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Here is. . . the Enochian Magic as taught by the Hermetic Order of the
Golden Dawn, but in a complete and easy-toread textbook that can be
used by the magical novice.
Here is. . . a dictionary of Enochian words listed in order of gematria
value to facilitate the magical process.
Here is. . . basic information of correspondence and original ideas to
also please the seasoned magician.
In late sixteenth century England Dr. John Dee, Astrologer Royal to
Queen Elizabeth I, began working with his assistant Edward
sitting down a magical alphabet and system that was presented to him
by extraterrestrial intelligences. C ommunication was by " scryingl', or
crystal-gazing. The system was unique. It was embellished by Dee's
own Qabalistic speculations and by further magical material dictated
by thi spirits. The Enochian alphabet is unrelated to any previous
lettering system;totally dissimilar to Latin, Greek, Hebrew and most
magical alphabets. It is almost a series of Qabalistic pictographs meant
to 6e imagined visually and not commonly inscribed. The Enochian
language has a unique grammar and syntax structure. Over the years-
since iis introduction, it has come to be regarded as a "classic" of
magical working. It was adopted and refined by the Hermetic Order of

i the Golden Dawn and, later, by Aleister Crowley.

In this book you are led carefully along the path from "A brief history
of the Enochian Magical System", through "How to speak Enochian",
"How to Invoke", "The Calls", "Egyptian Deities" and "Chief
Hazards" to "How to visit the Aethyrs in Spirit Vision (Astral Pro
jection)". Not a step is missed; not a necessary instruction forgotten.
We are "more than human. The human is but one expression of the
divine, albeit an enormously important one. Every magician who has
experienced the higher Aethyrs is aware of the awesome power of the
migically directed will. S/he is also fully aware of the karmic
consequinces ofhis thoughts and actions". So says the author' "Any
-will to the Fnochian deities (even the demons)Every
attempt to appeal
selfish inteni producb a corresponding karmic effect.
student of magic must take this warning seriously if he is to progress'"
There are, then, warnings. And this is as it should be, for you must set
foot upon the path with as true a map of the way ahead as it is possible
to obtain. And ttris book is such a map. Take it and move forward.


Practical Magick is performed with the aid of ordinary,

About the Author everyday implements, is concerned with the things of the
Bartir aid the harmony of Nature, and is considered to be
Gerald J. Schueler was born in Delaware County, Pennsylvani4 the magick of the common people. High Magick, on^ tfe
and currently resides in Maryland. other hind, has long been considered the prerogative ol 4'
affluent and the learned. Some aspects of it certainly call for
A member of the Theosophical Society for over fifteen years, items expensive to procure and for knowledge 9f -?n9l91t
Gerald has authored a number of articles for the magazine languagej and tongues, though that is not true of all High
S UNRI^SEj The o s op hi c a I P e rsp e c tiv e s. trrta-gic[, There wal a time when, to practice High Magick, it
Talking about this present booh he says: "I have directed the style wal necessary to apprentice oneself to a Master Magician,
towards the'average' reader but also included correspondences or Mage, and to ipend many years studying and, later,
practicing. Throughout the Middle Ages there were many
and original ideas to entice the seasoned magician. It is my belief
itign aigiitaries oi the Church who engaged- in- the practicc
that no other book on this subject is as complete or as organized"
ofHieh Magick. They were the ones with both the wealth
Gerald has also developed a number of computer programs on and the learning.
Enochian magic, which supplement this book High Magick is the transformation of the Self to the Higher
Seif. Sorie aspects of it also consist of rites designed to
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Iilo :#f
Computer Software by Gerald J. Schueler
-Enochian Alphabet
Enochian Gematria
Watchtower Tablets
Tablet Of Union
The Thirty Aethyrs
Kings and Seniors

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itti Gs.. Angels . ... "67
Artwork by Bill Fugate iti" o..ons oithe Watchtowers..... . '. " ' '70
ihr C"llg When to Use Them. ..... "71
The Eighteen Calls to be Recited..... . ' " " '73
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Printed in the United States of America
The Servient Squares ...110
Making Pyramids of the Great Cross Squares. . . . . . l 16
Making Pyramids of the Sephirotic Cross Squares . .120
Making Pyramids of the Kerubic Squares. . . .122
Making Pyramids of the Tablet of Union Squares . . 124
Traveling in the Spirit Vision: Step By Step. . . . . . . .l2S
How the Magic Works: As Above, So Below ...... l3l
The Aethyrs ..... 133
The Ninety-Two Governors ... ......228 THE OBJECTIVE OF THIS MANUAL
Relationship of the Aethyrs to Standard Universe Models . . . . 230
Appendix A: Aleister Crowley's Version
of the Eighteen Calls .......245 This manual is an attempt to eliminate the unnecessary
Appendix B: Aleister Crowley's Version complexity ofthe Enochian magical systemwhile combining
of the Call For the Aethyrs. .......257 its numerous elements into a single source' The system
Appendix C: An Enochian Dictionary,
Arranged By Gematic Value . described here borrows heavily from both the GoldenDawn
.....259 to
Appendix D: The Egyptian Deities and Sphinxes.. ... . ...267 and Aleister crowley. The earnest student is advised
iiav rnn G)LDEN DAWNby Israel Regardie, especiallv
TABLES Volume IV. Also recommended are Ctowley's THE
C il X OXn, both of which can be fou ndin G E M
and English Equivalents. ... ...7
Il-Alphabetical Correspondences and EQUINOX bY Israel Regardie.
Gematria Values .......8 - - Thit manual contains the complete theory behind the
III-The Seven Cosmic Planes and Their ryttom, with oxplanations and tabulated data, together with
CorrespondingBodies .......12 ilrpuy_rt.p instructions and detailed examples for the
IV-Conespondence With the Four Elements. ... . ...33
V-GematriaoftheFourGreatKings ........40 serious student. Charts andtables are providedto summarize
Vl-Gematria of the Names of the Seniors .... ......45 data which are unavailable elsewhere. Any studentwillingto
VII-When to Use the Eighteen Calls . .......72 spend time and effort will have a corresponding degree of
VIII-Egyptian Deities of the Pyramids.... ..114 ,u.".rr. The truly amazingthing about this system is that it
IX-Using AIQ BKR With the Aethyrs .....2I7 really does work.
Note:Grateful acknowledgement is given to thefollowing books,
from which sorne of the illustrations in this present work are
The Golden Dawn by Israel Regardie
Book IV by Aleister Crowley
The Equinox (vols I-VID by Aleister Crowley
A Brief History of the Enochian Magtcal System / 3
THE ENOCHIAN MAGICAL SYSTEM scryer. His mediumship ability was needed by Dee who
simply overlooked, or pardoned, his other less promising
As far as anyone knows, the magical system using chaiacteristics. Whatever the true situation, they became
Enochian language to describe the four quadrants and thirty friends and together produced a staggering amount of original
Aethyrs originated with John Dee and Edward Kelly. work in the fields of occultism and magic.
John Dee was born in England in 1527 in the small By using a collection of different " glasses", or crystals,
village of Mortlake on the Thames, just outside of London. and splcial'ishew-stones," Kelly was able to communicate
He entered college at the age of 15. He later journeyed with extraterrestrial intelligences. Dee directed the ceremonies,
abroad and became proficient in navigation. At one point he observed the proceedings, and carefully wrote down the
was imprisoned for treason against Queen Mary because he results. Itwas in this way that the entire magical system,
had cast a horoscope for her, even though it was at her which is called Enochian, originated. The letters of the
request. He was finally cleared of the charge and released, Enochian alphabe! or angelic language, were written in rows
but the experience itself was one he never really got over. and columni on large tablets. Magical seals and talismans
At his family's property in Mortlake, he accumulated a were devised with Enochian letters on them. The thirty
tremendous library which soon became a center for science 'oAethyrs", or planes, were described. The names of the
and learning. Dee himself was considered an authority on angelic hierarchies of the universe were carefully recorded.
mathematics, navigation, astronomy and optics, and was In I 5 8 3 , Dee and Kelly toured Europe while practicing
appointed Astrologer Royal to Elizabeth I. He is said to have their Qabalah and scrying. When they returned to England
married in 1574, but his wife's name is not known and she in 158i, things had changed. A mob had looted Dee's house
died the following year. and partially destroyed his library. He was without money
It was in I 5 8 I that Dee began crystal- gazing. By then he ana tris old friends were either dead or out of power' The
had a new wife, Jane Fromond a lady-in-waiting at Elizabeth s ascension of King James I, in 1603, who feared magic and
court. He was intensely interested in the art of crystallomancy, had no love for Dee, assured his ultimate downfall' He died
but was himself unable to succeed at it. He was not a penniless in 1608.
medium, much to his regret. However, he found someone As for Kelly, he was scrying in the seventh Aethyr one
else who was and who was willing to help him in his studies. day, when a message came to him that terrified him
His name was Edward Talbott; a rogue who, for reasons completely. In fac! he is saidto have swornto scry no more
unknown, changed his name to Kelly after meeting Dee. from that iateful day. In an overwhelming fit of desperation,
Although most historians credit Dee with intelligence, hc robbedDee of what little money he had left, helpedDee's
curiosity, and the honest kindness that often accompanies wifo pack her bags, and together they left Dee never to return'
men of genius, few paint Kelly as anything but an illiterate He is said to have ended his days in a return to crime' The
swindler whose life of crime evidenced little humanity or message that so frightened Kelly and brought an end to
concern for humanity. Perhaps the only really positive thing Enochian Magic was the following
that can be said for Kelly is that he was in fact a very good "I am the daughter of Fortitude and ravished every
hour from my youtb. For behold I am Understanding
4 / Enochian Magic A Brief Htstory of the Enochian Magical System / 5

and science dwelleth in me; and the heavens oppress went even farther than Dee. They related the Enochian with
me. They cover and desire me with infinite appetite; the Qabalah ( a Hebrew system of magic) and with the Tarot
for none that are earthly have embraced me, forl am (a deck of 72 cards said to be the "Book of Thoth"-the god
shadowed with the Circle of the Stars, and covered tttottt was the Eryptian god of wisdom and magic). They
with the morning clouds. My feet are swifter than the also devised a system of geomancy and carefully related it to
winds, and my hands are sweeter than the morning Enochian letters.
dew. My gannents are from the beginning, and my The system rested in the secrecy of the Golden Dawn
dwelling place is in myself, The Lion knoweth not until one of its members published his version of it and then
where I walk, neither do the beasts of the field left that Order to form his own. His name was Aleister
understand me. I am deflowered, yet a virgin; I Crowley and he was perhaps the first since Kelly to actually
sancti$r and am not sanctified. Happy is hJ that visit each of the Aethyrs and confront the presiding spirits
embraceth me: for in the night season I am sweet, and and guardians. In fact, Crowley claimed to have been Kelly
in the day full ofpleasure. My company is a harmony in a past tife. This was the reason he gave for his uncanny
of many symbols, and my lips sweeter than health ability to scry into these mysterious Aethyrs (see below-
itself. I am a harlot for such as ravish me, and a virgin How the Magic Works: The Planes) using a shew-stone very
with such as know me not. Purge your streets, O ye much like KJtty aia. His experiences were recorded in abook
sons of men, and wash your houses clean; make called THE VISION AND THE VOICE, which is written
yourselves holy, and put on righteousness. Cast out in such obscure symbolism and technical language that few
your old strumpets, and burn their clothes and then I today can understand it. Crowley, whose colorful life suggests
will bring forth children unto you and they shall be the elomontc oftho roguer was an amazingpsychic and aprolific
Sons of Comfort in the Age that is to come.', wrlbr rnd poGt. Ho advanced the Enochian system by
rcvcrlln! thoao planetary and numerical correspondences
Nothing more was known of this work ofDee and Kelly whlsh mlkc E nochi an gematria pos s ible. Unfortunately, the
until late in nineteenth century England. There it was taken published works of Crowley and the Golden Dawn differ
up by a mysterious and highly secret brotherhood of Adepts ItigtrUy in spellings and in certain correspondences. The
and would-be Adepts who called themselves the Hermetic student is free to judge for himself which interpretation to
Order of the Golden Dawn. Led by three imaginative use.
magicians, S.L. Mathers, W. Wynn Westcott, and A.F.A.
Woodford, the Order adopted the system of Enochian Magic The Enochian Alphabet.
created by Dee and Kelly. Members of the Golden Dawn John Dee and Edward Kelly devised a language so
invoked the spirits of the quadrants and traveled in their powerful, they had to spell names backwards in order to
astral and mental bodies (called ..traveling in the Spirit avoid conjuringunwanted demons. A simple pronouncement
Vision") through the Aethyrs. Like Dee, they maintained of a demon's name in this new language, they believed, would
meticulous records of their experiences and approached the be suffrcient to bring that demon forth into manifestation'
Enochian magical system with a scientific attitude. But they They called this language Enochian after the patriarch
6 / Enochian Magic A Brief History of the Enochian Magical System /7
Enoch, who is said to have "walked with God". The name TABLE I. THE ENOCHIAN ALPHABET,
Enoch was also said by occultists to represent an ancient WITH TITLES AND ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS
group of Adepts who kept the flame of occultism burning
through many dark centuries. Table I shows the Enochian
alphabet with its titles for each letter and their English
equivalents, as taught by the Golden Dawn.
Enochian Title English
Alphabet Numerical Values.
Each letter of the Enochian alphabet corresponds with
planetary, elemental, or Tarot properties. In addition, each J Un A.
has a numerical value so that a workable gematria for the
V Pe
B Veh CorK.
Enochian alphabet can be used, as shown in Table II. Gal D.
Each letter is assigned a numerical value. By substituting ''t Graph E.
numbers for letters, we can add up the numerical equivalenti
for words and names. Words that are numerically equal have
hidden or occult correspondences. In this way an entire
Enochian Qabalah, like the"Jewish and Greek, can be
e Na-hath H.
1 Gon I, Y, or J.
derived. c Ur L.
tc Tal M.
The Angelic Secret Language.
The Golden Dawn taught that the Enochian was an
) Drun N.
L Med o.
ancient language. Traces of it could be found in the sacred n Mals P.
and secret mysteries of some of the oldest religions in the u Ger a.
world. Parts of it are found on rock-cut pillars and on the
remains of ancient temples. However, it is doubtful if it was
e Don R
7 Fam S.
ever spoken, but was probably used more as sigils and / Gisa T.
glyphs to record and give life to important ideas.
If this is so, then the question of how Dee and Kelly
a Vau U, V, W.
came upon it has never been satisfactorily answered According
r Pal X.
P Ceph
to Dee's diary, Kelly looked through a,oshewstoneo' and saw
an angel pointing, in succession, to letters that were prepared
in rows and columns on well over one hundred different
tablets. Kelly told Dee which letter was being indicated by
the angel and Dee dutifully wrote it down. He was always
careful to give the row and column number, fearingto say the
8 / Enochian Magic A Brief History of the Enochian Magical System / 9

letter aloud. After each message was received, it was

TABLE II. ALPHABETICAL CORRESPONDENCES AND rewritten backwards. The angel himself dictated each letter
in reverse order because of the power of the language. In this
way the magical names were constructed as well as the calls
of the Aethyrs, which use the letters to actually make
Planetary/ sentences. Of course, the angel himself probably knew
English Element Tarot whether the language he used was ancient or new but, if so, he
Equivalent Correspondence Correspondence Value apparently never told Dee.

A Taurus Hierophant 6
B Aries Star 5
C,K Fire Judgement/Aeon 300
D Spirit Empress 4
E Virgo Hermit 10
F Cauda Draconis Juggler 3
G Cancer Chariot 8
H Air Fool I
I,J,Y Sagittarius Temperance/Art 60
L Cancer Chariot 8
M Aquarius Emperor 90
N Scorpio Death 50
o Libra Justice 30
P Leo Strengttr/Lust 9
a Water Hanged Man 40
R Pisces Moon 100
S Gemini L,overs 7
T Leo Strengttr/Lust 9
Caput Draconis High Priestess 3
U,V,W Capricorn Devil 70
X Earth Universe 400
Z Leo Strength/Lust 9
Caput Draconis High Priestess 3
Every intentional act is a magical act.ltis the The motive is the drivingforce behind every magical act
intent or will that makes an act mafrcal, nothing
else. This is and is critical for success. Curiosity alone is usually not
a very important idea. It can be seen that
mosi of our daily sufficient.
actions are actually magical. We are in fact,
The student must look within himself to see what his
unconsciously, all magicians. "or"*iourffi true motive is. Is it selfish? Will a successful result benefit
As oneos intent makes an act magical, so it also only himselfl Will anyone be hurt? How these and similar
that magic either black or white. As aleneral
rule, ,,black,, questions are answered will determine the karma of the
magic is any intentional act whose p,rr!or. is purely
selfish operation.
or egooriented By contras! ,,white'l magic
is any i"tentionJ Karma is the cause and effect relationship that exists
act whose motive is altruistic o, non_.fioriented.
between all things and it operates on all planes of existence.
The Enochir" -"q.gl system trvo chief types Every magical act is charged with karma; physical, mental,
ofmngigsl sperations: (i) invocationr oith. ruring spiritsii e. emotional, and so on. Karma does not reward orpunish. It is
bringing them to you) and (ii) astral traveling
into'the amoral. It is impersonal. It is ruthless. It continually seeks a
quadrants and Aethyrs described by
the system (te. you balance between extremes and cares not for the ill-fated
going to them). Both types have been
used effectii,efy ana magician who inadvertently stresses its delicate network.
can be used today by the willing student. The
system *ort. Religion and morality aside for a moment, any magical
because the magician wills it so. On the other
hand, the act that falls under the general heading of white magic will
system will not work if such is one,s will.
produce karmic effects that are pleasant, while acts that are
There can be a difference between,.will', and,.desire,,.
black (1. e. selfish) will produce karmic effects that sooner or
The will exercises a strong determination toward
conscious later are most unpleasant. This being the case, common
and deliberate action. Desire, on the other hand,
whimsical or impulsive. It is the task of each stuaent
sense alone can dictate the choice of proper motive for the
lo wise magician.
carefully examine his mind and sort out the capricious
desires from those strong determinations that mark
ihe win.
The quest for one's TRUE WLL, that for which
one comes
into this world, can take many years.

10 l1
A Brtef History of the Enochian Magtcal System / 13

Table III shows the usual occult and Qabalistic divisions

HOW THE MAGIC WORKS: THE PLANES planes and the corresponding bodies that we assume
of these
on each. There is no need to create any of these bodies, we
Central to Enochian magic, and all other forms of true
each already have them. What is needed is to learn to
magic, is the doctrine concerning the cosmic planes of
function consciously in them. Notice that the Abyss marks
existence. This doctrine says that divinity expresses itself
the major division between form and formlessness. Here the
downward (or outward) from spirit into matter in graduated
Oversoul, or Reincarnating Ego, takes on " new bodies" with
steps something like cosmic quanta. Each of these steps is a
each incarnation of the spirit. The doctrine of reincarnation
plane or universe. Our earth and the entire physical coimos,
is used to understand and describe these seven planes and
is on the seventh (l'. e. lowest and most dense) of these cosmic
how we function on them. This is because initiation into
these planes is similar to death.
The major difference between the leveled or stepped
system of occultism shown in Table III and the Enochian is
that in the latter these cosmic planes are considered as
AND THEIR CORRESPONDING BODIES concentric spheres. The Enochian system subdivides these
concentric sph"res into thirty regions or zones which it calls
Plane Occult Qabalistic Enochian System the Aethyrs.
No. System System Plane Body

I Divine Three Planes Divine Divine Body

2 Upper Spirit'l of the Divine

(abstract spirit)
and Formless Spiritual Spiritual Bod
3 Lower Spirit'l
(concrete spirit) World


Upper Mental Archetypal

(abstract mind)
Mental Mental Body
Lower Mental Intellectual
(concrete mind) (Creative)

Astral Substantial Astral Astral Body


7 Physical Physical Physical Physical Body

How To Speak Enochian / 15
smooth breath. Say, Hah-bee-oh-roh. The mouth should
The pronuncr.atjgn of Enochian, as taught make four distinct syllables with this name. During an
by both the invocation of this Senior, the magician must focus his mind
Golden Dawn and Areister crowrey, is simirar
t" rr.lrr*. on the qualities of HABIORO, while repeating his name in
Ten major rules to remember are:
l. Most consonants have an e or eh added;for example, the four melodious syllables.
leUer B is pronounc ed beh and the letter Some names are subject to several possible spellings.
K as keh. This is because some squares on the Watchtowers contain
2. Most vowels have an h added;for example, the letterA
is pronounced ah. multiple letters. As a general rule, pronunciation should
3. The Enochian word SOBHA is pronounced in three include all letters, or the highest whenever only one is desired
syllables as soh-beh-hah. This is the general (the multiple letters are given like a fraction with a higher and
rule tor worac a lower row). However, there are exceptions to this rule.
4. The letter G can be either hard a"s in the woraghit
soft as in jtmet.
i An example here is the name of the great King of Earth,
5. The letters y and I are interchangable, as are the letters IKZHIKAL. This name can also be spelled IKZHHHAL,
V and U. The lettersT and w are seliom used. IKZHIHAL, and IKZHHKAL because the squares give
6' The letter X can be like thes in samekh,or like the tz in IKZFiluHTAL where the hfth and sixth letters are multiple.
tzaddi. The best way of pronouncing this King s name is to choose
7. The letter S can be pronounced either as ess or the variant spelling that has the most meaningful gematric
8. The letterRcan be pronounced either as rah, reh, seh.. value. In this case, this is Ee-keh-zod-hee-kal.
or ar.
9. The letter Z is pronounc ed, as zod. ft i, in,rr.frrnguii,
with the letter S. How To Vibrate The Names.
10. The vowel I is pronounced as ee. In addition to pronunciation, some names should be
vibrated. This is especially important during invocations.
When a name is to be vibrated, the speaker must imagine the
Examples of Name pronouncements. sound of the name going outward from himself into the
farthest reaches of the universe. As the name is being
- Correctly pronouncing the names of the gods, spirits,
andrulersof the quadrants andAethyrs, is criti&l pronounced verbally, it must be projected outward mentally.
inorderro After verbal pronunciation, the magician should still be able
obLut-n- satisfactory magical results.
As'a rule of Urun,U,ii. to "heat'' the name psychically and "see" the name expand
syllables should flow together easily and poeticailt;il;;;
like a song. Seldom is aharsh o, .h"rp sound over the Watchtowers and Aethyrs. The vibration of a name
made. requires full concentration.
The reciting aloud of these nu'n., should be like
speaking mantras. Each should be intoneO
in one tong
flowing breath, ifpossible. As an example,
recite the name of
a Senior of Air, HABIORO. This stroutO
Ue Oo". in u,ingi"

How The Magic Works: The Imagination / 17
thought forms is called Kriya Sakti. The conscious use of
Imagination is.essential in magic. It is the golden key to Kriya Sakti on Earth is rare, and diffrcult to develop. But on
the performance of any magical operation. Aliof the usual the Astral and Mental Planes it is very much easier.
magic paraphernalia-incense, music, rituals, chants, robes, Actually, we all use Kriya Sakti subconsciously; it is the
signs, symbols and the lik+-are useful only insofar as ttrey power which causes dreams. Its control is equivalent to
are able to stimulate the imagination. being able to fall asleep and consciously direct a dream.
For example, during an invocation of a spiri! while
chanting the name the magician must concentrate on the
known qualities and characteristics until the spirit is clearly
visualized in his mind. It is a mental imagi held by thl
magician. This image will stimulate the precipitation ortrr.
spirit Because of this intense imagery aftei the fact it is
usually impossible to determine if a spirit actually manifested
physically or not It is a point of interest here that it doesn't
matter in the least so far as the results are concerned.
This magical image is called aTelesmatic image and it is
important for effective results. Every Angel, Kini Senioa
Governor, and so forth, has his own titismatic image.
However, this telesmatic image can vary widely, witiin
certain limits, with each magician. No angel or king will
appear exactly the same to every magician, though ,irt"in
characteristics are universal. For example, every arrgel in the
watchtowerofFire mustexhibit afiery nature it on! wayor
another. Appearance, in every case, must correspond with
locality and function.
The imagination is the creative faculty of man. With its
use, thoughts take on form. This may not seem to be of
concern on Earth where thoughts have little effect. But in the
psychic world, which one sees in the,.Spirit Vision',, it
very important indeed There, thoughts are real things. On
the Mental Plane the thought-form of a tree, for.*.rrr[1., i,
rea-l to one's spirit vision as an oak is to one's eyes on
19 the
Physical Plane. The magical power of imagination to create
thought forms is called Kriya sakti. The conscious use of



. Agcording to the Enochian magical system, the The magician will have to trace pentagrams and hexa-
- universe
is chock full of spiritual intelligent Leingi I,
and forces.
region in space throughout the seven cosmic planes
E;;; grams during invocation and banishing rituals. With this in

by a hierarchy of deities. Each has a slightly different

i, ;i;; e.!
mind, a rod or wand of some kind is required. This rod is the
Brl only magical implement that is actually required for Enochian
character #"
and quality. Which one we Magic, although the four Elemental Weapons could certainly
depends upon our motive for the magical "toorr"to.r;;;;;;;;
operation. ' # be used. These were described in some detail by the Golden
This idea is in accord with a basiJtenetof Dawn and consecrated by appropriate rituals, but the
occurtism: the #
entire universe is alive. There is no such thing
(or dead anything else). However, because
as d.ud;;;; # following could be used just as well:
things have liie I
:l The Fire Wand-This can be a dowel rod about ten
(and therefore consciousness) completely
they appear quite lifeless and communication
foreilr ,; il; inches long, painted red.
*itf, tfr.',, i, The Water Cup-This can be any blue cup, either
impossible. A corollary of this tenet is that
there is no such metal or glass.
thing as empty space. Every mathematical point
in space is a The Air Dagger-this can be a simple knife or letter-
center of some kind of consciousness (calied
u *inoa1.-i opener, painted bright yellow.
vacuum is a figment of our imagination. The Earth Pentacle-This can be a round wooden disk
We can Aeteci
nothing in a vacuum, but something is there
nonetheressr- about four inches in diameter and painted black.
these spirits real? Do the king, and Seniors
- . 4rr have The magic rod can be a wooden dowel either /a orr/z inch
objective existence? Here the student riust
adopt a speciai in diameter and about one foot long It should be painted gold
attitude; it is more convenient to accept their
exisienc. ;h*;; or, if preferred, divided into equal sections of white, blue,
is to reject it. If we a.clept them as real,
the op.rution, t uu. yellow, black and red which are the colors of the elements.
satisfactory results; if we reject their reality,
not work. It is just that simpre. Belief is
ifr. _"gi. *ifi Painting or engraving the symbols of the elements is also
important in order to encouraged.
properly goad the imagination. whether
they actualrv,riri The wand symbolizes the highest will of the magician.
or not (r.e. whether exist objectively or subjeciivety)
!]re1 This is the socalledTnte Will; anindividual expiession of
must be answered individually by each person according to the Great Work It is the aim of macrocosmic human
his experiences and convictions.
evolution as this is expressed in the microcosmic magician.
This works best when it is unconscious and is allowed to
influence the entire life and life-style of the magician as a
matter of course. If the Great Work is likened to climbing a
mountain, then the True Will is the individual pathway taken
up the slopes to arrive at the common peak. This True Will is
symbolized by the staightness and arrow-like nature of the rod.

l8 t9

The ultimate aim, and only truly worthy purpose of Dee and Kelly devised aHoly Twelvefold Table containing
magic (like mysticism) is to awaken the consciousness of seven different talismans, as shown in Figure 1. This table is
man to his inherent divinity, the god within. Everyone has an covered with Enochian writings. In the center is:
inner spiritual being. The mind and personality are but faint OIT
expressions of it. The physical body is its far-distant MLU
reflection. Table III shows that each of man,s vehicles is a LML
creative expression of the other, from the spiritual down to ooE
the physical. Howevero few are directly aware of this and
even fewer can focus consciousness on their spiritual body as
easily as they can on their physical body. Indeed, modern
psychology shows that most people have a difficult time
being aware of their own emotions and thoughts. The
subconsciou.r seems an alien and threatening land, ready to
snuffout the ego at the first opportunity. If we are unable to
focus consciousness on the astral body (emotions) or on the
mental body (thoughts), how can we do so on the causal and
spiritual bodies? How can we function in the spiritual body as
consciously as we do in the physical body? It is not easy, yet
this is exactly what the real magician tries to do. The attempt
is called the " Great Work" and it is the toil of many lifetimes.
Every magical operation worthy of being performed (i.e.
white magic) is done to further this Great Work. Every
invocation and all traveling in the Spirit Vision, as described
in Enochian Magic, should be done solely to tread the path
which continues, in some degree, the Great Work.

