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• 70s Music - Reliving The Music Of The Seventies
• Another Tango in Paris - ballroom dancing in Paris.
• Ask me to Dance - Why won't men ask me to dance? by Tibor Kaldor.
• Bad Dancers? - There aren't any bad dancers!
• Ballet - The Beauty of Ballet Dancing
• Beat - finding the beat in dance music.
• How to Choose a Dance School - where should I go for dance lessons?
• How To Choose A Dance Studio - budget, services ...
• Dance Etiquette - many styles of dancing can be accommodated on the floor.
• Dance Floor Courtesy - for dancing on any ballroom floor.
• Getting the Most from Your Dance Lessons - logical and structured approach to learning.
• International versus American Dancing - what is the difference?
• Disco Days - Disco King of Sacramento
• New York Hustle - The Uniqueness of Hustle and Why New York Loves It.
• Learning to Line Dance Is Easy - Booty Call, Mustang Sally, Achy Breaky Heart, Alley Cat,
Chicken Dance, Charleston, Pensacola Slide ...
• Dance Music - choosing music for a dance evening.
• Social Dancing - Art or Sport? - Social dancing is variously classified by its proponents as a
hobby or pastime, leisure recreation or entertainment, an art form, or a sport.
• Square Dance - Fall In Love with Square Dancing
• Striptease Dance - Understanding the relationship between Striptease Dancing and Fitness.
• Tap Dancing Magic - There’s something about watching the magic that happens when those
feet start to tap that literally takes your breath away.
• Unknown Dancer - He’s the fellow who was dragged practically kicking and screaming into
class. by Peter Pachecos.
• Games of the XXVII Olympiad, Sydney, 2000 - The International Olympic Committee
today confirmed that up to 500 DanceSport couples from the Australian member body of the
International DanceSport Federation (IDSF) have been invited to participate in the Closing
Ceremony of the Games of the XXVII Olympiad, Sydney 2000.
• DanceSport in Olympics 2004? - ... to enable a possible inclusion into the Games of 2004 in
• IDSF and DanceSport now fully Recognised by IOC - Outright Recognition to the
International DanceSport Federation IDSF.
• CADA Establishes Standing Olympic Committee - The Canadian Amateur Dancers
Association (CADA) established the CADA Olympic Committee as a Standing Committee
of CADA's Board of Directors, both to oversee our application for membership in the
Canadian Olympic Association and to guide Canadian DanceSport's integration into that
body and the Olympic movement generally.

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• Dance competitions
History of Dance
• Ballroom dance Tempi - Dance tempi in measures per minute as recommended by the
National Dance Council of America, Inc.
• Argentine Tango - history of Argentine Tango and Milonga.
• Argentine Tango History - Milonga and Argentine Tango history by Mike Higgins
• Breakdance - history of break dance.
• Cha Cha - history of cha cha.
• Clogging - clog dancing or clogging, as it is sometimes known, takes its origins from square
dancing. This is not where or how clogging began however.
• Disco - history of disco dancing.
• Flamenco and the Spanish Gypsy - History of Flamenco Dance & Music.
• Foxtrot - history of foxtrot.
• Hip Hop - history of hip hop dancing.
• Hip Hop - history of hip hop, rapping, graffiti and b-boying.
• Hula and Tahitian Dance
• Irish Dancing - Irish Dance Style Stands Alone
• Jazz - history of jazz dancing.
• Mambo - history of mambo.
• Merengue - history of merengue dancing.
• Peabody - history of peabody.
• Polka - history of polka.
• Rumba - history of rumba dancing.
• Salsa - history of salsa dancing.
• Samba - history of samba.
• Swing - history of swing dance and Lindy Hop.
• Tango - history of tango dancing.
• Twist - history of the twist.
• Waltz - history of waltz dance.
• Western - history of western dancing.

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• Dance Sites - Links to dance sites on the web. Ballroom Dance Links, History of Dance,
Ballroom Dance Music, Country Western Dance & Music, Dance Photography & Posters,
Dance Resources, TV Series and Dance Movies, Dance Shoes and Western Dance Boots,
Dance Wear and Accessories, Salsa and Tango.

