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Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011

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Volume VII Issue 08 Contents January 2011
Editorial 02
Value Education:
The Need of the Hour Dr Saraswati Raju Iyer 03
Vidya and Values Mary Princess Lavanya 11
Values: So Near, Yet So Far Dr Ragini G P 16
Living Values Education Mahespriya L
Ranjit L 21
Essentials of Values Rajeswari M 25
Value Education and
Personality Development Amudha S 28
Value Education and Teachers Viji T 31
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Focus: Values Education

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Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 01
Editorial Values for Transformation Living Values Education
Values are the standards of behaviour honesty, integrity, acceptance of Mahespriya L*
in day-to-day activities and guiding differences and peaceful Ranji t L**
principles in critical life situations. coexistence. * Mahespriya L, Research Scholar, Department of Social Work, Karpagam
University, Coimbatore.
Values are ideal virtues and qualities There has been a revolutionary need **Ranjit L, Head, Department of Social Work, Karpagam University, Coimbatore.
that are primary doctrines that shape for values education and it is Introduction and the programme was ready for
the world’s outlook. In the 21st constantly increasing because of According to Gardner (1963), instead piloting in February of 1997. Living
Century values education is the only greed and lack of unity in the society, of giving young people the impression Values Education promotes self-
tool that could bring order, security behavioural disorders and violent that their task is to stand in dreary esteem, critical thinking, emotional
and assured development in the acts of terrorism. In today’s world watch over the ancient values, we intelligence, and creative expression
chaotic world. human values are either discarded or should be telling them the grim but – the necessary wellspring of skills
It is a programme of planned distorted. Only when the basic bracing truth that it is their task that will enable children to respond
educational action and a methodical ideologies are restored, world will be continually to recreate those values positively to an ever-changing and
effort deliberately framed to bring a better place to live in. ‘In order to in their own behaviour, facing the diverse society.
transformation in the society. It starts preserve, maintain and advance the dilemmas and catastrophes of their The Living Values Education
at home and continued in schools. It position of our country in the world, it own time. Instead of implying that the Programme is a partnership amongst
begins with childhood and should be is imperative that there should be a ideals we cherish are safely educators around the world,
present throughout one’s life. comprehensive programme of value- embalmed in the memory of old supported by UNESCO, and part of
The family system in India has a long based education starting from the battles and ancestral deeds, we a global movement for a culture of
tradition of teaching values pre-primary level, embracing the should be telling them that each peace and non-violence. The
effortlessly. But westernization, entire spectrum of educational generation fights the crucial battles programme helps teachers and
urbanization, globalization and the process’ (Parliamentary Committee in and either brings new vitality to the parents facilitate children and youth
fast changing roles of parents have India,1999). ideals or allows them to decay. exploring universal values that would
necessitated institutional intervention Values education is strongly History be present in cooperation, freedom,
through schools, colleges, religious recommended at all levels of formal Living Values Education was born happiness, honesty, humility, love,
organizations and departments of and informal education. It is indeed when twenty educators from around peace, respect, responsibility,
governments to meet the rising an intervention technique to prevent the world gathered at UNICEF simplicity, tolerance and unity.
needs of the modern society. These the recurrence of scandals like CWG/ Headquarters in New York in 1996 to Importance of
activities focus on the development 2G spectrum and witch-hunting the discuss the needs of children and Living Values Education
of children and young adults by whistle-blowers. Aren’t values in a how to better prepare students for Living Values Education helps
concentrating on core values like society the true indicators of the lifelong success. These global children to think and reflect on
compassion, humility, unity, simplicity, development of any nation? educators identified the curriculum different values and the practical
02 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 21
implications of expressing them in caregivers. This kind of programmes education; use the resources wisely, keeping
relation to themselves and others. As is for handling the children with care àPractical implementation of the future generations in mind. Simplicity
this is the learning period in life, they and attention. convention on the rights of the child. is a beautiful concept: Appreciating
try to inspire themselves and try to A variety of values education àPortrayals simulated by toys. the beauty of nature and the Earth
choose their own personal, social, The purpose of these activities is to àLove and respect for nature. sometimes allows appreciating the
moral, and spiritual values and be involve students in thinking about à Stimulation of the children’s natural beauty of the self more.
