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Forward Planning Document (FPD)

Course Skills and
CAN-DO list Learning Activities Resources

1 Energy Around You 1 Define energy Practical Textbook

Energy appears in
 Burning different types of food  Pearson Chapter 5.1
different forms including 2 State the units that are used
and measuring temperature
movement (kinetic to measure energy and
increase in water Workbook
energy), heat and convert units of
5.2 Forms of energy AB: p69
potential energy, and measurements between J, KJ,
 Prac 1 spinning snake SB: p203
causes change within MJ & C.
systems (ACSSU155)
 Scince4fun making spiders SB: Energy Sources
3 Distinguish between kinetic
p193  http://sites.schooltools.us/si
and potential energy forms

Forms of Energy
 http://www.virtuelleschule.

2 Kinetic Energy 4.Identify, describe and Practical Website

 recognising that kinetic provide examples for kinetic  Prac 2 energy makes things happen Kinetic Energy
energy is the energy energy forms including; SB: p178  http://www.science-
possessed by moving kinetic, heat, light, sound &
bodies electrical
6.Calculate kinetic energy
using the formula: EK = ½ mv2

Potential Energy 5.Identify, describe and Practical

 recognising that provide examples of potential
 Effect of changing mass and string
potential energy is energy forms including;
length on the period of a pendulum
stored energy, such as gravitational, chemical, elastic
gravitational, chemical & nuclear
 Science4fun creepy crawly SB: p195
and elastic energy
7.Calculate gravitational
 investigating different potential energy using the
forms of energy in formula:
terms of the effects EP = mgh
they cause, such as
gravitational potential
causing objects to fall
and heat energy
transferred between
materials that have a
different temperature
Energy Transformations 8. Describe energy transfers Practical Textbook
3-4 • using flow diagrams to and transformations using
 Prac 2—Investigating heat SB:  Pearson Chapter 5.2
illustrate changes examples
between different
forms of energy 9. Draw energy flow diagrams
 Prac 3—Energy transformations  5.2 energy changes AB: p70
in context eg. iPhone
SB: p205
 recognising that heat
energy is often 10.State the law of
produced as a by- conservation of energy
product of energy
Energy Transformations
transfer, such as 11.Identify wasted energy in Assessment  http://study.com/academy/l
brakes on a car and transfers and  Test 1 (can do 1-11) esson/energy-
light globes transformations Week 4: Thursday 17th August transformation-definition-