Dance Steps
• Foxtrot steps - basic forward, basic backward, rock left turn, forward progressive and
• Foxtrot steps 2 - progressive, left turn, twinkle, box, right and left walk and quarter turn.
• Jive steps or Swing steps - basic double and triple jive.
• Polka steps - basic forward, back and left turn.
• Waltz steps - left foot change, right foot change, box, forward progressive and promenade.
• Waltz steps 2 - left turn, right turn, whisk.
Dance Terms, Definitions and Positions
• Dance Terminology - A
• Dance Terms - B
• Dance Terms - C
• Dance Terms - D
• Dance Terms - E
• Dance Terms - F to M
• Dance Definitions - M to R
• Dance Positions and Terms - S to Z

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• Canada Dance Studios
• US Dance Studios
• Asian, Australian and European Dance Studios

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• Waltz
• Tango
• Foxtrot
• Quickstep
• Viennese Waltz


• Cha Cha
• Rumba
• Samba
• Paso Doble
• Jive

Dance Tips
• Dance Tips - warm up, shoes, technique, footwork.
• Dance Tempo - Dance tempi in measures per minute as recommended by the National
Dance Council of America.

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What is Contra Dance?

It's a communal-style folk dance that is fun and easy to learn. No partner or experience is necessary.
A caller leads the dancers through a series of moves and the sequence repeats itself. The patterns are
very easy to learn and it's more like walking to music. An evening consists of 10-12 dances, each
with a different combination of a few simple moves. You can enjoy dancing in a friendly, fun,
mostly wholesome environment.

Useful Links
Here are some links which will explain contra dancing even more:
1. Greg Rohde's article "Hands Four" will explain why we love it so much.
2. Tips for Beginners from the Columbia, MO web site
3. Basic Dance Figures from the Columbia, MO web site
4. Tips for Experienced Dancers from the Columbia, MO web site
5. Style tips from the Atlanta, GA web site
6. A few definitions of contradancing from Gary Shapiro's web site.
(Numbers 3 and 5 are perennial favorites)
7. Origins and History of Contra Dance (Wikipedia Article)
8. Choreography & Figures (Wikipedia article)
9. Contra Dance Markup Language
10.Contra Dance Designer from the Seattle web site
11.Random Contra Dance Generator
12.Bill Pope’s Style Tips on Dancing Better
13.More Style Tips – How • When • Where
14.The Top Ten (plus) Things That Make a Good (Contra) Dancer from the Cincinnati web site.

One-minute History of Contra Dance

Modern Contra Dance was originally the English Country Dancing which had spread to France and
America in pre-and-post-Revolutionary times (think Jane Austen movies). American Colonials
loved to dance, but they didn't want to be seen doing anything "English" so they adopted the French
name, "Contre Danse" (meaning "line facing line" but probably a corruption of "Country Dance").
The name lived on as "Contra Dance".
It survived, like an underground stream, in New England town halls, and became popular during the
counter-culture 60s, along with folk singing, Birkenstocks and crunchy granola. It spread rapidly
because it was fun and flirtatious and communal, reflecting the times.
The dances changed, as new dances were written in which there was less standing around and more
"swing time". The tempos became faster, the dances more flowing and energetic. In the Northeast,
most of the dances were done to the jigs and reels of the British, Irish and French Canadian
traditions. In the South and here in the Midwest, most dancing was done to more southern, old-
timey fiddle music. The West Coast is home to healthy examples of both traditions.