aware of social issues to deepen values and their practical implications imagination through creativity. Innovative activity
understanding, motivation, and and to help them understand and àIntegration of spiritual/ religious This is a brainstorm session with
responsibility thereby facilitating their commit to positive values. Through learning with secular thinking, and children which makes them to think
overall growth, development, and practical applications of concepts bridge the gaps of experience often wide and be creative. Any kind of
choices so that they may integrate they will develop appropriate social faced by multi-linguistic or multi- innovative activity makes children
themselves into the community with skills and co operative behaviours. cultural groups. curious. They get ideas from the
respect, confidence and purpose. Researches confirm the importance Framework for action mass media (television, radio,
Relevance to children of the early years to positively Personal level: Adults need to learn newspapers, the Internet) and from
LVEP is a comprehensive values influence children in a long-lasting to express feelings. Children need to advertisements too.
education programme. This activity is way. The values-orientations of learn to listen, model, acknowledge Respect
meant for children to explore and children are largely determined by the diversity, to have time to enjoy, to Respect is caring for ourselves, for
develop universal values. Educators time they reach the age of formal play and to feel. each other and for our environment.
are asked to think about their values, schooling. The first steps towards a Family level: Parents need to be It is a way to enjoy and strengthen
use their creativity to see how they lifetime of peaceful, non-violent supported, helped and educated. the feeling of respect inside.
can incorporate values into their activities, of respect for one-self and School level: Educators need to be Everyone needs respect. But, there
curriculum in a practical way, and others, and of appreciation of trained to take into account emotional seems to be a widespread loss of
create a values-based atmosphere. diversity may be taken during early and affective attitudes. respect in many different areas – loss
The curriculum must include activities childhood, as children begin to Community level: Communities need of self-respect, loss of respect for
for peace, respect, love, cooperation, mature and put into place their to have/ create places/ spaces where other’s property, and loss of respect
happiness, honesty, humility, cognitive and affective frameworks. children feel welcomed and nurtured, for others. The character education
responsibility, simplicity and unity. Discussion themes including street children/orphans. curriculum is comprised of teaching
This innovative global programme àRespect for self and others. Living value education must be based children in many different aspects.
offers training, a practical àCo-operation. on the following: Children must be taught through
methodology and a wide variety of àConflict resolution skills; Simplicity examples in daily life and shown how
experiential values also to the àAppreciation of diversity, global Simplicity is learning from nature. It words of anger or disrespect can
educators, facilitators, parents and awareness and multicultural teaches children economy – how to hurt. Words should be used with care
Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011
22 23
and caution, as once uttered they the world, believing that unity is a
cannot be taken back. purposeful activity designed to help
Responsibility humanity flourish.
Responsibility is using resources to Conclusion
generate a positive change. Society The Living Values Education
today places a high priority on Prohramme (LVEP) is effective to
‘responsibility’ in children. Children children in reducing violence and
can demonstrate responsible bullying, and in creating safe, caring
behaviour only if they are given school climates which are conducive
choice. It is very important that the to quality learning. It is a way of
expectations placed on children conceptualizing education that
match their abilities. Allow children to promotes the development of values-
set goals, make choices, and solve based learning communities and
problems: Children have to learn to places the search for meaning and
take decisions and be decision- purpose at the heart of education. It
makers. emphasizes the worth and integrity
Unity of each person involved in the
The greatness of unity is that provision of education, in the home,
everyone is respected equally. It is school and community. Making
the overall development of an children responsible is the collective
individual and a culture of positive responsibilty of all adults and the
values in each activity and throughout vehicle is Living Values Education.
Living Values: An Educational Programme, Living Values Activities for Children,
Health Communications, Inc., 2000
Goldstein Joseph (1973): Beyond The Best Interest Of The Child, New York: New
York press.
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24 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011
Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011 Journal of SCHOOL SOCIAL W O R K January 2011