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The Most With a historic $1 million allocated to 96 schools across Canada, 2019 was the
most impactful year in MusiCounts’ history. Our instrument grant regional
THE Schools Ever reach was able to expand dramatically, with more schools supported in Atlantic
Canada and the Territories than ever before.
Music education in Canada is
acutely underfunded, so many
children aren’t able to experience
the incredible possibilities that

music can bring. The demand for
our programs consistently exceeds
MusiCounts is the national music the support we are able to offer.
education charity associated with In 2019 MusiCounts could only
the JUNO Awards. MusiCounts support 1 in 5 schools that asked
believes music adds possibilities for our help, and that gap continues

for youth, and that all children to grow.
should have access to music Supported

education in their school or

WHAT Together, we can help close the gap

and ensure all kids across Canada
have access to musical instruments
MusiCounts provides instrument in their school or community. Visit
Instrument Funds
grants to schools and community musicounts.ca/donate to make a Requested Vs. Awarded
organizations across Canada, and donation now.
celebrates musical excellence

through awards and scholarships.

Every dollar can help MusiCounts

There are many well-researched

support a youth music program.
Whether you can give $1 or $1000,
Applicant Schools Supported: 1 in 5
benefits of music education. Music you can help put instruments into
education increases language the hands of kids who need them
proficiency, self-confidence, bridges
cultural gaps and results in higher
The Most Even with this exciting $1 million allocation, the gap between the schools we
are able to support and the schools we have to turn away continues to grow at
student scores on science, math Schools Ever an alarming pace. It’s clear that school music programs are in need now more
and English exams. A 2013 study than ever before.
concluded that it only takes one DONATE NOW Declined
hour a week of music education to MUSICOUNTS.CA/DONATE
make permanent and positive
changes to the brain functions
of children.
MUSIC ADDS POSSIBILITIES At MusiCounts, we know that music adds possibilities for youth.

“ Music education develops self-confidence, self-esteem, promotes
self-expression and bridges cultural gaps. It's important and valuable to
“ With the new instruments from MusiCounts, our students have a
chance to learn music, work as a team, and hold instruments for the first
instill a love for music in children. Having instruments provided by time. They are exposed to music that can help them regulate and heal. We
MusiCounts gives our community's youth the opportunity to develop and use music for mindfulness, meditation and calming. They may even
” discover a hidden passion or talent because of the Band Aid Program.

Brenda Major, Golden Prairie Arts Council in Carman, MB Brynae Bishop, Children's Village School in Calgary, AB
2019 MusiCounts TD Community Music Program recipient 2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient

“ On a deeper level, your grant has confirmed for the students what
coming together as a community can do. It’s a really special thing to see
“ The severely cold weather we experience in the winter months means
weeks of indoor recesses for Yellowknife students. However one positive
how careful the students are with ‘our’ instruments. Having beautiful, element of the MusiCounts funding is that interested students can now
quality instruments has allowed me to teach students how to care for our come down to the band and music rooms during indoor recesses and lunch
things. It also shows the students that they matter, and that they are hours to practice and compose on instruments that work. MusiCounts

worthy of beautiful things too. changed the band experience from one of frustration to a place of musical

inspiration for our students.
Liz Paton, Blake Street Public School in Toronto, ON
2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient Stephen Richardson, École St. Joseph School in Yellowknife, NT
2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient

“ The drums we received from MusiCounts have helped in teaching
students a vocabulary around feeling. The drum becomes a place where
they can play something, rather than needing to say something. Other kids
will show their empathy by playing these sounds and rhythms back to

Maureen Misura, Spitzee School in High River, AB
2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient

“ Being able to offer music programming in our school and community is
the beginning of bringing generations together in music education. Having
these new fiddles will revive our youth in our traditional cultures, and give
them the opportunity to learn from our elders.

Eliza Mary Doyle, Cultural Exchange Society in Regina, SK
2019 MusiCounts TD Community Music Program recipient

MusiCounts The MusiCounts Band Aid Program provides up to $15,000 worth of MusiCounts The MusiCounts Scholarship Program gives aspiring professionals in the
musical instruments and equipment to in-need school music programs to areas of music performance, music business or music production the
Band Aid ensure their continued success and sustained growth. Scholarship connections, skills and resources needed to get a jump-start on their career
in music.
Program $1,000,000 worth of musical instruments donated Program
6 recipients
96 schools supported Presented in part by the
RBC Foundation and Indspire $4,000 scholarship for each
17,000 students impacted in 2019
5 Day mentorship week in Toronto
20 sessions and workshops
30 music industry professionals as mentors
TD Community
The MusiCounts TD Community Music Program provides up to $25,000
in musical instruments and equipment to community centres,
after-school programs and other community non-profit organizations.
“ Mentorship Week helped me realize that there are
so many more aspects of the music industry that I am interested in than I'd
previously thought. Radio production, sync and licensing, music curation ...

Music Program
These instrument grants can help existing music programs, or help
organizations start a new music program.
They're all avenues that I could take based on my own strengths.