Apprendre à danser la valse

Comme à la maison : Apprendre à danser la valse

The most beautiful waltzes

Sileeee56 |

April 09, 2008

1) Valurile Dunarii - Iosif Ivanovici

2) Vino, dragostea mea! - Madalina Manole
3) Sange vienez - Johann Strauss
4) Tiempo de vals - Chayanne
5) Que sera, sera - Doris Day
6) Frumoasa Dunare albastra - Johann Strauss
7) Chim Chim Cheree - "Mary Poppins" soundtrack
8) Second Waltz - Dmitri Shostakovich
9) La valse d'Amelie - "Amelie" soundtrack
10) Once upon a december - "Anastasia" soundtrack
11) Povestiri din padurea vieneza - Johann Strauss
12) Let's Go Fly a Kite - "Mary Poppins" soundtrack
13) My Sweet and Tender Beast - Eugen Doga
14) My Favourite Things - "The sound of Music" soundtrack
15) Nunta de flori - Stefan Hrusca
16) Voci de primavara - Johann Strauss

February 03, 2009

1) Theme from PAPILLON - Jerry Goldsmith

2) TREASURE WALTZ - Johann Strauss II
3) DELILAH - Tom Jones
4) EMPEROR'S WALTZ - Johann Strauss II
5) WALTZ REPRISE - Anastasia soundtrack
6) LES VALSES DE VIENNE - Francois Feldman
7) SLEEPING BEAUTY - Tchaikovsky
8) DONDE VOY - Trish Hinojosa
10) THORN BIRDS - Richard Clayderman

The best of Waltz - Non Stop !

Mentioning the parts would be too much. Ask for the list if you wanna know.
waldteufel78 | July 14, 2008


A potpourri of the most beautiful waltz parts ever... 24 wonderful melodies by various composers.
10 minutes of pure waltz !

A potpourri of the most beautiful waltz parts ever... 22 wonderful melodies by various composers.
10 minutes of pure waltz !

Francisco Canaro born 1888 in St. Jose de Mayo/Uruguay, went 1900 to Argentina, died 1964 in
Buenos Aires, was a musician and composer and famous for his Tango-Orchestras, plays "Amour et
printemps - Love and Spring" by Emile Waldteufel, born 1837 in Strassbourgh/ Elsass/France, died
1935 in Paris, world famous composer. LOVELY WALTZ, LOVELY INTEPRETATION, RARE

Charles Émile Lévy Waldteufel, connu sous le nom d'Émile Waldteufel, est un compositeur français
né à Strasbourg le 9 décembre 1837 et mort à Paris le 12 février 1915.

Interprétation : Orchestre symphonique de la Garde Républicaine

Roses de Noel, Emile Waldteufel

Banda del conservatori professional de Sabadell
16/12/2008-Teatre Principal

Musique Municipale de Compiègne sous la direction de Guy Magny

"Les folies" du compositeur Emile Waldteufel
Cornet solo: Alain Rémy
Greatest Waltzes
MusicOnCloud9 | October 08, 2010

The Greatest Waltzes (music, not dances), Top waltz, The best waltzes of all time, most beautiful
waltzes ever, waltz songs and music. This is a collection of the most beautiful waltzes I can find.

Dmitri Shostakovich - Second Waltz

Johann Strauss - Vienna Blood Waltz
Johann Strauss - Blue Danube Waltz
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Waltz
Juventino Rosas - Over the Waves Waltz
Johann Strauss - Voices of Spring Waltz
Franz Lehár - Merry Widow Waltz
Eugen Doga - Grammofon
Andre Rieu (Émile Waldteufel) - Skaters Waltz
Eugen Doga - My Sweet and Tender Beast
Godfather - Vito's Waltz
Yann Tiersen - La Valse d'Amelie Waltz
Sound of Music - Edelweiss Waltz
Nobuo Uematsu - Waltz for the Moon
Nobuo Uematsu - Dance of the Balamb Fish
Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Waltz
Death Note - Misa No Uta Orchestra

Liszt - Valse Impromptu; Nino Gvetadze, 2007

Nino Gvetadze, Second Prize winner of the 8th International Franz Liszt Piano Competition of
Utrecht, The Netherlands plays Valse Impromptu, S213 by Franz Liszt (1811-1886). Recording
made during the International Selection Rounds of the Liszt Competition in September 2007 in

Frank Bridge - Russian Valse

Pittsburgh Piano Trio performing Valse Russe in London

Valse by Arensky, valse; Duo Piano [Teltschik]