Figure l. The HolY Table

Reading across, we get OIT which means "this is";

20 2L
22 / Enochian Magic
{, The HolY Table / 23
MLU which means "a surge"; LML meaning "a treasure,,; s#' The eyes onlY need rest upon the name of
and OOE meaning "ecstasy." Taken together, this says, EG (GE) OOEEON F G-DO
"This is an outpouring of rich ecstasy." # any guardian and its representative
Reading downward we get OMLO which can mean BNG (BRABZG) SMAN-M
"knowledge of the firsf '; ILMO meaning "of the Aethyrs";
and TULE meaning "also of the last." Taken together this will speedily be encountered.
says, "The knowledge of the first of the Aethyrs even unto MELF
the lasl" This message mentions "Babalon" and the "Beasf', a
A detailed description of the thirty Aethyrs is given favorite theme of Altirt"t Crowley. According to these
later, however the key to their understanding is contained directions, a simple glance at the awesome name of a
here in this Holy Table. ; guardi#' will be suffrcient to precipitate an encounter' The
Around the outer edge of the Holy Table are Enochian ,Jud.t should take this as a dire warning Although the
letters. These are arranged without any visible break or likelihood of a physical manifestation of one of these
starting point. Reading the message either clockwise or guardians rigtrt befoie the reader's eyes is remote, a psychic
counterclockwise is to no avail. But the center four words iranifestation in the form of an alien impulse or desire is
give the key to reading this message. This is because the highly probable. The danger here is that one may ignore this
words OIT, MUL, LML and OOE are all found in the *itting, being quite content that no ugly or mischievous
surrounding message. The message's words are thus read demon-will suddenly appear before him in a puff of grey
clockwise beginning with the word OIT, but the letters within l smoke. However, dimons come in other forms than those
the words are read counterclockwise (ie. backwards), seen with eyes. The reader must guard his mind' That Dee
except in a few instances where they are scrambled into an and Kelly clearly believed this themselves is evidenced by
anagram. The message around the Holy Table can be th. *uy ttt.y .utlf,ttly anagramed the name of BABALON
translated as follows: in tt ..ttage, fearing that a straightforward spelling wogld
This is the place of the outpouring bring her toJciose. History shows that Kelly himself finally
OIT EOGA MLU becime a victim to one of these strange and powerful
offorgotten treasure inthe form of ecstasy.
Enochian forces.
Only Fire is substantial here. This is *
the way of Babalon and of
the Beast who is the First Form.
LN-NrA-O SOB SSNO (ZON) - L. ','

The Holy Pantacle / 25
The Holy pantalg, or Great
Seal, devised by Dee and 4. DEIMOOA
__ __
Kelly is shown in Figure 2. This magical device was 5. I '6MEGCBE
carefully carved in wax and placed on top of 6. ILAOI2sr\{N
tn. Holy Tabie
during certain operations. The pantacle contains {.,
the sacred ?
names of many great angels.
:r u. Names of four groups of angels canbe foundby reading
s the heptagram of the Pantacle obliquely:

S A. r. E (Eh)
2. Me (Meh)
3. Ese (Es-seh)
4. lana(Ee-ah-nah)
5. Akele (Ah-keh-leh)
6. Azdobn (Ah-zod-doh-ben)
7. Stimcul (Ess-tee-em-kul)
B. I. I (Ee) (Sot)
2. IH (Ee-heh) (Luna)

3. Ilr (Ee-lar) (Venus)
4. Dmal (Dem-ah-el) (Jupiter)
5. Heeoa (Heh-oh-ah) (Mars)
6. Beigia (B eh-ee-gee-ah) (Mercury\
7. Stimcul (E ss-tee-em-kul) (Saturn)
S*i; c. 1. S (Ess)
2. Ab (Abbeh)
3. Ath (Ah-teh)
4. lzed (Eezod-deh)
5. Ekiei (Eh-kee-ehee)
Figure 2. The Holy pantacle or Great
Seal. 6. Madimi (Em-ah-dee-mee)
The seven great namis of God, *frorl 7. Esemeli (Ess-em-el-ee)
are unknown, are:
l. SAAI2srEME (2rr is probably..El") D. t. L (Et)
2. Aw (Ah-weh)
26 / Enochian Magic
;r:. The Holy Pantacle / 27
3. Ave (Ah-veh) '*l
4. Liba(El-ee-bah) ,I Concerning The Names On The Holy Pantacle.
5. Iocle (Ee-oh-keh-leh) # Although there is no attempt here to describe an invoca-
E tion ritual forthese angels, the reader may do so if he desires.
6. Hagone (Hah-goh-neh) tg

7. Ilemese (Ee-teh-meh-seh) Using the numerical values contained in Table II for letters,
ct gematria can be used to obtain a specific number for each
$ name. For example, the first name of the second group is'oI"
III. Seven great angels are named. These are the
angels of
ft, which letter can mean either "is" or'ois noto' and therefore
the Seven Circles of Heaven:
denotes the duality of existence and nonexistence. Its
1. SAB-ATH-IEL,.He who is first in works,,
character is solar and its number is 60, the number for the
2. LEDEK-IEL o.He who is first in attainment,,
Hebrew word GAZNwhich means " glory" and " sublimity."
3. MAD-IM-IEL,.He who is firstin expressingGod,,
4. SE-MELIEL o,He who is first in speed,, #.
gh The seven great angels who are each "first" are
important deities who preside over the Circles of Heaven
5. NO-GAH-EL..He who is first in spirit,, H
r!'i (i.e. the seven cosmic planes). They should be invoked only
6. K-ORAB-EIL,.He who is first in ecstasy,, !t
with great caution.
7. LEV-ANAEL.,He who is first in the Secret fuisdonrl,

ry. Outside the heptagram are the seven names:

I . ZLLKHIA Zod- el_lar_hee_ah
2. AZKAAKB Ah-zod_kah_ah_kebeh
3. PAVPNHR pah-veh-pen_har
4. HDMHLAI Heh-dem_hel_ahee
5. KKAAEEE Keh-kah_ah_eh_eh_eh
6. IIEELLL Ee-e+elr-el_le_leh
7. EELLMG Eh-el-lem_geh
v. Around the outer rim ofthe seal are two sets of numbers
and letters at regular intervals. By an imaginative
process of decipheringthese curious letters
and nirmbers,
the Golden Dawn produced the names of the four
elem_e-ntal Kings (these are notthe same
as the Kings of
the Watchtowers) as follows:
l. Elemental King of Air. Tahaoelog
2. Elemental King of Water. Thahebyobeaatanun
3. Elemental King of Earth. Thahaaothe
4. Elemental King of Fire. Ohooohaatan

i, The Four Great Watchtowers / 29
Dee and Kelly constructed four Tablets, or Watch- i q f A t o
r z I F
towers, one for each of the four quadrants ( also called angles) o f d Z q d P o L ct IN

of space. Figure 3 shows an overview of these four great c o n 3 o r o v o b

Watchtowers and the Black Cross that unites them together. T t z

x o P a o c
T o I

S 1 6 o s o I
n r b z n h
o n d o T d o r
f rn I

o r o I b o h o o z P

t" N a b rd 1 x c" d d

o 1 1 t T P
o I o a I

b c rn o o o o c c o
N G o c o T t n P r 'T

o c a n m a 6 o t r I

S h 1 o r a P rn z o x

Figure 4. The First Great Watchtower;

The Great Eastern Quadrant of Air'

T o o A d P t D n m
o r o rn z b b
o o
T o 4 c o n t G

n h o d D I o Id o o c
q tc A x c 3 P a

S d o a o r r
m P
h q r 3 I s o t o

M d m 4 o ft L r x
o o o D no 4 o T o I o
o L c o I d x c c
A a 5
n d o L N x I
1 I d P o (r d A s P 1
Figure 3. The Four Great Watchtowers Connected by the Black Cross x r r n h t d c d 1

These Watchtowers are the heart of Enochian Magic

just as they represent the.heart of the universe. Each Figure 5. The Second Great lVatchtower;

The Great Western Quadrant of lVater'

& tr,,
30 / Enochian Magic r'i:
6 The Four Great Watchtowers / 31
b o Z o R
o o P h o R a
u N n o x S o n d n Qalsr eir Itloter
b€ oF bF
r qi. qif 6aPr G.toler
6 cr
o m a { d AIR WATER
o r P m rL I n E b o I 7za+i1 - -- -1wesr.
c S o rI i z I r I e rn u -/dloQ-
4'ltt 4arl\
6 -+frc,'
L I n r C L o. |,1 h i ol
gif 6)bte( Q*ter
t4 o r d .l' h C t G o
t{ "c o c o s o n *r'zort let'-S
a c o c lr. il o S o m a(
A r b m I I z Air^ d**Yr ryic <rtalec
P ieF o€ OF
r) 4?re,
o n o
o P"
R o m S m o I eartI,
4.arllr 'Ffft,.
n I o n b o (NoA-rH)-- -- (puTA)----
r x P a o c 5 L z L x P 'Tl*K- -e.eA-
cr x t I r o t r I (n exfit 'Fire, 4-lttn nire.
o+ e4 or
4-+rh 4er14 4"tr9. 'T7re.
Figure 6. The Third Great Watchtower; lr+
The Great Northern euadrant of Earth;
\ vrrl?c,leuor
'?laaK Cratt
d o n P cl T d o o o Figure 8. Major subdivisions of the Enochian Tablets.
o o o o o o o b o o quadrangle or Tablet is shown separately in Figures 4
o P a rn n o o G
n d n ITI through 7 with English equivalents as used by the Golden
o 'b I s T I
d e c o o P
Dawn. The names of all of the angelic hierarchies of the
s c m o o rt A rrl o x universe can be found from these Tablets.
Sunounding the Watchtowers
V c f s G d L r t o P 4,,,f Afur fro,, are thirty concentric circles of
o I P t e o o P D o c e
increasing radii which represent
P s a c n r Z I r 2 o
S o d o o 1 n c z ITL
4xg K.7 $r^ the thirty Aethyrs or Aires.
As the Black Cross divides the
d o t f d n ct d I f e
+coYq .J-
b V,talel Tablet into four quadrants, so
d i x m o
o o D z

s I o 3
Nqnl rg €^{\-. each quadrant is itself suMivid
P 1
P o rI I ed as shown in Figure 8. The
r g o o r! JD A r r
?ITOP1 z-i-
tirez,, Black Cross is then arranged in
i"m a special Tablet
Figure 7. The Fourth Great Watchtower; called the "r
Tablet of Union as
The Great Southern euadrant ofFire.
Ftgure 9. The Tablet of Unlon. shown in FigUre 9.
How The Magic Works: The Four Elements / 33



The Enochian, like all other systems of magic, makes lVater Air Fire
use of four primary elements. These are earth, water, air and
fire and they correspond to many things, as shown in Table Symbol V v A A
IV. These attributes and correspondences are important in Plane PhYsical Astral Mental Spiritual
order to determine the precise location on the Watchtowers Property Cold Cold Hot Hot
where one wishes to travel, or to select a spirit to converse Dry Moist Moist Dry
with. Residents Gnomes Undines Sylphs Salamanders
Figure 8 shows the elements as they relate to the AstrologicalTaurus Cancer Gemini Aries
Watchtowers. Combinations of elements such as Earthof Signs Virgo Scorpio Libra Leo
Air and Fireof-Water are made to better specify the nature CaPricorn Pisces Aquarius Sagittarius
of the locality. A visit to Water-of-Earth in the north for Planets Venus Mars Saturn Sun
example, could be interpreted as a lake or pond Similarly, Moon Mercury Jupiter
Eartbof-Water in the westcouldbe interpreted as an island Tarot Pantacles Cups Swords Wands
or large ship. Additional explanations are given below. Northern Western Eastern Southern
Color Black Blue Yellow Red
1. Fire of Fire, Aries, violent fire
2. Air of Fire, Leo, continuous fire
3. Water of Fire, Sagittarius, reflective fire
4. Earth of Fire, dispersiveness
5. Fire of Air, Libr4 violent wind
6. Air of Air, Aquarius, steady moving air
7. Water of Air, Gemini" stagnant air
8. Earth of Air, flexibility
9. Fire of Water, Cancer, violent water
10. Air of Water, Scorpio, evaporating water
I l. Water of Water, Pisces, stagnant water
12, Earth of Water, cohesiveness
13. Fire of Earth, Capricorn, violent earth mountains
14. Air of Earth" Taurus, flat earth, plains
15. Water of Earttr, Virgo, quiet life-giving earth, helds
16. Earth of Earth, solidity

In addition to the four elements of the Watchtowers, The four quadrants each give a gteat secret Holy Name
fifth element, Spiri! is used in Bnoct ian a
tufugrr. This element of God along its middle row (called the "Linea Spiritus
is assigned to the Tablet of Union.
rrrr rv.u.l for spirit is a Sancti"). Each name is three words having 3, 4 and 5 letters:
spoked wheel E and its color is white.
iogether, th;r; fi;; 1. Air. The air quadrant contains the name
elements 'p""-t"gr"_
1re symbolized by tfre nue_poir,.O oRO-IBAH- AOZPI ( OROI-BAHAO- ZPI)
(Figure 16). usualry the erement spirii
is assigned to the This name is pronounc ed O h- ro h- E e- b ah- A h- o h- z o d-
topmost point. whgn the pentagram
is invertJd the fou; pee and means
elements are over Spirit
lana tfrirefor. tuu. ,uprr_u"rl. 'oHe who cries aloud in the place of desolation."
This is said to be an unholy ,ien, ur.J
*fv in oprrutionr,Ji
black magic. The reason ror tf,is is trraiipirit 2. lVater. The water quadrant contains the name
has a natural
supremacy over the four elements of
earth, water, air and fire
(they^are in fact, expressions of
Spiritllnd any reversal is This name is pronounc ed E m-Peh- heh-Ar-es s-el- Gah-
therefore unnatural. ee-oh-leh and means
"He who is the first true creator; the horned one."
3. Earth. The earth quadrant contains the name
This name is pronounced Moh-ar-Dee-ah-leh-Heh-
keh-teh-gah and means
"He who burns up iniquity without equal."
4. Fire. The fire quadrant contains the name
This name is pronounc ed O h- ee-p eh-Teh- ah- ah- Peh-
doh-keh and means
'oHe whose name is unchanged from what it was."

Correct Pronouncement of the Holy Names.

The four great secret Holy Names should be pronounced
in one long flowing breath if possible. However, emphasis
should be given to the first syllable of each name section. For
example, ORO-IBAH- AOZPI should be spoken with
emphasis on the Oh, Ee and Ah syllables which begin each
section of the name.
36 / Enochian Magic
Correct Pronouncement of the Holy Names / 37
An alternate method ofpronunciation
after each section- This resurtr inl"ving
is topause briefly IThRUN : 10*400+200+6+50 : 666
names. For exampl.,.on: could
three distinct BRKTh : 2*200*20+400 :622
say Oh_roiEe_brhii:;i:
zod-pee. Either method is effective-.- GRM SPQ : 3+200+40+60+80+100 :483
The stuJen;-;c""rd
experiment with both and then choose
the way,h"t;;;k; General Meaning and Use of the Four Great Holy
best for him.
The four great secret Holy Names are not usually
Gematria of the Four Great Holy invoked by themselves, being but names of God.
l. ORGIBAH-AOZPI Normally the names are used in ritual invocations ofthe
is 340, the numberforthe
word ZOKH meaning--,,the past,,, Enochian Kings, Seniors, Archangels or Angels of the entire
PRS meaning Vulturd'
*d th. H;b;;;; Watchtowers, to get an initial feel or mood of the
lttre vutture *as ur.O Uy the ancient particular Watchtower under consideration. Each name
Egyptians to symbolize mottrertrooO;.-'
reflects the general atmosphere of its respective quad-
2. MPH-ARSL.G.AIOL_ is 333, the number rant and should be used with great care. The meaning of
Enochian phrase SIAION_GRAA *frirf,
for the
rnr_, ;t"rlpf. J the name mustbe clearly held in mind when the name is
the moon." It is also the number fb;A;
h UNZ UN g. E.
Hebrew,*iil;;; spoken.
? llR tf,, arrno" 1. ORO-IBAH-AOZPI. This colors the Watch-
Aethyr and is half of^Choronzon),
666, the ilil;; "ttd;;;t
of the Beast of the tower of Air with an atmosphere of great age and of
Apocallpse which crowley
rhe serious endless past events. The formless aspectof air gives the
student should not be at ali intimidateJbv
trris. The number
666 is equal to the Hebrew *oraiim{/i/ feeling of emptiness and desolation.
which means 2. MPH-ARSLGAIOL This colors the Watch-
3. MOR-DIALHITGA tower of Water with an atmosphere of creation and
is 622, the number for the birth. The lif+giving aspect of water gives the feeling of
Enochian phrase pIAp_pATRALX
;hi;h means ,,balance form coming out of formlessness.
of stone," and the Hebrew word A&Xfn-i"aning.,blessings.,,
4. OP-IEAA-pDO_KEis 3. MOR-DIALHKTGA. This colors the Watch-
4g3, the number forthe Enochian
tower of Earttr with an atmosphere of stability and
phrase LRING-MONONS which;;, .,to
hear!" and the Hebrew phr rr" CnU-iFgwhich stir up the equalibrium. The solidifying aspect of earth gives the
means.,to feeling of opposing forces becoming balanced, of chaos
cause doubt."
becoming structured.
5,. The gematria of the Hebrew words
used above are 4. OIP-TEAA-PDOKE. This colors the Watch-
lalcul-ate{ using standard Hebrew g.rn"hi. values (reference tower of Fire with an atmosphere of instability and
Crowley's LIBER 777) as follow"s:
turmoil. The violent aspect of fire gives the feeling of
PRS: 80+200+60: 340 continuous dissociation.
ChURLINZLTN : 8 +6+200+6+50+7+6*50 :33 3
The Four Great Kings / 39
THE FOUR GREAT KINGS Fire: The name of the King of Fire is EDLPRNAA (ED-
LPRNAA). This is pronounced Eh-del-par-nah-
How to Obtain Their Names.
ah andmeans " He who is first to receive the flames. "
Each quadrant has a presiding king or
of^each G1e1t King is obtained Tro#tt,
ruler. The name
center of each General Character and Qualities ofthe Four Great Kings
respective Tablet by making a clockwise
circle, u, ,fro*nln Using gematria on the names of the four Great Kings
Figure l0 below for water. will give hints of their true nature, as shown in Table V.
These Kings can be either invoked or visited by the magician.
While speaking the name, the character and qualities of the
A x i o V a King must be firmly held in mind. These are:
i z
x o.- ro r V The King of Ain BATAIVAH, is kindly and loving.
His nature is feminine. He bestows mercy and grace
o r' (ir
a '] "{ o' and he speaks with a beautiful voice. In fact his words
seem like heavenly music, which is both pleisant and
{ I ,i8 n L
Or seductive.
(l D n The Ktng of Water, RAAGIOSL, is creative and is
o € o T always making things. His nature, being reflective, is
Figure 10. The Name of the King of Water such that one often sees one's own worst faults manifested
from the Center of the Second datchtower in him. He seeks, through lifegiving creativity, to
The Names of the Four Great Kings. reduce infinite spiritual ideas into finite forms.
Ain The name of
t9 King of Air is BATAIVAH (BA_
The King of Earth IKZHIKAL, lives in the past. He
hates change. He strives to keep things as they are. He
I4-r-V4H). This is pronounc ia aon_,oi_-i)ii_
heh and means .,He whose voice seems loves to describe and define things. He gave all things of
to have the earth their original names, and he seeks to keep
them bound to these n€Lmes.
Waten The name ol_the King of
Water is RAAGIOSL The King of Fire, EDLPRNAA, is a consuming fiery
(RAA-GI-OSL). Thts is pronounc ea
oh-sel and means,.He whbse hands
nan_ii_eee_ being dangerous and easy to provoke to anger. He
are toward"tlie loves change and hates stagnation. He has a violent
temper and seeks to disperse all aggragates into their
Earth: The name of the King of Earth is monadic essence. The inexperienced magician would
IKZH rrvHrAL (I_
KZH-I-KAL). This is pronounc ed E e_ k e h_ z ; do well to avoid this King until he is adept at invocations.
kal and means .,He wlo solidifies the pasl,,d4;;_

40 / Enochian Magic
NAME VALUE ENOCHIAN HNNNTW.-- How To Obtain Their Names.
King of Air, 163 RIT (mercy) NVeBH The Tablets contain the names of 24 Seniors or Elders;
BATAIVAH sixineachquadrant.Thesearefoundinthecenterrowand
also tsl SoRGE (love) $&'#i,,1,*"., two center columns of each quadrant by reading from the
King of Water, 225 MOOOAH-OL HChZRH center outward (or upward and downward)' Each name
RAAGIOSL (thehappiness (reflection) contains seven letters, except when double letters are
of making things) in a section. Figure 11 shows the derivation of the seniors
King of Earth, 744 from the Watchtower of Air as an example'
solidify and measure)
where 3l = BESZ
24 = TAFA (poison)
King of Fire, 193 BAEOUIBS
(the righteous one)
(fire) fiustice)

Figure 11. The Derivation of the Six Seniors

from the Great Watchtower of Air.

42 / Enochian Magic The Twenty-Four Seniors / 43
The Names of the Twenty-Four Seniors.
6. LIGDISA Elee-geh-dee-sah Saturn
Planetary His name means'oHe who has no head"
Name Pronunciation Correspondence
L Air III. Earth
l. HABIORO Hah-beeoh_roh Mars
1. LAIDROM El-ahee-dar-oh-em
name means..He whose voice is low.,, His name means who knows the
2. AAO zxAIF Abatrotrzodalr_e+feh Jupitei
secrets of truth."
His name means.,He whofrequents the 2. AKZINOR Ah-keh-zodee-noh-rah Jupiter
ways." His name means "He who is from the dark
3. HTNuORDA Heh-teh-noh_rah_dah Luna waters.t'
His name means,.He who has a son.,, 3. LZINOPO El-zodee-noh-poh Luna
4. AHAOZAPI Aha-oh-zodah_pee His name means "He who is first in the
His name means ..He who is in his
deep waters."
place.,, 4. ALHKTGA Ah-leh-hek-teh-gah Venus
5. AVTOTAR Ah-veh-toh_tah_rah Mercury
His name means "He who is most like a
His name means ,.He who listens.,, spirit."
6. HIPOTGA Hee-poh-teh_gah Satum
5. AHTIvFsLKV Ah-mel-el-keh-veh Mercury
His name means..He who is like nothing His name means "He who is most ancienl"
else.', 6. LIgIANSA Eleeee-ah-ness-ah Saturn
His name means "He who is first in
il. lVater truth."
l. LSRAHPM Less-rah-pem Mars IV. Fire.
His name means.,He who slays.,, 1. AAETPIO Ah-ah-eteh-pee-oh Mars
2. SAIINOUv Sah-ee-ee-noh_veh Jupiter His name means "He who seeks his
His name means ..He who has a iemple.,, place."
3. LAvoAxzRP El-ah-vahtz-ar_peh Luna 2. ADAEOET Ah-dah-eh-oh-eteh Jupiter
His name means who is first in His name means "He who sings like a
arrogance." bird."
4. SLGAIOL Sel-gah-ee-ohleh Venus 3. ALN KovoODAh-len-keh-voh-deh Luna
His name means o.He who made the His name means "He who will serve
spirit." herein."
5. SO NeIzxNT Soh-ahee_zoden_teh Mercury 4. AAPDOKE Ah-ah-ped-oh-keh Venus
His name means .,He who has itre His name means "He whose name
saving waters.,, remains the same."
44 / Enochian Magic / 45
The Twenty-Four Seniors
5. ANODOIN Ah_noh_doh_ee_neh
His name means ,,He who i, opin to TABLE VI. GEMATRIA OF THE NAMES OF THE SENIORS
others.', Numerical Key Corresponding Word
6. ARINNAop Ah-reeneh_nah_peh Name Value or Phrase
His name means.,He who p.otects Air:
wittr a 232 VRANA (an elder)
sword.r, HABIORO
AAOZAIF 120 graa (moon), OM (knowledge)
tt4 BABALOND (seductress)
Gematria of the Twenty_Four Seniors. HTNORDA 200 LIALPRT (First Flame)
194 BITOM (fire), PARADIZ (virgin)
Each Senior has a numerical value AHAOZPI t2r HOM (to live), NANTA (earth)
obtained by summing
up.the appropriate letter value, a, ll5 EOLIS (to make), HARG (to Plant)
,oituined in T"bhli: AVTOTAR 230 ROR (the sun)
lsinq gematria, the name of each Senili corresponds to kev HIPOTGA 123 MOZ (ioy)
Enochian words or phrases *hi"h
their natures. An example of selected
LSRAHPM 221 MALPRG (fiery flames)
numericat correspond_ SAIINOV 283 PIRIPSOL (heaven)
ences is in Table VI.
LAVAXRP s99 OXI-DOSIG (mightY dark one)
SLGAIOL t27 PRGE (fire), IADNAH (knowledge)
165 SOE-GONO (faithful savior)
ls9 NOQOLH (servant)
LIGDISA 153 SA-F-ORS (one in darkness)
LAIDROM 298 ZORGE-BRGDO (restful sleeP)
AKZINOR 5s5 PAPNOR-KAOSG (memory of earth)
549 TA-L-PATRALX (lie the first stone)
LZINOPO t96 TABAAN-GRAA (ruler of the moon)
190 QUASAHI (bliss)
AHMLLKV 4g3a TABAAN-K HIDAO (ruler of diamonds)
LIIANSA 197 QUASAHIS (one who delights)
AAETPIO 130 SOBOLN (west), VNPH (anger)
t24 GNAY (action)
ADAEOET 75 NAZPS (a sword)
69 ZEN (sacrifice)
ALNKVOD 468 BALZARG-YARRY (steward of fate),
ANODOIN 230 ROR (the sun)
Note: see AVTOTAR of Air'
ARINNAP 281 MALPIRG (fires of life)

a483 is also OIP-TEAA-PDOKE, the Holy Name of the Watchtower

of Fire.
The seven sacred
_planets represent seven planetary
spheres, or zones of influence.
The cross shown in Figure I I is called the Great Cross
The fact that two th;;; of the Watchtower. The Holy Names, and the names of the
planets are the sun and the moon, which "f
"p_lanets" as such, does not alter the fact of their,.rprrtiul
Kings and Seniors, are all taken from the Great Cross. Any
influences. The most important correspondences one of the Kings and Seniors can be invoked by using the
are: Hexagram Ritual ( see below). Each King is attributed to the
sun. Each Senior is attributed to a planet, as shown earlier. A
hexagram has six points and each corresponds to a planet
and therefore to a Senior. During the ritual, a hexagram is
Watshtower drawn for a particular Senior by beginning it at the appre
Subquadrant priate point. The hexagram is shown in Figure 1 2. In order to
Planet Sign Chief Characteristics Influenced invoke a King, it can be seen that there is no point on the
Saturn h Intuition,thought Earth of Air hexagram for the sun. A King is invoked by drawing all six
formation planetary hexagrams as shown in Figure 13.
Jupiter 4 Harmony, beneficial Water of Fire
Mars d Destruction,conflicting Earth of Fire
Sun Creativity, active change
9I Emotions, instincts
Air of Fire
Mercury Intellec! reflective thought
I) Reflection, passive -uni_
Water of Air
festation, formation of
+ Ycwy

for Invocation and Banishment

- 12. Hexagram
of Kings and Seniors.
46 47
48 / Enochian Magic
How to Invoke the Kings and Seniors / 49



Ficure 14. The Six Banishing Hexagrams for Kings. For each
#;iiilft,$JllrlTi,f?1?*if;.f rl:[x'"T'i,',:tHr:t,trn:rr heiacram becin at the point shown and ih the direction ofthe arrow as
indicited. D-o triangle I first then triangle 2.
50 / Enochian Magic
How to Invoke the Kings and Seniors / 5l
fnvocation of Kings and Seniors:
Step By Step.
A. PREPARATION traces each line, he imagines that a line is actually
1. Select the King or Senior being drawn in the air before him. The color of this
to be invoked. This will psychic construction is as follows:
depend upon the motive o, pu.por.
f* tfr" i""*"ti"".
2. Determine the. corresponding-Watchtower,
element, If the starting Then the color of
and pla,netary.sign (if aKing point is: the hexagram is:
is-chosen, uff .i*piun.^t-ury
slgns are used).
3. Memorize the p_ronunciation Saturn deep red or crimson
of all names involved Jupiter deep violet
(Holy Name, King and, if invoting
Seniorrs name). " il;;;';; Mars
4. Consult Figures 12, 13
and 14 to determine the Mercury violet-purple
_ appropriate hexagrams to be drawn. Luna deep violet-blue or indigo
5. stand facing the appropriate
watchtower (r.e. north,
souttr, east or wes! from figure
B. INVOCATION Sj. f. To further tax the imagination, after any hexagram is
l. Trace a hexagram in the air with either drawn, imagine the planetary symbol (as given in
a magic wand or Figure 12) atthe center of the hexagram. Figure 13
shows the sun sign inside each of the hexagrams
a. Begin at the point.of the hexagram
shown in Figure drawn for a King.
I 2 that corre sponds to the
S.nIoJ, ph J. ii; n:;;; g. A Senior needs only one hexagram to be invoked.
.b. Irn always begin at Sutu*
Trace a line from
fiopi. However, a King must have all six. for each of the
that point irJLntinue clockwise four Great Kings, begin with a Saturn hexagranq
until a triangle has been Orawn.
This is ;;-il; then draw one for Jupiter, then Mars, then Venus,
triangle (no. I in each hexagram
of F.ig"r.lg) then Mercury and lastly for Luna (for certain occult
c. Th9 starting point of the second
"i;; reasons, this order is very important here).
triangle (no. 2 in 2. With the complete hexagram(s) imagined in shining
each of the hexagrams shown
point opposite the Senior,s ptun.t. l:ii,
in Figuie ,h. color, repeat the corresponding secret Holy Name and
the first triangle began on tut.r"u.V,
F".,;;il.;'i; then the King s name (and then the Senior's name if a
would start on-Jupiter. For a
then the second Senior is being invoked). Concentrate on the known
Kin['tfr. nrritiiu,iJ] character traits of these names. If successful, he will
starts on Saturn and the r."ond&
Luna. appear in the hexagram in some form and converse with
d. Trace a line from that point
aJc-ontinue clockwise the magician. If partially successful, the magician may
until a triangle is drawn. This is
it ,r"onO triangle catch an idea or thought from him.
and completes the hexagram. "
e. Imagination is importait 3. Success orfailure is not measured by requiring that a
here. As the magician King or Seniorphysically jump out at the magician. It
is measured only by the degree in achievement of the
52 / Enochian Magic

original motive. Success or

failure may come days
even months after the operaiion. or
Although the use of incense during a magical operation
l. Every spirit invoked, must be banished
is optional, an appropriate incense sometimes helps to
after the oper_
ation. If unsure whethe. th.-i;;;;;ion
*u, successful the mind to concentrate. It also helps stimulate the imagin-
or not, use the banishment ritual
2. To banish a King or s.nioi
anvwayfiust i" ;;;. ation, which can be critical to success. The following list
iuril tJiir rrgon, simply go shows the correspc nding incense for each subquadrant and
through the hexagrams again, but this
time begin can be used for both invocations and traveling in the Spirit
counterclockwise rgther than
ciockwise. ffrisfras fr. Vision:
effect of reversing.the invocati.r.
to banish a King is in Figure ia, example of how S of e Ambergris. e of V Dittany of Crete'
il.i'^' A of e T}re Cill of Rukh. of v Assafoetida'
v of e Onycha. Y of V Clover'
g of @ Musk. V of V Storax'
A of e Civet. A of V Benzoin'
O of A Lign alott. a of A Saffron.
A of A Galbanum. A of A Lign-aloes.
V of A Mastick. V of A Red-sanders.
V of A Storax. V of A Red Sandalwood.
A of A Olibanum. A of A Olibanum.
a of V Myrrh.
A of Y Camphor.
V Of V Siamese Benzoin.
V Of V Indigo.
A of V Opoponax.
The following list gives the type of incense to be used for
corresponding planetary influences:
Saturn myrrh, sulphur, indigo (exercise
caution with sulPhur)
Jupiter Cedar, saffron
Mars tobacco, PePPer
Sun olibanum, cinnamon
Venus rose, benzoin, sandalwood, myrtle
Mercury storax, mace' mastic
Moon jasmine, ginseng camphor, aloes

54 / Enochian Magic

The following list gives the type of incense to be used to

correspond with the elements:
4ir galbanunlpeppermin!anylightupliftingodor
Suppose, for an example, one would like to improve
Water mynb onycha, any purgatiu. oa-o,
Earth storax, any dull heavy odor onr', upi.tciation for music. Such a boon could be granted
Fire olibanum, any fiery odor by the Senior, ADAEOET, 'oHe who sings like a bird'" The
magician begrns by facing south toward the great Watchtower
If the incenses listed above are unavailable, the foilowing of Fire, where ADAEOET dwells.
can be substituted: He wears only a robe, or at least very loose-fitting and
laturn any odoriferous roots such as pepperwort comfortable clothing. The real importance of clothing is that
Jupiter any odoriferous fruits such as coconut it must be of a type that can be forgotten or ignored' Tight
llars any odoriferous woods such as pine or cedar clothing can interfere with concentration, and for that reason
Sun any odoriferous gums such as musk or anise should not be worn. The same can be said for nudity; it is
Venus any odoriferous flowers such as roses or good ifone can forget the body and not good ifone feels at all
violets iwkward or uncomfortable. The magician must be able to
Mercury any odoriferous seeds such as bay berries forgethisbodyforawhile.Anythingthataidsthisisgood
Moon any odoriferous vegetable leaves such as whlle, on the bther hand, anything that hinders this is bad'
myrtle or bay All distracting thoughts and concerns must be cast
Earth any dry, heavy, earthy scent such as muskor aside. Total concentration is mandatory'
sandalwood The magician raises his arms outward toward the South
Water any cool, watery scent such as ginger and calls out the HolY Name,
Air any light, airy scent such as lemo=n o-r orange "OIP-TEAA-PDOKE, may my request be granted'
Fire any spicy or fiery scent such as cinnamoi You who are unchanged by time, hear me'
Possible sources for incense are: OIP-TEAA-PDOKE, thou most holy name' You are
Auroma International, the Watchtower of the South- You are the Watchtower
P.O. Box 2, Wilmot, WI53192 of Fire. All things return to you. Hear me'
Spencer Gifts, Inc., LRING-MONONS, I call upon you for your music'
Aflantic city NJ 0g411 OIP-TEAA-PDOKE."
Nature Scents, Olfactory, The magician then calls upon the King of Fire:
West Los Angeles, CA 90064 "EDLPRNAA, O Receiver of the Flames, thou who
The Magickal Chitde, art King over Fire, assist me. Make me to be a knower
35 West 19 Street, New yorlg Ny l00l l of music.
International Imports, EDLPRNAAH, BITOM, EDLPRNAAH, change
P.O. Box 2010, Toluca Lake, CA 91602 me, renew me in Your forge.
BI'iOM, I desire to be changed. I desire to be made

56 / Enochian Magic Invocation ofa Senior/ 57
The magiciun his subconscious. He asks only that it be brought out into
feels the pr.rrn.. of the King
near him. He shouldT9ry offir" manifestation. This ADAEOET can do. If properly carried
feel the vi^olent churning oi,fiir-n.*
quadrant around him. Now he out, this invocation will be effective in some degree. Although
takes his fiie
one he has made himserf) and traces
ffioirr#.ilii the magician will probably not be able to sit immediately at a
before him. This hexagram is deep
a large hexagram in the air piano and play Handel or Bach, he probably will find that
violet and is drawn as i.ting piano lessons is surprisingly easy and that, with
in hexagram ,ro..2 of figur. f : (i". th;;;;i;;
Hexagram). He sees a violet,.4; gtirtening practice, he can play tolerably well.
in th. ;il;;;
which charges the hexagram with
uion. both religious and
creative (if incense is used to-heighten
the propermood here,
it should be ofcedar or saffroni
A.r the magician Cyelintg tire sparkling
_ violet hexagram
of^ Jupiteq he makes the final inuor'utioru
"ADAEOET, whose voice is .uri., allow
me to share
your songs, O ADAEOET.
May your sword cut away my ignorance.
May I become
n9y. MaV my old self besacriiced
as it i, i, ZBN, ti.
eighteenth Aetlyr, May I rise up
new with your
attributes. M"Il share your music,
. ^ Now th-e magician feels himself ctranging under the
influence of fire and m rsic. ffe imagine, aOenOpT
in the
hexagram showering forth his ;;i;;
ability. He sees
himself as a new person. He is now
one who loves and
appreciates music. His own inherent
abiliti.s *iii no*,u[r'i
be enhanced.
In gratitude toADAEOET, he nowbanishes
the Senior
with a banishing hexagram (hexagram
no. 2 in fig"* f +1.
ADAEOET thus returns to the \iatchtower
of Fire in the
No Senior, or any other spirit for that
matter, can make
something from nothing. They-can
only work witfrin ;;;ii;;
occult laws. Here the magician does
not ask for the i_fi;ili;:
He already has a musical ability ( a, .ur.Von.
does) buried in
Each lesser angle (ie each subquadrant or angle,
The correspondences between the four elements and the
such as Water of Air) has a cross called the "Sephirothic
four directions of space, as given for invocations, are:
Calvary Cross". Figure 15 shows the fourCalvary Crosses of
1. The East Winds are airy therefore Air is in the East. the Watchtower of Earth as an example. There is a total of
2. The South winds are hot and dry therefore Fire is in the sixteen Calvary crosses. Each cross contains ten squares
South. corresponding to the ten Sephiroth of the Hebrew Qabalah'
3. The west winds are moist with rain therefore water is
in the West.
a A
4. The North Winds are cold and dry therefore Earth is in
the North. ,v N lt A x , o rl A tl
These correspondences are in accord with the winds,
and in accord with ancient Egyptian tradition. However,
whenever astral traveling or moving in the .. Spirit Vision,, is

used, the traditional Zodiac correspondences may be used. 7
These are: o v
1. Air in the West f1
2.Water in the North
3. Earth in the South
4. Fire in the East
As a general rule: to invoke, stand facing the position of o "t
the winds because the Earth is subject to the winds.
However, to travel in the Spirit Vision, face the positions
R r b z rl I ? I 7
according to the Zodiac. A fl
I \
T 1

t ;- .;,'.'.
;.' r': :, :, -r. j.1..,i,.:-j,..', r-:
:.. : : .'.: :'.'.' 2 ;' !, 1' ;i

