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INTERMEDIATE____________________________________________ TENSES

Plans already arranged I am having dinner with my friends on Saturday
PRESENT CONTINUOUS We are going back on 10th November
Peter and Susan are getting married next June

Personal intentions I am not going to be rude again

Inevitable future consequences I am going to start a diet
GOING TO We are going to buy a new house
Be careful! You are going to fall
It’s terribly cold. It is going to rain
He is very ill. He is going to die

Spontaneous decisions It’s cold. I’ll switch on the heating.

Predictions There’s no tea. I’ll have coffee
Promises and threats I think she will invite us to her wedding
WILL They will find a cure for cancer some day
Don’t worry. I will give you a hand with that
Don’t do that or I’ll get very angry.

1.- SALLY: We (go) are going to the rock concert on Sunday night. We (meet)
Are meeting outside the stadium at 5.00
JEAN : Why (you, meet) are you meeting so early?
SALLY: It (be) going to be difficult to get in. People (come) are coming from all
over the country
JEAN : It (be) is going to be a long wait. You (be) are going to be hungry
SALLY: That’s all right. I (take) am going to take sandwiches. (You, come) are you coming ?
JEAN : No, I (study) am studying We’ve got exams on Monday and I (not fail)
Am not going to fail this time
SALLY: Bad luck! You (have) are going to have. a dull weekend
JEAN : Yes, in a way. Enjoy the concert!
SALLY: Thanks a lot. How’s Alex?
JEAN : I (see) am seeing him tomorrow. He says he (go) is going abroad for
his holidays in the summer. Look, after my exams I (ring) am going to ring
everyone and we (have) are going to have a party - if I pass, anyway!

2.- We (have) are having a party on Saturday. All our friends (come) are coming

3.- This food’s terrible! I (complain) will complain to the manager.

What (you, tell) are you going to tell him?

4.- They’re fighting. I (stop) will stop it

5.- Jack (come) is coming back from Canada on Saturday. He (arrive) is arriving
at the airport at 4.00

6.- We (get) are going to get married. Of course, we haven’t fixed the date yet.

7.- OLD MAN: What (you, do) are you going to do when you grow up?
BOY : I don’t know. For one thing, I (not ask) am not going to ask boys silly questions

8.- I (play) am playing for the first team on Saturday

Oh, Who (you, play) are you playing against?

9.- Hurry up! We (miss) will miss the train

10.- Three-nil, with two minutes to go. We (win) are going to win
INTERMEDIATE____________________________________________ TENSES

1.- Manchester United (definitely, win) 19.- Careful! You (knock) are going to knock that jug off
Will definitely win tonight. the table!

2.- Perhaps it (rain) will rain tomorrow. 20.- In fifty years’ time, most people (probably, ride)
Will probably ride bicycles to
3.- In the next century, most people (probably, live) work.
Will probably live in big cities.
21.- Our teacher (give) is giving us a test tomorrow.
4.- Jean (learn) is going to learn to drive
and then she (buy) is going to buy a car. 22.- I (go) am going to Manchester at the end of next
5.- Tim and Ann say they (travel) are going to travel
abroad next summer. 23.- Look out! You (hit) are going to hit that tree!

6.- Look out! Those books (fall) are going to fall on 24.- What Helen’s address?
your head! I (look) will look it up in my dairy.

7.- (you, do) are you doing anything on 25.- I think our team (probably, win) will probably win
Not really. Why? I (have) am having a party. 26.- I (go) am going climbing next
Would you like to come? weekend. Would you like to come?

8.- I have failed this time. But be sure I (pass) 27.- What (you, discuss) are you discussing at the next
Will pass all the subjects next term. meeting?

9.- Don’t touch those things, children, or I (punish) 28.- The boat is turning over! It (sink) is going to sink
Will punish you.
29.- Sue (lend) will lend me her roller skates if I ask her.
10.- Can you come dancing tomorrow night?
Sorry, I (have) am having dinner with some 30.- I (not, sell) am not going to sell my bike after all.
31.- Which hotel (we, stay) are we staying?
11.- What are your plans for the Easter holiday? Have you looked in the brochure?
I (spend) am spending a few days on the
mountains. 32.- I’m hot. I (open) am going to open the window.
The air outside (be) will be fresh.
12.- Mary (buy) is going to buy a dog
next week. 33.- The house is really dirty. I (finish) am going to finish
Really? What (she, call) is she going to call it? lunch and clean it.

13.- There isn’t any butter left. 34.- Everyone thinks a large number of tourists (visit)
Don’t worry. I (go) will go and buy some. Will visit the country next summer.

14.- Where is the calculator? I can’t find it. 35.- Let’s go to the cinema this evening.
I (lend) will leng you mine, Here you are. OK. We (meet) will meet outside at 8.00.

15.- Have you heard the news? Harry (join) is going to

join the army.

16.- Sorry to keep you waiting. I (not, be)

Wont be long.

17.- According to the weather forecast, it (snow)

Will snow tomorrow.

18.- I’m sorry. I can’t meet you thin evening. I (eat)

Am eating out with my parents.