Performed by Alfred and Teresa Teltschik
Arranged by Alfred Teltschik

Liszt - Petite Valse; Leslie Howard

Liszt - Petite Valse favorite(second version)
First recording.
Leslie Howard

Joe Heyne - La Petite Valse

unijeotok | August 14, 2010

D. Karcic & P. Gurevich (Gary)

La Petite Valse by Joe Heyne
recorded Aug, 12, 2010
For many years Paul Gurevich (Gary) has delighted hotel and cabaret patrons with his beautiful and
exciting renditions of Continental and American musical selections. Listeners have marvelled not
only at his sensitive playing of the violin and his warm and elegant style, but also at the amazingly
large repetoire that he possesses. This repetoire includes not only all of the current American
standards and showtunes, but a tremendous variety of popular, folk and gypsy music from every
country in Europe. He also performs a large selection of music from Latin America, the Middle East
and the Orient.

Paul was born in Moscow, and brought to the United States as a small child. He began his study of
the violin at age 7 with Mischa Mischakoff, former concertmaster of the NBC Symphony under
Arturo Toscanini. At age 12, he began his studies with the famed violin teacher, Irma Zacharias.
Mrs. Zacharias guided him through a successful Carnegie Hall debut and a solo career that took him
through the United States and Europe. After college, Mr. Gary spent several years as concertmaster
of several symphony orchestras, including those in Winnipeg, North Carolina and the Robert Shaw
Chorale. In order to satisfy his love of and expertise in Chamber Music, he also founded the PAUL

At the same time. Mr. Gary was introduced to the world of cabarets, continental and Gypsy music.
With his European background, he took easily and with great warmth to it, and was soon leading his
own bands and ensembles in various smart rooms and hotels around the world. During this time, he
was getting a special education in the repetoire and style of the music of practically every country in
Europe, with a specialty in German, Vienese, Hungarian and Russian songs and dances.

Paul Gary has built his reputation as a renowned continental violinist not only in New York City,
where he has performed most frequently, but in the continental United States and Europe as well.
Gérard Lenorman - La petite valse
champs élysées 1981

Komzak II - Petite valse.wmv


Rodgers - Carousel Waltz


Schumann - Valse Noble [from Carnaval, Op. 9]

Robert Schumann is one of the most fascinating characters who spearheaded the early Romantic
movement in music. His seminal piano work Carnaval (Op. 9) was composed around 1835, at a
time when he had proposed to a young woman by the name of Ernestine von Fricken. At the same
time, he was a live-in piano student under the wing of Friederich Wieck, and he fell in love
passionately with Wieck's daughter, Clara.

Jacques Brel - La Valse a Mille Temps (1961)


Vecsey - Valse Trieste

Franz von Vecsey
20. 12. 2008 Academy Grand Hall, Budapest
Andrea Vígh & Vilmos Szabadi
Sydney Baynes - Destiny (Valse-Boston)
Destiny (Sydney Baynes) Valse-Boston - Walter Fenske mit seinem Orchester, Telefunken Musikus
ca 1934

NOTE: The composer Sidney Baynes (1879-1938) was known primarily for one work, the Destiny
Waltz, - composed in 1905 - one of many waltzes he wrote with titles ending in 'y': Ecstasy,
Entreaty, Flattery, Frivolry, Harmony, Loyalty, Modesty, Memory, Mystery, Phantasy, Victory and
Witchery. He worked for the BBC for many years and his march Off We Go was the Radio Variety
march. His songs include several arrangements of the ever-present Destiny; of the rest First Love
and the Garden of My Love were adapted as cornet (or clarinet) solos. He also wrote much for
piano solo and some church music. Baynes was even more valuable, to the BBC and to light music
generally, for his arrangements than his compositions. Born in 1879, he was Organist at various
London churches, then accompanist to singers like Edward Lloyd and Ben Davies. He subsequently
conducted in several London theatres including Drury Lane and the Adelphi. He formed and
conducted his own orchestra between 1928 and 1938 which broadcast and recorded regularly. He
died on 3 March 1938 at Willesden.

Walter Fenske's orchestra was an efficient and typical European salon-ensamble of the Ist half of
XXth century. Some other renditions of this band can be found in You Tube.