Figure 15. Four Calvary Crosses in the Great lYatchtower of Earth'

58 59
60 / Enochian Magic Angels of the Calvary Cross / 61
- Each Calvary Cross contains two names. Reading
downward is a six-lettered
ABA-KO means "He who is bent
name and across is a five-letterei
na'me. The former name evokes the inteiligent forces ovef."
of that
subquadran! while the latter name cont ols them. These 1. Water of Waten a" NELAPR En-el-ah-par
Calvary Cross Names are: N-ELAP-Rmeans "He who must
have his way."
L Air b. OMEBB Oh-mebbeh
o'He who
1. Air of Air: a. IDOIGO Ee-doh-ee-goh OM-EBB means
IDOIGO means..He who sits on knows.'o
the Holy Throne." 3. Earth of Water: a- MAI-ADIn Em-ah-lah-dee
b. ARDZA Ar-debzodah MALADI means "He who
AR-DSA means ..He who pro shoots arrows."
tects." b. OLAAD Oh-lah-ah-deh
2. Water of Air: a"\LAKZA El_lahketr_zodah
OLADA means "He who
created birds."
I-KALZA means .,He who is
first to precipitate.,' 4. Fire of Water: 4 lArAu{5p Eeahalr-ahess-deh
IA-A-ASD means "He who is in
b. PAI-A,M Pahlabmeh truth."
the Path."
means.,He who is on b. ATAPA Ah-tah-Pah
A-TA-PA means "He who
3. Earth of Ain a. AIAOAI Ahe+alr_ohahee bears a likeness."
AAI-GAI means .,He who is
within and among you." III. Earth
1. Air of Earth: a" ANGPOI AbnetrgebPohee
b. OIIIT Ohee-ee-ee-teh ANG-POI means o'He who
OI-I-I-T means,,He who is, but divides thoughts."
also is b. UvNNAX Ven-nahtz
4. Fire of Ain a. AOUvRRZ Ahohvar_razod VN-N-AX means " He whose great
AO-VRRS means,.He who name is All."
beautifies." 2. Water of Earth: a ANAEEM Alrnallelrehmeh
b. ALOAI Ah-toh-ahee ANA-E-EM means "He who is
ALGAI means.,He who is from nine times obedient."
a succession." b. SONDN Soh-neh-den
IL lVater S-ONDN means "He who has a
l. Airof Water: a. OtGOrrA kingdom."
Earth of Earth: a. ATBALPT Ah-bablehpetrteh
OBLOG-TA means .,He who is 3.
ABA-LPT means "He who
like a garland." stoops down."
62 / Enochtan Magic
b. ARBIZ Ar-bee-zod
AR-BI-Z means o'He whose voice
osPMNIR alvary Cros s are four
4. Fire of Earth: a. Oh-pem-nee-ar Above the horizontal bar of each C
bar' These four letters
OM-PNIR means "He who in- fetters, two on each side of the vertical
creases knowledge." ;';;A; t"me of a Kerubic Angel' one for each or anagramatize!
b.trLPIZ Eel-pee-zod Each of these name,
U. airagfame4
U-PI-Z means "He whose place is transposed, to form ifttee ottter nuttt' Together this totals
and four in each
the Aethyrs." 64 Kerubic Angels: ie i" tu"tt Watchtower
IV. Fire. subquadrant.
1. Air of Fire: a- NOALMR Nohahlelrmar
NOA-LMR means"He who is
I. Air. ZLAR" LARZ,'
first to bring about torment." 1. Air of Ain RZLA (Ra-zodel-ah) '
b. OLOAG Oh-loh-ah-geh ARZL
OLOAG means "He who makes 2. WaterofAin YuTPA(Yuhteh-pah)' TPAYu'PAYuT'
nothing." AYUYP
2. Water of Fire: a- VADALI Vah-dah-lee 3. EarthofAin rrNBRa(Terrbebrah)'NBrrRe'BrrReN'
V-LAIAD means "He who has GszDX'
the Secret Truth." 4- Fire of Aic XGszD (Tz-egg-seh-deh)'
b. OBAuvAr Oh-bah-vah szDXG, DXGsz
OBA-V-IA means "He who has
half of truth." II. Water.
3. Earth of Fire: a. uvO hXDO Voh-letz-doh
1. AirofWaten TAAD(Tabalr-deh)'AADT'ADTA'
VOLX-DO means "He whose DTAA
name is Annihilation." 2. WaterofWatec TDM(Tetrdee-em)'DIMI'IMTD'
b. SIODA Ess-ee-oh-dah MTDI
Earth of Waten MAGL (Em-ah-gel)'
$IO-DA means "He who is 3.
eternal." GLMA, LMAG
Fire of Waten-NLRX (Enel-artz)'
4. Fire of Fire: a- RZIONR Ratrzode+obnar 4.
ZIN-ROR means "He who is ir XNLR
the Waters of the Sun."
NRZFM En-rah-zod-eFem III. Earth. OZAB' ZABO'
NRZF-M means "He who visits 1. Air of Earth: BOZA(Bobzodah) '
here six times." ABOZ
2. Water of Earth: PHRA (Peh-har-ah),
64 / Enochian Magick
3. Earth of Earth: (Roh_koh_nah_kem),
4. Fire of E{h:^[fro"o'" (E+ah_sah_moh_tem),
s'rMorvlf, Mor"[fte, In
addition to the 64 Kerubim, there are also 64
ru lfsoMo Archangels who rule over them. The names of these Arch-
IV. Fire. angels are found by prefixing one letter from the Tablet of
l. Air of Fire: DOpA (Doh_pah), OPAD, PADO, Union or Black Cross to the names of the Kerubim. The
ADOP letters used are E, H, N and B. These are the first letters of
2. Water of Fire: (An_ah_ah), NAAA, each row as shown in Figure 9 and referto the element Spirit
AAAN, AANA^ANAA l. 'oE" prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Ain
3. Earth of Fire: pSAK(pes*atrkeh), SAKP, AKPS, Air. ERZLA Er-zodel-ah
KPSA Water. EYuTPA Eh-yuh-teh-pah
4. Fire of Fire: ZIZA (Zode+zodah), IZAZ, ZAZI, Earth. ErrNBRr Eh-ten-beh-rah
AZIZ* Fire. EXGSzD Ehtz-egg-seh-deh
Similarly for the 12 lesser Kerubic Angels of Air.
What the Kerubim Govern
2. "H" prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Water.
Each of the Kerubic Angels governs that file Air. HTAAD Heh-tah-ah-deh
y$.h begins with its Rrsi tett-er. For example,squares in the
Water. HTDIM Heh-teh-dee-em
Watchtorver of Air, the Kerubic enget RZLA Earth. HMAGL Hem-ah-gel
go"i_, tfr"i Fire. HNLRX Hen-el-artz
g.r3 9lg9 subquadrant Air of Air tlat contains the letters
ryA)KTSF. In the same way, ZLARrules over the file of Similarly for the 12 lesser Kerubic Angels of Water.
4R.)ZOIM., LARZ ruI., ou.iqZ)NTtN andARzlrutes 3. "N" prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Earth.
overA{A)STSD. Ineach case, the-second letter
is pf*.Ji, Air. NBOZA En-boh-zodah
parenthesis to show :hat it is a part
of the Calvary C;";;. It;; Water. NPHRA Enpeh-har-ah
notgoverned by the KerubicAngel butbythe
C;lvaryc;;; Earth. NRoKoNeKNT'r En-roh-koh-nah-kem
Fire. N [f tototr Enee-ah-sah-moh-tem
Similarly for the 12 lesser Kerubic Angels of Earth.
4. "8" prefixes the Kerubic Angels of Fire.
Air. BDOPA Beh-doh-pah
Water. BANAA Ban-ah-ah
Earth. BPSAK Beh-pess-ah-keh
Fire. BZIZA Beh-zodee- zodah
Similarly for the 12 lesser Kerubic Angels of Fire.

66 / Enochian Magic

Chief Characteristics of the Archangels and Kerubim

The Archangels and Kerubim ofthe sixteen subquadrants,
are characterized according to their locality as follows: There are64lesser angels of the Watchtowers. Beneath
l.Archangels and Kerabim of thefourAir subquadrants. the horizontal bar of each Calvary Cross are sixteen squares
These angels are characteizedby pairs of opposing forces (four letters across separated by the vertical bar of the Cross,
such as expansion and contraction, attraction and repulsion, and four letters down). These are the names of the four
solidification and dispersion. They seek a balance between Lesser Angels of each respective subquadrant, the first being
such dual forces. somewhat more important than the other three.
I. Air.
2. Archangels and Kentbim ofthefour Water subquadrants. 1. Air of Air: KZNS, TOTT, SIAS, FMND
These angels are characterized by motion. They desire 2. Water of Air: OYvUB, PAOK, RBNH, DIRh
continual movement and flux. They seek change in ail things. 3. Earth of Air: ABMO, NAKO, OKNM, SHAL
4. Fire of Air: AKKA, NPueT, OTOI, PMOX
3. Archangels and Kentbim of thefourEafth subquadrants.
These angels are characterized by their desire foi manifest-
II. lVater.
1. Air of Water: TorKO, NHDD,
ation. They seek to express subjective thoughts and emotions
into objective forms. 2. Water of Water: MIAN'GM, PIOK, VSxsYNLu, R\FKI
3. Earth of Water: PAKO, NDZN,
4. Fire of Water: XPKN, VASA, DAPI, RNIIL
4. Archangels and Kentbim ofthefour Fire subquadrants.
These angels are charactenzed by their desire to purify
human nature. Theys seek purification by fi re of all the lower
III. Earth.
human character traits.
1. Air of Earth: AIRA, ORMN, RSNI, IZNR
2. Water of Earth: AoMGG, GBAL, RLMU, IAHL
3. Earth of Earth: OPNA, DOGr, RXAO, AXIR
4. Fire of Earth: MSAIT, IABA, IZ){P, STIM

IV. Fire.
1. Air of Fire: OPMN, ^NgST, SKIO, VASG
2. Water of Fire: GMNNM, EKOP, AMOX,
3. Earth of Fire: DATT, DIOM, OOPZ, RGAN
4. Fire of Fire: ADRE, SISP, PALI, AKAR

The Ruling Lesser Angels.

Each of the 64 Lesser Angels has a presiding angel whose

68 / Enochian Magic The Lesser Angels / 69
name can be found byprefixingan appropriate letterfromthe
Tablet of Union. pu"rifications. They can help free one from illusion,
diseases, ignorance and other karmic afflictions by an occult
l. Air (XARP). process of sublimation.
2. Water of Air: AOYvIJB, APAOK, ARBNH, ADIRh 2. Angels of the four Water subquadrarzfs' These angels
3. Earth of Ain RABMO, RNAKO, ROKNM RSHAL assistln pofarizations. They can help make needed changes
4. Fire of Fire: PAKKA, PNPuaT, POTOI, ppMOX in one's character or lifestyle, and can orient one toward a
better future.
2. Water (KOMA). 3. Angels of the four Earth subquadrants' These angels
l. Air of Water KToaKO, KNHDD, IGTAAX, KSApx assist in manifestations. They can help one to express
2. Water of Water OMTANuGM, OFaOK, OVSxsKk, inherent inner divinity in daily life.
ORItrKI 4. Angels ofthefour Fire subquadranfs. These angels assist
3. Earth of Water: MPAKO, MNDZN, lvFrIpO, in trinsmutations. They can help to disperse the lower
MXRNH elements of the human nature such as egotism, fear, hate,
4. Fire of Waten AXPKN, AVASA, ADAPI, ARlveIL pride and so on.

3. Earth (ANTA).
2. Water of Earth: NAoMGG, NGBAL, NRLMU,
3. Earth of Earttr TOPNA, TDOGT, TRXAO, TAXIR

Fire (ITOM).
1. Air of Fire: IOPMN, IAprST, ISKIO, MSG
2. Water of Fire: TGMNNM TEKOP, TAMOX pvRAp

Chief Characteristics of the Lesser Angels.

The Lesser Angels and Lesser Ruling Angels of the
sixteen subquadrants, are charucterized accord-
ing to their locality as follows:
Three-lettered names of 128 separate demons can be Dee and Kelly constructed eighteen Calls, or Keys' to
found by using pairs ofletters, from the sixteen squares under Spirit
be used for either invocations or for traveling in the
the Calvary Cross, together with an appropriate letter from to be recited
vision. These are rather cumbersome sentences
the Tablet of Union. The names of each Lesser Angel out loud, prior to any magical operations involving the
consists of two pairs of letters. Each of these pairs is the base
and Aethyrs.
of a name of a demon or elemental. The third letter is the Actuattythereisatotalof4gCalls.Thefirstisusually
prefix to the Lesser Angels, from the Tablet of Union. mind
numbered 0 and is without words. This Key makes the
For example, in the subquadrant Air of Air, eight empty of all thoughts, much like the Samadhi of Yoga'
It is
demon names are:
used io invoke or travel to the highest formless levels beyond
){KZ XNS the first Aethyr and as such would only be used by the
XTO XTT advanced AdePts.
XSI XAS A single iallis used for all thirty Aethyrs' The only
XFM XND change n"I.rrury is to insert the name of the appropriate
Aethlr being addressed. In the Call, this name is usually left
Another example: In the subquadrant Water of Earth, blani until filled in by a magician as needed'
the eight demon names are: ThisleaveseighteenCallsusuallynumberedonethrough
given in
NAM NGG eighteen. Ttre specific rules governing their use are
NRL NMU Example 1. To invoke (or visit) any Archangel, recite Call
NIA NHL I then2.
Example 2. To invoke (or visit) any Ruling Lesser Angel
whose first letter is from the line NANTA (but
not the 'oN" , which is only used for Archangels)
of the Tablet of Union, recite Call 1, then}
and then 5.
Example 3. To invoke (or visit) any angel from the sub
quadrant Air of Air, recite only Call 3'
Example 4. io invoke (or visit) any angel from the sub
quadrant Water of Fire, recite Call 6 and then

70 7l
72 / Enochian Magic

Call No When To Use Call
The eighteen Calls are written in flowery and rather
1 Use first for all angels associated with the Tablet of Union. obscure language. The beginner is very apt to "not see the
2 Use second for all Archangels of EHNB of the Tablet of Union
forest for the trees" in this morass of colorful verbiage' The
as well as for all other angels.
3 Use third for all Ruling ksser Angels of (E)XARP. real purpose of these Calls is to place the mind in a proper
Use flrst for Lesser Angels of the Watchtower of Air.
Use first (only) for all angels of Air of Air beginning with
feceptive state. This is difficult to accomplish, however,
IDOIGO. when the wording is impossible to comprehend. To avoid this
4 Use third for all Ruling ksser Angels of (H)KOMA. problem for the beginner, each call has been slightly revised
Use first for all Lesser Angels of the Watchtower of Water.
Use first (only) for all angels of Water of Water beginning lor simplicity. The actual Calls, as given by Crowley, are
with NELAPR. contain;d in Appendix A, for the more daring magician'
5 Use third for all Ruling Lesser Angels of (N)ANTA.
Use first for all Lesser Angels of the Watchtower of Earth. Accompanying eachCall is Crowley's version oftheEnochian
Use first (only) for all angels of Earth ofEarth beginning with The siudent is encouraged to wade through these and
6 Use third for all Ruling Lesser Angels of (B)ITOM.
determine for himselt by experience, which version has the
Use first for all Lesser Angels of the Watchtower of Fire. best results. Remember, Enochian words are like mantras;
Use first (only) for all angels of Fire of Fire beginning with
they have definite physical vibratory effects as well as
7 Use second for all angels of Water of Air beginning with emotional and mental effects. But in themselves, they are
LLAKZA. simply devices used by the magician in order to manifest his
8 Use second for all angels of Earth of Air beginning with
AIAOAI. will.
9 Use second for all angels of Fire of Air beginning with

Use second for all angels of Air of Water beginning with l. The First Call.
Use second for all angels of Earth of Water beginning with
"I rule over you," declares the God of Justice. His
power is exalted above the torment ofthe world. In his hands,
12 Use second for all angels of Fire of Water beginning with the Sun is like a sword and the Moon is like an all-consuming
IAAASD. fire. He measures your clothing material among the available
13 Use second for all angels of Air of Earth beginning with
ANGPOI. substances and draws you together like the palms of my
14 Use second for all angels of Water of Earth beginning with hands. [Furthermore he says:] "I have decorated your seats
15 Use second for all angels of Fire of Earth beginning with with tlie Fire of Gathering and have beautified your
OPMNIR, gannents with admiration I have made a law to govern the
16 Use second for all angels of Air of Fire beginning with
NOALMR. iloly Ones, and have delivered a Rod to you, with the Ark of
l7 .Use second for all angels of Water of Fire beginning with Knowledge. Moreover, you have lifted up your voices and
18 Use second for all angels of Earth of Fire beginning with sworn obidience and faith to Him who lives and triumphs,
volxDo. whose beginning is no! and whose end cannot be, who shines
like a flame in the center of your palaces, and who rules

The Eighteen Calls to be Recited / 75
74 / Enochian Magic
o'In the beginning I made you stewards, and placed you
among you as the balance of righteousness and truth." you an
inthe twelv" tt-utt of govenment I gave every one of
magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
[The uppioptiut level of power over the 45 6 true ages of time' My
Move therefore, and show yourselves! Unveil the
mysteries of your creation! Be friendly to me, because I am a
ini"tti*ut that from the highest vessels and the fartherest
corners of your govemmentf you might work
my Power and
servant of this same God, a true worshipper of the Highest. the earth' Thus
po"t Oo*n the fiies of life and multiply upon
Notes to the Ftrst Call. Here the God of Justice is Karma. you ttuue become the skirts of justice and truth"'
angels and says:]
The pronoun "you" refers throughout to the angels of the
'iift" -ugi.ian addresses the appropriate up' I say'
Tablet of Union being addressed by the Call. In ti.
,tu.. of this same God, lift yourselves
Behold, His mercies flourislq and His Name has
2. The Second Call. rigfttv urnongus. InHimwe say' move' anddescend' Apply
Can the winged winds understand your wonderous yoi.rllu., to us as you would to partakers of His Secret
voices? You are the Second of the First. Burning flames Wisdom in Your creation.
outline you when I speak your names. I will treat you like
cups for a wedding, or like beautiful flowers in the Chamber to the Third call. Herethe "Twelve Kingdoms" are
of Righteousness. Your feet are stronger than the barren the twelve houses of the zodiac. Here again the
stone, and your voices are mightier than many winds. You
*you" refers throughouttothe angels being addressed' The
are becoming like a building which does not exist save in the Enochian word MIKA, which means "mighty'' or'opow-erfi'f
has the numerical value by Gematria of 456' Also'
456 can"
Mind of the All-Powerful.
called"AiqBkt'' orthe Qabfah,of
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] be reduced, by a process
The First commands you to arise and to move therefore Nine Chambirs, to4*5*6: 15, where 15 is the numberfor
toward his servant. Show yourselves in power, and make me the word TA, meaning "correspondence"'
a strong Seer-oflthings, because am of Him who lives
forever. 4. The Fourth Call.
I place my feet in the South, and look about me and say'
Notes to the Second Call. Here the "First" refers to the God these
"Are not the thunders of increase numbered 33, and do
ofJustice (1.e. Karma) ofthe hrstCall. He is above the angels
not rule in the Second Angle? I have placed 9639 servants
of the Tablet of Union and therefore they are'oSecond." In
under them. None have yet numbered them, but One'
thenL the Second Beginnings of Things exists and
3. The Third Call. strong They are the succeJsive Numbers of Time' Their
"Behold," declares your God, "I am a circle on whose are like those of the first 456'
hands stand Twelve Kingdoms. Six of these are seats of life,
"Arise, you Sons of Pleasure, and visit the Earth' I am
the rest are like sharp Sickles, or like the Horns of Death.
the Lord your God, who is, and who lives forever'"
Because of this, the creatures of Earth live or die only in my addiesses the appropriate angels and says:l
own hands, which sleep and then rise again-" lilfutian
76 / Enochian Magic The Eighteen Calls to be Recited / 77

In the name of the Creator, move and show yourselves 19 is also the square root of 361, the number for IKH, the
as pleasant deliverers, and praise Him among the sons of men. name of the t 1 th Aethyr. Also, 69,636
: 6 *9*6 *3 *6 : 1

30 and 30 : 3*0 : 3, i.e. the Third Angle'

Notes to the Fourth Call. Herethe "secondAngle" isWater.
Thirty-three is the numerical value of LBESZ which means 6. The Sixth Call.
"the first(re. primordial) matter." The directionSouth, can The spirits of the Fourth Angle are nine who are mighty
be taken as the direction inward, which is to say toward the in the Firmament of Waters, who the First has planted as a
spiritual. The numbe r 9 6 3 6 reduces to 9 *6 * 3 * 6 : 27 and torment to the wicked and a garland to the righteous' He gave
2*7 : 9. Also 33 is equivalentto456 because 3*3 : 6, and them lrery darts to protect the earth, and 7699 continual
4*5*6: 15 and I *5 : 6. The number 9 is the value of the workmen, whose courses visit the earth with comfort and
letter T which means the same thing as the word TA who are in government and continuance like the Second and
("likeness" or " correspondence"). the Third.
magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
' Theiefore
listen to my voice. I have spoken ofyou, and I
5. The Fifth Call.
Mighty sounds have entered into the Third Angle, and have advanced you in power and presence. Your works shall
be a song of honor, and the praise of your God shall be in
have become like olives on the Olive Mount They lookwith
gladness upon the Earth,"and dwell in the brightness of the creation.
heavens like continual Comforters. On them I have fastened
19 Pillars of Gladness and gave them vessels to water the Notes to the Sixth Call. The"Fourth Angle" refers to any of
Earth together with her creatures. They are the brothers of the the four fire subquadrants. The number 9 occurs throughout
First and Second. They have begun their own seats and have these calls. This is the occult number for the circumference
decorated them with 69,636 ever-burning lamps. Their of a circle (360 degrees reduces to 9) and therefore any
numbers are as the Beginnings, the Ends, andthe Contents of outward or objective quantity. The number 7 699 reduced to
Time. 7+6+9+9: 31, an important number in Qabalism, and
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] 3*l :4, i.e. the Fourth Angle.
Therefore come and obey the purpose of your creation.
Visit us in peace and comfort Perfectus as receivers of your 7. The Seventh Call.
mysteries. Why? Because our Lord and Master is the All- The East is a House of Virgins who sing praises among
One. the flames of the first glory. There the Lord opened his
mouth, and they became 28 living dwellings wherein the-
Notes to the Fifth CalL The"ThirdAngle" refers to anyofthe strength of man iejoices. They are clothed with ornaments of
four earth subquadrants. Nineteen is the number for BAG, brighiness, and they work wonders on all creatures. Their
the name of the 28th Aethyr, and t9x7 :
133, which is the Hnldoms-and continuance are like the Third and Fourttr;
number for VTI, the name of the 25th Aethyr. The number strong towers and places of comfor! the seats of mercy and
The Eighteen Calls to be Recited / 79
78 / Enochian Magic
Also 26 :2*6

for DAATH, the hidden Eleventh Sephiroth"

continuance. : 8, i.e. ttt. iigttth Call. Here theo' angels are associated with t

[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] a cimination of endurance. The Stooping Dragon"
is Ape
O you Servants of Mercy, move and appear! Sing phrassz (the Apophis or Apep of the Egyptians)'
praises to the Creator, and be mighty among us, so that this
remembrance will give power, and our strength will grow
strong in our Comforter.
9. The Ninth Call.
A mighty guard of fire, with twoedged swords flaming
and with.igtttli"ft of Wrath for two times and a half, and
Notes to the Seventh CalL The East is the direction of the
with wings of *o..*ood and with marrow of salt have set
Watchtower of Air. Twenty-eight is the number for the word
oJustice.o' their feeiin the West. They are measured with their 9996
BALT which means Here the angels are associated
ministers. These gather up the moss of the Earth like the rich
with mercy and comfort. Also, 28:2I8: 10, and l0 :
man gathets up his treasure. Cursed are they who have
l*0: 1, i.e. the First Watchtower. iniquifies. In the eyes of those with iniquities are mill-stones
gr"utt than the Earth and from their mouths run seas of
8. The Eighth Call. 6tooO. The heads of the Guard of Fire are covered with
The Midday, where the First is like the ThirdHeaven, is is
diamonds, and upon their hands are marble stones' Happy
made of 26 Hyacinthine Pillars. Here the Elders become
he upon whom they frown no! because the Lord of Righteous
strong 'oI have prepared them for my own righteousness,"
ness rejoices in them.
declared the Lord, whose long continuance is like a shield to
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
the Stooping Dragon, and like the harvest of a widow. How ' Corie away, butwithoutyourVials, because the time is
many are there who remain in the Glory of the Earth, who
such that requires comforL
live, and who shall not see Death until the House falls and the
Dragon sinks?
Notes to the Ninth call. The references to Fire of Air are
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] clear here. According to the Zodiaccorrespondence, West is
Come away! The Thunders have spoken. Come away!
the direction of Air. Eight vials for two times and a half:
The Crowns of the Temple and the Robe of Him who is, was,
8+8+4 :20. Also, 9996 : 9*9*9*6:33, and 33
and will be crowned, are divided. Come forth! Appear, to the
terror of the Earth and our comfort, and to the comfort of
3*3 :6. Furthermore, 20*6 :26. Both 20 and 26 are
Enochian numbers for DAATH, the Dark Sephiroth' Here
such who are prepared.
the angels are clearlY Purgative.
Notes to the Eighth CaU.*TheFirstis liketheThirdHeaven"
10. The Tenth Call
refers to the subquadrant Earth (third) of Air (first).
The Thunders of Judgment and Wrath are numbered,
Twenty-six is the number forthe wordBAHALmeaning"to
and are contained in the North, in the likeness of an Oak
shouf ' or "to cry out." Also 26 is half of 52, the number of
whose branches are 22 nests of lamentation and weeping
QAA, "creation." Twenty-six is also the Enochian number
80 / Enochtan Magic The Efghteen Calls to be Recited / 8I
which are stored up for the Earth. These burn night and day, 'oThunders" and "eagle" suggest air. However' all of the air
and vomit out the heads of scorpions and live sulphur mingled has "come away" leaving Earth of Water which is "the
with poison. These are the Thunders that,5678 times in the House of Death." Thirty-one is the number for the word
twenty-fourth part of a moment, roar with a hundred mighty BESZ, "matter." It should also be noted that Death is the
earthquakes and a thousand times as many surges. They rest l3th path on the Tree of Life and 13 is the reverse of 31 (both
not, neither do they know any time here. One rock brings reduce to 4, the occult number for solidity and firmness
forth a thousand, just as the heart of man brings forth his which characterize the element Earth). Here opportunity and
thoughts. Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe!Yea, Woe to possiblility give way to fatality which is a kind of death(in an
the Earth, because her iniquity is, was, and shall be great. occult sense, death is stagnation). Also, if 5 (the number of
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] Thunders) is added to 3 1, the sum reduces to 9 (see the note
Come away! But not your mighty sounds. to the Fourth Call).

Notes to the Tenth Call. According to the Zodiac cor- 12. The Twelfth Call.
respondence, North is the direction of Water and these O you who range in the South, and who are the 28
"Thunders" and "mighty sounds" occur in afu (i.e. Air of Lanterns of Sorrow, bind up your girdles, and visit us. Bring
Water). The "22 nests" are the trumps of the Tarot, the down your 3663 servants so that the Lord may be magnified.
paths between the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life. 5678 : His name Elmong you is Wrath.
5+6+7+8 : 26, and2*6:8, the occult number for spiral [The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
cycles. Here the angels are associated with the turmoil and Move I say, and show yourselves! Unveil the mysteries
flux of powerful karmic forces. of your creation. Be friendly to me, because I am a servant of
this same God, a true worshipper of the Highest.
ll. The Eleventh Call.
The mighty Seat groaned and there were five Thunders Notes to the Twelfth Call. Sourh is the direction of the
that flew into the East and then an eagle spoke and cried element Fire. Twenty-eight is the number for the word
aloud, "Come away!" And then they gathered themselves BALT which means "justice." Also, 28 reduces to 1. 3663
together and became the House ofDeat[ which is measured" : 3*6*6*3 :18, and l8 : 1*8 :9. The sumof3663 and
and they were like those whose number is 31. 28 reduces to 1, the occult number for unity. Sorrow and
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:] wrath accompany the purification by fire only for the
Come away! I have prepared aplace foryou. Therefore, unprepared.
move and show yourselves. Unveil the mysteries of your
creation. Be friendly to me, because I am a servant of this 13. The Thirteenth Call.
same God, a true worshipper of the Highest. O Swords of the South, who have 42 eyes to stir up the
of Sin, who make men drunken who are empty;
Notes to the Eleventh Call. East is the direction of Air. Also, Behold, the Promise of God, andHis Powerwhich is called
:rmong you a bitter sting
82 / Enochian Magic The Eighteen Calls to be Recited / 83
fourteen, the number of this Call. The sum of 24 and 1636
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
Move and appead Unveil the mysteries of your creatiorl reduces to 6*7 : 13 and 13 :1*3 :4, i.e. the Fourth
because I am a servant of this same God, a true worshipper of Watchtower, or Earth. These angels seek change which
the Highest appears as fury tothe unprepared, andjustice to the initiated.

Notes to the Thirteenth CaU. The " Swords ofthe South"' can 15. The Fifteenth Call.
also be considered "spiritual swordsn' because South is the O Governor of the First Flame, under whose wings are
direction of the spiritual. The "Promise of God" refers to the 6?39 servants, who weaves the Earthwithdryness, andwho
Air of Earth, the region of possible manifestations. Forty- knows the Great Name of "Righteousness," and the Seal of
o'way" Honor.
two is the number of the word ELZAP which means
or " course." Also, 42: 412: 6, the occult number for the [The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
principle of animation and physical nature. The angels called Move and appeal{ Unveil the mysteries of your creation.
here can help hasten the growth of one's karmic seeds. Be friendlytome, because I am a servantofthis same God, a
true worshipper of the Highest.
14. The Fourteenth Call.
O Sons of Fury, -O Children of the Just One, who sits Notes to the Fifteenth Call. The "First Flame" relates this
upon24 seats, who vex all creatures of the Earth with age, Call to the Element of Fire, and "weaving the Earth with
and who have 1636 servants underyoq Behold, the Voice of dryness" relates it to Earth (i.e. to Fire of Earth).6739:
God, the promise of Him who is called among you, Fury or 6+7+3+9 :25 and25 is the number for BESZ, "matter."
Extreme Justice. Also, 2*5 : 7 to show that the servants of this Call are
similar to those in the 14th Call. These angels are associated
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
Move and show yourselves! Unveil the mysteries of with the manifestation of purity.
your creation. Be friendly to me, because I am a servant of
this same god, a true worshipper of the Highest. 16. The Sixteenth Call.
O Second Flame, O House of Justice, who has His
Notes to the Fourteenth Call. Here the angels are associated beginning in glory, and who comforts the Just, who walks
with fury and turmoil, albeit karmic. Twenty-four is the upon the Earth with 8763 feet, and who understands and
number for LEA, the name of the I 6th Aethyr, and PAZ, the separates creatures. You are great, like the God of Conquest.
4th Aethyr. Also, 24 x 2: 48 where 48 is the number for [The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
POP, the 19th Aethyr, and LOE, the 12th Aethyr. All of Move and appear! Unveil the mysteries of your creation.
these Aethyrs are related through the number 24. Also the Be friendly to me, because I am a servant of this same God, a
word TAFA, "poison" is 24. This number reduces to 6 (2t4 true worshipper of the Highest.
: 6). 1636 : l*6*3*6:L6, one third of 48. Also 1*6
:7, the occult number for completeness. Seven is also half of Notes to the Sixteenth Call. The sense ofjustice and comfort
84 / Enochian Magic The Eighteen Calls to be Recited / 85

given here characteizes the subquadrant ofAir. The "Flame" [4, the number for the word AG meaning "no" or "not "
refers to the element Fire. 8763:8+7+6+3 : 24 (see the Also 14 : I*4: 5, the occult number for a mixture of spirit
14th Call for this number). and matter (also the number for man).

