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by Joseph Jarman

by Joseph Jarman

Art Ensemble of Chicago Publishing Co. /Chicago

This edition of Black Case Volume I & II - Return From
Exile is taken from the writing i've been doing from 1960 -
1975; these statements were conceived in many cities in America
and in Europe, no dates are given because they have no meaning
in the ever present flow of our lives.
When i started writing, i couldn't resist reading the Great
Black Masters who were my contemporaries; they of course led me
t.o discover that whole fantastic tradition of Black Literature.
I was deeply moved by Chicagoan Amus Mor's calm viewing of the
Black Chicago scene, his bo~pish realism that was/is quiet music-
poems where Bird and Trane or Raphael Garrett, Muhal Abrams, and
Nicky Hill, moved through 63rd & Cottage Grove like prophets of
All rights reserved a world to come "That · we only dreamed of". He helped me too -
Copyright@ 1977 by Joseph Jarman by passing on to me, like an old. story teller in the Medina, the
This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part, by oral history of the Black Music that i would someday become heir
mimeograph, tape recording or any other means, without to. New York Poet Henry Dumas gave me fire and courage and
written permission. another poet named Thulani Nkabinde gave me the vision to
realize this sharing.
For information address: Art Ensemble of Chicago Publishing Co., Exile is a state of mind that people get into in order to
P.O. Box 6408, Chicago, Illinois 60680 escape from the reality of themselves in the world of the now -
it is a safe place inside the mind full of mostly lies and
false visions that allow the being to think that it is free of
Printed by Helene Printing, INc., Bensenville the responsibility of living in a world with all other living
things. if you are "in Exile" this book as small as it is - is to
2nd printing ...•• l977 say to everyone, without exception, that you are loved and
Printed in the United States of America can indeed RETURN.

Joseph Jarman
October, 1977
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibrat~on
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God'
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
we pray o God
for the ego
and that the power
of the evil vibration
be taken
from our presence
voices of the image we'd have ourselves as and we
to start then the first day c_oming into the light were told FEAR GOD and marry the bitch it is
being taught to love the land like any city boy only right to join the army and die for god
at dawn feeling the strong odor of gas from the then the country then the family when the bullet goes
car we'd ride in daily to the playground where we through the ass through the mind through the child maker
met against the family orders to learn to grow the the creator the god THE GOD the man THE MAN
games we played war, cowboys&indians always i'd want to and we were killed and on the
be the good guy the cop or say white cowhand fifth day became honourable again at the university with fags
as house was played and the tough girls cooked and assuming the roll of punches called the first time
later slept with boys to have babies like their mothers the magic fact telling us finally who we really were
burning them even after the welfare came the help to BLACK MOTHERFUCKING NIGGER get the fuck off that white
save them from themselves and yes we all loved it girl and we laughed taking what we wanted as any
the dirt under our fingernails against the class giving all man does to the death the disease the horror the
the correct answers the star even then the number one
middle class lie that america was then then to fall
grade for the nice white lady(each summer she'd go as if asleep waking seeing hearing feeling where it was
to far off lands with a camera to share the
is wi ll be forever the SOUND of gods allGODS
life with us in the hot sept. twilight) and we
being free of the facts as the fathers were-loved t he self -WJSIC finally word to end part page one
it all.on the second day we looked into the the happening say my life say it .
girls dressing room and got hardens for the taste of
warm pussy or to have them call us boyfriend or
sweetheart or later black mother fuckeeeee e eeeeeeeee eee rr rrr
loud so every one in the park would know we
were men and we ran into the country as all
boys must do to the fresh air the sunlight the
cool water of the swimming test passing we drown the
red cross agent as the proof of our strength next
to the breaking of each others hearts&heads to become
the elected heros of the small/and the sun light
shown on.us ~aking our hearts tender as all the
fares: l~fe ~s until home we return to the dirt
and a~r of the city the black and gray colors
of our room~ the shipyards of junk men rags they'd
call and we d chase them up the alley down the
sidewalk pulling tincans paper rags our old shirts ripped
patched as the trees were and feet heavy in the
broken shoes long used up like th b
the street f e wop oys across
f rom where we lived always the fight the
acts of ma~hood and we loved it the life as
the land(da~ly on time we'd sa "
for thee"and la h k. . y my country tears
. t ug ~ss~ng the flag the white hair
Of the m~s ress we call d h
devil and we 1 d h e er god sometimes the
ove er on the fourth da as
we fathered the first born the WJ..ne
. t h e y pot the
l 2
Whats to say
is nothing
is where and so these words
we the
are now poem to say i t
in how"i" happen
a maze to be this fact
together ... ...____ light,eyes a tear for the children
of the universe
its warm or say music FORCE to come
its peace enough
its quiet feeling this is
how they say the facts of
love our togetherness a long
and short dream as our hearts are
is-ness facts we feel again
is a runner the masters teaching
the "love one another''
on a public as all free life does this
holiday and

El Paso - spring 1959 - i arrive on
the hot summer Greyhound from the East, full
of dust and silence. High off -pills, smack,
other deadly joys, mute, silent and noiseless.
Moving through on the Texas side/niggers played jazz, blues,
drunken songs in empty sweaty bars, i
remember the alto player, clean like Lou
Donaldson and Bird, singing magic through
the metal tube; mexican girls, nigger,yea
"poor white" women sucking vamp threads yes;
from the stripes on his pants. and the TJ .S. Army has to move from
a missle school at El Paso, friend in khaki one
invite me to the barracks; (to rest, sleep, get to
myself together) the smack inside me feelin another,the
the texas Sun. like lizards crawling through part of yourself
my face while i pee, wetness in the desert unknown
sunlight, sand and sheep dung in my hair. to see
that -
At first i wandered into the white distract fi nding
soon (as i read the signs) big loud police fragments twist ed
"nigger, where you thank you going" among these
"don't you hear us boy!" years of ruins -
i write on my pad "MTJTE" "I CANNOT SPEAK" with it to sing
bang, against my chest, night stick, a stronger song
"nigger this ain't where you want to be, of yourself/your
now about three block thata way is the being in
nigger-wetback place; understand me the rush of jazz
boy"- the time i t takes to
bang, night stick on my head touch
bang, leg-bang-chest again- a stone ins ide an open heart

i move away - The Texas air sweet fire

knowledge between the crack of my ass,
laughter follows, i run slowly into the
neon pleasure of America' biggest border
town, full of lust, and sin and smack.
growing "pains" to self, he said, "realization".

what we all
would have of
each other
the men of
the sides of ourworlds
in a window
yes"go contrary
go sing "
to give
all you have
to each yourself
yet never
to remember
to look back
into a void
-it is time
yes;to move fran\
yourself to
yourself again
to know

what you are


Now we come onto the scene and we get educated and we are told we heal, feel and taste it, we are overwhelmed by its power,
to be happy cause we live in the heaven of the earth. AMERICA. just as we are overwhelmed by all other elements that are
and i am happy; though not cause i live in the heart of our love natural-of the maker-of the cosmos. We are trying to tell our
land, rather cause i'm alive to speak to you. LOVE aaahhhh. peoples to eat right, think positive, love the positive being
in you and work to purify your body, heart and mind; to begin
We SURVIVE for the spirit of GREAT BLACK MUSIC and for the spirit to Self Realize instead of Self Destruct. "What it means is
of GREAT BLACK ~JJSIC alone. Otherwise the great gray haze would simply this: that men who realize their worth and capabilities
over take us (all humanity) and we would vanish, into what we are can no longer be exploited by forces or intimidation, nor can
already-Light. To make it in the material world becomes .an old their aspirations be denied. "-Robert Taber (the war of the flea-
trick after these years of wandering over the earth. always read it). With this reality comes the possibility of creating
remembering America. the love of the new order. God comes to us not only a new person for oneself, but of creating a new world
in the sound of music and in the feeling of warm hearts bodies for the people to breathe in and not strangle as many of us are
close together. Love what you are though the man (what a sick- doing now at the foot of the sick great goddess of the
ness) will tell you that this is jazz and that is jazz and the Amerikan nightmare. We are warrio rs training our bodies, spirit,
hero is gone into the maze of some "holy" order like Caine. no and minds to defend our people and the wonderful way that is
win no lose. Know Win NO Lose. God comes to us through the Sun Great Black Music. Take a close look at the masters and you will
light and through the FEELING we feel for all that we love. take see that all through our history, the history of Great Black
the open air, even i~ winter/how the body comes unto itself. that Music. the masters have had ways about t h em, not on 1 y to "p1
feeling. or how you may feel alone in a room/your room (please) fantastic Soundmovement,but were able to reach many people
God, Creator touches you. no (know) one knows except you. and you through their work; this is because the people knew WHAT the
may even cry. or laugh. This is Magic/the love of .GOD. inside of masters were doing for them - giving knowledge and blessings.
you. now. healing.