Joseph Colombo - Zingarella [valse musette]; Nikolai Ryskov

Nikolai Ryskov playes French Valse Musette ''Zingarella'' written by Joseph Colombo.

Vladimir Cosma - Valse d' Augustine

Vladimir Cosma - Valse d' Augustine (Le Chateau de ma Mere)
LIVIA TUDOR - Piano; National University of Music Bucharest, 31 March 2009
Andre Verchuren - Valse d'amour
Andre Verchuren - Valse d'amour
Marc Chagall - The Bride and Groom of Eiffel Tower, 1938

Augustin Barrios - Valse No4;Alexander Frauchi

Alexander Frauchi plays Valse No4 by Augustin Barrios.
© Shot at the live concert in Saratov by Vitaly Ganeev,
please see http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164292749441

Richard Galliano - La valse a Margaux; Antonio Barberena

Richard Galliano´s fine piece in an excellent performance by Antonio Barberena.

Joseph Colombo & Tony Murena - Indifférence [valse musette]; Lillo

Indifférence -Waltz Musette - music by Joseph Colombo & Tony Murena
Accordionist: Lillo

Serge Koussevitzky - Valse miniature; Eugene Levinson

Double bass : Eugene Levinson

Weber - Invitation a la Valse op.65; Yvonne Lefebure

Yvonne Lefebure plays Weber Invitation a la Valse op.65

Adam Karasiński - François; Marta Mirska

Marta Mirska - François (Walc)(Adam Karasiński /Andrzej Włast), Pronit c. 1957
Marta MIRSKA (neé Alicja Nowak) (b.1920 in Warsaw, d. 1991) a Polish singer popular in
1940/50s. She had her first performances shortly before outbreak of World War II. In September
1939 she left Warsaw for Vilno, where she continued public performances. After 1945 she made her
first recordings for the "Mewa" (also labelling itself as "Melodje") in Poznań. In her repertoire she
had many international jazz hits (e.g. Kiss Me Once, Kiss Me Twice; Give Me Five Minutes More;
Besame Mucho). This, and her fascinating low voice very much like Léo Marjanes, or some of
German film stars of the 1930s (Greta Keller, Hilde Hildebrandt, Zarah Leander) - made her one of
most popular female singers in Poland in the first postwar years, before Stalinism was installed in
1948. Nevertheless - due to her great popularity - she continued singing and recording in 1950s. She
was the first performer of one of the most popular Polsh tangos after 1945: "Pierwszy siwy włos"
(The First Grey Hair). She retired in the mid 1960s.

NOTE: The internationally famous waltz „François" was composed in 1930s by Adam Karasiński,
father of the composer and director of one of best dance jazz-orchestras in prewar Warsaw,
Zygmunt Karasiński. "François" was sung and recorded in 1935 by the singer and film actress, Tola
Mankiewiczówna. The lovely, poetical text was written by Andrzej Włast: it is a nostalgic sigh for
the „good old times, for the coiffeurs, exuberant fashions, sophisticated manners, tenderness and
charme. The songs first words: „W starych nutach babuni (Among Grandmas Old Sheet Music) as
well as the refrains begining verse: „Dawnych wspomnień czar (The Magic of Old Time Memories)
have become the popular mots in Polish.

Leo Delibes - Valse lente from Coppelia

Leo Delibes' beautiful waltz from the happiest ballet ever!

Silvio Ranieri - Valse Caprice; Leenen & Azaert

Valse Caprice (Silvio RANIERI) - world première of this unpublished music, dating from after
Live recording, played by Ralf Leenen and Yvonne Azaert, during a concert of Yvonne Azaert and
"La Napolitaine" ( www.mandolin.be)in Antwerp (Deurne) on 11 May 2007.
The instruments that are used are:
- mandolin: Embergher N° 5bis - 1947
- guitar: J. Ramirez III - 1976

More recordings can be found on www.mandolin.be/mp3

Antonio Lauro – Valse; Frauchi

Alexander Frauchi plays Valse by Antonio Lauro.
© Shot at the live concert in Saratov by Vitaly Ganeev,
please see http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid...