17. The Seventeenth Call.

O Third Flame, whose wings are thorns to stir up
vexation, and who has 7336 living lamps going before you,
and whose God is "Wrath in Anger."
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
Gird up your loins and listen! Move and appear! Unveil
the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly to me, because I
am a servant of this same God a true worshipper of the
o'Flame" refers to the
Notes to the Seventeenth Call. The
element Fire, and the "stirring up" is a reference to Water.
When Water meets Fire, a great disturbance or"vexation" is
produced. 7336 :7+3+3+6 :19, and 19 : 1*9 :10
18. The Eighteenth Call.
O Mighty Light and burning Flame of Comfort, who
unveils the Glory of God to the center of the EarttL and in
who the 6332 Secrets of Truth have their abode, and who is
called in your kingdom, "Joy" and who is not to be
[The magician addresses the appropriate angels and says:]
Be a window of comfort to me! Move and appear!
Unveil the mysteries of your creation. Be friendly to me,
because I am a servant of this same God, a true worshipper of
the Highest

Nottes to the Eighteenth CalL Here Fire of Fire is emphasized"

butthe secretnature of thisfire isjoy. 6332:6*3*3*2:
How to Invoke the Archangels and Angels / 87
HOW TO ITWOKE Invocation of Archangels and Angels: Step by Step
This will
The Kerubic Angels, Archangels and Lesser Angels are i. Select the Archangel or Angel to be invoked'
all invoked using the appropriate Calls from Table VII, a"ptnO upon the motive or purpose for the invocation'
together with the Pentagram Ritual. Each Angel is attributed 2. Oetermine the corresponding Watchtower' Angel
to the element of the corresponding Watchtower. The Element.
Archangels and Ruling Lesser Angels are attributed to and be familiar with the appropriate calls,
3. Determine
Spirit, the element of the Tablet of Union. from Table VII.
A pentagram has five points and each corresponds to an 4. Memorize the pronounciation of all names involved'
elemen! and therefore to one of the Holy Tablets. During the The order of the Enochian Hierarchies is:
ritual, a pentagram is drawn for a particular Angel or a. Great HolY Name
Archangel by beginning it at the appropriate point. The b. Great King
pentagram is shown in Figure 16. The four lower points c. Six Seniors
correspond to the Watchtowers, and above them is Spirit d" Calvary Cross Angel (six letters) (five letters)
which corresponds to the Tablet of Union. e. Calvary Cross Controlling Angel
f. Archangel
qririf 9 Kerubic Angel
AHN> h Ruling Lesser Angel
i. L,esser Angel
j. Demons
5. Consult Figures 16, 17 and 18 to determine the
qir w^f"' appropriate pentagrams to be-drawn'

€xqR7 HKOYq 6. Slandfacing the appropriate Watchtower (ie' North'

Souttr" East, or West from Figure 8)'

or Calls
Begin by reciting out loud the appropriate Call
should place the
in their proper 6rder. Concentration
in a receptive state, tuned to the vibratory forces
2^rl n Airv of the particular Angel being invoked'
NqNT? PlTOtrl 2. Trace alatgepentatam in the air with either a magic
wand or rod.
Figure 16. Pentagram for Invocatlon and Banishment of a. Begin at the point of the pentagram shown in
Angels and Archangels.

88 / Enochian Magic How to Invoke the Archangels and Angels / 89

Figures 17 and 18 depending upon the corre- INVOCATION BANISHMENT

sponding elemenL There are two pentagrams for
the Tablet of Unioq one for E and B (both are act-
ive) and another for H and N (bottl are passive).
b. Trace the pentagram in a single unbroken line.
Begin in the direction shown in the figures by
the arrow and continue until returning to the
starting point.
c. Imagination is important here. As the magician
traces the lines in the air, he imagines that a
pentagram is actually being drawn. He must be
able to see it very clearly in his mind. The color
of this psychic construction is as follows:
Pentagrams for Invocation and Banishment of Angels-
and Archangels Whose Names Begin with the E(XARP)
Ifthe starting Then the color of of Air and the B(ITOM) of Fire.
point is: the pentagram is:
Spirit (E,B) bright purple
Spirit (H,N) deep purple INVOCATION BANISHMENT
Air sky blue
Water sea green
Earth amber
Fire bright fiery vermillion

d. To further tax the imagination, after any penta-

gram is drawn, imagine the following symbol at
the center of it shining with the same colon
Spirit a
Air A
Water v
Earth Y
Pentagrams for Invocation and Banishment of Angels
Fire A and Archangels Whose Names Begin with the H(KOMA)
3. As a general rule, pronounce the Holy Name while of water and the N(ANTA) of Earth.
tracing the pentagram and the Great King s name Figure l?. Pentagrams for the Element of Sptrit
90 / Enochian Magic How to Invoke the Archangels and Angels / 9I
while constructing the inner symbol. Then pronounce
INVOKING BANISHING the names of all six Seniors while concentrating on the
a 4. Continue calling out the names of the angelic hierarchy
in their proper sequence until naming the Angel to be
a^(\ invoked While speaking outwardly, the magician vibrates
the name inwardly, mentally filling the universe with it.
If done properly, this will have the effect of clearly
visualizing the locality of the invoked Angel and his
exact relationship with the Watchtower. In other words,
it will establish a psychemagnetic link between the
magician and the Angel.
frp, If successful, he will appear in the pentagram in some
form and will converse with the magician. If partially
successful, the magician may catch an idea or thought
from him.
6. Success or failure is not measured by requiring that an
Angel physicallyjump out of the Aethyr at the magician.
It is measured only by the degree in achievement of the
original motive. Success or failure may not be known

4ir for days or even months after the operation.

1. Every Angel invoked, must be properly banished after
the operation. If unsure whether the invocation was
successful or not use the banishment ritual anyway. It
is a psychological necessity to banish these foreign

a&r 2.
impulses and forces from one's consciousness lest they
influence one unconsciously (which is a form ofpossession).
To banish an Archangel or Angel back to his region,
simply make another pentagram in reverse, as shown in
Figures 17 and 18.
Figure 18, Invoking and Banishing Pentagrams for Angels
3. As the banishing pentagram is drawn, imagine that the
and Archangels of the Four Elements. colored lines previously traced are being erased (this
92 / Enochian Magic
How to Invoke the Archangels and Angels / 93
may take some practice at first).
Imagine that the central
symbor disappears simurtaneousry. blue pentagram shining in the air before him.
pentagram has been drawn prop.riy,
when trre uJr-iiri He then sees a light blue symbol for air( A in the center
ilrr.n"gr.r;*iii;T of
pentagram while he simultaneousry vibiates
Io.nger see any pentagram ufau.
rr. ritouro rei that ;;;; lhe trr. i*.-
distance once again separates tim no. tf,rlriif--.
syllabled name of Bah-tah-ee-vah_heh,.ohe whose voice
seems to have wings.,'
An fnvocation of a Lesser Angel. As he looks at the completed pentagram, he slowly
suppose, for an exampre, oie would vibrates the names of the six Seniors:
like to increase his
capacity for knowledge. perhaps
he has a poor memory or is
slow to leam new things. I" Ah-ah-oh-zodah_eefeh
-d;;;lase this problem, he
decides to call on *!e arsistarr"e Heh-teh_noh_rah_dah
ofanUO, the highest of the
Lesser Angels in the subquadrantE;; Ah-ha-oh.zodah_pee
of Air.
4s pT of his preparaiion, tfre magician Ah-veh_toh_tah_rah
finds thatABA
can mean..to bend,, or.,to come Hee-poh-teh-gah
downi and that OM;;;;
"knowledge" or'.understanding.;;an_ovr By now the magician should be in good rapportwith the
can thus mean Watchtower of Air. A psycho.-ugi.ti" link should
"the coming down of knowled
(where MO is an anagram-f-
{",,,- idthe Angel AB_MO clearly established.
Ofq ir,.lr" who brings down {r ir now ready t6 proceed to the proper
knowledge.,' He also calculut"r'rfr. subquadrant. He begins by saying
gematric value of
ABMO to be 131 and uses thi, ;;il;;to "Ahee-ah-oh-ahee, who stands upright at the great
find an equivalent
Enochian_wo1d or phrase. H.
k ;;;"il,. *iiiu.=*"rurg Cross, be within me, and grant my request.
on the Watchtower of Air, so he;;;;*. Ohee ee- ee-teh, who expands outward io control the
the Governing mighty Cross, be within me and without me, and
Angels of this quadrant-andthe two
(one for invoking the other fo, f"ntugru*, to be used grant my requesL
The magician begins-by casting O Mighty Archangel, Eh_ten_behrah, who guards
u!iO. uff distracting
thoughts and concerns. He-shoufO"Ue over the Earth of Air, manifest my reques! *ak. rny
alone, or at least
without distractions. or intemrpti""r. inner desire for knowledge to be an outer reality.
begi4.any intemrption couta te
o;"r such operations O mighty and merciful Kerubic Angel, Ten_bet_rat,
The magician stands *itl, urrn,
Ji;;r;.r. may my inherent capacity for knowledge be made
outr-t .r.t.O facing the
East and recites cafl no. 3 and then manifest in this life. O Ten_beh_rah, mat a balance
of these Calls must be clear. Th;;rt;;otism
g. The meanings
be made between ignorance and wisdorn
should lead to
a vibratory_feering for the ruuquuiiuit O kindly presiding Ange[ Rahbeh_mo[ may knowl_
rurtr, of Air. edge of all things come easily to me.,,
. - fhen the magician speaks ifr. ff"iv N ame, Oh_roh Ee_
bahAh-oh-zod-pee and vibrater ii inrriJ-ind The magician has.low worked hijway down to
wh'e tracing a the Angel
large light blue Air pentagram. who is to be invoke4 ABMO. consciousness which
He shourd be abre to see the was flrist
expandedin all directions(ie. blank), has been guidedtothe
94 / Enochian Magic

great Watchtower of Air in the East, and then

to the
subquadrant Earth ofAir, and then to the specific squares
that subquadrant where the Lesser Angel ABMo dweils.
the while the original goal is kept firmly in mind ana
tne air
P_entagram still sparkles in the air befori the magiciar'; Both Crowley and the Golden Dawn sought to show a
He is now ready to invoke ABMO:
;t;;. correspondence between the Enochian system and the
"O Ah-bem-oh, who governs over the three Lesser Hebrew system of the Qabalah and its Tree of Life. The
Angel s N ah-koh, Oh- lien_ em, and E s s_ hafr_ ef Tree of Life consists of ten Sephiroth, globes of splendor,
lassisi from Kether the most spiritual down to Makuth, our Earth
O Ah-bem-oh, whose number is one hundred and and the most material. These globes are situated as shown in
thirty-one, attend me! Figure 19. There are 22 paths connecting these globes.
You are ETI{4\[ZA (Eteh_ahm_zodah) MAD_ Tlese paths are each represented by one of the trump cards
,,you#e f,iOOrn of the Tarot. Figure 19 also shows the matching Enochian
PEqZ (Em-ah-deh Bess_zod) (i.e. letters.
by the god of matter.', Both oithese.quuf f if.---
A^h-bem-oh, Ah-bem-oh, come to me. Vtite tt . AS, It can be seen from this, and from the data contained in
of Knowledge to be the earth of intelligen.. i.;, Table II, that an exact match is not possible. Three paths
Help me to fully re.alfze my inherent uSitity rolearn have two letters each, while three paths (Sun, Tower, and
and to retain what is learned. May I Ue mahenrm in Fortune) have none. Crowley states (in THE VISION AND
knowledge even as you are eartlied in Air. THE VOICE) that the Aethyrs approach the Tree of Life,
Ah-bem-oh, assist me! but are nowhere identical. Nevertheless, a fairly good
correspondence can be made using the Abyss as a common
To.* the
,t:T,lv-t9dqe magician should feel the airy nature of
becoming a solid fact within himself. He imagines reference point for the two systems. The dark and hidden
ABMO in the pentaFra:m showering fbrth his at-i-[t?-;; Sephiroth ofDaath corresponds tolerably well with the tenth
manifestthe capacity for knowredge. Iie is now onr *rro""un Aethyr.
learneasily and remember facts ov6r long periods of time. The Calvary Crosses of the Watchtowers bear a direct
own inherent ability will now surely bilnhanced.
cis correspondence with the Sephiroth, as shown in Figure 20.
_ In gratitude to ABMO, he now banishes the Angel with lach Calvary Cross in the four Fire subquadrants, represent
a tanishing Air Pentagram. ABMO thus returns the Sephiroth in the Atziluth World. Each Cross in the four
to the Water subquadrants, correspond to the Sephiroth in the
Watchtower of Air in the East and the pentagram is gone
from his sight. Briah World. Each Cross in the Air subquadrants, the
A successful outcome hereis likely because the magician Yetztrah World, and the four Earth subquadrants, the
has requested that an inhe.r^ent abili tV (i. e.irh;;;til Assiah World. These four worlds or cosmic planes each
made manifest in this life. The Angel was not asked
;;F; contain ten Sephiroth according to Qabalistic tradition.
perform.an impossible mission. He wis asked ontv
to arsist
the magician to make a d,esired psychologicur"ttuigr
himself in accordance with the Creat Wori i;;hfi
is extremely powerful in this regard.

Relationship of the Watchtowers to the Tree of Life / 97
96 / Enochian Magic

af lftoz
- -

Figure 20. Comespondence Between the Calvary Cross and

the Ten SePhiroth.
Figure 19. Enochian Correspondence with the Qabalistic Tree of Life.
Relattonship of the Watchtowers to the Universe / 99

RELATIONSHIP OF THE WATCHTOWERS way, the quadrants, Aethrys, Angels, and so forth can
TO THE UNIVERSE become very real and meaningful. Mind traveling to certain
squares, subquadrants or Aethyrs, is equivalent to traveling
According to ancient occult philosophy, each person is through one's own universe. Figure 2l must not be taken too
always located in the center of the universe. The universe literally by the beginner. It is a diagram only. Actually the
itself is said to be like a circle whose circumference is Watchtowers and Aethyrs overlap to a large extent. In fact,
everywhere (le. infinite) and whose center is nowhere (1.e. the Governors of the Aethyrs are named in the letters of the
infinitesimal). In magic, this idea means that it is convenient Watchtowers and through a study of these names, the actual
to imagine ourselves at the center of the universe just as it is relationships can become known.
convenient to imagine that the universe is endless. Whether
these things be so or not, is of no consequence to the
magician. He finds it convenient to imagine that he is the
geometric point at the center of infinity. He finds no difliculty
in regarding others as also geometric points, or conscious-
ness-centers, at the center ofthe universe. Ifthe universe is
considered to be infinite, then virtually any point one cares to
select can be said to lay at the center.
The Tablet of Union (Figure 9) is the central region of
the universe, according to the Enochian magical system. The
magician therefore visualizes himself at the center of the
Tablet of Union. Around him, like walls rising up from the
ends of the world, are the four Watchtowers. Around these
Watchtowers are the thirty Aethyrs rising up into the
spiritual realms of infinity.
The 30th through the2TthAethyrs are located in what
is generally called the Astral Plane. The 26th through the
I I th are on the Mental Plane. The l0th is on the dividing line
between formless spirit and formed matter. This is usually
called the Great Outer Abyss, or simply the Abyss. The
llgher Aethyrs, 9th through the 2nd, are spiritual. The
highest Aethyr, the first, is divine.
Frgure 2l is adiagram of this relationship. The magician
visualizes himself standing between the "O" of HKOMA
and the "N" of NANTA at the center of the universe. In this

100 / Enochian Magic

When Angels are invoked, there must be a reason or

motive behind the invocation which relates to the nature of
- - -- Vtv ttitt- the Angel. Invocations are therefore generally limited in
. - "' ^?.",)t'ii4"-
.' f ,i,,,,," " u
"" "
lnffi' 1" "" ",,,,,,,),),,- scope. They are constrained by the motive. Not so is traveling
,, "
" r,
''//////,ta- in the Spirit Vision.
,' .rras' --t- --- 't4t, t.
\ The ability to consciously leave the physical body and
,, .,S a.t // '-.'-
?7-tRqL -a 'o2, tt,
s* / travel mentally through the astral and mental planes is rare,
but certainly not unknown. The Golden Dawn referred to
,'-_r.S arz{aakhtqyter
&radf QalolLtower such conscious out-of-body experiences as traveling in the
,r" \ \oF+tTaNorf[
oP+tTaNorf ll
/ 4ttrrztrr. Spirit Vision. In truth, whether one actually leaves the
S /
=-. /
Gre* |
\ t==
physical body in a subtle body and travels in specific

r Grval oxqR?
M4ltouer H KOY? Qtlcltfa*r
directions through the Watchtowers and Aethyrs, or simply

ol +lLe a
ltef N BNTq Qalr
dttte- uses his imagination tempered by known correspondences, is
immaterial to a successful operation. Anyone with a colorful

',t--- '. I Gretl
Vouftf \ L;,i Ss
7 l'f o\

('Jatchlooter I
imagination can astral travel, and vice versa.
Just as the Qabalist travels mentally along the paths of
the Tarot to the Sephiroth, so the magician here can travel
through the four Watchtowers and the thirty Aethyrs.
'tr,2. 't--
\,r" -....-"),"
ttr."",rrr, \---- ,..t ..*Sr"
't/tr,. -------ttt ..*..Sr"
t t' ..r.s' ,
- - "" tIt -
"', I r r r t t rr t t t rttt t ttrrr,,rrruuntNt))

Figure 21. The Magician ( 6 ) Standing at the Center of the Universe.

Three Magical Operations with Spirit Visfon / 103

HOW THE MAGIC WORKS: THREE MAGICAL of any situation that may develop. Unlike scrying, which is
OPERATIONS WITH SPIRIT VISION twodimensional, traveling in the Spirit Vision is three-
dimensional. The magician actually enters into the region
The three most important operations using the Spirit rather than merely visualizing iL
Vision in Enochian Magic are: c. Rising on the Planes or Aethyrs. This operation is the
most advanced and is not recommended for beginners. It
a. Scrying in the Spirit Vision
should be attempted only after proficiency is established in
b. Traveling in the Spirit Vision
Astral Projection. The process consists of raising conscious-
c. Rising on the Planes or Aethyrs
ness from the Physical Plane upward (relatively speaking)
u Scrying in the Spirit Vision. This is identical with toward the spiritual realms of the Spiritual Plane and then
clairvoyance or psychic vision. It is the method most through them to the Djvine Plane. In this sense it is not unlike
recommended for beginners and should be practiced until mysticism and indeed the result is a mystical experience or
proficiency is reached before the other two operations are samadhi. The Western Qabalistic Model of the Tree of Life
attempted. Basically, it consists of using slg npo s ts or known (Sephiroth), the Eastern Gupta-Vidya Model (Globes) and
magical symbols and correspondences to,.see", with inner the Enochian Model (Aethyrs) can all be used as structural
vision, the regions or subquadrants so symbolized. The maps for consciousness during this operation (these models
signposts are used to "primethe pump,, of the imagination as will be desciibed in detail later).
well as to keep the imagination in check once it begins. Start
by meditating on the symbols and signposts pertinent to the
operation. Then gradually slide into seeing them mentally
rather than physically. The result will be a psychic vision of
the region or subquadrant under consideration.
b. Traveling in the Spirit Vision. This operation is also
known as Astral Traveling or Astral projection. Here the
magician actually separates his consciousness from his
physical body and, by a concentration of will, projects
himself in either an astral or mental body to the
Aethyr or Watchtower Square. There he observes the region
and its inhabitants directly and returns whenever hJ so
desires. The mechanics of this operation are identical to
those for falling asleep and entering a dream. The only real
difference is that dreams are subconscious and spontaneous
whereas this magical operation is conscious and deliberate.
In Astral Projection the magician remains in complete control

The Tablet Colors / 105


Each magician should draw his own Tablets. The colors

used should be those prescribed by the Golden Dawn, and
presented by Roberr Wang in THE SECRET TEMhLE
(W-etlgr, New York, 1980). These are shown in Figures
and 23. Above each Tablet is the appropriate sigil of the
elemental king whose name is found from the GrJat Seal. YELLOW
These colored rablets are important for traveling in the MAUVE
spirit-vision. They give a sense of orientation and diriction,
T *gll as expressing the overall mood or tone of the squares. letlerr-MAIVE Lelfers-DLUE
Familiarization of the territory beforehand, pr"u.nt on.
from going astray during an operation. ""n



Figure 22. The Colors of the Air Tablet

106 / Enochian Magic The Tablet Colors / 107

LeIler:-YELL)W Lellers-ORAN?E Letterr-YELLOW

Open Areas- Lellers-



Figure 22a. The Colors of the Water Tablet Flgure 23. The Colors of the Earth Tablet
108 / Enochian Magic



The Golden Dawn worked out a system whereby each

of the watchtower squares can be made into a t*n.ui.J
pyramid (This is a pyramid with its top cut off). Figure
shows a typical example.
RED Each pyramid is positioned so that triangle no. 2 faces
GREEN the top of the Tablet. An elaborate scheme has been devised
so that each face of every pyramid has correspondences
planets, Tarot cards, Hebrew letters, and elements.
YELLOW Here, ii
is sufficient to consider only the elements. The appropriate
Enochian letter of the square is placed in the square
which represents the chopped-off top of the pyramid.'The
similarity between Frgure 24 (microcosm; ana figure 2l
ShaAed (macrocosm) should not go unnoticed.

Lelters- Lelters-

Figure 24. Top View of a Typical Tablet Square

Figure 23a. The Colors of the Fire Tablet Made Into a Truncated foramid.

Maktng Pyramids of the Senient Squares / 111


Making Pyramids of the Servient Squares.

The Sixteen Servient Squares under the horizontal bar
of each Calvary Cross are especially easy to convert into
element-affected pryamids. Using the triangular side numbers
as shown in Figure 24, the general rules are:
Triangle no. I : Element of the Tablet or Watchtower
Triangle no. 2 : Element of ruling file or column
Triangle no. 3 :
Triangle no. 4 :
Element of Subquadrant
Element of ruling rank or row
To find the appropriate element for any column or row
qr. QM-r
of a Servient Square, use the correspondence shown in Figure
25. The numbers 1 through 4 represent the eldments
attributed to the row or coluriin indicated. As an example, the
Servient Square "R' of BRAP in the Water subquadrant of
the Watchtower of Fire (le. Water of Fire), should be
Triangleno. l:Fire
Triangle no.2: Earth
Triangleno.4:Air 6^tL
As an additional aid in understanding these Servient
Squares, Figure 26 shows the influences of these elements on
KEY: L= .ftrey
any square in terms of its strength and/or weakness. For
2= fuAba
example, in the "R' of BRAP, it should be clear that Water
will be very strong andAirveryweakwhile Earth andFire are 7= qia
about even. t= 4afl4
Figure 25. Attrtbution of Elements to the Serient Squares
bY Column and Row.

112 / Enochtan Magic The Servient Squares / 113

Eryptian Deities of the Servient Squares

The question of why a magician should make pyramids
out of the Servient Squares will now be answered. Each of
the Servient Squares in the Watchtowers is ruled by an
Eryptian god or goddess. The pyramid, with its four-sided
attribution of elements, is used to determine which Egyptian
deity presides over each pyramid.
Although technically not part of the Enochian Hierarchy,
each of these deities can be considered as an additional
ruler. However, they usually do not answertothe pentagram
or hexagram rituals. For this reason they are seldom invoked
but are primarily used when traveling in the Spirit Vision.
They are much more familiar to most occultists and magicians
than the relatively obscure Enochian Angels. Indeed, Egypt-
ian tradition is the bedrock of western occultism (the Tarot
o'Book of Thoth", the ibis-headed god of
for example, is the
wisdom and magic). Their use thus aids the magician to
assimilate the general contour of those subtle regions sym-
bolized by each Servient Square. In this way, the Enochian
Hierarchy itself can easily become more familiar.
The exact Egyptian god or goddess of any Servient
Square is found as follows:
1. First convert the Servient Square to a pyramid'
2. Determine the element attributed to each of the four
triangular sides.
3. Determine the presiding Egyptian deity from these
elements by using Table VIII.

Figure 26, The Influence of the Elements According

to Placement in the Triangles.
I 14 / Enochian Magic The Servient Squares / 115

No Elements in Pyramid Egyptian Ruling Deity In addition to an Egyptian deity, each pyramid of the
I One triangle of each Osiris, god of death; ruler of the Servient Squares is said to contain a sphynx' This sphynx is a
element. reincarnation cycle. composite of four basic sections and is dependent upon the
2 At least three triangles of Isis, goddess of nature and magic; elements of each triangle. The student can construct a rough
Water. ruler of all solidification processes;
sister of Nephthys and Set, sister likeness of this sphynx as follows:
and wife of Osiris.
3a At least three triangles of Horus, hawk-headed god of human l. Head. The element of Triangle No. 2 determines the head
Earth. evolution;son of Osiris and Isis. and whether the sPhYnx has wings:
At least three triangles Nephthys, goddess of the esoteric;
of Fire. ruler of all dispersion processes. Air: Human-headed with wings like an angel
5 At least three triangles
of Air.
Aroueris, or Ur-Horu, Horus the
Elder Horus as humanity matured.
Water: Eagle- or hawk-headed with wings
Hathor, cow-goddess, ar aspect of Earth: Bull-headed without wings
6 Two triangles of Earth
and two of Water. Isis as the wife of Horus. :
Fire Lion-headed without wings
7 Two triangles of Fire Sothis, goddess of the dog-star 2. Upper Body. The elements of Triangles 1 and 3 together
and two of Water. Sirius; a form of Isis who initiates
each new season. determine ihe totto and arms or forelimbs:
8 Two triangles of Air
and two of Water.
Harpocrates, or Hor-pa-Khrat, Horus
the Child, ruler of Silence.
Air: Human torso/limbs Plus wings
9 Two triangles of Firg Apis, god of the emotions and of Water = Eagle or hawk torso plus wings
and two of Earth. desire in the form of
a Earth : Bull-like torso/forelimbs
Fire : Lion-like torso/forelimbs
10 Two triangles of Earth Anubis, dog-headed god of the subtle
and two of Air. substances and guide through the
after-death state; son of Osiris and
3. Lower Body. The element of Triangle No. 4 determines
11b Two triangles of Fire Bast, cat-headed goddess of darkness the lower limbs (and tail for bull, eagle and lion):
and two of Air.
At least one triangle of
and Witchcraft.
Mestha, protector of disembodied
Air: Human legs and feet
Fire, Water and Earth. consciousness; son of Horus, in the Water: Eagle or hawk legs and tail
form of a human-headed mummy. Earth: Bull-like legs and tail
Fire : Lion-like legs and tail
13 At least one tdangle of Hapi, protector of disembodied con-
Fire, Water and Air. sciousness; son of Horus, ia the form

t4 At least one triangle of

ol an ape-headed mummy. 4. Sex. When Air or Fire are emphasized by the triangles the
Tuamautel, protector of disembodied
Earth, Water and Air. consciousness; son of Horus, in the tendency of the sphynx is to be male. When Water or
form of a dog-headed mummy. Earth dominate, the tendency is for the sphynx to be
t5 At least one triangle of Qebhsennuf, protector of
Earth, Fire and Air. bodied consciousness;son of Horus, in female.
the form of a hawk-headed mummy.
Note. The primary purpose of including the sphynx in any
a Here nos. 3 and 4 are the reverse of the Golden Dawn attributions. Nephthys
pyramid visitation is for a check. If the sphynx seen
is the ruler of the Fire of Dispersion and should control Fire, whiltHoirs does not confonn to the above signposts, then
is. the prototy,pe of man and should rule Earth. The Golden Dawn listing is
Either a mistake or a deliberate blind. something is wrong with the spirit vision and the
b Bast is used where Water is strong and Fire relatively weak. In areas where operation should be concluded as quickly as possible'
Fire. is strong and Wate_r-relatively weak, use the lionessheaded goddess
Sakhet. ruler of heat and fire, and wife of the god Ptah.
MAKING PYRAMIDS OF Making Pyramids of the Great Cross Squares / 117
then Virgo.
The 36 squares ofthe Great Cross of each Watchtower
b. Great Cross of Water.
can be converted into pyramids. This is done for meditational
(1) Row. From left to right, three squares each, are:
purposes as well as to develop signposts for visiting in the
Scorpio, Leo, Taurus, and then Aquarius.
Spirit Vision. The Great Cross consists of one row and two
(2) Lrft-hand column Fromtoptobottom, tlree squares
columns, as shown in Figure l l for the Watchtower of Air.
eactq are: Cancer, Aries, Capricorn, andthenLibra.
Conversion is in accordance with F igare24 which shows the
(3) Right-hand column. From top to bottom, three
four trianglar sides of a typical pyramid. The rules which
squares each, are: Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo, and
apply are:
then Gemini.
Triangle No. I : Zodiac Influences
c. Great Cross of Earth.
Triangle No. 2 : Element of Spirit
Triangle No. 3 : Planet Inlluences
(l) Row. From left to right, three squares each, are:
Taurus, Aquarius, Scorpio, and then Leo.
Triangle No. 4 : Element of Watchtower
( 2) Left-hand column From top to bottom, three squares
eactq are: Capricorn, Libra, Cancer, andthenAries.
l.Zodiac Influences. The general rules for attributing the
(3) Right-hand column. From top to bottom, three
Zodiac signs are:
squares each, are: Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, and then
(a) The four fiied signs are given to the row (Linea Sagittarius.
Spiritus Sancti).
d. Great Cross of Fire.
(b) The four cardinal signs are given to the left_hand (l) Row. From left to right, three squares each, are:
(left side of the Linea Dei patris Filiique).
Leo, Taurus, Aquarius, and then Scorpio.
(c) lolumn
The four mutable signs are given to the right_hand
(2) Left-hand column From top to bottom, three squares
column (right side of theZ inea Dei patis Fitiique).
each, are: Aries, Capricorn, Libra, and then Cancer.
(d) Each sign influences three adjacent squares ior'a (3) Right-hand column. From top to bottom, three
total of 36 squares.
squares each, are: Sagittarius, Virgo, Gemini, and
The specific rules for Zodiac Influences are:
then Pisces.
a. Great Cross of Air.
2. Spirit. The second triangle of each pyramid of every
(l) Row. From left to right, three squares each, are: Great Cross is assigned the element of Spirit.
Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and then Taurus.
3. Planet Influences. Planetary influences are obtained from
(2) I-eft-hand column From top to bottom, three squares
occult correspondences between the seven sacred planets
eactl are: Libra, Cancer, Aries, andthenCapricorn.
and the Decans of the Zodiac. These are as follows:
(3) Right-hand column. From top to bottom, three
a. Row, from left to right.
squares each, are: Gemini, pisces, Sagittarius, and
Leo: Saturn, then Jupiter, and then Mars
Scorpio: Mars, then Sun and then Venus
Aquarius: Venus, then Mercury and then Moon

118 / Enochian Magic The Servient Squares / 119

Taurus : Mercury, then Moon, and then Saturn Example No. 1.

b. Left-hand column, top to bottom. The square "I" which is the fourth square from the left
Aries : Mars, then Sun, and then Venus along the Linea Spiritus Sancti in the Great Watch-
Capricorn: Jupiter, then Mars, and then Sun tower of Air (see Figure 4):
Libra: Moon, then Saturn, and then Jupiter Triangle No. I : Scorpio, blue (watery)
Cancer: Venus, then Mercury, and then Moon Triangle No. 2 : SPirit, white
c. Right-hand column, top to bottom. Triangle No. 3 : Mars, blue (watery)
Gemini : Jupiter, then Mars, and then Sun Triangle No. 4: Air, Yellow
Pisces : Saturn, then Jupiter, and then Mars Example No. 2.
Sagittarius: Mercury, then Moon, and then Saturn The square'oO" which is the second square from the
Virgo : Sun, then Venus, and then Mercury top along the left side of the Linea Dei Patris Filiique in
4. The fourth triangle of each pyramid of every Great Cross the Great Watchtower of Water (see Figure 5):
is assigned the element of the Watchtower. Triangle No. I : Cancer, blue (watery)
5. Color. Triangle No. 2 : Spirit, white
a. Zodiac Influences. These triangles (No. l) are colored Triangle No. 3 : Mercury, yellow (airy)
according to type.as: Triangle No. 4 : Water, blue
Fiery Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) are red Example No. 3.
Watery Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are blue The square "A" which is the seventh square from the
Airy Signs (Gemini, Libr4 Aquarius) are yellow left along the Linea Spiritus Sancti in the Great
Earthy Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are black Watchtower of Fire (see Figure 7):
b. Spirit All Spirit triangles (No. 2) are white. Triangle No. I : Aquarius, yellow (airy)
c. Planet Influences. These triangles (No. 3) are colored Triangle No. 2 : SPirit, white
as: Triangle No. 3 : Venus, black (earthy)
Sun and Jupiter are red (Fire) Triangle No. 4 : Fire, red
Saturn and Mercury are yellow (Air)
Venus and Moon are black (Earth) f
Note: In each Table! the two squares of the
Mars is blue (Water) :l
Linea Spiritus Sancti which cut the
d" Watchtower. These triangles (No. 4) are colored Linea Dei Patris Filiique in half are a
according to the standard Watchtower colors: Part of the former, not the latter.
Air: yellow
Water: blue
Earth: black
Fire : red
Making Pyramids of the Sephirotic Cross Squares / 121

name MALADI:
SEPHTROTTC CROSS SQUARES Triangle No. 1 Water, blue (Water is weak here)
Triangle No. 2 Spirit, white
The ten squares of each of the Calvary (Sephirotic) Triangle No. 3 Eartb black (Earth is weak here)
Crosses can be converted into pyramids. The Sephirotic or
Triangle No. 4 Tiphareth (Sun), pink rose (inllu-
ence here is strong)
Calvary Cross is shown in Figure 15. It consists of five
horizontal squares and six vertical squares with one square
shared by the two bars. Conversion is in accordance with Example No. 2.
Figure 24. The rules which apply are: The first o'I" of ILPIZ in the subquadrant of Fire of
Earth (see Figure 6):
Triangle No. I Element of Watchtower Triangle No. I Earth, black(Earth is strong here)
Triangle No. 2 Element of Spirit Triangle No. 2 Spirig white
Triangle No. 4 Element of Subquadrant Triangle No. 3 Fire, red
Triangle No. 4 Sephirotic Influence Triangle No. 4 Binah (Moon), crimson
The first three triangles are selFexplanatory and should
be colored according to the standard Watchtower/Element Example No. 3.
colors (Spirit is always white). Triangle No. 4 is determined The "L" in NOALMR in the subquadrant Air of Fire
from Figure 20 for each cross. After finding the correct (see Figure 7):
Sephirottr" use the following correspondences: Triangle No. I Fire, red
No. Sephiroth Planet Triangle No. 2 Spiri! white
Triangle No. 3 Air, yellow
I Kether Jupiter brilliance Triangle No. 4 Ho4 white
2 Chokmah Mercury soft blue
3 Binah Moon crimson
4 Chesed Venus deep violet
5 Geburah Mars orange
6 Tiphareth Sun pink rose
7 Netzach white
8 Hod white
9 Yesod white
l0 Malkuth white

Example No. l.
The first "A" in OLAAD in the subquadrant Earth of
Water (see Figure 5). This is also the first "A" in the

Making Pyramids of the Kerubic Squares / 123

Example No. 2.
MAKING PYRAMIDS OF The Kerubic Square"A" of PHRA inthe subquadrant
Triangle No. 1 Water, blue (Water is weak here)
The Kerubic Squares (four in each subquadrant) are Triangle No. 2 Earth, black
located above the horizontal bar of the Calvary Cross, two Triangle No. 3 Water, blue (Water is strong here)
on each side of the vertical bar. Conversion is in accordance Triangle No. 4 Water, blue
with Figure 24. The rules which apply are:
Triangle No. I : Kerubic Element Example No. 3.
Triangle No. 2 : Element of Watchtower The Kerubic Square"D" ofTAAD inthe subquadrant
Triangle No. 3 : Kerubic Element Air of Waten
Triangle No. 4 : Element of Subquadrant Triangle No. I Earth, black(Earth is strong here)
Triangle No. 2. Water, blue
Triangle Nos. 2 and 4 are self-explanatory and should Triangle No. 3 Earth, black (Earth is weak here)
be colored according to standard Watchtower/Element Triangle No. 4 Air, yellow (Air is weak here)
colors. Triangle No. I is always the same element and color
as Triangle No. 3. The borrect element to use is found from
Figure 25. Use Figure 25 to find the corresponding number
(column nos. 1 through 4) of the Kerubic Square desired.
Then use the key given in Figure2l to determine the correct
Kerubic Element.
Note: The appropriate Kerubic numbers for the subquad-
rants of Earth and Fire are shown in Figure 25 along
the bottom row of each Tablet but are nevertheless
the correct Kerubic numbers for the subquadrant.
Use only the column numbers, not row numbers.

