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Filipino Services to Spain

3 reasons why Filipino serves the Spain

 Filipinos were not united

 Filipinos were converted to the Roman Catholic Religion, so the Filipinos were taught to be loyal
to the Spanish officials and priests who converted them
 Filipinos were offered rewards and honors by the Spanish rulers

How did Filipinos Serve Spain

 Provided Food for the Spaniards

 Worked in industries owned by Spaniards
 Fought on the side of Spain against Portugal
 Joined the military expeditions to Borneo and the Moluccas
 Fought on the side of Spain against the Dutch and British
 Joined the expedition to Indochina
 Joined the expedition to Taiwan
 Helped to colonize the Marianas, Palaus and Caroline Islands
 Helped put down the Chinese revolts to stop the invasion of Lim-Ah-Hong

Filipino as Farmers

- Filipinos became the real farmers even in the farms owned by the Spaniards.
- This was because the Spaniards did not like manual work.
- They thought that it was shameful to be seen working in dirty jobs like digging, farming,
cleaning, or carrying heavy loads
- All the Spaniards – officials, priests, soldiers, and civilians would have died of starvation if the
Filipinos had not provided them with food.

Filipinos in Industries

- Filipinos became good builders of ships for the Spaniards

- Shipyards can be located at Cavite, Albay, Camarines, Marinduque, Masbate and Mindoro.
- They constructed many galleons used in the Manila-Acapulco trade, and numerous galleys and
frigates used by the Spaniards to fight their enemies.

Filipinos in the Portuguese War

- 1568-1570 Portuguese attacked the early Spanish settlements in Cebu. This attack was led by its
Governor in Moluccas.
- Raha Tupas and his Cebuano warriors remained loyal to Legaspi and fought on the side of Spain
in these attacks.
Filipinos in the Expedition to Borneo and the Moluccas

- 1578 - Filipinos helped the Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Sri Lela (Sirela), to regain his throne
- With a powerful expedition of 1,500 Filipinos, 400 Spaniards, 300 Bornean warriors, they sailed
to the island of Borneo, fought and recaptured the city of Brunei and regained the usurped
- The military expeditions to the Moluccas were not as successful.

Filipinos in the Dutch Wars

- (1621-1622)- British and Dutch ships blockaded Manila

- Filipinos remained loyal to Spain and Catholicism against the Protestant Dutch and British.

Result of Dutch War

Victory of the Spaniards against the Dutch.

The Filipinos suffered tremendously.
The Philippine economy stagnated.

Filipinos in Indochina

- 19th Century – Filipinos help France to colonize Indochina

- (1858-1863) – 1500 Filipino soldiers were sent by Spain to France to conquer the Vietnamese.

Filipinos in Taiwan

- (1626-1642) – Filipinos took part on colonizing Taiwan

- They manned two Spanish settlements and surrendered these garrisons on August 24, 1624.

Filipinos in Marianas, Palaus, and Carolines

- The Marianas, Palaus, and Carolines are islands archipelagoes in the Pacific Ocean near
Mindanao that were ruled by the Spanish governor in Manila and the Spanish bishop of Cebu.
- The Filipinos helped the Spaniards to make these islands a colony and a Catholic area.

Filipinos against the Chinese

- Chinese revolt 5 times during the Spanish Era – 1603, 1639, 1667, 1686, and 1762.
- Francisco Laksamana – The greatest Filipino Hero of the Chinese Revolts

Filipinos and the Moro Wars

- Christian Filipino heroes were:

o Juan Aquino
o Nicolas Martinez
o Cirilo Maypit
o Geronimo Sundulin.
- Filipino Muslim heroes who defended Moro independence
o Sultan Kudarat – Greatest warrior of Mindanao who defended Lamitan against the
Spaniards in 1837.
o Sultan Jamalul Alam – defended Jolo in 1876 and leased North Borneo to the British in
o Datu Utto – defended Cotabato in 1886- 87.
o Datu Amai Pakpak – Defended Lanao in 1889-91.
o Datu Pian – conquered Cotabato and Tamontaka in 1876-99.