$500,000 worth of musical instruments donated
Nathalie Parent, MacEwan University
2019 MusiCounts Scholarship Recipient

37 community organizations supported

7,000 young people impacted in 2019 MusiCounts Awarded to someone who has had an extraordinary impact on MusiCounts
& music education.
Inspired Minds
Ambassador Gord Bamford (2019-20)

MusiCounts Kim Hastings Award “ The greatest thing I get to do is interact with children and try to make a
difference in their lives... I’m honoured to be able to support such incredible
Pioneer Middle School, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta organizations like MusiCounts that help children and youth all across

Presented by the Canadian
Teacher of the 2019 MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Scholarship Trust Foundation Canada.
Gord Bamford
Year Award Each year, the MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award recognizes and
honours one exceptional Canadian music teacher.
Stephen Stohn & Linda Schuyler (2018-19)
“ Music is what makes us human; it's so important for kids to be involved
with music for that reason. Everyone deserves an opportunity to “ Our giving has been very much centered around education, particularly
music education. We believe that we can do our little bit to help the youth
experience it …

Music must be kept in school, and it needs to be a priority. End of story.
of today become better students and, in turn, better citizens.
”Stephen Stohn
Kim Hastings

“ It is very important to Stephen and me that we 100% love and believe in

the causes we support, like MusiCounts. Seeing firsthand the impact
instruments make on a school and community has shown us how giving
can truly make a difference.
” Linda Schuyler

1 2 3
MusiCounts Music programs deserve to succeed. Schools deserve the resources needed
to offer healthy, sustainable and inclusive music programs.
Band Aid Old, decaying No musical instruments Musical instruments
But music education in Canada is struggling. collections of at all that don’t align with the
Program musical instruments needs of the school’s
Each year MusiCounts receives hundreds of MusiCounts Band Aid Program
student population
applications from schools across Canada that are not receiving an adequate
Hundreds of school music Hundreds of schools across Just because a school has musical
level of support to offer a quality of music education for their students.
programs struggle every day with Canada have no musical instruments doesn’t mean they
instruments that are decades-old. instruments, and no music make the most sense for the
Instead of being able to enjoy program. In 2019, nearly half of community of students.
music making, students and applicant schools sought musical
teachers across Canada are instruments that would help build Like Lucy McCormick Senior
constantly preoccupied with a new music program at their School in Toronto, ON. Before
instruments that are damaged school. receiving a MusiCounts
beyond repair. instrument grant, this school
Like Argyle Alternative High had no specialized instruments
Like Holy Redeemer School in School in Winnipeg, MB. Before designed specifically for its
Spanaird’s Bay, NL. Before receiving an instrument grant student population, all with
receiving a MusiCounts from MusiCounts, there was no physical and cognitive
instrument grant, the school’s music program at this inner-city exceptionalities.
music program relied on band school that supports youth who
instruments that were purchased have experienced trauma, and Now, Lucy McCormick Senior
in the 1980s. With 30+ years of struggle with mental health. School is able to offer a music
heavy use, many of these program that is more inclusive
instruments had fallen into a state Now, Argyle Alternative High and accessible for its unique
of disrepair. The music teacher School is able to offer music population with the new adaptive
would regularly have to waste education programs for its instruments received via the
valuable class time salvaging parts students. The new music therapy MusiCounts Band Aid Program.
from a few broken instruments to program fosters cultural Many students are learning to
put together one, semi-functional awareness and promotes communicate and express
instrument. emotional regulation. themselves in new ways.

Holy Redeemer School’s new band

instruments received via
MusiCounts have enabled this
school to retire dysfunctional
instruments, and build a
sustainable music program that
will impact students for years to
come. Plus, the teacher can focus
on teaching music and not
repairing instruments.
Programs Among the 96 recipient schools, more than half reported receiving less than $500 Policies When a school receives a MusiCounts instrument grant, this can validate the
a year for their music program. This means that for the average MusiCounts value and importance of music education in the eyes of administrative
Transformed recipient school with this budget, an instrument grant of $15,000 equates to Shifted stakeholders. This often triggers a systemic change with regards to attitudes
thirty years worth of regular funding all at once. and funding for music programs in schools.

We believe MusiCounts’ substantial investments in music programs across Like Tantalus Community School in Carmacks, YK. When this school received
Canada are an unparalleled opportunity for many school music programs to an instrument grant from MusiCounts, the school’s principal was able to
finally get ahead and build sustainable music programs that will continue to convince the school board to provide additional funds to hire the school’s first
impact students in the years to come, instead of constantly struggling to keep up. ever music teacher for the small, K-12 school situated in a village with a
population of 500.

“ It’s so much easier this year. Before we always had to have kids sharing
instruments. But now, we no longer need to do that; each student has their
“ By giving us this grant, my school board really couldn’t say no to me
asking for a music teacher because they saw that I had all these
own instrument. It made my life easier as a teacher, and it made music
class more enriched for the students. We’ve gotten a lot further than we instruments, and they were so pleased that we got the grant. Now kids are

have in other years. doing things that we never thought they’d have a chance to do … If we
hadn’t got that grant from MusiCounts none of this would have happened.
Janice Hall-Short , Rexton Elementary School in Rexton, NB
2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient

It has made a huge difference in the lives of the children.