"THE MIND THAT SEEKS TRUTH" Often, people who make themselves critics forget the responsi-
bility that they have to the music and they get off trying
"We call the mind that wants to make the way of the universe to create destruction among the musicians by creating non Black
clear and put it into practice the mind that seeks ~ruth. Music images and false mask to put over the realities of the
However clever a dog or monkey may be, they cannot realize the Soundmovement. These people, many of them, have no real value in
Universal Mind. Only human beings have the privilege and capacity their own lives and seek to destroy the unity of the movement
to realize it. If you have the mind that seeks truth, you are by creating hero face and black face fakes who become lost in
happy because this is proof that you are a human being." the flow of the power of the music. BLACK MlJSIC IS BLACK MlJSIC
-Koichi Tohei- and always will be.

We are priest, doctors and warriors. Priest, to give the Along with these self created critics comes the white fake over-
history of our peoples, to our peoples, to our peoples and take that many of them see as the real music and the white fake
priest, to work toward positive action of the spirit active overtakers as the real musicians, we must be careful of these
spirit agents for the creator to work through/giving the kind of blind souls because they believe they are right to say
vibration of universal healing, the music. the drum - the "these people all follow in the footsteps of the western world
silence. Doctors learning the healing of arts, healing the heros who invented everything in music." The white fake overtake
spirit and the body of the people and the body of ourselves
through the music through its practice. All music of positive
vibration is meditation and healing medicine given from God when
allowed non Black Music to cove~ up the realities of t~e true
Soundmovement and not only· take needed work from the creators
of this BLACK ~JSIC but force many of the brothers to turn their
coats and become Black white fake overtakers, thinking that this POEM ON THE SOTTND
was a way for them to make it (meaning get lots of American loot
and fame to boot and lame gigs "teaching" the "secrets" of the Tho' we looked
arts to goons and the like) but many of the brothers found out to abandon
what was happening before it was too late. Again no matter what those
these people try they will not succeed in their folly, the black hords
outrageous strength of Great Black Music will blow them away into of our minds-
the dust. Perhaps you have noticed more fake and real spirit
Black Music coming through the radio. This is because the white the cost,a
fake overtake thinks its getting stronger and will allow expan- closing the eye
sion, but the power of the true music will always overshadow
tailing fakery even as the government begins to help with grants our "fancy"
and other tokens the true music will not be washed away by this
tide of concern, but will pass through it as it has passed sheets will be bleedy
through many a period of repression and violent acts both mental
and of the body against it. The people are awakening to these rage in the hands of
facts and are quietly making revolution within themselves
against it. Healing. uncrowned heros we have made of our
Martial Arts and other joys of mind body coordination are rapid
means to aid in Self awareness realization; they help us to and offer no solution-
learn how our bodies and minds work together as nature intended
for them to do, also they help us to train ourselves to face to the races doom-
life in a positive manner and understand the God element inside
us all. Control of body leads to control of,spirit to control of quickly shifting to Sun - day
self and to the realization that the small self has a part in where in fog,clown show
the great Self of UNIVERSAL ONENESS. do not fight life rather
live it freely/this is the message of GREAT BLACK ~TSIC embrace traffic of water,a fancy symbol
it and sing-you will feel better and you will learn through your
own life to praise GOD. sense pleasure-trees fruiting seasons

the sand in childrens

torn shoes,shirts written slogans


11 12

American flag in the breeze

mouth hung jury,as doping

of senses go on among us as

we talk
dead language
sing sing sing sing
should chant secret songs to s~g s~g s~g si~ s~g s~g s~g
sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing
bring blood to ourselves a whole no more-

World-flower power,hip power,

green power,love power,black power,

yellow power,music power,cosmic power,

world of words poets-not free men tick

your voice
to tears
away and what we only do

we pray
Tho ' we looked
as instructed- to die within
pleased at,ourselves as instructed- to die within
as instructed- to die within
The voices , dirt
above f ingers named a

dying on shiny"fancy"
hot the feel of meat
shoes men wearing
the bo dy "all de c k e d out"
Michigan Midtown ave.
tension of need
the cover
the water
wet fire crying
we lack,lack,lack, put out fire - green
lack,only what we shadow
ourselves the unforgiven
t o rep~a t same hol low eating babies
cr imes as those we
i mage makers fixed eating babies eating babies
on dirt again ,
washing away eating babies eating babies
spirit-things of h ither worlds
eating babies
the button reads
eat i ng b abies
"PRAY FOR WAR , etc "

Tho' we looked
cool,wandering homeless,
y 'all come again bring what the no-mads-
is self terror how y'all shout so loud that we are falling
no room fo~ love making among
ourselves talk about brother,sister near ourskin seeding humanity
this is not a childs game we play
only for keeps" quickly tapping near our source

all those names we could call

our people our names

to vanish into air-

before we are looked upon



Tho' we looked

lived on i n

our caged h igh rises

Tho ' we looked in Newark or any
using s ticks agains t guns back r i ver country-
tha t bland l evel of what to the great raping
our minds would become our senses
never to allow
caught the dirt again
it i n
everything broken,fist of a prize
ou r s elves
fighter turned to tin,a lesser
t he
metal machinery
our time s

the song

use chant secret songs

use chan t s e c r et s ongs

use chant secret songs

use chant secret songs
song song use chant secret songs

s ong-
chant secret s ongs

secret songs
as inst r ucted- t o die within
as instructed - to die within

to bring blood to ourselve s a who l e

world n o words
to use no t the mind

chant secret songs

of music to answer them the questions in this head
the bell ringing across the universe smashing to keep me down the reas on
timbre f or the ear inside the ear for becoming;is i t the self "uptight"
of ourselves after all \vhen i ' m ne a r the feeling of \vha t i am
and i joseph am seeing the people around me and what
among them the masters can i say t o them or to myself how i can
we will become of the voice sense it the real distance between us
the bell that is music ringing -is it c ult ure only t he kn.ot.Ji n g t he unknm..ring only
vital to every living thing that keeps us myself and them so much away
the from each other/the sound, the dear sound fl o wing through
equations/sound the each and every one of us so warm ye t
self " looks kind of like a go od game to me"
acid sho ul d ha ve cleared away the shit
to create the will that keeps apart but no - could it be the god factor
to control :t hat i believe/but that - my believing makes me
only nothing know that they t0 have a god
there our need \ maybe th6y don 't know it for themselves)
our blue light from ti1e sun -r a \vorld/shepp/trane TRANE o my god
object whats happening here thi s tension of feeling need
to be ~il2nce them t o give that to myself
air a~d allcw th e r est of th e beauti ful people
to : ~ r ~asun/ r e ma in in the darkness of t hei r
be ~~ ~ic~e~ing despair?


to BE
that is the joy
with my self
the "others"
to of the french brain
make heros
the how they make us out to
changes be
only from myself alone godless western men
to myself alone spiritless blobs of meat
the place here and blood
in the meat of this body senseless sensers who
can you hear give the plastic of
the tears (for our history
everyone, myself) an equal sham
a long weeping for everyone -
the sadness we are not alone brothers
of my frail, weak , human and sisters -
being - we are together
i got the idea, idea doomed to the planet's
but there is eating away of the self
only now and as it happens
no idea of it the the murders/we must endure
darkness of aloneness what we are
even as i seek the self in us all only.
us humans to make the


we can never
Menless they wander
to through themselves capture it again.
a railroad spike melody flowing lines
forms the voice of song cover the
of sorrow cover the
"horney" smell of
quiet pain
joy new
so many
each one
reading the message
of senses
(so pretty) message
whats to of anti-anti-anti-anti
is a tear of forever next door
ness outside the window
beyond the
"the rule 'vhen tfn- "plaid drapes that dance
together alone"
is moon lights
dead hands on a lovers nights
clock" flames of youth
cock for a moment breath inward
hot JAZZ
he said, blows
into the air

or fuck-making
or life-making
all the SAME
acro ss an empty
all is •...
womenless dong ding wild seeds not
is a hard chair
into a
time old paintings
to feel we
from some other time
know as "all" other space
crowd the noise
(i see the blood inside the finger, lip
thighs lips thighs lips and tomorrow . seeking
pass-ion in air an angry ment
song a tear f or love-making-
the fas t l evels of sens es)
so. for
chant to e a ch other
truth the silence
later in cold heat
j az z -making

first its like
Jim said in
"coast is clear
baby, fact
go - II called peace
going "i" "find" this "i" "find" here
stone to clay those
to who "do"
object "i" can, yes,
reach out (of myself") action word/peace-doing
& yin
touch yang
as TRANE point anywhere
does a motorcar
to embrace ( tho 1 there 1 s no"SPEED" only
flowers/love trans SEED
go ing of joy-strong
go inside men/women
to find made of zen food
simple joy in rice-richness
of listening