Example No. I
The Kerubic Square "S" of PSAK in the subquadrant
Earth of Fire:
Triangle No. I Air, yellow
Triangle No. 2 Fire, red (Fire is weak here)
Triangle No. 3 Air, yellow
Triangle No. 4 Earth, black

The twenty squares of the Tablet of Union can easily be
converted into pyramids. This Tablet is shown in Figure 9. A" PREPARATION.
Conversion is in accordance with Figure24. The rules which . Select the area to be visited. This can be either an Aethyr
apply are: or one of the squares of the four Watchtowers.
Triangle No. I : Element of Column 2. Determine all known colTespondences. These act as
Triangle No. 2 : Element of Spirit guideposts along the way to prevent the imagination from
Triangle No. 3 : Element of Row fooling itself or being trapped, or lost. One' s imagination
Triangle No. 4 : Element of Spirit will project outwardly one's subconscious fears and
tendencies, as in a dream. Traveling in the Spirit Vision
Example No. 1. The square with letter "E": is indeed similar to falling asleep. The primary difference
Triangle No. I : Spirit, white is that here one consciously controls events, while dreams
Triangles No. 2 and 4: Spirit, white are unconscious and spontaneous.
Triangle No. 3 : Air, yellow 3. Sit or lie quietly and relaxed. It is usually considered best
to keep the spine upright and straight. Be this as it may,
Example No. 2. The square with the letter "X": the goal is to forget the physical body for a time. Twisting
Triangle No. I : Air, yellow oneselfinto a yogic pretzel is not necessary and can, in
Triangles No. 2 and 4 : Spirig white fact, be dangerous as well as uncomfortable. The key
Triangle No. 3 : Air, yellow factor here is to eliminate distractions.

Example No. 3. The square with the letter "P": B. THE SPIRIT VISION.
Triangle No. I : Fire, red 1. Face the appropriate direction.
Triangles No. 2 and 4 : Spirit, white a. Use the Zodiaccorrespondence forthe Watchtowers'
Triangle No. 3 : Air, yellow b. No direction is necessary for Aethyrs because they
lie in all directions, like concentric spheres.
Example No. 4. The square with the letter "K": 2. Recite the appropriate Call or Calls.
Triangle No. I : Air, yellow a. The Calts for invocations are also used for Spirit
Triangles No. 2 and 4: Spirit, white Vision.
Triangle No. 3 : Water, blue (water is strong here) b. One Call is used for all of the thirty Aethyrs.
3. Vibrate the names of the corresponding rulers.
a. The entire appropriate hierarchy should be recited
for each square of a Watchtower. Demon names are
excluded unless they are speciflrcally being called

t24 t25
126 / Enochian Magtc Traveling in the SPtit Vision / 127

(not recommended). Signposts for a Spirit Vision: An Example'

b.Each Aethyr is ruled by three Governors whose
- 3uppot., that one desires to travel
-spitit for an example, ooD" that is
names are each vibrated. in the Vision to the Servient Square
c. If entering a Serviant Square, call upon the ruling located in ttre Watchtower of Fire, in the subquadrant
Egyptian deity and observe the sphynx. Fire of Fire, ruled by the LBsser Angel ADRE' The
4. Feel as though surrounded by the atmosphere desired. following signposts can be determined beforehand in
Known correspondences should be used until the imagin- order to be certain one is on the right track, and to keep
ation gives them form and they appear real. As each the imagination in check:
name is spoken outwardly and vibrated inwardly, the 1. The Holy Name is Oh-eepeh Teh-ah-ah Peh-doh-keh,
locality of its ruler should be felt and if possible, "He whose name is unchanged from what it was'" This
visualized in the mind. name causes turmoil outwardly and doubt inwardly to be
5. Be fully conscious of the experience. Direct the a presiding characteristic in this Watchtower'
events as they occur (you will direct them subcon- 2. The Great King is E h-del-p ar-nah- ah " He who is hrst to
sciously anyway). Note any discrepancies or incon- receive the flames." He has a fiery nature, quick to anger
gruities. Anything that goes against the signposts and loves change of any kind but especially the dispersion
should indicate that sor"nething is wrong. of aggragates into their constituent components'
6. Each encounter with an Angel or deity must be dealt 3. The six Seniors are:
with in the same way as an invocation. Show respect Ah-ah-eteh-pee-oh Ah-ah-ped-oh-keh
and humility, but also show control of the conversation Ah-dah-eh-oh-eteh Ah-noh-doh-ee-neh
The advantages to being previously versed in these Ah-len-keh-voh-deh Ah-ree-neh-nah-Peh
correspondences are obvious (you can't take a 4. The Angels of the Calvary Cross are:
textbook with you). nZlbNn (Rah-zodee-ohnar), "He who is in the
Waters of the Sun", i.e., he has a solar nature'
C. THE RETURN. and NRZFM (En-rah-zod-eff-em), "Hs who visits
l. Normally, the desireto return is alone sufficienttobring here six times," i.e., he brings life to this area
one back to the physical body. (six is the number for the principle of animation)
2. Vow to remember the experience after returning. Astral 5. The Archangel isBlZAZ(Beezodah-zod), "He who is
experiences, like dreams, are easy to forget or to get with a voice." He aids in the purification of communi-
distorted when back in the physical body again. cation (e.g., he purifies thougltts, languages, speech, and
3. Ideally, one should be able to split consciousness so that the like).
while part undergoes experiences in the Watchtowers 6. The Kerubic Angel islZAZ(Ee-zodah-zod), "He who
and Aethyrs, another is fully aware of the physical body is outlined." According to the Golden Dawn, he is
and may even be writing down notes or dictating to a " outlined" with a fiery misl He aids in the purification of
scribe. If this is done, a full return is extremely easy. definition (e.g., he purifies restrictions and limitations)'
128 / Enochtan Magic Traveling in the Spirit Vision / 129

7. The Ruling Lesser Angel is MADRE (Em-ah-dareh), purification by fire. The goddess Nephthys acts as the
'oHe who would be a god." He can help to make one more feminine complement of the King EDLPRNAA, and
godlike. she assists those natural fiery forces of this Watchtower
8. The Lesser Angel is ADRE (Ah-dareh), a "small to consume the karma of anyone who enters here. If
mountain" or "hill." He can help to increase strength properly prepared" a magician can return with much of
and endurance. the Great Work accomplished. If not properly prepared,
9. The Demon here is named MAD (Em-ah-deh), "god." he can retum with all sorts of karmic problems immedi.
He represents the demonic temptation to see oneself as ately manifesting themselves. During this spirit vision,
divine and therefore better than others (1.e. the insidious the magician has the chance to meet with any or all of the
idea thatl am more enlightened, further along the Path, Angels mentioned above, and to benefit from these
thanyou). The truth is that all men are inherently divine. encounters. BIZAZ can give one a better sense of
10. The pyramid formed from the square here is as follows: communication, even telepathy. IZAZ can help one to
Triangle No. 1 : Fire, red identifiy with his inner spiritual essence ratherthanonly
Triangle No. 2 : Air, yellow as a human being which is but a temporary manifestation
Triangle No. 3 : Fire, red of this essence. MADRE also helps one to see his divine
Triangle No. 4 : Fire, red self (r. e. the spiritual body in Table III). ADRE can help
I I . The presiding Eryptian deity of this square (three triangles one to eliminate transient human qualities and incorporate
of fire and one of air on the pyramid) is the beautiful and permanent ones. However, one must beware of spiritual
alluring goddess, Nephthys. Her name means "the Lady pride embodied in the demon MAD who haunts this
of the House" and her chief function is the dispersion of square.
aggragates. She usually wears a low-cut gauze-like robe l 5. A Warn ing : The Servient S quare " D" contains powerful
which is easily seen through and is very sensual. She can forces which will expose one's unconscious karma, in an
reduce any form into its formless essence by her penetrating effort to consume it That which is not consumed in the
gaze. She is the complement of her sister,Isis. Her hlmy J
fires of this square will nevertheless be exposed. Forthis
gown is usually crimson and blue. reason they will surely manifest for good or ill upon one's
12. The Sphynx in this pyramid should be male and look like # return The student is thus warned not to meddle with this
a large lion with a human head. It will have wings. 1, square untilfully prepared One important preparation
13. Prior to Spirit Vision, face East and recite the Sixth Call. in any spirit vision like this is to map out the signposts
This Call reminds the magician that the subquadrant such as this one beforehand. Sometimes the signposts
Fire of Fire is an area which is " a torment to the wicked show dangers and the square is best left until later. It
and a garland to the righteous." In other words, one's cannot be overemphasized that large, shaggy, sharp
experience here will be highly karmic in nature. toothed monsters are not the prime danger in magic of
14. In summary, the Servient Square "D" of ADRE is a this type. The danger is a psychological one, and it is very
region where the lower human nature is consumed in a real indeed. Things will happen to anyone who uses this
130 / Enochian Magic

magic, even if no Angels or deities are encountered at all.

Just because a magician doesn't see a demon, doesn't
mean that the demon isn,t there. In the psychic world,
thoughts are things. There is no such thing as only a
The Egyptian teaching'oas above, so below" is the
thought or merely an impulse. If one enters ,.D"
comerstone of Western occultism and magic. It applies to
unprepared and then has terrible nightmares later, or
comes down with the flu, or has an unfortunate accident,
Enochian Magic as well. The phrase means that one
principle expresses itself on all of the cosmic planes and
one is perfectly free to say,,coincidence"; but one could
Aethyrs. For this reason, the Spiritual Plane can be under-
also correctly say that this magic brought to fruition
stood by knowing the Physical Plane. Every universal
certain karmic seeds that lay unconscious, until the
principle in the physical world is also active in all thirty
experience in "D" germinated them into manifestation.
A corollary to the above rule is that man is a microcosm
of the macrocosmic universe. Every universal principle in
the world is also active in man. This idea expresses the
general principle of correspondence upon which the art of
magic is based. A correspondence exists between certain
things in the universe. If this correspondence is known, then
anything otherwise unknown can become known. For example,
the invisible worlds, planes and Aethyrs that exist beyond
the range of the physical senses, can become known through
their correspondences. Furthermore, because man has a
physical body which senses an objective physical world, it
seems reasonable to propose that this principle holds equally
well on all of these planes and Aethyrs. If so, then man has
suitable vehicles on each cosmic plane with appropriate
sensing organs to experience those planes. The truth of this
proposition is demonstrated by dreams, because a dreamer is
by definition one who leaves the physical body and functions
on the Astral Plane in an astral body. The fact that most
people are unconscious of what they are doing in dreams
does not disprove the proposition. Rather it shows the frailty
of human consciousness on the Astral Plane and the
importance of magical exercises if one is to retain conscious
control of himself and his surroundings.

132 / Enochian Magic

Insofar as Enochian Magrc is concerned, the Watch- THE AETHYRS

towers and Aethyrs pertain both to the universe and to man.
In a very real sense they are regions of the subtle worlds The Governors of the Aethyrs: How to Obtain
which surround and sustain the Earth. In another sense, Their Names
equally valid, they are regions of the mind; psychological Each of the Aethyrs is presided over by at least three
dimensions whose inhabitants are personifications ofpowerfirl Governors. Their names are contained in the Watchtowers,
psychic forces and impulses both unique and shared (i.e. 22 in each Tablet and three in the Black Cross. Figure 27
residents ofthe personal and collective unconscious defined shows the sigils for these Governors and how their names are
by Carl Jung). Hinduism likens man to waves that rise up on obtained. Each sigil has an affow at the beginning of the
the surface of an ocean. As a wave, each person is discrete. name to show the proper direction of the letters.
But as all waves rise up from a cornmon sea, so the There is a total of 92 Governors. This is an important
consciousness ofman rises upfrom a cornmon subconscious- magical number, being numerically equivalent to the Enochian
ness. For this reason when any two magicians enter an word TOANT which means "love.'o
Aethyr they will share certain experiences and not share A careful cowt of 22 names from e ach Tablet and three
others. These "shared experiences" are called signposts, from the Black Cross results in one missing name. An
Each Watchtower square.and Aethyr has its own signposts. examination of Figure 27 will show that eight squares are not
Every magician should encounter these. They serve as used for the sigils. In these eight squares, Dee had written the
buoys, or road signs, by marking safe passageways forthose Enochian letters backwards. Presumably this was owing to
who travel in the Spirit Vision. the danger ofseeing or pronouncing, them even by accident.
These letters are O andA fromAir, L and(Y, L, N, H) from
Water, A and(R, O) fromEarth, andA and(O, P) fromFire:
a total of thirteen letters and eight squares.
Crowley gives the missing secret name as PARAOAN
and relates it to the 22nd Aethya LIN. The remaining back-
ward letteris L andthis is prefixedtoone ofthethree names from
the Black Cross thus forming the name LEXARPH ( all three of
these names are attributed to the 10th Aethyr, ZAX).
Two Aethyrs are given fourGovernors: the 30th, TEX,
and the 22nd, LIN. The remaining 28 Aethyrs each have

The Call of the Thirty Aethyrs.

There is only one Call for all thirty Aethyrs. The name
of any desired Aethyr is inserted into the blank space at the

134 / Enochian Magic The Aethyrs / 135

beginning of the Call. The following Call should be recited

prior to traveling in the Spirit Vision to any of the Aethyrs
(Crowley's version is contained inAppendix B for comparison):

The Heavens that are in the (first second, etc)

Aethyr, (LIL, ARN, etc.) are mighty in those regions of
the universe, and they carry out the Judgment of the
Highest. To them it is said: Behold, the Face of your
God, the beginning of Comfort, whose eyes are the
brightness of the Heavens. He enables you to govern
the Earth, and her unspeakable variety and furnishes
you with the Power of Understanding so that you can
carryr out all things according to the Providence of Him
who sits upon the Holy Throne, and who rose up in the
Beginning saying: The Earth, let her be governed by
her parts, and let there be division in her, so that her
glory may be both an eternal ecstasy and an inherent
Her course, let it run with the Heavens, and let her
serve them like a handmaiden.
One season, let it mix with another, and let there be
no creature upon her or within her that remains the same.
All of her members, let them have different qualities,
and let no one creature be equal to another.
The creatures of reason who are on the Earth, such
as man, let them disturb and eliminate one another; and
their dwelling places, let their Names be forgotten.
The egotistical works of man, letthembe destroyed.
His buildings, let them become caves for the beasts
of the field.
Dim her understanding with darkness. Why? Be
cause I am sorry that I have made Man. The Earth is
well known for awhile, and for another while, she is a
stranger, because she is the bed of a harlot, and the
Figure 27 . The Sigils for the Governors of the Thirty Aethyrs.
136 / Enochian Magic
dwelling place of him who is fallen. THE THIRTIETH AETHYR: TEX
O Heavens, arise! The Lower Heavens are beneath you.
Let them serve you! Govern those who govern! Cast down Name: TEX is pronounced Teh-etz and means "the
those who are likely to fall. Bring forth with those who Aethyr that is in four Parts."
increase, and destroy those who are rotten. Let no place Gematria: TEX: 419 : LONKHO (the fallen)
remain in one number. Add and subtract until the stars are 41 9 is also the Hebrew word TITh ( serpent)
numbered. TEX: 413: 59 x7 where 59 : BALTOH
Arise! Move! Appear before the Covenant of His Mouth (the righteous)
which He has sworn to us in His Justice. Unveil the
mysteries of your creation, and make us to be partakers of
Water Sigil qG=
a Name: TAOAGLA, Tah-oh-ah-geh-lah
TA-NOAG-LA can mean "he who be
comes the foremost."
b. Gematria: TAOAGT.A:73-ATH-ZEN
(works of sacrifice)
(most righteous)

2. GEMNIMB Tablet Water Sigil:

a- Name: GENIMB, Gem-nee-em-bah
GEM-NIMB can mean "He who is onlY
for a season"
b. Gematria: GEMNIMB: 3 1 3:HOLQ-PANPIR
(to increase measurements)
(to make judgments)

3. ADUvORPT Tablet Water Sigil rr-rr

a Name: ADUORPT, Ah-du-oh-rah-Peh-teh
A-DUORPT can mean" She who silently
b. Gematria: ADUORpT:228:eURLST
(woman, handmaiden)

138 / Enochian Magic The Thirtieth Aethyr TEX / 139
228 is also the Hebrew word IRChI karma (limitations of action)o desire (limitations of
(lunar) emotions), silence (limitations of language), and personal
ADUORPT:222, PRDZAR restriction(limitations of ego) are all found here. Hints of
(to deceive) higher teachings are given, but as yet these seem only a
promise yet unfulfilled.
4. DOxzMrANuraL Tablet Water Sigil:
a. Name: DOZIAAL, Doh-zodee-ah-ah-leh
DOZI-AAL can mean "He who estab
lishes the night."
b. Gematria: DOZIAAL:123:MOZ(joy):
LONDOH (kingdom)
123 is also the Hebrew word ONG
(pleasure, delight)
DOZIAT L:l I7:NANBA (thorns):
ZIZOP (vessel)
117 is also the Hebrew wordOLLZ
Location: TEX is the lowest and most material of the
Aethyrs. It is located on the Etheric Plane, or Lower
Astral Plane which surrounds the Earth and is, in fact,
the etheric body of the Earth.
Brief Desuiption: This Aethyr, as its name implies, is
divided into four major sections as follows:
North; the region of Karma and strong karmic forces.
East the region of Desire and charged with all manner of
personal desires.
Soutl4 the regron of Silence and a strong tendency
toward nonverbal communication because of
the difficulty in finding adequate words.
West; the region ofpersonal limitation and atendency of
the ego to realize its shortcomings.
Comment: TEX gives one a brief glimpse into the subtle
planes that exist immediately behind (or beyond) the
physical. The four fundamental occult teachings of
The Twenty-Nineth Aethyn RII / 141


3. GMorr,aZIAM Tablet Earth Sigil:
Name: RII is pronounced Ree-ee and means "The
a- Name: GMOTZIAM Geh-moh-tehzodee
Aethyr of the mercy of heaven."
Gematria RII:220:OM MAD (knowledge of God) G-OM-T-ZIAM can mean "She who
knows only herself."
also, 220: t l0x2, where I 10:I AMA
(a path) b. Gematria: GMOTZIAM:302:I 51x2, where
and 220: 22 xl 0, wher e 22:BALT (ju s tice)
l5I:ZORGE (love)
and 10:ATH (works)
GMOTZIAM:29 6 : 1 48x2, where
I 48:ORSBA (intoxicated)

GMOTZIAM:290:RIOR ( a widow)
l. VASTRIM Tablet Earth Sigil:
Location: The 29th Aethyr is located on the Astral Plane.
This is the dream state, the plane of psychic fantasy, the
a. Name: VSTRIM Vah-seh-tah-re+em
Heavens of the worlds religions.
VAS-RIT-M can mean "He who is
Brief Desuiptioru Like the 30th Aethyr, this too is divided
into four sections(there is a strong sense of direction here):
b. Gematria: VSTRIM:342:KALBALT
South: This section is characterizedby the realization of
( solidification of justice)
the survival of consciousness after death; It is the
Kama-Loka of Theosophy, or at least a part of il
(beasts of the field)
336 also the Hebrew word MKVOR
East This section is characterized by the desire for
revenge and for destruction of the wicke{ there is a
strong sense of right and wrong.
West This section is characterizedby a sense of finality
2. ODRAXTI Tablet Earth Sigil: and inevitability; evolution seems to be finished here;
a. Name: ODRAXTI Oh-dar-ahtz-tee
strong sense of stagnation.
OD-RAX-TI can mean "He who opens
Norttu This section is characterized byjudgment karmic
up the easl"
necessity; destiny There is a feeling here thatkarma
b. Gematria: ORDAXTI:609:203x3, where 203:
is a huge wheel that rolls on and on forever.
PIAMOL (righteousness)
Comment: RII gives one a clear look at what happens after
203 is also the Hebrew word BRA
death for the average person. Life does, in fact continue
on after death of the physical body. Butthe quality ofthis
and the Hebrew word ABR
life is of a restrictive nature. The religious person enters
heaven. The agnostic continues on in a dreanrlike
ODRAXTI 603 OXI-ZIN existence and may not even know that he has died. The
(mighty waters)

142 / Enochian Magic

closed mind sees-an- end to all things. The open (but

naive) mind sees the hopelessness of an endless cycL THE TWENTY.EIGHTH AETHYR: BAG
births and deaths beyond his ability to control. The play
between these dualistic viewpoints is strong here. Name: BAG is pronounced Bah-geh and means ,othe
Aethyr of doubt."
Gematria: BAG:19 which is equal to the Hebrew word
ChVH (to manifest)
also l9x2:38:OL (to make)
and I 9x3:57:GOSA A ( stranger)
57 is also the number for the Hebrew AVIM

1. TT,ABNIXP Tablet Earth Sigil d
a- Name: TABNIXP, Tah-ben-eetz-peh
TABN-IXP can mean "He who governs"
b. Gematria: TABNIXP:539:KORMEP
(to number)
(to measure and bring forth)

2. PTOKLSNI Tablet Earth Sigit t-Ft\,

a. Name: FOKLSNI, Foh-kel-ess-nee
FO-KLZNI can mean "He who visits
those in Heaven"
b. Gematria: FOKLSNI:458:YOLKI (to bring forttr)
also 458:229x2, where 229:
SAANIR (parts, sections)

3. OXLOPAR Tablet Earth Sigil l/d

a- Name: OXOLPA& Ohtz-loh-par
OXOLPAR can mean "He who has
them in his hands"
b. Gematria: OXLOPAR:S 83 : KOMMAH-IA
(to bind up truth)

144 / Enochian Magic


(powerful knowledge)
Location: The 28th Aethyr is located in the Astral Plane in a
subplane characterizedby a strong sense ofconscience,
Name: ZAA is pronunced Zodah-ah and means "the
Aethyr of solitude."
sin, and the need for purgative suffering.
Gematria: ZAA:2I:APA (that which is unchanging)
Brtef Description: A strong feeling of one's unworthiness
pervades this Aethyr. Sin, especially karmic sin, is seen
2l is also equal to the Hebrew word AHIH
here as self-limiting. There is suffering here in a purgatory
ZAA: | 5 :GAH ( spirit):AP ( unchanging)
sense, and one feels that sorrow itself is a necessary
factor to encounter if one is to spiritually progress. This
Aethyr is filled with the symbols of dualism and one may Tablet Earth Sigil '{t
feel that evil is as real and necessary as good. It is the
inherent discriminating nature of the human mind that
a. Name: SAZIAMI, Sah-zodee-ah-mee
SA-ZIA-MI can mean "He who has
brings about this strong sense of dualism. If the magician
true powef'
looks carefully, he will detect a hint of the illusive nature
b. Gematria: SAZIAMI: 238:VIRG (nests, home)
of the ego here. also 238:|l9x2,where I I9:RAAS
Comment: The power of restriction and doubt in this Aethyr (east):ZIN (waters)
comes from one's own sense ofguilt and unworthiness, and
thus from one's own karma. BAG is the result of one's (appearance offire)
identification with the human ego, which is seen as little
better than an animal and, at best a sinner. This kind of </
identification places a restriction on consciousness and
2. MATHVLA Tablet Earth Sigll:

prevents further progress. As long as one identifies him-

a. Name: MATHVLA, Mah-teh-hev-lah
M-ATH-VLA can mean "He who ends
self as a human sinner, he will not be able to rise above actions"
BAG. The notion that man is more than an animal, that b. Gematria: MATHVLA: 1 90:VONPHO (wrath)
man can cast offegotistical impulses and desires and can
190 is also equal to the Hebrew word
retain a spiritual and purified nature, is considered a
QTz (the end)
blasphemy by some, but is essential for the magician to MATHVLA: 1 84:DOSIG-IPA
rise into the higher Aethyrs. (night of voidness)

3. KoRPANIB Tablet Earth Sigil t:l

a. Name: KORPANIB, Koh-ar-pah-nee-beh
KAR-PON-BI can mean "He who de-
stroys speech"

146 / Enochian Magic The Twenty-Seventh Aethyr: ZAA / 147

b. Gematria: KORPANIB:560:KOMOIN emotional reactions to stimulation are equated with life, then
(window to the void) the lack of such reactions will probably be interpreted as
also 560:280x2, where 280: death. Life takes on meaning in the interactions of one's self
VOVIN (dragon) with other selves. In this sense, ZAA is death. Here life is
and 560 is equal to the Hebrew seen as a game wherein all the players must accept clearly
ThNINIM (dragons) defined ground rules. But because this game inevitably ends
Location: The 27th Aethyr is located at the apex of the in death for each player, the only meaningful goal becomes
Astral Plane where the primary characteristic is loneliness. how well the game itself is played. In ZAA one is able to
Brief Desuiption: This Aethyr emphasizes man's basic consider how well he has been playing. This builds and
nature of solitude. One is alone in the womb before birth, otherwise modifies his character traits in preparation for his
and returns to this aloneness after death. Because man return to the game. The aloneness of ZAA is therefore a
has an individual or monadic essence, he is forever alone necessary condition in order to assimilate life experiences.
with himself and his reality. This Aethyr contains the
feeling of separateness, of being an isolated entity
separate and distinct from all other entities. In ZAA the
magician will encounter the Great Heresy of Mahayana
Buddhism-the awesome and terrible isolation of indi-
The primary angel in ZAA is the goddess Hecate,
who weeps continually forthe suffering of humanity. Her
tears turn into pearls which she offers to all who enter
here. The magician must accept these pearls; he must
incorporate within himself the precious characteristic of
compassion if he expects to rise above ZAA. This
goddess can also be seen as the Egyptian Hathor whose
narne, Het-Her, means "the place above." Hathor is an
expression of the goddess Nut who represents infinite
space. It is this quality of Space that is emphasized in
Comment: When the magician realizes that he is not a lowly
sinner and, in fact, has the potential for spiritual things,
he can rise above BAG into ZAA. But his self-image is
still restricted and distorted. He still clings to his
humanity. This makes him see aloneness as loneliness. If
The Twenty-Sixth AethYr: DES / 149

BAZHI-IM can mean "He who makes

b. Gematria: BAZHIIM:231:T-PRDZAR (to
Name: DES is pronounced in one syllable as Dess and decrease in proportion)
means "the Aethyr that accepts that which is." 23 1 is also for the Hebrew word DKVRA
Gematriu DES:2I:APA (that which is unchanging): (male)
DES and ZAA share their nature through the (to decrease in proPortion)
number 21. also 225:RAAGIOSL (Great King
also, 2 I xl 6:336, where I6:ZAH (within) of the Water Tablet)
and 3 3 6 is the Hebrew word ROIVN ( thought) and225:L5xl5, where 15: ZAA
(27th AethYr)
Governors: Location: The 26th Aethyr is located at the lowest level of
1. POPHAND Tablet Earth Sigit t-- the Mental Plane where logic and reason hold sway over
a. Name: POPHAND, Poh-peh-hah-en-deh intuition.
POPH-AN-D can mean'oHe who is Brief Description: This Aethyr is the realm of logic and
divided into three parts" reason. But the intuitive conviction that logic and reason
b. Gematria: POPHAND: 09:DOSIG ( night):
are unable to get at truth, and in fact distort and limit
ZAR (ways, paths) truth, is like an undercurrent running through the Aethyr
109 is also the Hebrew word OGVL of DES. The Angel who guides one through DES is
(circle, sphere) dressed in black. DES is torn by great forces of duality
and 109x2:218, the number for the which sweep through it. Good and evil, sin and salvation,
Hebrew IRCh (moon) illusion and reality, all demand attention here. The
2. NIGRANA Tablet Earth Sigit
intellect is hard pressed to cope with these dual forces. It
feels its own inadequacy and its lamentations are thunders
a. Name: NIGRANA, Nee-gar-ah-nah which boom from one end of DES to the other. This
NI-GRAA-N can mean "He who governs inability of the intellect to cope with duality is demon-
the 28 days of the moon" strated in ZenBuddhismbythe koanwhichthe student is
b. Gematria: NIGRANA 280:VOVIN (dragon): given to meditate on until it is fully understood. The
IOU-GRAA (soul of the moon) forces flowing through DES are like a koan. At the top of
280 is also the Hebrew word RP this Aethyr, coincidentwiththe death of the intellect, the
(terror) magician will have a brief vision of the beautiful goddess
Nut, the Eternal Feminine, the Mother of All, Infinite
3. hAZHd'IrM Tablet Earth Sigil Space, whose body is jeweled with stars.
a. Name: BAZHIIM, Bah-zod-heeee-meh
150 / Enochian Magic