Augustin Barrios - Valse No4; Frauchi

Alexander Frauchi plays Valse No4 by Augustin Barrios.
© Shot at the live concert in Saratov by Vitaly Ganeev,
please see http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid...

Nikita Koshkin - Usher Valse; Frauchi

Alexander Frauchi plays Usher Valse by Nikita Koshkin.
© Shot at the live concert in Saratov by Vitaly Ganeev,
please see http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid...

Rudy Wiedoeft - Valse Vanite; Pacheco & Perez de Azpeitia

Lotuz Project 1+1
Roberto Pacheco saxophone ,
Javier Perez de Azpeitia piano

Stephen Heller - Fluttering Leaves

Practicing for RCM Level 6 Exam, 2009: Fluttering Leaves by Stephen Heller

Vladimir Rebikov - Valse miniature, op. 10, no. 10

Vladimir Ivanovich Rebikov - Valse miniature, op. 10, no. 10

Franz Lehár - Giuditta; Waltz on themes from 'Where the lark sings'
"Wo die Lerche singt" ist einer von Lehars elektrisierenden Konzertwalzern, die sich aus berühmten
Melodien seiner Operetten zusammensetzen. Bei "Wo die Lerche singt" ist es Musik aus der
gleichnamigen Operette. Das Bild zeigt das Lehár-Denkmal im Wiener Stadtpark.
- Magnificent Giuditta-Waltz on themes from "Where the lark sings"

Franz Lehár - Ballsirenen; Waltz from 'The Merry Widow'

Die Ballsirenen sind einer von Lehars elektrisierenden Konzertwalzern, die sich aus berühmten
Melodien seiner Operetten zusammensetzen. Bei den Ballsirenen ist es Musik aus der Operette "Die
lustige Witwe". Das Bild zeigt das Lehár-Denkmal im Wiener Stadtpark.
- Magnificent Ballsirens-Waltz on themes from "The Merry Widow"
Franz Lehár - Eva Waltzes; Tonhalle Orchestra
his is a track from Beulah 1PD16, Lehar conducts Lehar, available as a down load at iTunes.

Franz Lehár - Adria Walzer

Ein eher unbekanntes Stück von Franz Lehar. Mehr als wert, neu entdeckt zu werden! In diesem
hinreissenden Walzer sind Lebenslust, Fröhlichkeit und Beschwingtheit mit einem Hauch des
Südens vereint.
Acest vals a fost iniţial numit "La belle Polissana", mai târziu "Sunete de la Pola” şi a fost în cele
din urmă publicat sub titlul" Adria-Walzer. "

Franz Lehàr - Honignymphen-Walzer


Ein Stück voller Liebreiz und Wehmut:

Der Honignymphen-Walzer aus der Kinderoperette "Peter und Paul im Schlaraffenland". Ein
unbekanntes, ja so gut wie vergessenes Werk von Franz Lehàr. Dennoch trägt es die unverkennbare
Handschrift des Komponisten.

Johann & Josef Strauss - Walzer aus 'Die Straussbuben'

Musik: Walzer aus "Die Straussbuben" ohne Opus von Johann Strauss II (1825 - 1899)und Josef
Strauss (1827 - 1870)
Bild: Wiener Burgtheater bei Nacht

Joseph Strauss - Dorfschwalben aus Österreich; Walzer

Joseph Strauss, Dorfschwalben aus Österreich, Walzer op.164
2008 new year's concert,
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Georges Pretre

Yann Tiersen : La valse d'Amélie

Disney: Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Utena Revolutionary Girl, Final Fantasy, Fantasia,
etc. Music by Yann Tiersen : La valse d'Amélie. Clip Disney.

The Christmas Waltz; Susan Egan

Belle, Beast and all their friends wish everyone a magical Christmas with a very special holiday
greeting. The song is "The Christmas Waltz" sung by Broadway's Belle(Susan Egan)and features
scenes from both Disney's Beauty and the Beast and The Enchanted Christmas. Enjoy and Merry

Come What May, from Moulin Rouge; Ewan McGreggor

another one of the earlier vidding endeavors, this time to "Come What May" from Moulin Rouge
with footage from Beauty and the Beast.
This is by far one of the BEST AMVs of Beauty and the Beast I've ever seen.
Loved how each of the clips went perfectly with the song.
i love ewan mcgreggor's voice!!! great video by the way! Beauty and the Beast is my favorite
disney movie!