for George Jackson

and we were standing there at the

corner of the street
looking at the fine ass passing
(we call them sisters now
cause we feel the glow of the light
i say light
love between us is the reality the music
now we dance together

this human animal

(his type is called pig now cause his kind
roam the street looking for black gold/the
killers/or love

say he ok niggers up against the wall

i know ya got dope and i'm gonna put ya
under arrest

bang - and the sound of jazz went

forever out of the dead brothers
eyes his 17 years meat for the hunkie gun
he is George Jackson, Little Bobby

you me all the BROTHERS

yoo me
all the BROTHERS


we must let it be it self f low

1£ by the self a lone

all life see
r,,tr - \
it it ;s


for all these words before now floating through me~as rain
my dreaming of the perfect vision-these nordic lands are
£1 r J
can you love it can you see your own ma ~e 01 love
floating islands of despair-i see no light in their history
only a prize brought back from the wars-(with Denmark)!
*( ( ([{i-\(( +f
now a"quiet" drunken place filled with the maddening
roar of the white eyes violence. Can "i" "offer" anything here as strong as song we sing be cause we l ove you be cause
me from the far off planet Chicago.rapid light town dancing
in Amerikas bellie the "sleeping giant" of my longing race
0 to see heaven again in the eyes of black masses
dancing to the SUN music i am given
to create. may the brothers and all the people ., -·-·:. ..L
offer praise. offer praise offer praise - 1\ \ \ \ \4$ \
we love you be ca use we l ove you ---

BLACf.._ CAS!'
Volume II


beginning then the man
any child
approach it(the MTTSlC} mothers keeping efforts peace
as you would union with each other
beginning angel faces tender-joy
sunset or say youth/seeds human force light
the act of breathing( we see OM sounding
to give fractions peace visions
NATURALLY to the spirit the
People in Sorrow
as any fact of feeling light from heaven dismissed
as humor/our message not
yes! the song salvation
rather to offer tears
thing of meat-substance to GOD we say deeply OM -
call All the same beauty
of meeting yourself
destroyed timespace filled with war our
the song you are women children mad finally longing
the song you. people in sorrow here among these
early days of our offering
not mind o~ even this
body more the meeting to the people
of spirit-blood wind joy -our songsound human sorrow
a long clear melody tears .


offering self completely to what you
are all here not against One another not
even calling asunder sadness o my having seen them pictures
people o my people o my people o in the mind of them how the human
my GODS key to giving light love - is the cannibal the meat flesh eater
wanting not nor needing hating ALL that is warm as
what hell sends in shape in name the sun is as OM is as light .
in form spirit not needing finally here where ever we are
possible getting through to light to torment are people in sorrow we offer
to say move . ment to another place other than these the sound of the universal
great reality self in being the cosmic sound some say we say
People in Sorrow love seeking pure light what you
here ther e sorrow not reaching into are love you what y ou are song
what you are easy tool to make war the kill always an ode to t h e One source
of spirit not possible we sing of light the Life given for this
for the people t o the people sing we to love looking within looking
for love God OM of the song within looking within-seeing
for the people in sorrow people not chained into themselves
rather free as is intended as is
PEOPLE IN SORROW ALL natural life to return
giving each other
offered here up to great nothing love force .
being energy the song the song
song to bring joy to give
light all clear vision power
what we are OM the· people


we were fifteen

we were speaking of the revolution

and the idea of the one point
all the energies were soft and indeed warm
cause the hour slowly
closed in upon us
voice i just now feel this "pop" music
there is no tomorrow ·
mov1.ng through me 1 1.. k e "Swee t Mov1.e
. "
no now no yes nothing much really happening
except a kind of dull violence-
the gun, i thought was crimes against myself for listening
drinking fire water looking
not loaded at the blond open legs across
only a mock of the war from me.
let it be known
we looked into each others eyes this is a public place,with long placid
asking for the one reality between us skirts rich businessmen bumming
the belt cigarettes,like children,tho' we~l
was tight against my arm raised children always say please
and i knew that the smack was cut and mild if they will survive and thank you
"let me go first: he said sir.
but i
eyes became lights of bulbs, body turned am useless in this maze of pussy
colors(strange for a nigger) my eyes seek/run wildly to touch
blood "all there is"
simply dropped to the dirty floor what love i ask a distant poet
he began to throw up chicken must come of our changing form
and some kind of sour smelling why must we stay here in this place
soup of warm plastic waiting for new
wait, said .the other hardons and knm-m disaster
"we gotta do something" heaven on earth-bold mountains
blue night skies eating away my flesh. sweetly
greet me in that summer twilight like a silent movie.
one dead
the other jumped from a window
at cook county jail

play music.
remembering -

AACM HUSIC POI-.TER HOVE J'v!ENT to sav ca use fact s of cu lture
reaching inside the body of the pe ople everything we can do will lead the people
giving vo ice to their spi rit to offe r to see the light of themselves is
revela tion to revolution here then fo r ce ho l y truth not words to say i t
home li f e not f ine enough because (reader you must look read yourself to hear the
blood flows in the veins of good men HU SIC)AACH is about that then finally.joy.
women children all the sai nts holy "as if it were the seasons
fathers the monks g ive the mess age the life flows on
"tell the people t o s eek SELF " there we must let i t be itself
here thin g of importance-::VfUSIC teach flow on its own
love "wha t you are - black is beautiful " i t is self protected
word s t o cause a ware ness create by the self alone
then meaning fo r the people for ou rselves all life see i t
to bre a th as life does FREEDO'· ~ i t is song
FOR THE PLANET this the cry vibrate can you love it
on throu gh the uni v erse come a round agai n can yo u see your own
aga in to wher e we a re OH .ALL the masters made of love
of the world new order not only a s strong as song
possible now NECE SSARY yes cre ate
we sing because
STRONG men againwomen our sons
we love yo u
to sin g a nd wa r is on for peace fi n ally
because we
not death as given in t he super
market or say t. v . heros of AMERICA AND love you
THEREST OF THE WESTE~1 world losing because
we love
the race money ok He some c ome shouting
love others the gun baby burn burn yo u -
burn crude ideas for a crude effort theme song of a new breed to carry
the fake plastic piece of the a pple this message to all the people they learn
to love themselves yes no more the fear
AACMsay you musician you should dig of love of being what you already are
your people meaning see the shape things
are vibration a sound .
are in for ALL OF US get together
do some beautiful thin g about i t
all ALL not just talk action creates revolution AACMrnad for the feeling the world
in the MUSIC by looking to life want to save the American "dream"
see what you- yo ur peop l e a re about
(when we looked we smv they we r e about love the people as well as;happened long
not some plastic shit g i ve n by the great ago we not knowing why how only do song
buwho god doller -holler ing for it so)
hot effort to reach out to the people
we teach the poor child who loves
sound the ART of MUSIC as we see life the same
method as old simple as is time
from befo re the ea rt h the moon the SUN even 44
the children li sten a s they sing.
I Tell a story
of a man i know
coming from ST. Louie
Makes his home in ODAWALLA came through the people of the Sun
Portland man into the grey haze of the ghost worlds
vanished legions, crowding bread lines- the people
'cause he knows
it very groovy - of the Sun coated with green chalk
But he has to leave all kinds of warm light between them
ole Portland man destroyed for the silver queen of the ghost worlds
to fine the secret wild beast such as dogs gone mad and lechers-the wanderers
'cause Portland is ODAWALLA came through the people of the Sun
a beautiful place to warn them of the vanished legions
but you gotta pay and to teach them how they may increase their bounty
for the pleasure through the practice of the ~rum and silent gong
ah ah ah home, again in Portland (as taught by ODAWALLA)/was re alized
ah ah ah -having a happy time .
on seeing one another they transformed themselves into
one the har,d the other the left big toe of KAW ZlJ PAM
Now we fine this (the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of
brother everywhere QTJAN BTJ KA) thei:r purpose
from Paris to San Francisco to guide the people of the Sun as they sought knowledge of
tho' he play the great the door through the grey haze.
black music there
he wanta be home when SEKA saw the sound of the silent gong
in Portland - SEKA sought to transform itself into the right hand
Now i tell what he of ODAWALLA where COO BE Sll rested while waiting
gonna do - to move into the right big toe of KAW ZU ?AM
no matter \vhat is going {the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of
he's gonna get back QHAN BU KA) their purpose
in Portland man to guide the people of the Sun as they
gonna get back seek 'to leave, seek to leave, seek to leave, seek to leave
to Jamaica - the grey haze
ah ah ah home, again in Portland
ah ah ah - having a happy time.