Comment: The death of one's descriminative

the birth of a higher type of consciousness.
This is the
great secret of the Mental plane, that
consciousness can
function without the human mind, and withou,,"r0.,
Name: VTI is pronounced Veh-tee and means "the
Aethyr of change."
and even without forms.
Gematria: VTI: 1 3 9: SIBSI (Covenant):TOR
- Any magician who can enter DES has already
learned to see life as a game buf due
(23rd Aethyr)
takes the game very seriously. Logic
to the intellect, it VTI:I33:OVOF (to be magnified)
and reason have I 3 3 is also the value of the Hebrew HChHLPH
been exalted. Now the magician carigo
no higher until he (change)
gn go beyond logic and reason. iti, ,.q-uir; ,;;
degree of intuitive insight.
DES is covered by intellectual fog. The intellect I. MIRZIND Tablet Earth Sigil 6 I
desperately clings to dualism and sees crearly
death in the higher Aethyrs, and quite naturally
its owi a- Name: MIRZIND, Mee-rah-zodee-en-deh
feels MIR-ZIN-D can mean "He who is from
threatened. It seeks a rationai solution
to the problem of the Waters of Tormenf '
dualism but cannot find it any more thantheZen
student b. Gematria: MIRZIND: 37 3:TA-TELOKH
can explain his koan. In order to rise
above DES, the (like death)
magician must be willing to drop all logical
urgur*rrt, MIRZIND: 367:MOMAGOHIO
and to bring to an end ail intellectual
dissectiois. (crown of woe)
367 is also the Hebrew words MMIN
ZKR (masculine) and AlShpf,(black)
2. OBUvAORS Tablet Earth Sigil: 1-
a- Name: OBVAORS, Oh-beh-vah-oh-'rah-seh
OBVA-ORS can mean"She who is half
b. Gematria: OBVAORS:248:PI-BLIAR
(places of comfort)
also 248: SIB SI-DOSIG ( covenant
with the night)
and248 is the Hebrew word RChM

RANGLAM Tablet Earth sieft I


152 / Enochian Magic

a. Name: RANGLAM, Rah-neh-geh-lah-meh THE TWENTY.FOURTH AETHYR: NIA

R-ANGIA-M can mean,.He who govems
his thoughts"
b. Gematria: RANGLAM:268:BRGDO-OHIO
Name: NIA is pronounced En-ee-ah and means "the
Aethyr of traveling"
(sleep of woe)
Gematria: NIA:I I6:POILP (to be divided):ffi,4324
also 268:LRASD-MOLAP (a robe)
116 is also for the Hebrew word IVNIM
Location: rhe 25thAr,n r,rlfTf""i'";TTr'lL" ptane in
a subplane of change between the old logic and reason of
the intellect and the new intuition. It is a natural Governors:
continuation ofthe 26thAethya DES. Onthe
Tree of Life, VTI is just under Tiphareth.
eabalistic 1. ORATNaKNITIR Tablet Earth Sigif, -1-J
Brief Des*tption: This Aethyr at first appears to be volatile a Name: oRAKAMT& Oh-rah-kah-mee-ar
and destructive. But this is only because destruction is
ORAK-A-MIR can mean "He who is
above and below"
necessary for creation, just as one must first die in order
b. Gematria: ORAKAMIk:692:ZAMRAN
to be reborn. The chief characteristic of VTI is spiritual
pride. The intuition has won over the intellect and the
ZAKARE (to come into movement)
magician is now in VTI. The magician, if not forewarned,
(House of Joy)
will be quick to pat himself on the back and to boast of his
attainments. The GuidingAngel of VTI may approach the
2. KF$fseLPos Tablet Earth Sisil
magician and close his mouth for him.
Comment: The magician leaves DES and enters VTI as a
a. Name: KHIASALPS, Keh-heeah-sal-pess
KHIA-SALPS can mean'oHe of won-
natural continuation of intuition over intellecl However,
drous joy''
here the poison of spiritual pride will hold one until this
pride can be cast aside. One is very apt to feel himself to
b. Gematria: KHIASALP S:404: A RRAMIG-MOZ
(preparation ofjoy)
be one of the Great Adepts of mankind because of his
404 is also the Hebrew word ShQD
successes. There is a feeling in VTI that there is nowhere
(to hasten)
else to go; that there are no,,highe/, Aethyrs. The desire
to on one's laurels" is strong here because VTI will
often appear like a great plateau. In order to rise highea
3. SOAGEEL Tablet Earth Sigil:
the magician will have to learn how to truly travel uUoui
a. Name: SOAGEEL, Soh-ah-geh-el
SO-A-GE-EL can mean"He who helps
in these Aethyrs.
the most"
b. Gematria: SOAGEEL:7 9:HOLQ (to measure):
PAID (always)

154 / Enochian Magic The Twenty-Fourth AethYr NIA / 155

also 79:ELU-BESZ inherentlyjoyous, that the game of life is fun to play. The
(primordial matter) Ring-Pass-Not in NIA is the barrier between the Lower
and 79 is also the Hebrew word Mental Plane and the Upper Mental Plane. In order to
DOH (mind) pass this barrier, the magician must pass beyond his
Location: The 24thAethyr is the Aethyr of astral traveling normal human mind.
both through space and through time. It is at the apex of
the Lower Mental Plane.
Brief Descrtption: NIA is the region of traveling in the
mental body. This traveling can be spacial (along the
plane) or vibrational (through the cosmic planes) or
durational (through time). The Aethyr is thus a prepar-
ation for all of the other planes and Aethyrs, especially
for the l5th Aethyr.
In order to travel astrally in a "body of lighf' one
must die to the personality and physical body. Entering
NIA is therefore similar to dying, except that here a
psychemagnetic lirik(called the silver cord) still connects
the mind with the body. In death this attachment is
severed. Because of the nature of this out-of-body
traveling one's personal fears, loves, hates and so forth,
must be put aside or else they can interfere and cause
dissociation, insanity, and possibly even death. These
Aethyrs are not without their dangers.
The magician who can travel about in NIA will
probably see an impassible roof gleaming like steel over
the top of this region. This is a Ring-Pass-Not for the
magician at this stage of his development.
Comment: NIA is somewhat like a summary version of the
lower six Aethyrs (TEX through VTI) and it combines
the best characteristics of each. But there is a new factor
added here. This new quality is joy, which is a true
spiritual characteristic. Joy is intensified as one goes
higher into the Aethyrs. The sense ofjoy is essential for
the Great Work. The magician in NIA learns that life is
156 / Enochian Magic


Name: TOR is pronounced Toh-rah and means "the

Aethyr that sustains [the universe]."
soa NIF J'Y Gematria: TOR: I 3 9: SIB SI ( covenant):VTl (25 th
.".:ill.lj''i,iJi.l-=^3.::,. also 139x2:278, the Hebrew words GORH
*r==*""tu1r1-,'tt'""--J=?o_lk__, (girl) and OVBR (fetus)
,eo* -\
t?.F,tTuAL pRtDe oL^."4 o-
TOR:I33:OVOF (to be magnified)
also I 3 3x2:266, the Hebrew word MTzPVN
'((;;..'u' r r.u s lc-[ f (conscience)
PE ___
Ptr-n'oN \ Governors:
l. RONOAoMB Tablet Earth Sigit L-r
AALITLIDg: a- Name: RONOAMB, Roh-noh-ah-mehbeh
" znq RGNOAMB can mean "He who pro
tects the process of becoming"
b. Gematria: RONOAMB:3 I I:KAB (a rod)
31 I is also the value of the Hebrew
words ShBT (a rod)
and AISh (a man)

2. ONIZIMP Tablet Earth Sigil \'-

a- Name: ONIZIMP, Olr-nee-zodee-em-peh
O-NISIMP- can mean'oHe who brings
labof '
b. Gematria: ONIZIMP:3O8: I 54x2, where L54:
VAUL (to work)
308 is also the Hebrew word BVQR
ONIZIMP 302:l5lx2, where 151:
ZORGE (love)
302 is also the Hebrew word BQR
Figure 28. A Schematic Diagram of the lowest Seven Aethyrs. (dawn)

158 / Enochian Magic The Twenty-Third AethYn TOR / 159

is infinite. There is a danger in TOR that the magician

3. ZAXANIN Earth Sigil:
Tablet will lose the sense ofjoy acquired inNIA andtake creative
a. Name: ZAXANIN, Zod-ahtz-ah-nee-en manifestation too seriously. He should remember that the
ZAX-ANIN can mean "He who names chief difference between work and play is one's attitude.
b. Gematria: ZAXANIN:5 8 I : KORMP-QAA
(to number creation)
(to solidify what is divided)
ZAXANIN: 57 5:25 x23 where 25:
BE SZ (matter);23: GAH-L
(the highest spirit)
Location: The 23rd Aethyr is located on the Mental Plane
in the region of the World Sustainer, the principle of
causation. It is he who maintains and powers the Earth.
Brief Description: TOR contains the mystery of toil, and
the virtue of labor. It'bontains the Cause for which the
Earth is an effect. The universe is evolving, but not
toward any fxed or pennanent goal. The end of evolution
is the beginning of involution and vice versa. The entire
universe and everything in it oscillates between states of
potential and kinetic energy without conceivable end.
Matter evolves from spirit and then involves back into it
again. For this reason all labor is an on-going process of
self-expression or self-unfoldment called the Great
Work. Man and the universe are effects of the labor of an
infinite number of constituent parts, all working together.
This idea is clearly seen in TOR
Comment: The joy of traveling in NIA now gives way to the
seriousness of labor in TOR The energy needed to
perpetuate the lower planes and Aethyrs is awesome.
But, as Einstein showed, energy and matter are directly
related and are interchangeable. In effect, the source of
energy is infinite, and therefiore the potential for creativity
The Twenty-Second Aethyr: LIN / 161

down a bountyo'
b. Gematria: LAZDIXR:587:YOLKI-MOZ
(to bring forth joy)
Name: LIN is pronounced El-ee-en and means ..the LAZDIXR:581:ESIASKH-
Aethyr of the void.',
Gematria: LIN:I IS:GONO (faith) QUASAHI (brother of delight)
I 18 is also the value of the Hebrew ChLp
4. PARAOAN Tablet 7 of 8 Sieil l\'
(change, renewal)

1. OSzIDAIA Tablet Air Sigil:4 PAR-AOAN can mean o'He who has
a. Name: OZIDAIA, Oh-zodee-dah-eeah eyes"
AOLIAD-IA can mean o'He who is the
b. Gematria: PARAOAN:207:NIISO (come away)
god of truth"
207 is also the Hebrew word AGRAB
b. Gematria: OZIDAIA: I 75 : OIAD-NAZPS (a scorpion)
(sword ofjustice)
also 207x2:414:KRAL
5x3:525:KHIRLAN (joy)
_also 17
OZID AIA: I 69: RIT ( mercy) fioy, pleasure)
Location: The 22nd Aethyr is located at a position in the
Archetypal Plane where the occult doctrine of polarities
2. KALZIRG Tablet EarthSigif: LJ becomes self-evident It marks the beginning of non-
a. Name: KALZIRG, Kal-zodee-ar-geh dualism, which intensifies as one rises higher. Because of
KALZIRG can mean "she who is in this shift in viewpoint toward the mystical, LIN is an
the firmamento'
b. Gematria: : Aethyr of change and renewal.
KALZIRG:49 I KOMSELHA- Brief Description: Consciousness in this Aethyr is in the
TABGES (a circular recess)
first stages of the mystical state calledsamadht, whercin
491 is also the Hebrewword pUThH
the human personality is cast aside. Here the beginning
of form can be seen as the very sense of extension in
KALZIRG:485:ILONON- space. In addition, the complement of form, the formless,
MONONS (branches of the heart)
can be seen directly as an endless Void which gives the
485 is also the Hebrew word ThVDOH
Aethyr its name. Actually this void in LIN is only an
(mind, consciousness)
appearance. lt seems void to the human mind that
/ experiences it. The higher Aethyrs are no more formless
3. LAZDIXRI Water Sigil TJ
Tablet than the deep sleep state, although this oftenseems a void
a. Name: LAZDIX& Lah-zodee-tzar when waking.
LAS-DIXR can mean "He who brings

162 / Enochian Magic

Comment: The Aethyr of LIN is the region where form and THE TWENTY-FIRST AETHYR: ASP
the formless merge into each other. It represents a
dramatic change in one's viewpoint. The magician who Name: ASP is pronounced Ahs-peh and means "the
enters here must look with eyes other than the human, Aethyr of causation."
else he will see only desolation. Gematria: ASP:22:BALT fiustice)
22 is also the value of the Hebrew word TVBH

I. KHhRZPA Tablet Air Sieil f,
a. Name: KHLIRZPA, KehheleeratrzodPah
KHIRLSAP can mean"He who enjoYs
loud sounds"
b. Gematria: KHLIRZPA:49 3 : KNILA-ZEN
(blood sacrifice)
(joy of death)
487 is also the Hebrew word
ALIMUTh (violence)
2. TOANTOM Tablet Air Sigit \
a- Name: TOANTOM, Toh-ah-en-toh-em
TOANT-OM cn mean "He who loves
b. Gematria: TOANTOM:224:8AHALA-
AMMA (He whose cry is cursed)
224 is also the Hebrew DKR(male)
TOANTOM: 212:T ORZU ( to rise uP)
212 is also the Hebrew ChDR
(to enclose)

Tablet AirSigiL
a- Name: VIXPALG, Yeetz-Pah-leh-geh
V-IX-ALPG can mean o'He who

164 / Enochian Magic


b. Gematria: VIXPALG:561: o'the
KNILA-ORS Name: KHR is pronounced Keh-har and means
(the blood ofdarkness) Aethyr of the wheel."
also 561:MALPRG-ZOKH Gematria: KHR:401 :KHIDAO (diamonds):TOTO-
(the burning up of the past) NOR-MOLAP (cycles of the sons of men)
Location: The2lst Aethyr is a continuation of the previous 401 is also the value of the Hebrew word ATh
Aethyr in the Archetypal Plane. Here one confronts the (essence)
reflection of the spirit or atma of man.
Brief Description: ASP is the location of the reflection of Governors:
atma below the Abyss. It provides a distorted vision of 1. ZILDRON Tablet Air Sigil =
man's spiritual nature. Here existence itself appears as a" Name: ZILDRON, Zodee-el-dar-oh-en
an annihilation. The entire region at first seems an ZILDR-ON can mean "He who sets in
abomination and horror. There is little joy here. In ASP flishf'
the magician comes face to face with his own reincar- b. Gematria: ZILDRON:261:ZAMRAN
nating ego. Here is thdt part of himself that does the (to aPPear)
reincarnating into the lowerplanes. The three Governors 261 is also the Hebrew MChZVR
of ASP all work together to silence the illusion of the ego (a cYcle)
and for this reason will at first appear hideous monsters ZILDRON:255:ZAMRAN
or demons. (to aPPear)
Comment: The sense of desolation in ASP is the continu- 255 is also the Hebrew MZRCh
ation of the sense of loneliness first experienced in ZAA (East)
(the 27ilr Aethyr). It is due to an erroneous sense of #S
identification. The magician still identifies himself with a 2. PARZIBA Tabler Air sieft
single incarnated ego. Therefore the realms above him a- Name: PARZIBA, Par-zodee-bah
here appear black and ominous. His own past and future PAR- SIBA can mean " He who promises"
lives can be seen here so that a shift in his sense of b. Gematria: PARZIBA: 1 95 :ETHARZI ( in Peace)
identity is necessary in order to properly assimilate these also 195:13x15, where 15 is the
experiences. Insanity is but one real possibility. The Hebrew ZCh (to force, imPel)
magician in ASP must shift his sense of identity from ego and 13 is the Hebrew HGH (wheel)
to Ego, from a single human being to a reincarnating Ego PARZIBA: I 8 9: FI SI S- QAA
which has many human expressions. (to make a creation)

TOTOKAN Tablet Air sigil'

166 / Enochian Magic


TOTGKAN can mean "He who drives
the cycles" Name: POP is pronounced Poh-peh and means "the
b. Gematria: TOTOKAN:434:ZAKAREF AethYr of division."
(visitor) Gematria: POP:48:LOE ( 1 2th AethYr)
TOTOKAN: 422: VNIG-MATORB and 48: 24x2. where 24:LE A (16 th Aethyr)
(the need for repetition) :PAZ (4th AethYr)
Location: The 20th Aethyr is located in a subplane of the also 48:ELO (first):TALHO (cuP)
Mental Plane where the whole world appears as a huge 48 is also the value of the Hebrew words
rotating wheel. The occult doctrine of cycles is self- ChIL (a woman)
evident here. and KVKB (a star)
Brief Description: The magician who enters KHR will see
the whole world as a tremendous spinning wheel. He Governors:
may even see the hand of He who spins it. He will also 1. TORZOXI Tablet Air Sigil: L-I
sense that there is little purpose to it all the Being who a. Name: TORZOXI, Toh-razod-oh-tzee
spins the wheel does so for His own pleasure. A close TORZOXI can mean "She who rises
inspection will reveal that this wheel is both seductive up in strength"
and deceptive. Its allure is due to the fun and pleasure b. Gematria: TORZOXI:6 3 8:VOVIN-TELOKH
that it promises. Its deceit is its demand to be taken (Dragon of Death)
seriously. It contains games such as politics and religion also 638:MIKA-ZILDARH
which all too often turn the promised pleasure into pain (mightY flier)
and sorrow. TORZOXI 632:316x2, where 316 is
Comment: The magician in KHR should be able to see both the Hebrew AIShH (a woman)
sides of the universe; the mayavic deceptions which TORZOXI 626:313x2, where 313:
perpetuate bondage and false identifications, and the GEMNIMB (Governor of TEX)
joyous expressions oflove and beauty in form and color. r'
The universe can be seen either way because, in a sense, 2. ABRIIOND Tablet Air Sigih A.f
it is both simultaneously. The formlessness of ASP gives a. Name: ABRAIOND, Ah-bar- ahee-oh- en-deh
way to a higher sense of form in KHR The wheel of the ABRA-I-OND can mean"He who Pre-
universe is seen with spiritual eyes and as such the pares his kingdom"
magician can see the inside as clearly as the outside. b. Gematria: AB RAI ON D-_ 2 6 I : ZI LD RON
(Governor of KHR)
also 26I:ZAMRAN (to aPPear)
and26l is the Hebrew wordDRAVN

The Nineteenth AethYr: POP / 169
168 / Enochtan Magic
violence and
(an abomination) Comment: The imagery of life surrounded by
death can take rn*V forms' It symbolizes
the idea that
existence is a series of conflicts of some kind' Good
3. OMAGRAP Tablet Air Sieil:2 ngt it tuit, life fights against .d9ath, and so on'. All
a. Name: OMAGRAP, Oh-mah-gar-ah-peh
piogittt must be
No Adept can give sniritull^
OM-GRAAP can mean "He of lunar if
knowledge" inti"gttt to another. However, they can give initiation
one-is properly prepared and ready for it'
b. Gematria: OMAGRAP:249:SIATRIS
(a scorpion)
249 is also the Hebrew MGVR
(fear, terror)
Location: The 19th Aethyr is also on the Mental Plane; in a
region containing the Priestess of the Silver Star. This
priestess is the goddess Isis and she is located on the
Qabalistic Tree of Life on the path of gimel. This places
POP just above Tiphareth"
Brief Description: POP is an Aethyr of initiation. Here the
magician is initiated into the karmic need for violence,
bloodshed and death; characteristic attributes of human
development. The initial vision in POP often results in a
alphabet of daggers wherein each dagger symbolizes the
sharp penetrating power of thought. The dagger is also
used as a glyph for a sunbeam or ray of lighg light itself
being a symbol for consciousness. These daggers seen in
POP are therefore usually related to an alphabet to
illustrate how thoughts go together to form communi-
cation systems. The actual Aethyr is diflicult to enter. It
contains conflicting forces and there is a feeling here that
life itself is surrounded by violence and death. The
magician will usually meet the Guiding Angel, the Priestess
of the Silver Star. Her function is to initiate anyone who
enters here into a higher sense of life and the meaning of
life. She personifies the spiritual impulse in man and
imbodies the spiritual current, and she offers this current
to all who can enter POP.
The Eighteenth Aethyr: ZEN / 171

beginning and the end"
Name: ZEN is pronounced Zod-en and means ,'the b. Gematria: VALPAMB:194:BITOM (fire):
Aethyr of Sacrifice." EMETGIS (seal):
Gematria: ZEN:69:GOHO (to speak):IP (not) PARADIZ (virgin)
69 is also the value fo the Hebrew words also 194:97x2, where 97:
IGVN (desolation) ZAFASAI (Governor no. 2 above)
and ABVS (an enclosure) Location: The 18th Aethyr is located on the Mental Plane
ZEN:2 I x3, where 2L:ZAA (27 th Aethyr) at the place of an important initiation: the initiation of the
also 63x2: I 26:OMA (understanding) crucifixion.
Brief Description: One who can enter ZEN will learn the
Governors: esoteric meaning of sacrifice and crucifixion. First one
1. NABAOMI Tablet Air Sigil: mustbe free of all personal desires, thoughts, regrets and
a. Name: NABAOMI, Nah-bah-oh-mee attachments. This is an essential preparation for safe
NABA-OMI canmean"He who knows passage through this Aethyr. The main vision encountered
pain" is some type of a crucifixion. One possibility here is the
Gematria: NABA OMI : 2 47 :I ADNAH- GRAA Egyptian ritual of the King s Chamber in the Great
(knowledge of the moon) Pyramid of Gizah. There a candidate was made to lay in
the lidless sarcophagus for three days and nights while
Air his subtle body roamed the planes and Aethyrs. If
a. Name:
SiEil 4
Zodalvfah-sahee successful, he reached the 8th Aethyr and obtained a
ZAFA-SA-I can mean "He who is in direct awareness of his own inner divinity. In other
emptiness" words, he became initiate{ and was considered an Adept
b. Gematria: ZAFASAI:97:HOLQ-AFFA In ZEN, one will see two types of crucifixion. In one, the
(measurement of emptiness) higher Self is crucified on the cross of matter. This idea is
97 is also the Hebrew word AMUN symbolized in the Tarot by the Hanged Man. In the
(changeless) second form, the lower self is crucified in a tomb (or
ZAFASAI:91:TABAAN-AP womb) of darkness in order to free consciousness. One is
(unchanging governor) a descent into matter, the other is an ascent into spiril
also 91:1 3x7, where 13 is the Hebrew Comment: In ZEN the magician will see that birth and
word BHV (emptiness) death are two forms of crucifixion. Both illustrate the
principle of sacrifice, and in both the real sacrifice made
3. YvAhPAMB Tablet Air Sigil: is the break in the continuity of consciousness. Only an
a. Name: VALPAMB, Val-pah-meh-beh Adept can travel through all of the Aethyrs and retain

172 / Enochian Magic

continuity of consciousness (and therefore memory). THE SEVENTEENTH AETHYR TAN

The magician who can enter ZEN will learn how to
maintain a continuity of consciousness. He will then be Name: TAN is pronounced Tah-en, and means "the
able to undergo crucifixion without sacrifice. Aethyr of one's equilibrium."
Gematria: TAN:65 :BI (voice)
also65x2: I 30:SOBOLN (West)
130 is also the Hebrew word HPLIH
TAN:5 9:BALTOH (the righteous)
also 59x2:118:LIN (22nd Aethyr)
and 59x7:413:TEX (30th Aethyr)

l. SIGMORF TabletAir Sigil \,/
a. Name: SIGMORF, See-geh-moh-rah-feh
SIG-MOR-F can mean "He who visits
the darkness"
(judgment of the just)
298 is also the Hebrew word RCTMIM

2. AYuDROPT Tablet Air Sigil:

a- Name: AYDROPT, Ahyebdehroh-Pehteh
AY-DROP-T can mean "She who sees
us with equality"
b. Gematria AYDROPT:2I8:TORZU (to rise up)
218 is also the Hebrew word IRCh
AYDROPT:2I2:TORZU (to rise up)
:TOANTOM (Governor of 2lst
212 is also the Hebrew word ZRH

174 / Enochian Magic THE SIXTEENTH AETHYR: LEA
a. Name:
Toh-kar- zodee
N Name: LEA is pronounced Eleh-ah and means "the
first Aethyr of the [higher] Self."
T-O-KARZI can mean "He of such Ge m atria: LE A: Z4:TAPA ( poi son) - PAZ ( 4th Aethyr)
equality" also 24x2:48: LOE (l2th Aethyr): PgP
b. Gematria: TOKARZI:5I4:VOVIN-MATORB (l9th AethYr)
(Dragon of Repetition) and24 is the value of the HebrewwordGVIH
TOKARZI:508:127 x4, where 127 : (bodv)
IADNAH (knowledge)
508 is alsotheHebrew ShChR(dawn) Governors:
Location: The I 7th Aethyr is the region of the Mental Plane l. KuvKueRPT Tablet Air Sigil:
that contains the Karmic Balance. This balance produces a- Name: KUKUARPT, Ku-ku-rah-peh-teh
cyclic changes throughout the universe from its contin- KUKU-ARP-T can mean "She who re-
places what was before with some-
uous efforts to reach equilibrium.
Brief Description: The initial vision here is usually of the thing similat''
Guiding Angel who explains that all reality is relative. b. Gematria: KUKUARPT:864:5 4x1 6, where 54:
Things are real only in relation to the consciousness that TALHO (cup)
experiences them. The magician will then be shown the and 16:T4 (likeness)
Balance of TAN which is, of course, karmic. This 864 is also the Hebrew words AShTH
karmic balance strives to bring the universe to an ZN\4{IM (women of whoredom)
equilibrium which would quite naturally destroy the KUKUARPT: 85 8: OADO KIKLE-
universe as we know it However, the Balance considers BABALON (to weave the mysteries
all imbalance as evil and seeks to equalize it. Actually of Babalon)
karma itself can be considered to be the result of this huge also 858:l 43x6, where 143:
Balance of TAN.
Comment: The symbol of the balance illustrates that karma
seeks an equilibrium for the forces of duality which
2. LAUAKON Tablet Air sigil:
define the universe. Karma and duality are dependent a. Name: LAUAKON, Lah-u-ah-k6h-en
principles, neither of which could exist without the other. A-UI-AKON can mean"the happy one"
The entire idea of morality and ethics must be faced in b. Gematria: LAUAKON:47O:ZAMRAN-
TAN, where good and evil, right and wrong are weighed BLIORA (appearance of comfort)
in the karmic balance of the universe. 470 is also the Hebrew word OTh

176 / Enochian Magic The Sixteenth AethYt LEA / 177

3. SOKHIAL Tablet Air Sigil: Tower, the ZTthpath of the Tree of Life' He will also
provide a vision oi one's spiritual self, but at this level
a- Name: SOKHIAL, Sohkeh-heeal 'understanding
SOKH-IAL can mean "He who burns it usually appears irrational and quite mad
up the pasf' For this ,ruron it is called a beast' The Angel knows
b. Gematria: SOKHIAL:412:MALPRG-IALPRG quite wett that this beast will someday slay him' He
show this in a vision to the magician' One may even
(burning fiery flames)
412 is also the Hebrew word ChDTh gti*pt. the ultimate victory of this beast' the spiritual
(new) self.
Primary Angel of this Aethyr: BABALON -
Comment: In LEA the great duality of the subjective self
and the objectiv" *otld is seen symbolically'
This vision
a. Name: BABALON is pronounced Bah-bah-
generally (but not always) takes the form of a beautiful
loh-en and means "wicked' or " evil."
b. Gematria: BABALON:I l0:TOANTA (lust) iaked *o.ut riding upon an unruly beast of some
Location: The 16th Aethyr is located on the Mental Plane The attraction betrveen these two polarities of Babalon
and the beast is called lust. This lust is the
theme of the
in a region of change and transition. Here one begins to
Tarot card that symbolizes the 9th path of the Tree of
identify himself as a spiritual being
Life, which co*..tt th. Sephiroths, Chesed and
Brief Desuiption' The Guiding Angel of this Aethyr is
named Babalon. She is extremely alluring and enticing
Ifthe magician who enters here were to imagine the most
beautiful woman in the universe (an obviously relative
concept), such would be his vision of the angel here. In
the duality of objectivity and subjectivity, Babalon
personifies objectivity and the beast upon which she
often rides symbolizes subjectivity. The magician in
LEA feels that his consciousness is like an unruly beast
in need of discipline. It is driven willy-nilly about the
Aethyr by the seductive nature of the environmenl
Because the enchantingbeauty of LEA is available to all
who enter here, she is sometimes figuratively called a
harlot (the Enochian word BABALON means "harlot'').
A second Angel will then approach the magician. He
personifies the past especially the personal past (and
therefore karma) of the magician. He will lamentbitterly
because he knows that he is dying Ifasked, he can show
a vision of the Tarot trump of the Lightning Struck
THE FIFTEENTH AETHYR: oXo The Fifteenth Aethyr: OXO / 179

Name: OXO is pronounced Oh-tzoh and means ..the 491 is also the Hebrew word PUThH
Aethyr of dancing.,, (vagina)
Gematria: OXO:460:GLO-KRAL (things of joy) TASTOXO:479:BI-KRAL
460 is also the value of the HeUrew ilSfrlq (voice ofjoy)
(to kiss, to come together) Locatton: The l5th Aethyr is on a subplane of the Mental
also 460:230x2, wtere 230:RC!R (the sun) Plane where all life is seen directly as a great dance. This
230 is also the Hebrew word KDVR is the play of Brahman taught in Hinduism.
(the Earth) Brief Desuiption: The vision of OXO is based on the reali-
zationthat life needs no purpose or goal other than itself.
Govetnors: The purpose of life is to live. When one enters OXO, he
1. TAHANT'.IDO Tablet Air Sigil: will usually see a beautiful goddess dancing Some say
a. Name: TAHAMDO, Tahhah-mih_doh that this is the biblical Salome where, by gematria,
TA-HAM_DO can mean,.He who lives SALOME: 15 I:ZORGE (love):HOATH BABA-
according to his name,, LON (a true worshipper of Babalon). Whatever the
b. Gematria: TAHAMDO:146:IAOD_GLO case, she is indeed a reflex of the seductive world
personified by Babalon. She is also a form of that aspect
,"#ff3iit':"f ,TfrTl ( a bed) of the Hindu Brahman which is called ananda or bliss
(Brahman is often called sat-sit-ananda or existence-
2. NOTTIABI Tablet Air Sisft \,-l consciousness-bliss). Her dance expresses the ecstatic
a- Name: NOKLABI, Noh-keeah-bee joy ofspiritual consciousness. It is a visual representation
NOK-IA-BE can mean ..Servant who of the highly occult"music ofthe spheres." If amagician
speaks the truth,, looks closely, he will usually see a rose here in one form
b. Gematria: NOKIABI:5 I I :NOKO-LONSA or another. The feminine symbol of the rose is an apt
. (the servant of everyone) glyph for the atmosphere of OXO.
Comment: OXO contains the sense of joy that began in
3. TASTOZxO Tabter Air sigil, [,Af NIA (24th Aethyr). Here the joy that was found in the
a- Name: TASTOXO, Tah-seh-toh_tioh harmony of the Aethyrs is intensified. Life is now seen as a
TAST-OXO can mean,.She who initi_ divine dance, the lila of Hinduism. Frorn the viewpoint of
ates dancing" the serious andtime-orientedegq OXO appears as aterri-
b. Gematria: TA SToXo: +! T : oKo.-BE S Z ble blasphemy. The message of OXO is that the creativity
(dancing matter):KALZIRG of divinity causes matter to flow from spirit until an
(Governor of 22nd Aethyr) equilibrium point is reached and then causes this matter
to return back into its spiritual essence. This endless cyclic
flow of the universe is seen as a joyous game in OXO.