Waltz, from Anna Karenina

Waltz from Anna Karenina (1997) with Mia Kirshner As Kitty, Sean Bean as Wronsky and Sophie
Marceau as Anna Karenina

Josef Strauss - Les hirondelles d'Autriche; Neujahrkonzert 2008 Vienne

valse opus 164 de Josef Strauss:"les hirondelles d'autriche";
dirigé par Georges Prêtre au Musikverein. 1° chef français à être invité depuis l'origine de ce
célèbre concert traditionnel du 1° janvier à Vienne
Neujahrkonzert 2008 Vienne

Johann Strauss - Uvertura, Opereta Liliacul

Musikverein - Orchestre philarmonique
chef: Georges Prêtre
Johann Strauss - Uvertura, Opereta Liliacul; polca
Concert du nouvel an 2010 – Vienne

Johann Strauss - Frühlingsstimmen; Walzer

Voci de primăvară; vals
Erich Binder, Dirigent (Conductor)

Josef Strauss - Spharenklange Walzer

Josef Strauss Spharenklange Walzer - Neujahrskonzert 2009 - Wiener Philharmonker - Daniel
Josef Strauss - Josef Strauss - Dynamiden (Op. 173, Walzer)
Josef Strauss - Dynamiden (Op. 173, Walzer, Waltz)


- Dynamiden (Geheime Anziehungskräfte)

- Dynamides (Secret attractions)

Terrific concert waltz written by Josef Strauss, Johann's brother

Johann Strauss - Marchen aus dem Orient; Walzer

“Poveste din Orient”
Neujahrskonzert 2009
Wiener Philharmoniker - D. Barenboim

Wiener Walzer Grundschritt

Vals vienez; paşi de bază
Dacă sunteţi invitat la o nuntă şi se ajunge la valsul vienez, cu aceşti paşi nu mai sunteţi descoperit.
Instructorul Mark Schöffl de la ADTV, cunoscut de către RTL, arată, împreună cu partenera sa de
dans, aceşti simpli "paşi de vals", pe care îi puteţi extinde treptat într-un vals vienez real.

Cursul complet cu Markus Wiener Walzer Schöffl şi dvd-urile populare din seria "Învaţă să dansezi"
referitoare la ringul de dans, Hip-Hop, Break Dance, House, Latino şi rock, dar, de asemenea,
referitoare la dansuri latino şi standard pot fi găsite la http:/ / www.getthedance.com

Josef Strauss - Delirien (Op. 212, Walzer)

Delirien Waltz (Deliriums).

Josef Strauss - Petitionen (Walzer, Op.143)

Compoziţii dedicaţie pentru balurile societăţii erau obişnuite în epocă. Johann Strauss a fost
deosebit de activ aici. Când Johann, chiar dacă temporar, pentru motive de sănătate, nu a realizat
compoziţia, Iosif a avut grijă de dedicaţii. Acesta a fost dedicată petiţiilor studenţilor de la drept.
Valsul a fost prezentat pe 18 ianuarie 1864 la balul juriştilor din Sofiensaal şi a primit multe

Josef Strauss - Flammen (Walzer, Op.101)


Premizele care au stat la baza ideii de vals nu au supravieţuit, din păcate. Neobişnuit, prima audiţie
a acestui vals a fost la trecerea în revistă a carnavalului din 17 februarie 1861, în Grădina Poporului.
În mod normal, în acel timp, trecerile în revistă - unde "Flacăra" a fost menţionată aici ca debut - a
tuturor compoziţiilor noi pentru carnaval, erau, înca, efectuate împreună.

Johann Strauss II - Accelerationen, Walzer Op. 234

Musik: Accelerationen, Walzer Op. 234 von Johann Strauss II (1825 - 1899)
Bild: Tempel im Wiener Volksgarten