~SIC.then the facts of our concern
all our loves ' and the life we
live in the sound of what we are light
brings us closer the sound
vision universal to unite everyone
inout of timespace love yes strong
only RIWJMBA remained to find the place of the meat feel ing a child or say lover or say
drum and silent gong saint or say animal or say
such knowledge would enable it to enter into the inner organs of no difference we create this world
the ne xt we are around piece of clay
(the one who creates the door through the passage on the hill of picked up in a green finger we say
anything and peace added covers
QUAN BU KA) their purpose
to guide the people of the STJN. the grey haze. everything again walking updown
steps a ladder clouds in France
bird sound natural sound to get the people
ODAWALLA vibrated the movement of CAM BE GUL 0 POITJ doing the work of their human
causing the silent gong to sound silent.the body whole. life not out there into nothing
\vhat we seek joy dancing f reely away
the grey haze Sun People drum the wood of the mind is movementII a mask
Silent gong---here now to protect nothing not even our
here now-between "selves"funny word used here there
grey haze Sun their eyes turn dark with love yes
People the song meat for against ALL causes
song controlled for love of it complete
shout up to heaven here we are GOD here
we are earth here we are universe
the feeling yes the songmovement ah,
love ah yes a hollering fullness
how even the trees grow - wind
rain breeze the ocean its bluegreen
light touch between the soft parts of
the sunspot books another way say
to get there where you me we are already
resting for the energy seeing .
one another is as ONE word spoken s~lent
meaning here hold this toe any kind of
"instrument"will do they
are all the sane same no keys
to open windows hearts do that.of their
own action the word little tak~ng
pushing burning incense cold food
yanging the master teaches only to touch
SELF all things equations brain washing ma g ic doing
the dirty ash trays as good as sound in the mind light rep~at light
of peein g yes off ~,;;rith the cover hand music
out candy say here take this name it wo rd used rarely meaning nothing
please name it ple ase make a word of for it s o und is everything this reading y our eye~ e ven suddenly
say calling only nothing LOVE the music is so old, our playing
no my faces wait now cracked glass of it comes from moments unknown to us
seeing those faces faces faces faces we are learning to see a little
muse is a woman come to the river giving li ght far away we say to each other it is not
away always her children apples f ar yet each knows the other waits
fruit of the earth they tell me stories there are no solos no me no you no yes no
there sound voices from the beginning n o (know)no how many worlds. "a concert
Moose the poet about jazz players and tight s ho uld be ...•.•••.•...........•••...• "
fat women sucking their fingers a d o ll him setting a BUDDHA enlightened
shot thehead of a lion the forest dead direct
air go to air go to air sing as passing the voicecool across
flags waving in the cross of some god noise ear encased leather saxophones theater
not Pan nor soundmovement of "Trane" o f blablabla commitmentsvia air
pure energy spirit ringing an A t o tune " ... • .. Bell ringing across the universe
the instrument to the instrument we and i joseph am among them ..•... "makers
Hre that only not heros dead are they we
of rain or noise same as the peace the church
are seeking light light light any church sound holy is this the heart of the
source will do the thing allow us to bardcollecti ve (ture) speaking always
de-part become action not seated ona the same did ya hear that did ya hear that did ya?
flat chair wall painted he s aid "black all over" question not nature listening
a terrible black motherfucke r painting ofa group a flowers the poet
dying. the vib rations me an mean mean mean simple minded using BIG shoe cherries
meaning yes LOVE . OM even go out there match the fire burns energy is all there
and get them (yourselves) up against the vTa ll "is all there ever was "no more the
me at flesh b lo od there yes blood matter bass at the bottom dancing gongs
h o t fire so u nd t h e ene rgy think of peace boom liver taking a bowel movement . to
the l ove i t cre a tes we create here say song again same heart peace no~
become not intellectuals nor even thinkers causing holding still wanting nothing
only the action the movement acti ,n
was ting a-way. relief at least one million
blackwhite bodies eating not air blood
each other sorrow joy c an we touch him
indian sound or EUROPE yet home way dovm

child of our uncharted microtones
thrown through the dawn the maze of
our need breath breath breath breath longing
breath breath breath breathbreath breath as she matures in Black America
what anything can do the critic an orange the Panther , paying homage to the people
see how it peels now big eating the torn with gun,television hero
factor involved normal flowing senses freaked gone to madness-
alas to freedom image word for lockedup seeking the answer ',
in myself rollerskates glass pop can we ....••.•..... endure
zorn thinking this is the way home to know
MOTHER,once freaked with acid
when to say what x-men
product of the "NEW FRONTIER"
becoming the maiden lonely,
wanting food water to keep from the fucking
Heroshimas' crime,the horror,insane
dope death given he made
visions for her child/locked forever
dot s for love given "in return" bulls hit I
in her womb.
they call we say OM each time is GOD
seeking the answer
all things get the point the message can we ...•••....... endure
not here is sound the feeling of sleep a
childs voice "come eat come eat"and we will
not hear ourselves to many longing
FATHER paints his nightmare,a black
sore of fear in technicolor
liking that take that no sun SUN
coated sorrow coated "i" forgive
SUN NUS(national unit silly-nession)home
a silver cup again - his youth,
a monk so what fly dong small the heart the bare facts of existence -
big as all life the same we hope pray 1
image,the black saint whom
even for your love please the spirit what Leroi calls "the heaviest spirit".
is given the meat of the feeling within I

without each other goddamn music power

I mighty one ALL gone to ground under the strong ERIKA
shout from time long ago no word only action after this America where humans
doing the thing happening ya we want wonder wandering - do peace movements l!
you.see this way plain truth ah word used too care I
much stop use action stop use meat her eyes,tender smile
get rid of ego get going to ego also a flower garden,all gentle
now right track no use use working together being must
come up breathing for love helping _each she
other the men - women among us to live endure visionless alone
freely how to make a world -detachment
now finally the revolution music
of love so help yourself the vanguarde "rise up "HARI OM " alone "rise up" hari OM alone "rise up"
comes home to you the light music power
to you then hari OM
ALL my people !
ALL POWER "rise up"

51 52

MARCH 8th 1975 Solos & Duets
University of Chicago's SG Presents


"exile is a state of mind that people get into in order I

to escape from the reality of themselves in the world of

These musics represent two distinct aspects of my being; the now - it is a safe place inside the mind full of
both being expressed through Music - "The Healing Force mostly lies and false visions that allow the being to I

of the Universe." think that it is free of the responsibility of living in

a world with all other living things."
I first became interested in Buddhist ideas 17 years ago;
this interest eventually led me to the Martial Arts. The second section is an Homage to a Beautiful Black Poet
My study of various arts finally brought me to Aikido -- named Henry Dumas (1934 - 1968)
The Way of Harmony with the Universal. The first section
of this concert is in Homage to the Hasters TJeshiba and
Tohei and to my teachers Mr. John Eley and Mr. Fumio Toyoda. "So up! you bursting lungs
you spirits of morning breath I
I thank them through music for the teaching.
up! and make fingers
and play long and play soft
Aikido - Film (excerpt) 1975 play ebony and play ivory
Suite - Four Basic Principles 1975
all my people who are keys and chords ••. ''
II A. Keep One Point ------- sopranino
B. Relax Completely ----- flute
C. Keep Weight Underside- soprano
Play Ebony Play Ivory (after H.D.) 1975
D. Extend Ki ----------- soprano
Suite (excerpt)
ERICKA - "Child of our uncharted microtones" 1975
so up! you bursting lungs ------- Bass & Bassoon
you spirits of morning breath --- Bass
up! --------- Bass & Alto Clarinet
Intermission and make fingers --------- Alto Clarinet
and play long and play soft ----- Bass & Bass Clarinet
play ebony play ivory --------- Bass Clarinet
In 1947, ten years after I was born, I became All my people who are keys and chords ---- Bass
extremely aware of being Black in America --
that was the beginning of my political involvement in i
the struggle for the liberation of my people and later
the realization that we must work to bring freedom
justice , equal1' ty , an d h app1ness
· to everyone. '


if we train (trane) for

realit¥; we mus.t f;i:x ourselves
~or t~e event. We are one
wit~ t~e universe,
... so - when we are
versed in total being we are
yin - we are yang - we are
hard we are soft.
we are karate we are Aikido
Perhaps it is now true
Meditation- that we cease to seek the one way - but my way
the destruction of our brothers - if full of cracks turns
through the conditioned thoughts Tho' i see - soft, sometimes
of selfishness,greed,lust,and war- hard -
that we seek within us to reach Tho' in every movement i
out of our self protecting self am o.n e point (in myself)
seeking egotism;to reach the universe
for the ever glowing light - when my mind - body
that the vampire of the hinde r are Aikido i am fluid
worlds and those who still motion,
seek to become them Also when my mind
suffer not the faith of body are karate i am
existence but merge fluid still motion,
into the strength of OM- ah! but the difference
that the beings of All hard intense
the worlds rejoice and fist foot,
offer prais e t o all the directed to destroy
mas t ers of the spirit to conquer, to make
and that they - continue to offer still. to finish
All being the glory of their single minded
Presence. ness - the ever
returning fist - of
no mind
yet, i am
smiling fearless
motion a simple
circle, turn out
of the way of
calm, praise
my .center,
the ~ enter,
55 56
say of it

it is the sound
Of the new
music of GOD
whenever and you
are right
you are asked
and/if you
it is are asked

say once more

it is say
it is
and you
are right
and •
if you are asked again
are r igh t


What s to say is no - thing is where we are now
If you feel your lone - ly look with in you --

1n a r.wr:~ 1E:r --
you will f '·1d your s~lf there .