The Fourteenth AethYr: VTA / 181


257 isalso the Hebrew words ChRTM
Name: VTA is pronounced Veh-tah and means ,.the (a magician)
Aethyr of semblances." and MRIBH (discord)
Gematria: VTA:85:WS (the outermos! the most distant) Location: The 14th Aethyr is on the Mental Plane in a
85 is also the value of the Hebrew word region that contains the City ofthe Pyramids. This region
MILH (circumcision) partakes of both the darkness ofDaath and the severity of
VTA:79:HOLQ (measured) Geburah on the Tree of Life, and is probably somewhere
79 is also the value ofthe Hebrew word GUO along the 7th path, the Lovers of the Tarol
(to die) Brief Description: VTA is the home of those Adepts who
have left the world of form and now reside in a formless
l. TEKoOAND Tablet Fire: Sigil,:T; darkness. They will appear black and lifeless to the
a- Name: TEDOAND, Teh-doh-ah-en-deh
T-ED-ADNO can mean "He who de- magician who can enter here because they are without
mands obedience" e-otions of any kind- Their home is called the City ofthe
b. Gematria: TEDOAND:I I 3:ZIN (waters) Pyramids and it is covered with the thickblack smoke of
I 13 is also the Hebrew PL;G solemnity. The Aethyr is pervaded with a current of
(a stream, brook) transiency: The transient nature of all things is felt here
TEDOAND: I 07:HOATH-ADNA as a living presence and is sometimes called the "Great
(one who worships obedience) One of the Night of Time.o' Everyone who enters here
will encounter him in one form or another. In the inky
blackness of VTA countless Masters sit very still and
2. VIUvIPOS rablet Fire Sigit bt quie! looking like dark pyramids. They can neither see
a. Name: VMPOS, Vee-iee-ponlfir nor hear nor speak. The have eliminated all personal
UV-POSI can mean "She of many desire and lust for life.
Comment: The pyramid is both a place of initiation and a
b. Gematria: VIVIPO S: 306 :MATORB-TOTGA tomb. The Masters of VTA combine both of these
(one who repeats) possibilities. They are both initiated and dead. They
306 is also the Hebrew AShH iepresent those people who have used yoga or magic for
(a woman) h personal gain. They have burnt-out desire and have risen
3. V"OANAMNB Tablet Fire Siert:/ 1; to this lofty spiritual height. But to what end? They
a" Name: VOANAMB, Voh-ah-nah-em-beh representthe lowestformof Pratyeka-Buddha. This is an
VAOAN-MB can mean "He to whom Adept who seeks only his own salvation. Only by being
truth is relative" like the bodhisattva who has compassion for others, can
b. Gematria: VOANAMB:257:MONONS one hope to ascend the Aethyrs all the way to LIL, the
The Thirteenth AethYr: ZIM / 183

(to number the sun)

and 759:23x33, where 23 is the
Name: ZIM is pronounced Zodee-meh and means Hebrew ChDUH (joY)
"The Aethyr of application (or practice)." and 33 is the Hebrew ABL(sorrow)
Ge matria: ZIM: I 59 :TABAAN- F IF ALZ Primary Angel of this AethYn NEMO
(governor who weeds out) A. Nu."t NEMO tan be pronounced eithet Neh-
also 159:53x3, where 53:BALTOH moh in two sYllables ot En-em-oh in
(righteous) three syllables' The name means "Master
53 is also the Hebrew word GN (a garden) of the Temple" and refers to an initiatory
ZDvl: I 5 3 :LORSL ( flowers): A RRAAS SA- title. This name spelled backwards is
ATH (to provide work) OM-EN which means "know thyself'"
Governors: b. Gematria: NEMO:I8O:LIMLAL (treasure):.
1. GEKAOND Tablet Fire MAD-NETAAB (divine government)
a- Name: GEKAOND, Geh-kah-oh-en-deh Location: The 13th Aethyr is on the Mental Plane at the
GE-K-ADNO can mean " She who only zuUptane of Nemo, the Silent Watcher of mankind'
obeys" Brtef ilescription: ZIM. is the Aethvr of -NEM!';!!e
b. Gematria: cEKAOND:{Q g: QURLST_NEMO ildaster oithe Temple of Great White Brotherhood'
(Nemo's handmaiden) is a universal organization of men and women
whose sole
also 408:204x2, where 204: taskistohelpotherstorealizetheirspiritualpotential.It
PAPNOR (remembrance) is this organization which keeps the spirit of love-and
brotherhJod alive in the world. One of the leaders of
2. I/,PARIN Tablet Fire Sigil + group is called Nemo and he resides in the 13th Aethyr'
a- Name: LAPARIN, Lah-pah-te+en L , ihe magician who enters ZIM will usually see Nemo
I-AP-AR-IN can mean "He who is the tending hi, garden like a devoted horticultur-
"rrormorrs that
protector of man" ist. Thi garden symbolizes the universe' The flowers
I-APARIN:239:FIFALZGROSB up from this garden
b. Gematria: occasioially .utt be seen to spring
(weeding out the unworthy) are the new members of the organization, sometimes
239 is also the Hebrew word GURL called the Hierarchy of Compassion'
(fate) Comment:ThevisionofNemoinZlMemphasizes_the
, 1 i-pott"nce of compassion and concern for others' With-
3. DOKEPAX Tablet Fire Sigit e---J
a. Name: DOKEPAX, Doh-keh-pahtz oi .ornpursion, one will probably become a pyramid-- of
DO-KEP-AX can mean " He who names like Adept in ViR. Nemo represents a principle form
only great names" this compassion; the desire to help others no matter how
long it takes and with no thought for any personal
b. Gematria: DOKEPAX:75 9:KORMP-ROR

The Twelfth Aethyr LOE / 185

tinuously comforts"
Name: LOE is pronounced El-oh-eh and means ..the b. Gematria: AMBRIOL:299:ZUMVI (seas):
first Aethyr of glory.', BLIAR-GRAA (comfort of the moon)
Gematria: LOE:48:POP (I9th Aethyr):f{r Hg 299 is also the Hebrew word
AVRHLBNH (moonlight)
48 is also the ual:e":ft. H"urrw chrl, LOCATION: The 12th Aethyr is located on the Mental
(a woman) Plane at the place of the Mystery of Babalon.
also 48:6x8, where 6:,{ (I, self), and g:G Brief Description: LOE contains the leaders of the Hier-
(not void) archy of Compassion, those who have given their life's
Governors: blood for others. It also contains the fate of the secalled
I. TAPAMAL Tablet Fire Sigil: Black Brothers, those who seek to avoid the Abyss
a- Name: TAPAMAL, Tah-pah-mal because of fear or egoism. Those who are able to rise
TA-PAM-AL can mean.,She who is above VTA but lack compassion congregate here. The
like she was at the beginning', magician who enters LOE can see the chariot which is
b. Gematria: TAPAIVI{L: t 3 4: TAIrA-BABALON the symbol of the 8th path of the Tree of Life. This path
(poison of BABALON) crosses the Abyss while connecting the Sephiroths
also 134:ED-NAS-GOSAA Geburah and Binah. There the Mystery of Babalon will
(receiver of strangers) be seen. This mystery was first sighted in LEA (16th
TAPAMAT .: 1 28:TIANTA (a bed) Aethyr) and is intensified here. Babalon will again be
I 28 is also the Hebrew word HChLpH seen riding a beast. Here the beast will have the title
(change) "Lord of the City of Pyramids" and it is the innerdivinity
of the magician, but more self-conscious than before.
2. GEDOONS Tablet Fire
Sigil: Comment: LOE is the natural culmination of compassion
a- Name: GEDOONS, Geh-doh-oh-ness which is developed over the preceding Aethyrs. In LOE
GE-DGONS can mean "He who elimiru one has to shed the last taint of a personal ego. Here the
ates your name" magician will feel that compassion for others is a sacred
b. Gematria: GEDOONS: I 39: SIBSI (covenant) duty, a holy trusl However, there usually remains atiny
:TOR (23rdAdhyr) subtle thought that says something like, "Look at me, I
also 139:FIFALZDODSEH am an Adepl I am working for your benefit. Therefore
(elimination of vexation) you should give me your gratitude and respect." Even
this kind of though! an expression of spiritual selfishness,
3. AMvRIOL Tabler Fire si1,Iil,ry must be eliminated.
a. Name: AMBRIOL, Ah-em-beh_ree_oh_leh
THE ELEVENTH AETHYR: IKH The Eleventh Aethyr: IKH / 187

Name: IKH is pronounced Ee-keh and means ..the 3. PONODOL Tablet Fire Sigit: Q
Aethyr of tension." a. Name: PONODOL, Poh-noh-doh-leh
Gematria; IKH:361 :KALTOL (solidification of PON-ODOL can mean " He who destuoYs
everything) and creates"
and 361:19xl9, where 19 is the Hebrew b. Gematria: PONODOT.:16I:IAIDA-BESZ
word ChVH (to manifest) (the highest substance)
and I9:BAG (3rd Aethyr) :TOLOM (all-knowing)
361 is also the Hebrew word AShIN Loc atio r,.^ The 1 I th Aethyr is situated in the highest subplane
(foundation) conceivable to the human mind, on the brink of the Outer
Governors: Abyss.
Brief Description: IKH contains a city, sometimes called
1. MOLPAND Tablet Water Sigil:
the Holy City, which represents the highest possible
a Name: MOLPAND, Moh-leh-pan-deh
residence for the human mind (manas). The entire
MOI-AP-ND can mean " He who receives
Aethyr is pervaded by an atmosphere of tension. The
proximity of the Abyss gives the feeling of being on a
b. Gematria: MOLPAND: I 9 7: ISRO (promise): great precipice. There is a strong feeling here that
VRELP (an Adept)
something extremely important is about to occur, al-
197 is also the Hebrew word
though nothing actually happens. The magician who
TzIMAVITI (thirst)
enters here can sometimes see the god Shu. This
2. VSNARDA Tablet Water ttrl, 5j- Egyptian god originally separated the sky (Nut) from the
a- Name: VSNARDA Fes-en-ar-dah- earth (Seb). Here he can be seen separating structured
VS-ADRAN can mean "He who casts manifestation from the chaotic blackness of the Abyss.
down into the depths" The Aethyr also contains vast armies of Angels whose
b. Gematria: VSNARDA:243:SIATRIS function is to assist Shu and to defend the cosmos from
(a scorpion) the chaos that encircles it. They keep the mighty
243 is also the Hebrew words BRAM Khoronzon inZAX and prevent him from entering the
(created) Aethyrs below the Abyss.
and GRM (to destroy) Comment: IKH contains a sense of impending doom. the
also 243:81 x3, where 8 t INAZPS last vestiges ofegoity scream out for survival against the
(a sword) promise of dispersion awaiting in the next Aethyr. The
81 is also the Hebrew ALIM I I th Aethyr marks the last frontier of human consciousness.

The Tenth AethYr: ZAX / 189

THE TENTH AETHYR: ZAX 209 is also the Hebrew word BZR
Name: zAx is pronounc ed Zod-ahtz and means ,,the TABITOM:197:VRELP
Aethyr of the One with a Great Name.,, (an Adept):MOLPAND
Gematria: ZAX:415:g3x5, where g3:FIFALZ (Governor of I lth AethYr)
zAX:4oe:,rJiX,fi'&HiFl, A. Name: KHORONZON is pronounced Keft-
hoh-roh-en-zodoh-en in seven syl-
",," (destruction of the fires lables and means "He who is the
of life) basis of form" (KHORO-N-ZON).
b. Gematria: KHORONZON:600:OXI-
BABALON (mightY evil one)
l. LEXARPH Tablet Black Cross KHORONZON: 5 9 4 : ZIXLAY -
a. Name: LE_XARPH, El_etz_ar_peh_heh
GOSA (the confusion of strangeness)
LEXARPH can mean.,Iie who is first also 594:54xll, where 54 is the
of the air' Hebrew word LAAChID
b. Gematria: LEXARPH:534:KIAOFI_NAZPS (incoherent)
, (terrible sword) Location: The l0th Aethyr is located atthe subplane called
534:276x2, where 267:
also the Great Outer Abyss. On the Qabalistic Tree of Life it
yRpOIL (a division)
is called the Veil of the Abyss and separates the three
higher Sephiroth from the lower seven.
2. KOMANAN Tablet Black Cross Brief Description: ZAX is a Ring-Pass-Not for the human
a" Name: KOMANAN,
Koh_mah_nah_neh mind. It represents an indescribable barrier between
K_OM_NANA can mean,.He who knows phenomena and noumena, matter and spirit. ZAX is the
how to manifest" first stage of the Nirvana of Buddhism because it
b. Gematria: KOMANAN:S32:pATRALX
annihilates any ego that enters into it like a great wind
(stone, rock):4;q-OMA blowing out the flame of a lamp. The chief resident in
(Great Name of KnowledgE) ZAXis the demon Khoronzon. He personifies the forces
of dispersion and incoherence, the two primary qualities of
3. TABITOM Tablet Black Cross this Aethyr. He is sometimes said to be the Master of
Name: TABITOM, Tah_bee_toh_meh
Form, and he can change shape to suit the magician who
TA_BITOM can mean,.He who is like dares to enter his domain.
fire" Comment: When the magician enters ZAX, he must relin-
b. Gematria: TABITOM:2O9:BLIORA
(comfort) quishthe personal sense of identity. The ego cannotenter

190 / Enochian Magic
ZAX, because Khoronzon will disperse it, and the result
will be certain death. The key to this barrier is to
meditatively silence the mind nsamadhi before entering
Consciousness can safely pass through the Abyss so long
as it is untainted by personality. The ability to reach a
mental state equivalent to samadhi is a prerequisite to the
higher Aethyrs.

Figure 29. A Schematic Diagram oflhe Middle
- From TOR to ZAX'

The Ninth AethYr: ZIP / 193

53 is also the Hebrew word GN


Name: ZIP is pronounced Zodee-peh and means "the 3. DOANZIN Tablet Fire Sisil' [-n
Aethyr for those who are not (i.e. void of a. Name: DOANZIN, Doh-an-en-zodeeen
ego)." DOAN-ZIN can mean "He who names
Gematria: ZIP:78:TOTO (cycles) the waters"
also 78x2:156:ARN (2nd Aethyr) and b. Gematria: DOANZIN:2O9:TABITOM
7 8x3:23 4: eURLST ( a handmaiden) (Governor of 10th AethYr)
ZIP:7 2:TOOAT (to provide) DOANZIN: 203: BLIOR ( comfort):
also 7 2:24x3, 24: LEA ( 1 6th Aethyr)
where PIAMOL (righteousness)
(4th Aethyr) Aethyr is located directly ab-ove the
and72x5:360, the number for the Hebrew -"-Abt;t The 9th
Location: Plye,
on the lowest subplane of the Spiritual
through the
word NShI( feminine, womanly) ur;i-;;;;;ption: iie magician who rises splendor of Z.lP'
Abyss will be awed by tfrgle,ayjV.and
r e of ZIP
Governors: After le aving ttre tension of ZAX' the atmosphe
I. ODDIORG rablet Fire sisil' E *itf upp.* fitt u beautiful Earden In this garden is a
a. Name: ODDIORG, Oh-deh-dee-oh-rahgeh stone palace sometimes called the
Stone of the
OID-OD-RG can mean "He of fire and phers and sometimes the Palace of the King s Daughter'
justice" Asoneentersr"'tr'.'intothisAethyrthestonewillbe
b. Gematria: ODDIORG:236:ENAYBABALON seenasskinanothepalacewillbeseenasthebodyofan
is known as the
(the Lord of Babalon) enorrnous anO Ueautiful woman' She
Virgin of Etern-ity *a tftg Daughter
236 is also the Hebrew word MTzUQ of Babalon' She
(a cliff) p.-ri*in.,
ttt. f"rnininity that pervades this Aethyr'
also 236:5 9x4, where 5 9:BALTOH A.thV. will give ottt tttt feeling that spirit is

'/t I
(righteousness) A reality and that
strong here.
'ttttg nanda' or bliss' is
"*uittt is illusion'

2. KRALPIR Tablet Fire Sigft o-J coi-iiit, The 9th Aethyr is very close to the Sephiroth
a. Name: KRALPIR, kar-al-pee-ar Binah on the orLir.. The Daughter of Babalon.is
KRALPIR can mean'o He of brightjoy" and Isis'the
the Shakti or iundatini of Tantracism'
b. Gematria: KRALPIR:5 8 3 : B OGPA-KHIRLA'N reflex or "Ou,rg5i.i' of the Egyptian
(to rule with joy) black Kali and the
this is onrv onJtiie' She is also the
583:53xll, where 53: How9vgr, this
also lioness Sekhet, the Jark side of femininity'
BALTOH (righteous) hinteJui ftttt' The magician will probably
side is only

194 / Enochian Magic

little more than bask in the bliss of this Aethyr and

contemplate the multiple aspects of femininity. THE EIGHTH AETHYR ZID

Name: ZID is pronounced Zodee-deh and means 'othe

Aethyr of one's [inner] god."
Gematria: zID:1 3:GOSAA-ZAH (the stranger within)
73 is also the Hebrew word ChKMH
(wise one, the SePhiroth Chokmah)
(before the unsPeakable)
67 is also the Hebrew word BINH
(understanding the Senhiro$$nfr)

l. ZAMFRES Tablet Fire Sigil: vl
a. Name: ZAMFRES, Zodah-ein-far-eh-seh
ZAM-F-RES can mean"He who appears
when praised"
b. Gematria: ZAMFRES:225:EOLIS-
BABALON (to make evil)
also 225:15x15, where 15:AP
(unchanging):GAH ( sPirit)
ZAMFRES:2 1 9: ZIRN (wonder)
also 219:73x3, where 7 3:ZD
(8th AethYr)

2. TODNAON Tablet Fire Sigit t-r

a- Name: TODNAON, Tohdeh-naboh-en
T-OD.NOAN can mean'oHe who is and
who will be"
b. Gematria: TODNAON:179:BLIAR
(with comfort)
TODNAON: I 7 3:TII{RZI (Peace)
also 173x2:346:ZOKHA
(what is Past)

196 / Enochian Magic

3. PRISTAK Tablet Fire

a. Name: PRISTAK, Peh-ree-seh-tah-keh
PIR-S-TA-K can mean " He who has the Name: DEO is pronounced Deh-oh and means "the
likeness of a Holy One" Aethyr of [spiritual] selfishness'"
b. Gematria: PRISTAK:491:KALZIRG Gematria: DEO:44: OBZA (dual)
(Governor of 22nd Aethyr) 44 is also the value of the Hebrew word AGM
PRISTAK:485:T<ALZIRG (sorrow)
(see 22nd Aethyr) also 44:22x2, where Z2:BAIjT
Location: The 8th Aethyr is located on the Spiritual Plane (justice)
above the Abyss in the region of one's Holy Guardian
Angel. It is between Binah and Chokmah on the Tree of
1. O,PsMAKAS Tablet Fire Sigil:
Life, probably somewhere along the 4th patb the Empress. OPMAKAS, Oh-Pah-mah-kah-seh
a. Name:
Brief Description: The Guiding Angel of the 8th Aethyr is GPAM-KAS can mean "He who is
one's inner god, the divinity within man. He is sometimes from the beginning'
called one's Holy Guardian Angel and his encounter b. Gematria: OPMAKAS:448: 1 6x28, where 28:
here is known as having "knowledge and conversation BALT fiustice)
with the Holy Guardian Angel." The truth of one's and 16:ATH (works)
spiritual nature is directly confronted here. The magician 448 is also the Hebrew word MBVQSh
who enters ZID mustface this truth even thoughthe god (desire)
usually appears objectively. This Angel will explain
one's True Will to each magician who can face him.
Comment: The 8th Aethyr is as masculine as the 9th is 2. GENADOh Tablet Fire Sigil:
feminine. Furthermore the joy that is in ZIP is now serious a. Name: GENADOL, Geh-nah-doh-leh
and sober. Entrance into ZID is the primary goal of all GE-ALDON can mean "He who onlY
true magic. Only by meeting one's own inner divinity, attracts"
and thereby learning of one's True Will, can one hope to b. Gematria: GENADOL: I 1 6:NIA (24th AethYr)
set about accomplishing that Will. :MABZA (a robe)
also 116x3:348, the number for the
Hebrew ShMCh

3. ASPIAON Tablet Fire sisfl: /WL

a- Name: ASPIAON, alr-seh-pee-ah-oh-en
ASP-IA-ON can mean "She who Pre-

198 / Enochian Magic The Seventh AethYt DEO / 199

ceeds inner
Buddhas and occasionally rise all the way to
DEO but
b. Gematria: ASPIAON:168-BOGPA-BABALON ;;;i*tlr.r. The hieher Aethyrs are for the Bodhisattvas.
(the rule of Babalon)
The former denies existence of others' The latter
also 168:42x4, where 42 is the recognizes others and strives to help them to
become like
Hebrew word AMA himself.
(supernal mother)
Location: DEO is located in the Spiritual Plane where
love is predominate. This love takes two forms, love of
self (spiritual selfishness) and love of others (com-
Brief Descriptton: The 7th Aethyr contains the duality of
love for self and love for others. Here love for self is not
simple egotism because the ego was left below the Abyss.
It is rather the spiritual selfishness embodied by the
Pratyeka Buddha, who sees others as maya or illusion
and therefore has no compassion for them. The Guiding
Angel of DEO is a woman who can take many forms.
She says, "I atn a harlot for such as ravish me, and a
virgin with such as know me not." It is this dichotomy
that disturbed Edward Kelly when he entered here in the
Spirit Vision. The lady of this Aethyr is Venus, goddess
of love. She is also the woman portrayed in the Tarot
trump called the Star. She is also Sakti, goddess of
creative energy. The magician who enters DEO will see
the Pratyeka Buddhas that inhabit this Aethyr at the feet
of this goddess. They will appear similar to those Adepts
in the City of the Pyramids.
Comment: There is a mystical notion that comes to one and
says somethinglike, "I am all. There is nonebutme. I am
real and all else is illusion." Some mystics succumb to
this idea and think of themselves as a drop of spirit
slipping into a spiritual sea- They become Pratyeka
The Sixth AethYr: MAZ / 201
a. Name: ZIRZIRD, Zodevrah-zodee-rah-deh
Name: MAZ can be pronounced either Em-ah-zod or ZIR-ZIRD can mean"He who was and
Mah-zod and means "the Aethyr of appear- who will be"
ances." b. Gematria: ZIRZIRD:342:HOM-MALPRG
Gematria: MAZ:I}5:FAONTS (to dwell in;: (to live in fiery flames)
ZIZOP (vessels) 342 is also the Hebrew word ShLIIBH
105 is also the Hebrew word HPK (change) (flame)
also 105:21x5, where 2I is ZAA ZIRZIRD: 3 30: LEVITHMONG
(5th Aethyr):DES (26th Aethyr) (beasts of the field)
W\Z:99:FAONTS (to dwell in) 330 also the Hebrew words ShL
99 is also the Hebrew word ChUPH (male) and MRTz (energY)
(vault of Heaven) Location: The 6th Aethyr is situated on the Spiritual Plane
in a region which touches the Sephiroth Chokmah on the
Governors: Tree of Life.
1.SAXTOMP Tablet Fire Brief Desciption: The6th Aethyr is charged with masculine
a. Sahtz-toh-em-peh treative power. As the angel of DEO is feminine, so the
SAX-T-OMP can mean "She whose angel ofMAZ is masculine. He is calledAve(AVE:86:
name means understanding" NETAAB (government) by Enochian Gematria). He
b. Gematria: SAXTOMP:5 5 I : OM-ZAKARE will show the magician who enters here three types of
(knowledge of motion) Adepts who personify the three ways one can look at the
SAXTOMP:545: 109x5, where 109: world. The yellow Adept is one who is neutral with
DOSIG (night) regard to his environment. He watches it but is not
545 is also the Hebrew word MShRH affected by it. The black Adept reacts negatively to his
(end) surroundings. He rejects it as illusion or as sorrow. The
74 I white Adept reacts positively to his environment. He is
2. VAUvAATMP Tablet Fire Sigit joyous and sees all as a delight. These Adepts personifu
I the consciousness-existence-bliss aspects of Brahman.
a. Name: VAUAAMP, Vah-uah-ah-em-peh
VAIJ-A-AMP can mean "He who initiates Sometimes Ave will show one the Temple of MAZ. It
action" looks like a huge urn suspended in the air and it
b. Gematria: VAUAAMP:257:MONONS contains the ashes of one's past experiences (i.e. one's
(the heart) karmic residue).
257 is also the Hebrew word ChRTM Comments: The Temple of MAZ symbolizes that one's
(a magician)

202 / Enochian Magic

karma has been consumed. MAZis the

Aethyr that ends THE FIFTH AETHYR LIT
one's personal karma. The magician who can
MAZ thus becom es a j ivamukti,- one who is ., liberated
while living',
Name: LIT can be pronounced eitherZ ee-teh or El-ee-
teh and means "the Aethyr that is without a
supreme being"
Ge m a t ri a: LIT : 7 7 :THIL ( seat): ED-NA S ( receivers)
77 is also the Hebrew word SIBH (cause)
also 77x3:23 I :IADNAH-MAL
(knowldge of the arrow)
LIT:7 I :THIL ( seat):llA (voice)
7l is also the Hebrew word ALM (silence)
Governors: \
1. LAXDIZxI Tablet Water Sidil:\f
a. Name: LAXDIXI, Lahtz-dee-tzee
LAX-DIX-I can mean,.He who has no
supreme name"
b. Gematria: LAXDIXI:938:pATRALX-AX
(stone name) N .,
2. NOKAMAL Tabler Water Sieil' Y
a. Name: NOKAMAL, Noh-kah-mal I
NOKA-MAL can mean ..He who is
servant of the arrow"
b. Gematria: NOKAMAT :490:OXI (mighty)
490 is also the Hebrew word
ChIVNIVTh (life)

3. TIARPAX Tablet Water Sigil /-l/LJ

a Name: TIARPAX, Teeah-rah-pahtz
T-IARP-AX canmeano'He whose name
means truth"
b. Gematria: TIARPAX:5 9O:ELGIPSI-AX
(first holder of a name)

204 / Enochian Magic
also 590:59x10, where 59: THE FOURTH AETHYR: PAZ
BALTOH (righteous)
10:ATH (works)
and Name: PAZ is pronounced Pah-zod and means "the
TIARPAX: 5 84:IOLKAMBAGHIE AethYr of imPending exPression"'
(to bring forth fury) Gematria: P AZ- 24:LEA ( I 6th Aethyr):TAFA (poison)
Location: The SthAethyris onthe SpiritualPlane atapoint 24 is also the Hebrew words AHUBI
where divinity is seen as an endless host of hierarchies. (he whom I love)
Brief Description: The 5thAethyr contains all of the major and AUHBI (he who loves me)
gods and goddesses ofman The magician who enters LIT P AZ: I8:AFFA ( emPtY): GE ( not): TAFA
will see rows of
these past and future gods. This (poison)
sometimes appears as many avenues of pylons leading 18 is also the Hebrew word AHBI
up the side of a mountain. A god or goddess is seated at (my beloved)
each pylon. Following one of these avenues will lead one
to the top of the mountain where the last pylon is located" Tablet Water Sigil:
Although one would expect the Supreme Deity to be a. Narne: THOTANF, Teh-hoh-tah-neff
seated there, an inspection will show that the topmost TOH-TA-N-F can mean'oShe whose
' pylon is empty. There is no Supreme Deity as such" Over visit means victory"
the top of LIT can be seen a huge arrow. This arrow is b. Gematria: THOTANF: I 08:BAMS ( forget):
sometimes called the Arrow of Truth. It has the feathers OTHIL (seat)
of Maat (goddess of truth), the shaft of Amen (the 108 is also the Hebrew word ChNN
"hidden" god) and the barb is the Silver Star of Isis. (to love very much)
Comment: The 5th Aethyr contains the doctrine of hier- also 108:5 4x2, where 54:
archies. The manifested worlds are created and main- TALHO (a cuP)
tained by vast hierarchies of deities. Although each THOTANF:96:SONFA
hierarchy has a chief, or Hierarch, there is no one overall (one who reigns)
supreme Hierarch anywhere in the universe. The Arrow
of Truth symbolizes the intelligent forces of guidance and 2. AXZxIARG Tablet Water Sigil:
direction which now replace the concept of a personal a- Name: AXZIARG, Ahtz-zodee-ah-rah-geh
AX-ZIARG can mean'o He whose name
Supreme Deity.
is Flame"
b. Gematria: AXZIARG : 5 89 : ZIXLAY- GLO
(to stir uP things)
AXZIARG:583:5 3xl l, where 53:
BALTOH (righteous)

206 / Enochian Magic

3. POTHNnR Tablet Water Sigil:

a. Name: POTHNI& Pobtehheneear THE THIRD AETHYR: ZOM
P- OTI{-MR can mean " Son of the thre+
fold throne" Name: ZOMis pronounc ed Zod-oh-em and means "the
Aethyr of selflknowledge."
b. Gematria: POTHNIR:259:T-VABZIR
Gematria: ZOM:I29:MOZ (ioy)
(like an eagle)
129 is also the Hebrew word ODNH
259 is also the Hebrew word NHDR (pleasure, delight)
POTHN[{: 253:23xll, zoM:l23:MOZ: fioy)
where 23 is the
123 is also the Hebrew word ONG
Hebrew word ChDVH (ioy)
(pleasure, delight)
Location: The 4th Aethyr is on the Spiritual Ftane in a
region which combines femininity and masculinity. It is
apparenfly midway between the two Sephiroths Binatr
and Chokma[ but well above the path ofthe Empress on
1. SAMAPHA Tablet Water Sigil:
the Tree of Life.
a. Name: SAMAPHA, Sah-mah-peh-hah
SA-M-APHA can mean "He who is
BriefDescriptiotr: The magician who enters pAZ will see a
with continuity"
combination of feminlnity and masculinity. This usually
b. Gematria: SAMAPHA:125:LPv{SD
takes the form of a beautiful dark woman clinging witir
(to dispose of)
arms and legs, to a darkrepulsivelookingman. They are KPIIH
125 is also the Hebrew word
clasped in a furious embrace and are obviously hurting (a force)
each other in the process. She is stangling him while hi
is trying to tear her apart A close look will reveal that the
2. VIRKOLI Tablet Water Sigil \f1-J
dark man is Chaos while the dark woman is another form a. Name: VIRLOLI, Vee-rah-lolr-lee
of Babalon (i.e. the cosmos). VIR-LOLI canmeano'He who made the
Cornment The struggling woman inpAZis Cosmos while first nesf'
the man who opposes her is Chaos. By Enochian b. Gematria: VIRLOLI: 3 3 6 : LEVITHMONG
Gematri4 KAOS:343, the number for the Hebrew (beasts of the field)
word ChShIKH (darkness) and KOZMOS:466, the 336 is also the Hebrew words
number for the Hebrew word OVLM HITzIRH (the MKVOR (ugly) and ROIVN (thought)
World of Formation). The eternal struggle between
Cosmos and Chaos gives rise to the manifested planes 3. ANIDISPI Tabler water sigl, LS
and Aethyrs below PAZ.In a magical sense, the man a. Name: ANADISPI, Ah-nah-dee-ess-pee
here is the Will while the woman is Love. ADNA-IPZT canmean "He who binds
into obedience"

208 / Enochian Magic

b. Gematria: ANADISPI:202:AMMA-ATH
(cursed works)
202 is also the Hebrew words BR
(pure) and BQQ (to make empty)
Name: ARN ispronounced Ar-en and means "the
Aethyr of fulfillment."
Location: The 3rdAethyris onthe Spiritual plane alongthe
Gematria: ARN: I 56-OLPRT (light):
second path of the Tree of Life, the Magician, Magus or
LONSHI (power)
Juggler. :No. of squares in each Tablet
Brief Description The magician who enters ZOM will
become a Magus. In ZOM one will learn that all
(the things of Babalon)
objective reality is intimately connected to the subjective
also 156:78x2, where 78:ZIP
self. The monadic essence of man contains an infinitesi-
(9th Aethyr)
mal consciousness center and its infinite universe. In
short, man is a circle whose center is nowhere and whose
/ -\_
circumference is everywhere. In ZOMthe magician will
learn how to consicously control his surroundings as
l. DONIGMS Tablet Water Sigil: LJ
well as himself. In the 8th Aethyr, the magician learned
a. Name: DOAGNIS, Doh-ah-geh-nee-seh
his True Will. In ZOM he learns how to carry it ouL One
DO-AG-NIS can mean"She who comes
who enters ZO]N{ can become a Maker of Illusions without a name"
because he will learn how to be consciously creative. The
b. Gematria: DOAGNIS:165:I-ZORGE
Aethyr is permeated by a feeling of creative freedom. (first love)
Comment: ZOM is the Aethyr of self-knowledge. The I 65 is also the Hebrew word OMMIH
experiences gained here can make one a Magus, the
(Master of the Temple)
highest of Adepts. Here the magician will see it at t is also 165:55x3, where 55 is the
True Will is nothing less than the full conscious expression Hebrew KLH (bride)
of his inherent qualitites and characteristics through the
planes andAethyrs. The Magus inZOMis like *lrtirt 2. PAKASNA Tablet Water Sleit:lrl
a. Name: Pah-kah-ess-nah
who realizes that he is completely free to paint whatever
kind of picture he wants so long as he lets other artists do AP-KASNA can mean "She who is un-
the same. changed by time"
b. Gematria: PAKASNA: 3 84:48x8, where 48:
TALHO (cup)
48 is also the Hebrew word ChIL
(a woman)
and 8 is the Hebrew word DD

210 / Enochian Magic
3. DIAIVoIA Tabter Water Sigil
-f- L
a. Name: DIAIVOIA, Deaah_ee_voh_ee_ah THE FIRST AETHYR: LIL
IAD-I-VGIA can mean,.the god where
Name: LIL can be pronounced either,El-ee-el or Lee-el
b. Gematria: and means "the first Aethyr."
(delight in the Sun) Gematria: LII:76:TABAAN
(governor, ruler)
also 296:148x2, where l4g: 76 is also the Hebrew words ChBILJN
Location: rhe 2nd Aethy, ,3ff:t [;:1"J;?n Spirituar (secret place)
It is the region of Babalon.
Plane. and NIChCh (peace)
Brief Description: ARN is the home of the mysterious also 76:38x2, where 38:OL (maker)
BABALON who was first seen in LEA, uni *torc 3 8 is also the Hebrew word ZKAI ( innocent)
daughterwas seen inZIp. Here she is seendirectlyanJ \
completely. The vision is indescribable. A hint is given
the name itself because BAB_ALON can rn.in .,th.
I. OKKODON Tablet Water Sigil ./
attraction of sound." She is in fact a personification
a Name: OKKODON, Oh-keh-kohdolpen
the powerful force of attraction that exists between KOKO-DO-N can mean "He whose
subjective self and the objective non-self. The name is Renewal"
Egyptians symbolized the self as a winged globe (a b. Gematria: OKKODON: 7 44: KIKLE-TOTO
of Horus) and the not-_self as the godd-ess Nra ip"r"J, (mysteries of cycles)
who was shown arched over the worrd in the form'of also 744:93x8, where 93:TOL
night sky. All of these ideas will be encountered inARN QAA (all of creation)
in one form or another. The entire atmosphere
ofARN is - .z-
characteized by intense bliss. 2. PAXsKOMB Tablet Water Sigit I\,/
Comment: The direction of the Aethyrs is towards non_ a. Name: PASKOMB, Pahesskoh-em-beh
duality. Each is slightly rnor. non_dual than the other PASK-OMB can mean "He who precedes
until LIL, the highest ofthirty Aethyrs and the first understanding"
of true non-duality. In ARN the uliimate duality b. Gematria: PASKOMB:447:KRALPAGE
the others are expressions or offshoots of this A;) 1ailif fioyous rest)
subject and object is confronted. This results in'the "i also 447:148x3, where 149:
highest form of samadhi, callednirvikalpa in T-TIANTA (like a bed)
The struggle of PAZ is now a gentle and loving sfraring. I 49 is also the Hebrew words DLIQH

212 / Enochian Magic

fire) and KVCh HDMII/N ( imagination)

(\Nry -,1--?---fuOl
VALGARS Tabler Water Sigif: (
a. Name: VALGARS, Val-gar-ess
VALG-ARS can mean..He
with that which is"
who works
b. Gematria: VALGARS:2OS:NIBM (season):
PARM (to run, to flow)
205 is also the Hebrew words GBR
(man) and HR (mountain)
Location: The first Aethyr is the highest region conceivable
to the human spirit. It is located at the apex of the
_ Spiritual Plane just below a Ring-pass-Not for the spirit.
Brief Destiption: LIL is the first stage of non-duality. Its
symbol is a little child or babe, the embo.diment of
innocence and purity. A s ARN i s the Aethyr of B abalon,
so LIL is the Aethyr ofthe beast. But the unruly beast oi
the lower Aethyrs is now tamed and is changed into a
child. This child represents the fruition of ine Great
Work. The ancient Egyptians embodied this idea in Hor_
pa-Khrat or Harpocrates, the child Horus.
Comment: LIL is the highest Aethyr possible for man to
enter and still be able to return to talk about it. Beyond
LIL is the realm of non-dual divinity about which nothing
can be said.