Morgan Douglas-Alexander, Tantalus Community School in Carmacks, YK

2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient

Identities Music is a unique vehicle through which young people can celebrate, explore
and share their culture and identity. In 2019, MusiCounts was thrilled to support
Celebrated 23 schools with specialized musical instruments that enable youth across
Canada to do just that.

“ After leaving Gladys Cook Education Centre with the skills of making
and playing drums, learning music, and improving in their academics, our
students are more in tune with their culture. This gives our students a
sense of pride, belonging and self-worth, and also equips them with
teachings to pass on to their children and family members. This program
will have a huge ripple effect in our school and in our community.

Lori Johnson, Gladys Cook Education Centre in Portage la Prairie, MB
2019 MusiCounts Band Aid Program recipient
Strings Across the Sky (Parry Sound, ON)
MusiCounts $500,000 worth of musical instruments donated
TD Community 37 community organizations supported Strings Across the Sky strives to rekindle and sustain the cultural traditions
of fiddle music which once thrived in Indigenous communities across Canada.

Music Program 7,000 young people impacted in 2019 They do this by connecting children to their cultural roots through music.
The new fiddles and guitars received via the MusiCounts TD Community Music
Program will allow Strings Across the Sky to include more youth. The grant also
alleviates financial pressure, and helps ensure the long-term stability of the
This cycle of the MusiCounts TD Community Music
Program was particularly special because of the
diversity of our recipient organizations, both
regionally and musically.
“ These new fiddles from MusiCounts give our program a boost of
confidence, energy and encouragement to continue our work. We have
passion and we have belief but it’s really hard to pay the bills and buy

Centre for Music on the Summit (New Glasgow, NS)

instruments with passion and belief.

Deb Jones, Strings Across the Sky
This organization exemplifies how music can connect communities. While it
focuses on teaching youth traditional Nova Scotian folk music, they are
adapting their programming to include the musical traditions and styles from
the homes of the many new Canadians that have immigrated to the community.
Now, the Centre for Music on the Summit is a place where all youth can share
their experiences and culture through music.

Saskatoon Open Door Society (Saskatoon, SK)

The Saskatoon Open Door Society welcomes and assists refugees and
immigrants moving to Saskatoon. They offer an after-school rock band program
for young people who are new to Canada, which helps to foster a sense of
community and belonging among the participants. With the new drums,
keyboards, guitars and basses received from MusiCounts, this organization was
able to stop relying on borrowed instruments, and focus on building a more
inclusive, reliable and sustainable music program for new Canadians.

There was a dramatic increase in applications for the

MusiCounts TD Community Music Program this year
With more than double the number of applications
received in 2019 compared to 2018, it’s evident that the
need for this community program is at its highest yet.
MUSICOUNTS SUPPORTERS MusiCounts relies on the generosity of individuals, corporations
and third party fundraisers. Thank you for your support.

Program and
Award Recipients
Please visit musicounts.ca to view The Leadership Circle is a group of
a full list of 2019 MusiCounts like-minded individuals who
recipients for all programs. believe in the health and
sustainability of music education
across Canada. They are incredibly
generous supporters of the
MusiCounts Band Aid Program,

MusiCounts Mark Cohon - Chair ensuring that students all over

Canada have access to musical
Allan Reid - President & CEO
Board of Erik Hoffman - 1st Vice Chair instruments. Leadership Circle
members have access to exclusive
Jeffrey Remedios - 2nd Vice Chair
Directors Shane Carter - Secretary events and the JUNO Awards. By
joining the Leadership Circle, you
Directors are choosing to celebrate and
Julie Adam honour music education in
Bruce Allen schools with major supporters,
Melissa Bubb-Clarke renowned artists, local dignitaries
Joel Carriere and music program participants.
Jeff Craib
Steve Kane To view the MusiCounts
Christina Litz Leadership Circle members
Meghan Symsyk please visit
Jennifer Walsh musicounts.ca/leadershipcircle
Rob Zifarelli

Jennifer Dettman - Observer

MusiCounts Thank you to the MusiCounts

Advisory Committee for its SUPPORTED SINCE INCEPTION BY
Advisory ongoing support of MusiCounts.
For a list of MusiCounts advisory
Committee members, visit musicounts.ca

1997 2005
First School Instrument Grants MusiCounts Teacher of the Year Award Launches
Awarded Via What Became
The MusiCounts Band Aid Program

2007 2013
MusiCounts Awards & Scholarships Begin
First Community Organization Instrument Grants
Awarded Via The MusiCounts TD Community
Music Program

First MusiCounts Inspired Minds
Ambassador Recognized
New MusiCounts Scholarship Program Launches
Focused on Jump-Starting Post-Secondary
Student’s Careers
For The First Time Ever $1 Million
In Instruments Awarded via the
MusiCounts Band Aid Program

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