Notes of interest while

having a drink in the Bosen's
she said of music(she had studied forty years)
"Beethoven,Rachmaninoff,Tchaikowsky" all those
funny Great names of
music-dig- 1ove ••i ll a bound you givE! a smile to he aven tt. lS with in you

he said"Charlie Parker ,Art Tatum,John Coltrane, A reth a II

she said(and this is true)'~igger

i want a divorce,cause you don't know
i Jjl j. \1 [ J l ) J 23
=-o whats to say thing just feel and feel you
nothing about music - i've
been to school -"

play some music said the barmaid, "something

r. \
we ' re 1n a maze
black and loud-and proud" life 'X'ot all pain

*the Bosen's locker is a

~: Jjj} {
just feel the wind as it is blo wing you'll un der s t and with out the know ing
very famous bar near 59th + Shattach in and see the sun as things ? : trow ing
Oakland California;
lata heavy soul hangs
out there, so if your in the bay area
J U4. U? t· d
lars Whats to say is no - thing --
of books and scho
check it out*

] ] J \It fj) 1
now in a maze tot ! her
we a re

its wa rm
,I fJ
a nd q ui e t
j .
\~ J
thats all
J J)thats to t whats more t o

including circles
say systems
motives - all my words common
as soil, rich earth

space we still wandering

"against all cause"
Music we come to you
wind into your our home
ear landscape of playgrounds
breathing deeply frozen
relaxing flowing
to this beautiful People, such animals pets
feeling for each other
spirit force style of a
hold your hand softly '.Je dead goat
I•• see a sheepskin
i peace skating
! through this dance beyond what lim.i ts
of complete unity our movement
of complete what i am creates
Music we come to you not void of "pointing fingers"
with humility rings glowing, as we (humans) say: "in the dark"
I with love
light the new breed cometh
upon fractured
II glass

match stick
red lines, running thataway
children still crying

I 62

~II 61
including circles "new music" - noise love
only simple/silence.
anywhere silent noise love sound
sugar slides (bland
free of air, clear somehow
photos) - for love; he said
even of America - OM
ash trays
love, lovers now so faraway through all the
"i remember being in Paris
years ago & this "writer" says to me

lost saxophones floating across sky
so close
nude frail
bounce back to us
dancers fading into twilight
our skin
ah! the bell ringing
erotic pale sweating eyes
feeling closer than mixed honey
somewhat abandoned can our hearts stand so much love, so much longing -
overcoat military style circles
again broken even in rain
beads remember and
softly hands
a pocket full of flowers
rebel tears gun shots in pillows
blood, water
the ice
including circles
the freezing water.

the obj e c t/ t hen LET THE MUSIC RING ACROSS ALL
f rom the source of all life- THE MIND ACROSS ALL THE SPIRIT ACROSS
f r om this we stern l a nd and know my brothers and sisters
must seek the thought that you are not alone
of spirits o f masters here on the planet are the voices
o f life that sing the life song of joy with
you as sunlight the energy force
go then/if you will create collective energy force
music lif e go can build anew that rich past futurethat is mans:
to that re generation of the soul
f ound in the land/of the pure- and beg that we are forgiven unto ourselves
it is within you as breath is the crimes we commit
as sound is as light is as among ourselves as we crawl tmvards the light
you yourself are and let us really pray to GOD(ourselves)
that we shall not take the
to include all the meat and bone sad offerings and homage of the madness
all the blood and jazz you make as it comes from the tired
in the mind the dream; faces fat with hate and lust for our death-
don't wait for the crowd to approve
it never will it is as the non-living \vha t we must do
matter - gone to nothing not sing sing sing sing sing sing sing
where we must go must begin must sing sing sing sing sing sing sing sing
a joyful
let them fall as any weightless thing does song.
not as the life giving rain on the soil
of this
stated consciousness your life

Return From Exile
feas tin g
dressed in red,green,BLACK,
Then we stop ridin on the booze peacef ul colors when there
and blood; ALL together
happy days gone to where they came from to place long ago BIRD after the fathers
myth given to chained minds to dis holy as they were hard luck given
o rder. We offer neH magic SMOOTH beauty out witting
you these old new prayers "the Best in the business"
Our HISTORY a .stioll on 63rd street in chicago-Harlem
will begin ending as far even
f -::-om "space walks" fu ture open to purify our SOULS.just
and moonscapes as "just knock down the wall between us
we will make possible LOVE each baby thats all ~•e have to do"
other as GODS. not becoming
"These cats was wait' n warriors we are that already the fight
under this pig sign see and these other inside to have strength to create LOVE.
cat s in they little beautiful black coats Liberation music" ... one of these days
come up and said; "BROTHERS y'all gona have to play
come from music to blow a
under that pig sign and stand over hundred thousand years
here in the HEART LIGHT of our of jive outa my head;
LOVE for you." and jack it just better
movement make it."
masses and masses of straw wigs we sing looking to ALL the past future masters
thrown in the to give us clear vision
light so strong where we start from finish start finish
destroying whole worlds of hate written starting.
next to war like this on a scroll

girlie shows plastic " she was only
13 year old freak and now i am dead "
REESE and the smooth ones come guilt eating bouncing black heads
strolling of really beautiful ("all of those people are")
down 63rd street in Chicago or say any one of those his mouth dralling it outa his skin bred
corners hip facts " -of a new breed " he don't meat fat sweating in the snow heat of
even wauna his lungs what his sons have given
get near that jive noise " i mean you knm.;r mechanics-THE GUN-and " i love ", sour
he said " yea, baby i sing too " children pee odors slowly floating up over the
dance in the vacant lot perfume, Piece to make Peace inside a
wandering fat legs placement all their me this noise drowned down wine whores
hollow language bland violence against all mouth nasty American cold cream tooth " paste "
that is hu mane. so another fact the gleaming blood and shit a garbage stink
song wondering am he not a revolutionary in a city of only decay garbage stink
cause he ain't got no (know) gun in his smiling norm smashing brain in waste
hands-right now-stage plays wherein sisters length hair dipped in blood-how many
their hands gently reacting to emptiness millions are there their one hundred two
embrace deadly brothers their shouts soft ten thousand million long coats any color
(to the point-it is there) in galactic tongues under gloves golden rings out of silent
NO! (KNOW) soil fingers rapping toward black Africa : (know) knowledge of it
light. NOW soon going fags FRENCH America waitin g-

construct transformation construct When there are brothers
we speak to them and
-DO NOT INCITE TO RIOT - INCITE TO sisters, the power of giving
wha t we are song
quietly-calmly directly (to the point) wandering here
universal energy black yea he said or other landscapes
god less seasons
Observe-poison is what the \vest our hope/love only -
would give us . yet -HE-the messenger
this message to Our Folks -Seek homeless sage - seer
" love what you are " in blood color these
hollow cities of Europe-
These songs then to offer you your thus our presence our wanton
TRUTH of having what you are desire to return to history
GREAT BLACK MUSIC a nigger/slave/ship-
your light,sound & being upon which occurs
TOGETHER revolution
we free together- speaker out of clouds
out of heaven
out of LOVE- even

motherland of
all black gold - her children
intensify the struggle,he said, seize the time. holding magic in their thighs
going forward we see loins breeding heros
All eyes on even as the master (ONEGOD) watches
Not the crimes (listen to the voice of GOD inside of you)
against the poor how and he speaks to them
they've tried to saying
keep them in sin ; rather - INTENSIFY THE STRUGGLE
against ALL that is beautiful SEIZE THE TIME -
in this universe and the next while
following to include the one after and after Amus Mox- called us-
where these words songs find " The marching troops of Kenya "
themselves ourselves-ONE and we joined the mau-mau
Powerful OM to cut honkie throats, kill
What we tell their children and claim
about AMERICA the soil-
about FRANCE it was a love movement
about ENGLAND seeking peace -
about ALL of EUROPE


l 73
I seek new sounds KEY TO BBBB BLACK FREE Tl:-lEATKE
because new sounds
seek me "THE DREAK" a two-act "Flay" vJritten ;:md directed
Why, please tell me by Nuhal with the AACM Players
must i limit myself W??? • , tlliTHOD
to a saxophone or clarinet! reach cown deep insj_dE of what you are
All the rhythm of All and bring up the reality of
the universe is flowing the "part n - you don't need the
through me - through all "trair,ingn of the "actor"; you neeG. the training
things, why must i become of yourself, what yon are already -· that IS enc,ugh.
"a master" - of anything HO~' TO ACT IN EACH "SCEl\1 E :

