”

– A New World Awakens

Dan Bennack, Alexandra Mahlimay, and Saint-Germain

Thank you for your interest in A New World Awakens.

It is our hope that by reading this book, you will be
strengthened in the sovereign experience of your Divinity
– in remembering that You Are God, also. These channeled
materials from Saint-Germain will encourage you to live
from the heart, as your Soul does, which is what living in the
New World is all about.

visit our website at www.joyandclarity.com

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Cover illustration Spiral of Light (2005)
By Alexandra Mahlimay

ISBN 978-606-504-058-8