when all sound all movement don't "act" at all become yourself out
springs from the same of your life and G.o the scene~ the reality
breath. it is my choice of it, as it is the facts of your life
to remain the unknowing are the only theatre needed.
child - to know not if
its good or bad - this music! ACT I
i shout as the infant SCENE 1. party scene ~
does for life only - now who among us have not been to one of our parties?
not prize nor praise - i mean a sho'nuff, get down BLACK NlGGER party?
who is that mechanical man ok for this "scene" in the "play"
who cries he's true, yet doesn't go back to any one of those parties
notice the cold wind do the living of it - thus we've lived
warming the ice! it now we can give it to everyone via Theatre.
i see in the photo nothing called a "part" need be
a vengeance written because we already know t h e " part " don't "play" it
this is a warriors sound live, live, live,
its soul wandering no more LIVE IT and because we're in the middle of a stage
in this 20th century, brother we '11 call our party II t h eatre II -
homing, to its cause
Gong! to haven heaven
in concert more than sand
"Oh you beautiful, beautiful
thing" this is what i say
to the sky -
as it offers praise to God.
I seek the drunkeness
of freedom, my movement
is the mo vement of eternity

SCENE 2. Night Club scene
We are all musicians so the set will have to do SCENE 5. Jam session -
just play wild joy music and sound -
naturally with how and what the old
turn on to the music
musicians did and do at the night club
and make beautiful love and sc re am
laugh loud like niggers loud for the power -
must do and shout out for the cat s
t he joy music yes!
to play the music
offer them the high, the women
the reality of their lives the music
let them play and sing.
(but because we're ad libbing and con structing a "play"
we must make references to the f u ture of our joy
the "playing" the DREAM object
o f our action make sure to talk
ab out t he session becaus e it wi l l offer a way for
the "play" carry itself thro ugh) but be at the night club,
a l l ow the love that we
give to our musicians t o flow and return
because we're in a "play" makes no
difference ~ the meeting of the "actors"
note and accidental (she the animal in
a yellow wig she wants to castrate the note
to make him a nothing thing - as many
yellow wigs have done to many musicians in the past.)

SCENE 3. Visit to rock and roll Krhythm and blues) band

same as above

SCENE 4. Love scene

now we get into another level of "theatre" we will not
allow them the facts we' 11 laugh and "act"
like the non-lovers of the AMERICAN
WORLD not the Beautiful BLACK world LOVE
that WE HAVE YES but the HUMOR OF that
sham teaching of what love "should be".
(the wig feeds the note and forces him (above: scene fro m Muhal Richard Abrams play
to agree to marry her/him/the bitch fag -
the WIG dir t y and yellow symbol of lust - PLATU - a four hour VISION·MENT
are unreal to anything that IS.
Performed in Chicago by AACM players 1972 at
Hyde Park Art Center)

SCENE 1. Wedding reception - SCENE 4. The Dream - (I)
True BLACK weddings are FESTIVALS we use a black and white stroh light with the note
GATHERINGS OF THE TRIBES tied in chains and rope; reaching for his HORN
but we here "in this play" will his LIFE FORCE his BLOOD - while
not give the gathering; we will give accidental in rags and animalmask picks
the image give what we've been taught? the HORN up and walks away with it - leaving
by the american culture ? we will make it note in the pain of his wig-his WIG HELL.
the sterile facts of a setting together
of images not the facts of love between SCENE 5. Discourse between note and line
us. in strict time in white face in (another Great Black musician)
the bull-shit way of the myth. note goes to the brother for help and
guidance where brother gives him oversize pill
SCENE 2. Night Club scene: to help him sleep and get away from
closing with the sister talking with the note the dream, the REALITY, the WIG FACTS -
(classic example of a brother trying to make the Great Black Music) but there is the fear of no returning.
to express the LOVE that she has for the brother;
who has - after he has married SCENE 6. THE DREAM (II) - a wild feast of sound and non-love
the WIG the consequences of the wig
(classic example of a sister trying white american values) 100 monsters and demons shout and eat
fallen to the horror state of non-reality. the flesh of the note, the sound, the
he soon realizes his MISTAKE- life no returning from the WIG, the note is dead.
the WIG, THE WIG. (at the end the cast breaks out into a loud laughter,
tho it's not funny or rather is
SCENE 3. note and accidental(another Great Black musician) because NOW WE SEE THE FACTS OF OURSELVES
in argument - WE ARE FREE TO DO AS ~TE PLEASE -) .
to show how we've been fighting BEFORE
the facts of our BEAUTY were realized.
(the fight had more to do with the fight
between materialism and the spiritual reality
that we as musicians and a people have began
sham of t.v., big non-functional cars, fur coats, wigs, etc.

Note: The "DREAM" was performed by the AACM players

at South Side Hull House - 1968

79 80
here piece of hope
Bridge piece among us the piece
can we go for only nothing
my friend together noise to classic
cross silence
another sky to call our bodies
it to ourselves bring them to
this noise some light
call it sound to bridge as
us all is the one,two, too
to ourselves the other shore
a music of use called we go
movement move. men t now
between spaces light show mind
spheres ourselves to sounding of bells
to bridge this or not here
the flow(as it flows) hear voice
into nothing , to later
god of inward replace self
bridge -(movement) self to bridge it.
a flash to sound ing whatever only same thing
planets of light nothing has to pass
move ment sound "fast levels of
is how to transform senses"

81 82
is i t
movement body
here not yet now
lay prone to used
possible to
action to use
remember/what i am
as the bridge,here so many facts in
to there the heart of it
to no where is it
come,my friend fact this war
the hand-heart only on ourselves
to bridge it here \ve play
sound lose loss of t he game of self
nothing going through deceit so well
all stopping only that same
noise for keeps small
to move out \vestern fact
where daily pushed in
we are our eyes
bridge piece ego mania
part one of the american
All this ~ow myth of doing-
calling to. is i t
all -Nothing possible
only love only to say it
the Bridge piece the moment of now

this finality
yes- of this form/being
holding to cast it
not repeating aside the war
here hearing against peace
sound-movement against love
linking-link how is it
to moon earth sign that my "dynamic"
hear voice he said black brothers
of God sisters
and now hearing within see not even the nothing
movement of the sham
word calling how they play right
stop war not the cause into the white mans hands
stop cause not war how now to use the
crime to silence games he has given
bridge love work his own
movement that they know nothing of
hard against nothing only
the head here the blood
hear only of fire is not enough
here when they cannot understand
continuing only all- the methods
of what we "we"are
here underground to

help bring the BLACK POWER!
change the change change with out real meaning for them/us as
as they turn on us we bargain for the pot or other dopes of the real senses
the fruit of their wombs that keep us attached to them like blood food the strength we
to cast us lik e the have need of the
christens we mus t appear set the pace on the
i n t o the pit front line
the lions -greed poo r desire if ya wanta do something stop talking so
a nd what can we say to them much my friend and
t hat t hey will ever hear turn on the flame of
war do it do it if ya got the balls to do it
as they are among the dead/they cannot see/not even the sun shining
in their eyes on on burn burn the cross of
our eyes as we look for the toilet
the body that they have learned to un learn to
hate it the thing of on the back seat of the bus
the meat niggers,niggers/tell me wha t it is
is it possib le
to talk of the war in our yards
rooms the rats can you look at your black skin
your black self if you got one
eating away childs play or food and then do it it is
more "game"
& even t he acid is no good for us say do it yes
if we are so cold as the beast we go sing-
claim to fight the the sound the music it is fire.
whole damn country

Reality Source - MUSIC THEATRE
tool for us tc use to get rid of ALL/
the false images that have
been put before us,used against us
to make us forget (our/the SELF)
the important facts about/who
we are
approach it(the WJSIC) spirit
as you would wonderful
a internal force-movement th3t keeps us (ALL)
sunset or say going
the act of breathing/ towards what we are/theatre then to OPEN
us up to the sense
NATURALLY of eternal
as any fact of feeling the facts we've gotten away from-
yes! the song intense to burn heat into us
-to burn love into our bones the
thing of meat-substance island of the heart to force it OPEN
with LIGHT/THEATRE use any
of meeting yourself "color" needed or image;to say it:
how beautiful it FEELS
the song you are to b~ what we are
the song you. and if we need direction;
a finger pointing the way into ourselves read
not mind or even the facts of Amos Tutuola,
body more the meeting any of his work will do-
of spirit-blood wind joy -our songsound to tell us-show us the
way, the real ity-yes!of where we've been,
LOVE - (he's an eye song.he sings of
what can be seen,felt-eaten
like good greens and
bread- the feeling,that)
The Palm- Wine Drinkard" ,My Life in the Bush of Ghost s ";

" The Feather \\oman of the J ungle"
" titles" - he gives us FACTS,the ton es o f a beautiful if y ou h a ven't done s o read - READ
real i t y/a mind=spir it that we all must if you h a ve;read i t aga in,yes - ge t
finall yUSE/to get us int o ou r - in t o the ligh t of i t(yourself ;where
selves yo u' ve b een )
GO OUT OF THE PLASTlC FOR A \,THI L E real i ze theatre again clothed in
COME UP BREAT HING 1-.i HAT the skin o f futur e -p as t to make us ALL
YOUUUUU UUUUUU UUU UUUUUUUUUUUUUU IS familiar with wha t we are/add the dawn
~~AAAA~ H HH H HHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! !!!!!!!! sound o f sp irit and the ins e ns e of
- SONG ! love to CREATE our own h is to r y -
ri ght now -
f l esh t r ansfo r ned i nto bo n e, to open
t o h ave t h "FEAR" that \-Je 've b e en taught us
MAS HED o u t o r s ay turned t o tiger skin ALL
as we begi n to s me ll another
o d or of LOVE for the s trong idea of what up to the facts of whe r e we
a huma n be in g is/ spir i t every t hing (america)is and where we
h oly HOLY -wh a t we must make o f thi s ac t i on ( )
the motives of bro therhood to are are the li ght-
love t o b e peace a ll f ound from wi t h in home to it and get started-DIG YOURSELF)-yes!,
the l i mit s of wh a t we are;and don t t leave out anything- any
WHAT WE ARE IS WIT HOUT LIMITS - theatre t o kick d own thin g y ou feel is
the IS
walls f a c t th ea tre use it to smash all lies/
o~ o u r own c r e ation;th o 'we c ould easily t o ope n us up to s ome t r uth some
f 1nd the fool -wh o wo uld s ay fac t s yes - bi tter rich old smelly
or t e l l ~ in a ll y wh a ts ca lled tru t h/ come so far away fr om(ourselv es) repeat over
a nd ove r
to grow lnt o wh a t i s a lready t here t o
t hrow ~own the k ~ y ~ o f my th,open up the above ALL BE the ma n o r woman that cre a t e s
h ea r t m1nd-s o undvlS1on;what the ACT is ALL t hings - fac ts-FACE IT -
listen t o the mu s i c of Tibet,hea r al l the s ound
a l l a bout a bou t truth o r th e lies n o
ma tter WE NO\.J CHOOSE t o do a s we
listen:to yourself hear he ar all the s oun d
ple ase a bit o f pain to cover t he my t h
i t is a way a path t o the li ght /
o f EGO bullshit 'to take t h a t th
out of itself ' gi ve lt · .
1 1ght - l my
e t t he GOD
o f LIGHT flow through t h eatre
through what you n at u ra l l
dream- maker . of so u nd o f OMY a re al rea dy /
eve n.

91 92
yourSELF ALWAYS THAT/THE FACT- see music theatre as simply another key
all that you can do to lead to expression,as any STRONG
your (self)to your (self)/do it. art-it should close timespace completely off,
LEAVE be come a web to keep the
eye s of those who w1ll . never " un d erstan d"
the war to those who NEED that/what we need,we all
need is to get it (the SELF)together and allow it away -from its visions.It has as
to protect itself yes indeed!and believe brothers it s f uel the facts of l ovespa c e
and sisters i t will. c r e ative \v ill, used by a ny who
see fit t o e x tend th ems elve s into the light of
re a l ity so urc e : ( s o undv i sion) music the a tre
TO HOLLER like damn mad fools
(some will say) and we mean to sing mus i c the a tr e
about the WHOLE thing the idea NOW .C..S BLACK/ AJ.\ID \.JILD AS IT CAJ.\1 BE -
create theatre to add to our vision
to create clear sound not it's
"meaning+-leave that to the
II• - -
lntellectuals"and get to the meat of the
youth and old aged open up into ONE
t~e rich beautiful angel of black l~ve
-lf we take off our clothes
1. t " means " to show-not the ski.n rather
past myth beautiful beauty of
where we've been the ROOTS of our
flowing through the manifestation
o f here and now that the body
is a tool as the mind is as the arm is
as the eye is as the breath is
. the sex organ is as the mUSlC .
lS as any other instrument is
and allow the force to flow
through all of h t
those who fear the me:tab we have-the energy of light.
"own"EGOS "11 1 , one and their
Wl eave the room
(by their"own" choice) .
tied to "· " ,] azz song no longer
Jazz song · f
of light/m~st be use~sa~o:uc~ie agent
gl ve up all the cove rings of
theory "f ace the music and
use the ener gy to DANCE
get through to th ~
k n ow as \ve go that we are not e -~,acts • 94
a l one EVER.
Non-cognitive aspects o~ t~e C~ty
where Roy J's prophec~es become
the causes of ch~ldren II
Could have spirits among stones
once quiet black blocks of stone uppity the force of becoming
encasements(of regularity what art was made to return
the vainness of our pipes, smoking
sweet now near fountains, the church pronouncing
intellectual dada the hell/ of where we are
of vain landscapes
the city Could have spirits among stones
uppity the force of becoming
long history what art was made to return
upheaval the vainness of our pipes, smoking
the heath valueless in its norm near fountains, the church pronouncing
now/gravestone or 'gingercakes the hell/of ,.,here we are
the frail feel of winter's wanting
crying to leaves they wander
seeing the capital vision couldhavespiritsamongstonesuppitytheforceof
dada becomingwhatartwasmadetoreturnthevainnessof
new word out of the twenties of chaos ourpipes,smokingnearfountains,thechurchpro
returned in the suntan jqr nouncing
fruits o( education/with others the hell
of where we are
non-cognitive ·- these motions
embracing sidewalk heroes
the city each his own
where no one is more alone than any other
mo an, ~t
• ' s the hip plea for see me
see me, i exist
exit the tenderness for power/black or white
no difference now/the power/city

The constant fact, what is seen
III felt, more and more, the outer
quiet city world seeking always to destroy
wanting each to stop the/pain what is beautiful. "There are
it must be done - expresso people doing things to affect
old fashioned sheet about boy thighs you that you 1 11 never see 1J
what Ornette said is true.
war-their homeliness
Fear is the feeling, "all shook up",
L conunon tools
that the "enemy" always gives,
the knife and gun and with it - his whole life
castration in store
becomes a miserable failure.
the tarred spotlight against Malachi said to me, "We 1 re
what hope we have preaching FREEDOM, whether we
like it or not." and i understood
non-cognitive exactly what he meant.
these elements of how The music is so strong, so
no more clear, really - so pure and beautiful
but it is a music also of horror
shall it be bettec "whether we like it or not" and it is
the passion of other saints a music of liberation. Anyone
ungodly hearing the music must ·come
shall poison drinking hoodlum talk face to face with himself and
everything he does with his
to describe the callousness life. The music forces him to
of these penny fares do it; and we, as musicians
among/my friends they say they are playing it, often are driven to
the hair torches fits of rage because we cannot
eggs for these deaths "understand" the music we play -
internal zones of where they go we can only feel the great
where they-come from power of it. We say that
(in the language of the street) THAT power is energy Love God
internal ~ic power. but we understand
these states on planes that the words have no
farout as what these lives become meaning. They are not the
thoughts words of the Music Sound but are
final last work there words of only a cruder, more
spots for treason empty language. But in trying
last word to say something about the LIFE,
non-cognitive how the music affects it. A friend

wrote, in a letter to me that When a man tries to stand up
had to do with "news from the home many people are willing to help
front", that i must "KEEP THE him, but there are many more
BODY CLEAN"; for the life of the who want to stop him, because
Music. This is a difficult task, they think, if that man is able
but we try, and to "Keep the body clean" to stand up he will knock me
also means the mind and the spirit. down. But, this is not the case with
the Body means the complete unit of AACM GREAT BLACK MUSIC POWER
life that the individual is encased MOVEMENT. We want only to have
in. Tho' we try, with every means equal right to sing a great
afforded us, to keep fit for the music, just as other men, (all
deliverance of the MUSIC, we are simple for whom we have great respect) are
men, being simple men we allow allowed to do. We understand that
other sharper men to use us in the music we play is difficult for
many ways that we don't even many to hear, but we also understand
that many other people want and
know about, because we need to
need to hear it, not to start riots
be able to trust people, and love them, or wars but to see something in
and sing for them the great song their own individual lives. So
of the spirit.
the AACM has missions or agents
But many of the people who say or simply musicians playing in
they are closest to us many places where the music
are the very people that are the only would not be heard, ever, if
enemy worse than the enemy that AACM hadn't just got together
we each already have in us. i.e. and gone out into the wilderness.
the ego self image. The True Knowing that one way or another men
Self is the only real positive fac.t will try to kill them dead because
that we have with us, that goes for · the power music of peace within
anyone, but often we allow the tricks love liberation through SELF seeking
of the world to stop us from is just out right too. much to
seeing whats happening because put into a little box and push into
we want to care about this or the corner.
that and want to see peace here
and there and want men to
love one another as equal brothers
Thus we unite, say AACM
and we act; To make our dreams

for Anne

We are the same

she said"when more

i make

LOVE forms
as the women
to her i
ne xt table across
as One
(they are lovers-yes)
with myself:' "and
your near each
music others hearts-heads
is like Free

that for me of me as
a One i
watch their
soft warm
Anne thighs together
you sit

across the table

from me ,

tho' not

just like that

101 1 02
like a
"from the morning
of the world "
our songs
must contain ya' 11 betterbe
ALL careful 'cause
of life, ya' 11 making me
Blacker and Blacker;
cry out and praise
when i see those young
the land bad-Bad Bad Brothers
the heavens,all things fly hat even and
those hip Black talks
the song
on the corner or Air
must return ports everybody cool
to that reality sliding through the
-very near to us- honkey world and
without desire- don't let me even
get started
on the feeling of
To hear all them bad Bad Bad
listen sisters 'cause they
yes to the wind make me so proud
the air sound to just SEE them
To hear i mean after all
listen to your toe my white sheet
there too is heard the grand sound wetting and white
near the sea shore face betting the people
& to people Black love me learning
always people what "i" are-is i mean
hear it - thus
and return it to
yourself all creation

sings through you -

touching that body
we long to keep apart
among ourselves
fragment of a pQem with their voices
rin gin g as bell s do
in a hollowed cave
And yes, of a street
we standing there; as our/my - joy
in the window becomes a song
smoking pot seeing of them their
black girls (we eyes steel
call them sisters 3ons they bore
now) generations
passing beneath now,with us as
a stained glass, blackstone rangers
cutting mothers
above what underground
a blueshouse was (in those throats as they
were born
early days) children despairing
and we saw them
among themselves
whores of capitol price;of necessity
when indiana ave. in chicago,
passage to heaven,the
of our sensing senses
the el
they stood and bartered me
a price
for whats called
My life
a wandering i 'm the one with the
made of song- mota city sound
other facts of feeling the "soul""of Black folks"
rings through my noisy
each of you horn.i'm learning to
love you Black Brother
and Sister just for what
so clear, is my, yes,
love for you you are.understand;
each of you what understand what
Thulani said 'bout us
your hair does to
needing tender between
the beard, eyes go
us. joy and love feeling
willingly with me
to kill out the honkey
to see dawn or twilight same mind/we call education
of smiles how you, each of you, today/not tomorrow
reach out, and whenever i is revolution date
kiss a star, even in
time place/i mean
rows of warmth tickle
i even understand
the ear - whats more - what Freds'thang was
only rivers i /past/about love
on oar feeling the muscle pull tighter he say
tight-er, then
"i got soul"
the strength like James Brown and
of one hundred billion million
it gone - trillion other niggers
he said "forever will /soon.

-into the air"-

Dream. Sunday J an. 5 i n the afternoon between 12 and 1:30 PM
men of al l whit e races. They force us next to the fenc e of the
(i see myself)
school yard. i grab one by the shirt. but do not hit him i look
f 'm in th e storefront of the old house at 720 W. Scott St, Chicago .
at his face it is young and stupid and stone like. in the
(we lived there several years 1948-1959)
distance i see a large man who has a police looking hat and
A woma n , (whom i do not know, is in the role of my grandmother-
shirt on. i say everything is cool because here are the police.
she's leavi ng and asks me to stay and watch things - the place
he is not a police man. my uncle has turned his back to
is full o f black men, friends, i feel, of mine but i do not know
everyone and is crying with his head d,own. The police looking
them. Kathy Slade passes and one of the men who is nude ·says
man hits him lightly. i lightly hit the man in his chest.
"that sure is a fine sister there. i look. as she passes the open
another man with a lot of slime in his mouth spits it slowly in
door she l ooks in . i recognize her and go out to say hello. my uncle's direction i hit at this man another man in front of
it's getting dark. i look at her ass and then i walk up to her me is lighting matches to throw in my eyes. i "block" the
and say hello. She has fallen earlier and shows me the bruises matches finally he throws one in the center of my shoe and
on her le f t leg. she wears a dress that is one piece open in the it starts to burn i lift my foot to put out the fire the men all
f ront, fo l ded across the body and tucked or tied with a belt. start to fade into a mist fog . i a waken. i awaken angry. and
The nude man is following. we start to cross the street but feeling bad fr om a hangover.
t h e re i s too much water and debris, so we continue. We near the
ol d scho ols main entrance, are very close as if kissing . we our
bodies are talk in ~ . the nude man s uddenly has clothes on, he
approaches and te l l he r he wan ts t o f u c k h er. s h e s ays no . we walk
on down the street. we s top at the edge of the school and sit down.
two police cars are on the sidewalk like this we sit wher e
the x is. the nude man continues to ask for pussy . Kathy
then seems very angry pulls off her underwear and throws open
her legs and says "here take it" i pick up the underwear and
put them in my back pocket. they are made of thin black lace. The
nude man just freezes like stone. with his hand reaching for his
dick. they are both now like stone. i look down the school yard
to my left and see my uncle Preston walking across the yard. i
call to him. he sees me and says hello. we start to walk
suddenly there is a huge truck loaded with pop. he wants to take
it· The workers of the truck come from where the police cars
were/they are all white and look "Polish". one of them says "i
knew those boys were going to steal our pop." "what you boys
think you doing' i 'm not going to load that crates after you took
t~em. off - at, his calling us boys my uncle start s to go af te r
h~m ~ say don t fight them. suddenly the yard i s f ull of whit e

Th is music is heal ing as it flows
through us, hea l ing our spirits, healing
the s p i r it of the people who listen I need to s ay fin ally thank you to everyone who has he lped
Thi s is the fee l i n g and visions me re alize th i s book. There were so many people involved
we see in the e yes and h earts of i co uldn't possibly write e a ch name ; but Carmel Hubbell did
nearly ever yone we come i n contact a l ot of proofing and typing -, Hans, our printer, i s really an
with. i am a l wa y s amazed at the angel in disguise an d the members of the Ar t Ensemble gave
scope and dep t h o f feeling those who me much needed support when i had said " ........ ". So special
und e rst and our e f forts are in themselves th anks to them all.
capa b l e of projecting into our
I t ook all the photos e xcep t t he one of George Jackson; poet
c ollec tive musical mind force . Mind- Thulani Nkabinde al l owed me to use it, and the one of me that
f o r ce controls the total event bring Ji m Richie took.
a ll p o sitive/negative energy through
the va riou~ too l s of sound source. We The"music - words" tha t have been recorded are:
became transmitters of sound light
color and tone vibration blend into As If It Were t he Se a s ons - De lmark
an endless spiral ascending to infinity Wha ts t o Say - Atlan ti c
often the motion moves so · Non-Co gniti ve Aspects - Delmar k
quickly sound movement color stands still I n cluding Ci r cles - De l mark
looking back at us laughing our Peop l e in Sorrow (musi c on ly) - Nessa
bodies no longer our own rather Re ese - BYG
a body moves into a space we entered Odwalla - Atlan t ic
into a stage or platform becomes mobile Erika - BYG
twi sting the physical body of the space Erika (mus ic only) - De l mark
into a dimension where creator created
creation communicate without distance
between any of the elements. much like
religious experience or the reality
of the creation of the world universe here.

This music is healing shadows healing tongues "May there be peace and love and perfection
as well as bodies. for example. The energies throughout all creation - 0 God"
both plus and minus that we use on - J. Coltrane
everyday affairs become super charged
m~sses of life force mind that force us
(~f we play or listen to this music}
to practice concentrated self control
not realizing the passing of time nor
space. Only when the lineage moves
beyond our listening or playing strength
d~ we realize we've been moved through
~~me space spirit mind energy. often 112
1ts e xhaus t ing of t en ela t i ng - heal i n g

lonely child

r l t C

lone ly child why de you sit there Joo ~g at t he sun long ing ly

l ( I J-( r \JJL\
dent you k n ow that it be longs to

r {
-- --. ....-...--
the so'f'" rit 0\ all your fath ers
and all your mo ther'

~ ~ _g
\\ j \ \
\ x \
' X
gave it to you. do not

- ....-
fear lone ly child
.!. ~ ~-
-\ \ i l ( ~ (
while you grow a lit tle like the fJ ow ers you play in

J j
feel the beau tx of the sun
s f?t l f
on you lone ly child

t:t t t \\X I
you willfknow all and the sun are one .

I• J :!
know now you
l l ! :\\
are free

I '