Figure 30. A Schematic Diagram of the Highest Aethyrs,


The Relationships Between The Aethyrs.

The relationships between the thirty Aethyrs can best .+:
be seen through numbers. In addition to the gematria .:.:l,

numbers, whole numbers from I to 8 can be found by adding

up each gematria number. This method of addition is called
AIQ BKR or the Qabalah of Nine chambers.
Firsg it can be seen from Figure 3l that the Aethyrs
can be broken up nicely into three groups; in the Astral,
Mental and Spiritual. Each cosmic plane is separated
by a Ring-Pass-Not or spherical barrier. The first is between t
NIA and TOR and this bars the intellect The second is
between IKH and ZAx(although it could as well be said to
be ZAX itself) and this bars the human mind. The third is
between LIL and the unspeakable realms of divinity that lie
beyond the first Aethyr and this bars the human spirit
Table IX shows the Aiq B&r values for each Aethyr. It
can be seen that the three Ring-PassNots divide the thirty
Aethyrs into three groups each of whose total numerical
value can be reduced to 7, the occult number for completeness.
There is a hidden relationship between each Aethyr of
corresponding numerical values. The student is left to
determine these relationships for himself. As an aid, each
number has an occult significance as follows:
I unity, oneness, extension, spirit
2 duality, divine will
3 matter, manifestation, intelligence, space
4 solidity, firmness, time
5 spirit and matter mixed man
6 animation, life, mind
7 completeness, wholeness, satisfaction
8 cycles, spirals
It should be noted that the only Aethyr with a value of 2 Figure 31. The Ring-Pass-Nots of the Thirty Aethyrs.

214 215
216 / Enochian Magic The AethYrs / 217

is TAN, the Aethyr of the Great Balance. Also, no Aethyr has

the number 9. Finally, if all thinyAethyrs are addedtogether
by Aiq Bka the total reduces to 3, the number for manifesiation
Numerical Value
No Name Gematria Aiq Brk
How to Visit the Aethyrs in the Spirit Vision.
30 TEX 413 8
Each of the Aethyrs can be visited in the Spirit Vision 29 RII 220 4
although few magicians ever get past ZAX, the Abyss. The 28 BAG l9 I
27 ZAA 2t 3
procedure used is identical for each Aethyr. 26 DES 2l
Step l. Begin by reciting the appropriate Call. 25 VTI 133 7
Step 2. Invoke the support of the Governors. Trace their 24 NIA
sigils in the air while vibrating their names.
Step 3. Concentrate on the signposts of the Aethyr. Use RING-PASS.NOT
imagination and the will to mentally leave the r33
23 TOR 7
body and enter the Aethyr. 22 LIN 118 1

2l ASP 22 4
20 KHR 40r
A CAUTION. The studeqt should be very careful to visitthe t9 . POP 48

Aethyrs one at a time, in succession. Visit TEX first. l8 ZEN 69 6

t7 TAN 65 2
Only after TEX has become familiar should one t6 LEA 24 6
advance to RII. Become familiar with RII before t5 oxo 460 1
attempting BAG, and so on. Do notjump into one ofthe 14 VTA 79
l3 ztM 159 6
higher Aethyrs. Rising in the Aethyrs should be a t2 LOE 48
gradual and orderly progression. 1l IKH 36t I
Totals 1996 7

Example No. l. The student should begin by entering TEX RING.PASS-NOT

as follows:
10 ZAX 415 I
l. Stand facing North (i.e. face the Watchtower of Water 9 ZIP 78 6
which contains the four governors of TEX). 8 ZID t5 I
DEO 44
2. Recite the Call for TEX: ,,The Heavens thai are in the 7
6 MAZ 105
Thirtieth Aethyr, TEX, are mighty in those regions of 5 LIT 5

theuniverse..."etc. 4 PAZ 24 6
J ZOM t29 J
3. Vibrate the names MPH-ARSLGAIOL and 2 ARN r56
4. Vibrate the name TAOAGLA and trace his sigil in the Totals tt77 7

air. The sigil should be blue, the color of the Watch_ RING.PASS-NOT
218 / Enochian Magic The Aethyrs / 219

tower. This Governor is kindly and righteous. He rules 3. Vibrate the names MOR-DIALHKTGA and
in the subquadrant Air of Water. IKZHIKAL.
5. Vibrate the name GEMNIMB and trace his sigil in 4. Vibrate the name VASTRIM and trace his sigil in the
blue. This Governor is very judgmental, but his air. The sigil should be black, the color of the Watch-
judgments are temporary and can be changed. He rules tower of Earth (this sigil is a straight line going from left
in the subquadrant Water of Water. to right). This Governor is ugly to look atbut his nature
6. Vibrate the name ADUORPT and trace her sigil in is mirciful. He rules mainly in the subquadrant Fire of
blue. This Governor is feminine and passive like the Earth but also slighfly in Earth of Earth.
moon. She rules in the subquadrant Air of Water and 5. Vibrate the name ODRAXTI and trace his sigil in
Water of Water, partaking of both" black This Governor has the power to create and
7 . Vibrate the name DOZIAAL and trace his sigil in blue. destroy and he does both according to his strong sense
This Governor is very emotional and he can bestow ofjustice. He rules in the subquadrant Earth of Earth"
either pleasure or pain, joy or sorrow. He rules in the 6. Vibrate the name GMOTZIAM and trace her black
subquadrant Water of Water. sigil in the air. This Governor is a personification of
8. Concentate on TE)t a region divided into four sections: self-loue and self-concern. She rules in the subquadrant
a TAOAGLA governs the West Fire of Fire.
b. GEMNIMB governs the Norttr- 7 . Concentrate on RII, a region divided into four sections:
c. ADUORPT governs the South. judgmen! purgatory, heaven" and stagnation. The
d. DOZIAAL governs the East three Governors overlap all four sections.
9. Meditate on each of the four Governors and their 8. Meditate on each of the three Governors and their
attributes. Try to see the Aethyr divided by karm4 attributes of mercy, justice and selfishness. Try to see
desire, silence and restriction The inhabitants of the the Aethyr and its inhabitants; those deceased persons
North will be mainly governed by their karma" Those who are awaitingjudgrenL those who are beingjudged
of the East will mainly be controlled by their desires. after deatb and those who have already been judge4
Those in the South will largely be quiet and reflective. as well as those who are in a mental stupor and who
Those in the West will, for the most par! be like refuse to acknowledge what is happening to them.
captives; bound by their own sense of limitations. Example No. 3. After experience is gained in TEX and RlI,
Example No. 2. After experience is gained in TE)t the the student can try to enter BAG as follows:
student can try to enter RII as follows: l. Face Soutlr, recite the Call for the twenty-eighth
l. Stand facing South (i.e. face the Watchtower of Earth AethyE BAG, and vibrate MOR-DIALHKTGA and
that contains the three Governors of RII). IKZHIKAL as in ExamPle No. 2.
2. Recite the Call for RII: "The Heavens that are in the 2. Vibrate the name TABNIXP and trace his black sigil
twenty-ninth Aethyr, RlI, are mighty in those regions in the air. This Governor likes to put labels on
of the universe . . . " and so on. everyone who enters BAG. He labels most of the
220 / Enochian Magic

inhabitants as sinners. He rules in the subquadrant

Fire of Earth.
3. Vibrate the name FOKLSNI and trace his black sigil
It is a good idea to make up a work sheet for each
in the air. This Governorvisits the inhabitants of BAG
operation. Such a work sheet should contain all of the major
and brings forth those he deems to be worthy. He rules
elements that you should need for your operation and would
in the subquadrant Earth of Earth and Fire of Earth.
serve three primary functions:
4. Vibrate the name OXLOPAR and trace his sigil in
(1) Preparation. It will allow you to prepare yourself
black. This Governor has the power to control the
for the operation beforehand by familiarization with the
inhabitants of BAG due to their own sense of unworth-
material and its goal in your mind.
iness. He knows their personal past histories and uses
this to manipulate them. He rules in the subquadrant
(2) Data Base. It will serve as a source of information,
adatabase, when you record your results in your diary and
Earth of Earth.
plan for future operations.
5. Concentrate on BAG, a region permeated by feelings
(3) Structure. It will help structure each operation in a
of unworthiness and doubt and a tendency towards
way that is magically progressive and spiritually rewarding
self-pity. The inhabitants of BAG have rather low
because it will force you to learn something from each
opinions of themselves and do not feel worthy of the
higher Aethyrs..,
Each student is advised to use a work sheet such as the
one shown onpage223. This is a general work sheet that can
Note. The remaining Aethyrs can be visited in the same way
be used for Spirit Visions in the Watchtowers or Aethyrs. If
as the above examples. Remember that all sigils of
you like, you can tailor each sheet to fit your specific
Governors in the Watchtower of Air are all yellow.
operation. They should be used in a scientific manner. The
The only exception is in ZAX where the Governors
purpose is to faithfully record as much information as you
have no sigils.
can. You won't know what is important until these sheets are
analyzedat a later time. Meanwhile, always record as much
data as you can. After a series of operations, you will be able
to go over these sheets and look for patterns and messages
which can indicate your progress in Enochian Magic. For
example, you may find that you got poor results on days
when your health was also poor. You may find that on some
days ofthe week or certain periods ofthe month you recorded
better results than at other times. By experimenting with
weapons and preparations you are almost certain to find a
combination that works well for you. You may discover that
some regions are easier to visit than others, you may learn

222 / Enochian Magic
r Reeion to be visited:
more in some regions than in others, and so on. Results of 3. AethYr
such self-analyses will show you your own biorythmic cycles
b. Square

with regard to Magic and will help you to measure your own 2. Purpose/Goal of oPeration:

progres., or lack of progress. All beginners will have periodic 3. Date of operation:
good results and poor results. The important thing is to find 4. Time of operation:
yout o*n cycles and to determine the preparations and times 5. Place of operation:
that work best for You.
6. General physical health:
7. Magical weapons/instruments:
8. Preparations for oPeration:
g. Cal(s) recited:
10. Names of Power for oPeration:
Watchtowers AetlYf
a. Great Holv Name
U. Kine 8: t3'1J,|3ff'
E. S'.iiTott (1) Names
i. ft"n"ite.l (2) sigils
e. Angel I
1 1. Major signposts for oPeration: I
a. I
c. {


12. Hazards to avoid:

13. Results:
a. Was the goal obtained?
b. Problems encountered:
Beings encountered:
d. Lessons learned:

e. Things to do differentlY next time:

Chief Hazards of the AethYrs / 225


5. In order to rise above NIA into TOR consciousness must
In addition to the normal hazards associated with Astral
p"tt iftt"tgtt the first Ring-Pass-Not' This is a barrier to the 1

Projection and Rising on the Planes, each Aethyr is associated

urt ur uoali. NIA is the highest region attainable in the astral
with special dangers for the unwary magician. Awareness of il;. iOn must be eniered in the mental body' put
personal feelings, emotions and reactions must be
these pitfalls beforehand can prevent unnecessary solrow. of life and the tedious
1. TEX, RII, BAG andZAA all contain the typical hazards IOR tuggests-tire serious nature
is a lack of
business-Jf maintaining life. The danger in TOR
of the Astral Plane. The primary danger is to mistake illusion
joy and of perhaps taking life a little- too seriously'
for reality. The magician in these Aethyrs is apt to use is entered by
psychic projection unconsciously and thereby mistake a i.'ifN is itre first "mystical" Aethyr and East as samadhi'
approaching a mental siate known in the
fantasy for a fact. The only remedy for this problem is to with mystical expe
eliminate one's personal emotions and egooriented desires
Vtirt of thJtypical dangers associated
riences ur. uito met in LIN. One must be able to change
(a task of many lifetimes). The astral body (i.e. one's
emotions and personal feelings) must be clear if one wishes
f.";-n"U viewpoints about life while retaining sanity and
to see through it clearly. Use known signposts as, guides p.iip."tiu.. The human mind sees LIN as a region of cold
against an overly fanciful imagination. Another hazard in
iesiation. Intuitive insight must be used to see that form-
lessness is not annihilation.
these Aethyrs is one's karma. The four lower Aethyrs are
highly karmic and many seeds will be germinated from any 7. The sense of desolation in LIN is intensified inASP and I

so ttre possibility of despair is greater. In ASP

the personality i
Spirit Vision there. There is no effective prevention from this expressions in time and
sees that it is but on. of countless
hazard. Everyone must work out his own karma sooner or If not previously
space of an Oversoul or Reincarnating Ego'
later and in his own fashion. extensive psychic damage
2. DES suggests to everyone who enters there that the logic dreparea for this direct encounter,
is not only Possible, but likelY.
and reason of the human mind can eventually solve all
problems and resolve all conflicts. This enticement is like a S. ln fffnine who-le world can be seen as either an enticing
opponunity for experience or as a deceptive bondage'
snare in that it tends to hold one in the region with no hope of the other' The
ever going on to the higherAethyrs. Logic and reason can go
a-"ig.t is to see ottly on" side while rejecting
of humor'
besipreuentative rernedy forKHRis a good sense
no higher than DES. q. pbp and ZEN are both initiatory and require special
3. VTI tends to bring about spiritual pride which is self- preparation in order for safe passage' Both can lead to
psyctrotogical damage for the uninitiated'
4. NIA includes Astral Traveling which is itself dangerous.
The "price" that one must pay to enter NIA is death to the
iO. fAN contains the karmic balance of the universe' The
piirnuty ftu"ard in TAN is the possibility of obtaining a false
"old" personality. One must be willing to be reborn. This
idea of death and rebirth is closely associated with the
,.rrr. of -orality. One's entire'standard of ethics and morals
is rooted in TAN.
process of initiation, which is emphasized in most of the

Chief Hazards of the AethYrs / 227
226 / Enochian Magic
(the mental body) and function in the Body of Light, the
11. LEA provides the first opportunity to see Babalon and
spiritual body. This body is a monadic sphere of conscious-
to experience the lustful attraction of the subjective self with
ness. It is an understatement to say that this is not easy and
the objective world. The alluring and sultry nature of
that few Adepts can safely enter ZAX. The magician who
Babalon is a hazard to anyone who enters LEA with positions
stands in IKH facing ZAX is equivalent to one who
unfulfilled desires. There is a srong sexual force in the of the
atmosphere of LEA which the magician must learn to
his consciousness so that it faces the darkness
12. OXO, like LEA, contains a sexual force which the 15. ZIP,DEO, PAZ andARN are all highly charged with
feminine force. All four Aethyrs have sexual elements which
magician must learn to cope with. In OXO the force is
can snare the uninititiated.
clearly a reflex of ananda, spiritual bliss. The magician will
encounter symbols charged with strong sexual content such
16. ZID,MAZ,LIT and ZOMare all highly charged with^
masculine force. All four Aethyrs deal with the nature of
as the lingam andyoni of Hinduism and Tantra. One of the
consciousness and its affect upon the universe. Each requires
dangers in OXO is the addictive nature of joy there.
a high degree of awareness and control.
13. The chief danger encountered in VTA is the tendency to
become one of the countless pyramid-like Adepts who
n.-Ufls the highest of the known Aethyrs but not the
highest of all possible Aethyrs. The Aethyrs above LIL
inhabit the City of the Pyramids. Those yogis who have
cainot be visited by any known magical operation, but can
suppressed their desires and attachments while retaining the
be inferred, by analogy and correspondences, to be endless'
ego, easily become traPPed in VTA.
The feeling of supremacy in LIL is deceptive'
tg. ZlVt, LOE and IKH all concern the development of
compassion and all are preparatory to the Abyss of ZAX.
The ego must be put aside. Failure to do so can be fatal when
entering ZAX. There are several ways of silencing the ego.
One is compassion for others and this is the preferred
method. Another is to see oneself as a spiritual being or Ego
and the human ego as an illusion or social fiction. The
magical operation required for safe entrance into ZAX is to
shift the sense of identity from the human to the divine. In
occult terms, one must raise consciousness from the mental
body to the spiritual body. The demon Khoronzon will tear
all aggragates down to their smallest constituent components'
Nothing with form or structure can get by him' But conscious-
ness itself is formless and is unaffected by Khoronzon. The
magician must visualize himself as a geometric point of
coniciousness; a monad. He must cast aside the human mind
The Ninety-Two Governors: TheirPrimary Functions/ 229
THE NINETY-TWO GOVERNORS: and sense of unworthiness.
THEIR PRIMARY FUNCTIONS c. OXLOPAR(Ohtz-loh-par) attempts to controlthose
who enter BAG by means of their own sense of guilt
The details of each Governor will vary with the magician,
and sinfulness.
but in general, the following can be used as signposts through
the Aethyrs:
27. ZAA
30. TEX a. SAZIAMI(Sah-zodee-ah-mee) bestows the powerto
a. TAOAGLA(Tah-oh-ah-geblah) is akindlybutstern
control the elements on all who enter ZAA.
judge like a concerned father. He seeks to keep things
in their proper places.
b. MATHVLA(Mah-teh-hev-lah) gives asenseofdese
lation, inertness, and stagnation to all wh o entet ZAA'
b. GEMNIMB (Gem-nee-em-bah) is a flexible judge c. KORPANIB (Koh-ar-pah-neebeh) gives all who
who is quick to make decisions but is willing to change
enter ZAA the ability to speak with thoughts, to go
them later if necessary.
beyond the need for words, to communicate telepath-
c. ADUORPT(Ah-du-obrah-peh-teh) is apassivejudge ically.
who is slow to make decisions and who usually goes
along with the other Governors.
26. DES
d. DOZIAAL (doh-zodee-ah-ah-leh) is a cruel judge A. POPHAND (Pobpeh-hatr-en-deh) causes division
who takes delight in pain and karmic suffering. and divisiveness between the intellect (solar) and the
intuition (lunar).
29. RII }
b. NIGRANA (Nee-gar-ah-nah) governs the intuition
a. VASTRIM (Vah-seh-tah-ree-em) is a merciful judge and assails the logic and reason of the intellect.
who seeks to carry out the necessities of karma for all
those who enter RII.
c. BAZHIIM (Bah-zod-hee-ee-meh) dims the intellect-
ual faculty of all who enter DES by using it against
b. ODRAXTI (Oh-dar-ahtz-tee) assigns residents of itself.
RII to their karmic destinies.
c. GMOTZIAM(Geh-moh-teh-zodee-ah-meh) causes 25. VTr
the residents of RII to emphasize their self-concerns MIRZIND (Mee-rah-zodee-en-deh) slays the intel-
such as self-love or sellhate, pride or plty. ^ lect of all who enter VTI.
28. BAG
b. OBVAORS (Oh-beh-vah-oh-ress) gives safety and
comfort to the intuition.
a- TABNIXP (Tah-ben-eetz-peh) is a Governor who c. RANGLAM (Rah-neh-geh-lah-meh) assists all who
names (i.e. puts labels on) everyone who enters BAG. enter VTI to control their higher mind (buddhi-
b. FOKLSNI (Folr-kel-ess-nee) visits everyone who manas) while silencing their lower mind (kama-
enters BAG and causes them to dwell upon their guilts

230 / Enochian Magic The Ninety-Two Governors: TheirPrimary Functions/ 231

24. NIA personality for the individuality behind it.

a. ORAKIMIR(Oh-rah-kah-mee-ar) bestows mobility b. TOANTOM(Toh-ah-en-toh-em) bestowstheknowl-
on all who enter NIA. edge of the Reincarnating Ego to all who enter ASP.
b. KHIASALPS (Keh-hee-ahsal-pess) bestows a sense c. VIXPALG (Veetz-pah-leh-geh) destroys the person-
ofjoy. ality of anyone who enters ASP. No one can confront
c. SOAGEEL (Soh-ah-geh-el) assists those who enter this Governor and remain the same.
NIA to assimilate all of the experiences encountered
in the lower seven Aethyrs. 20. KHR
a- ZILDRON (Zodee-el-dar-oh-en) maintains the cir-
23. TOR cuit of the universe and so appears as a perpetual
a. RONOAMB (Roh-noh-ah-meh-beh) is atireless pre creator.
tector of the lower Aethyrs and of the Earth. b. PARZIBA (Par-zodee-bah) maintains the harmony
b. ONIZIMP (Oh-nee-zodee-em-peh) emphasizes the of the wheel-like universe and also appears as a
love of honest labor. perpetual creator.
c. ZAXANIN (Zo&ahtz-ah-nee-en) is a creator who c. TOTOKAN (Toh-toh-kan) maintains the cycles of
solidifies ideas by converting spirit into matter. the universe at selected intervals and so appears as a
periodic creator.
22. LIN
a. OZIDAIA (Oh-zodee-dah-ee-ah) bestows joy and 19. POP
mercy on all who enter LIN and seeks to convert all a. TORZOXI (Totrrazodolr-tzee) assists all who enter
form into its formless essence. POP to face up to, and understand the meaning of,
b. LAZDIXR(Lah-zodee-tzar) bestows joy on all who death.
enter LIN, and gives them a sense of delight as formless b. ABRAIOND(Abbar-aheooh-en-deh) assists allwho
essence takes on form. enter POP to face up to, and understand the meaning
c. KALZIRG (Kal-zodee-ar-geh) bestows joy on all of, discord and sorrow.
who enter LIN and seeks to convert all formless c. OMAGRAP (Oh-mah-gar-ah-peh) is a teacher of
essence into those forms which express them. lunar knowledge who assists all who enter POP to
d. PARAOAN (Pah-rah-oh-ah-en) bestows joy on all overcome fear, especially fear of death.
who enter LIN and allows them to see form being
converted into its formless essence. 18. ZEN
a. NABAOMI (Nah-bah-oh-mee) is a Master of the
21. ASP Lunar Current who assists all who enter ZEN to
a. KHLIRZPA(Keh-helee-ratvzod-pah) delights inthe overcome pain and suffering.
death of the personality and seeks to sacrifice the b. ZAFASAI (Zodabfah-sahee) is a Master of Space
232 / Enochian Magic The Ninety-Two Governors: TheirPrimary Functions/ 233

who will assist all who enter ZEN to understand the without bias or prejudice.
meaning of Emptiness. c. TASTOXO (Talr-seh-toh-tzoh) bestows ajoy of life,
c. VALPAMB (Val-pah-meh-beh) is a Master of Time a delightful acceptance of things and events, the view-
who will assist all who enter ZEN to understand the pointthat allmanifested existence is the dance ofdivinity'
beginning and the end of all things.
14. VTA
17. TAN a. TEDOAND (Tehdohahen-deh) bestows the capae
a- SIGMORF (See-geh-moh-rah-feh) bestows justice ity for passive obedience and introspection on all who
tempered with mercy. enter VTA.
b. AYDROPT(Ah-yehdeh-roh-peh-teh) bestows a pas- b. VIVIPOS (Ve+ve+potrseh) gives all who enter VTA
sive sense of equality. a sense of cyclic transiency all things must end, but all
c. TOKARZI (Toh-kar-zodee) bestows the knowledge endings are also beginnings.
of equality and cycles to all who enter TAN. c. VOANAMB (Voh-ah-nah-em-beh) bestows the ability
to see that all things and events are relative to an
16. LEA observer.
a. KUKUARPT (Ku-ku-rah-peh-teh) is beautiful and
sexually attractive and will bestow bliss, but will also 13. ZI][',d
bring out any unfulfilled desires, especially those of a L GEKAOND (Geh-kah-oh-en-deh) activates the
sexual nature. magical memory for all who enter ZIM and emphasizes

b. LAUAKON (Lah-u-ah-koh-en) will promise happi- obedience to law.

ness and bliss to all who enter LEA, but only as a b. LAPARIN (Lah-pah-ree-en) is a protector of those
function of time (i.e. in the future). who have earned the right to enter ZIM, but will slay
SOKHIAL (Soh-keh-hee-al) will consume much of those who try to enter PrematurelY.
the past karma of anyone who enters LEA and will c. DOKEPAX (Doh-keh-pahtz) judges the capabilities
bestow a new sense of self, one that is spiritual. of those who enter ZIM and assigns duties accordingly.

15. oxo 12. LOE

a. TAHAMDO (Tah-hah-meh-doh) bestows a new a- TAPAMAL (Tah-pah-mal) intimately receives all
viewpoint, one of honesty and clarity; the ability to who enter LOE and seeks to show them their true
accept outward things and events as they really are, selves, without egetainted illusions.
without bias or prejudice. b. GEDOONS (Geh-doh-oh-ness) assists those who
NOKIABI (Noh-kee-ah-bee) bestows a new view- enter LOE to prepare for the Abyss by eliminating the
point, one of honesty and clarity; the ability to accept ego.
AMBRIOL ( Ah- em-belr- ree- oh- leh) bestows safety
inward thoughts and emotions as they really are
234 / Enochian Magic The Ntnety-Two Governors: TheirPrimary Functions/ 235

and comfort on those who have eliminated egoism. offers guidence to all who entet ZID.
11. IKH b. TODNAON (Toh-deh-nah-oh-en) is timeless and
a. MOLPAND(Moh-el-pan-deh) receives allwho enter offers peace.
IKH, seeks to quench any unfulfilled desires, and c. PRISTAK (Peh-ree-seh-tah-keh) is holy and offers
promises Adeptship for any who can safely enter joy and safety.
b. VSNARDA (Vessen-ar-dah) assists those in IKH 7. DEO
who can face the Abyss of ZAX but slays those who a. OPMAKAS (Oh-peh-mah-kah-seh) is an Ancient
are unprepared. One who fulfills karmic desires by germinating the
c. PONODOL (Poh-nobdohleh) shows those who karmic seeds of those who enter DEO'
enter IKH how the lower Aethyrs are created and b. GENADOL(Gehnah-dohleh) gatherstogetherthose
destroyed. who see only themselves (i.e. Pratyeka Buddhas).
c. ASPIAON (Ah-seh-pee-ah-oh-en) is like a mother
t0. zAx for all who enter DEO.
a- LEXARPH (El-etz-ar-peh-heh) reduces all formed
aggregates entering'ZAX from IKH into their form- 6. MAZ
less monadic components. a- SAXTOMP (Sahtz-tohem-peh) bestows that spirit-
b. KOMANAN(Kolrmahnahneh) combinestheform- ual understanding which consumes karma.
less monadic particles entering ZAX from ZIP into b. VAUAAMP (Vah-uah-ah-em-peh) shows all who
formed aggregates. enter MAZ the relationship between the subjective self
c. TABITOM (Tah-be+tohmeh) is like a consuming and the objective world, in terms of the actions and
fire and can either comfort or burn depending upon reactions between the two.
one's preparedness. c. ZIRZIRD (Zodee-tah-zodee-rah-deh) assists the in-
habitants of MAZto consume their remaining karma
9. ZIP in the fires of Purification.
a" ODDIORG(Ohdeh-dee'oh-rah-geh) is likeakarmic
fire and purifies all those who enter ZIP. 5. LIT
b. KRALPIR (Kar-al-pee-ar) bestows intense joy and a. LAXDIXI (Lahtz-dee-tzee) teaches all who enter
bliss on those who enter the garden of ZIP. LIT the doctrine of hierarchies, that there is no
c. DOANZIN (Doh-ah-en-zodeeen) offers safety and supreme being except in a relative sense.
comfort to those in ZlP. b. NOKAMAL (Noh-kah-mal) shows all who enter
LIT the mightyAnowofTruth andinitiates them into
8. ZTD its meaning
a. ZAMFRES (Zodah-em-far-eh-seh) is wondrous and c. TIARPAX (Teeah-rah-pahtz) teaches all who enter
236 / Enochian Magic The Ninety-Two Governors: TheirPrimary Functions/ 237

LIT that truthis relative, that existence is open-ended c. DIAIVOLA (Dee-ah-ee-vohee-ah) initiates all who
and that there are no absolutes. enter ARN into spiritual reality and the doctrines of
the Esoteric Tradition.
4. PAZ
a- THOTANF (Teh-hoh-tah-neff) teaches allwho enter 1. LIL
PAZ of the victory of Cosmos (KOZMOS) over a. OKKODON (Oh-keh-koh-doh-en) initiates all who
Chaos (KAOS) and of their endless loving attraction enter LIL into the occult doctrine of the Eternal
for each other. Return.
b. AXZIARG (Ahtz-zode+ah-rah-geh) teaches all who b. PASKOMB (Pah-esskotr-em-beh) initiates all who
enter PAZ of the eventual consumation of Cosmos enter LIL into the joy and peace of divinity.
(KOSMOZ) by Chaos (KAOS) and of their endless c. VALGARS (Val-gar-ess) initiates all who enter LIL
loving attraction for each other. into the esoteric meaning of passive acceptance.
c. POTHNIR(Poh-teh-henee-ar) teaches all who enter
PAZ of the beautiful and joyous struggle between
Cosmos (KOSMOS) and Chaos (KAOS).

3. ZOM
a. SAMAPHA (Sah-mah-peh-hah) teaches all who enter
ZOI!{ how to maintain continuity of consciousness
and how to control consciousness.
b. VIRLOLI (Ve+ralrloblee) is the initiator of thought
and teaches all who enter ZOM the power of willed
c. ANADISPI (Ah-nah-dee-ess-pee) teaches all who
enter ZOM how consciousness linked with will can
control things and events.

2. ARN
a^ DOAGNIS (Doh-ah-geh-nee-seh) initiates all who
enter ARN into the meaning of love and the illusion of
names and labels.
b. PAKASNA (Pah-kah-ess-nah) initiates all who enter
ARN into the meaning of love and the Eternal

The best known universe model is the Qabalistic Tree

of Life. This is the standard model used in Western magic
to depict the invisible worlds and pathways. Figure 32
shows a standard model of this Tree for easy reference. u
H.P. Blavatsky introduced the Eastern Gupta-Vidya B
model in her monumental work, THE SE CRET D OCT&INE. o
Figure 33 shows a representation of her model in the form of z
aplanetary chatn (each planet was said to be part of a chain
or ring from spiritto matter andback again). Figure 34 shows
an interpretation of this model with appropriate pathways for
the reader to study. 6
The student of magic should considerthe Globes of the
Gupta-Vidya Model as equivalent to the Sephiroths. The
only real difference is that the eleventh Sephiroth, Daath, is
shown in Figure 33 as two Globes (B and F).
The model in Figure 34 shows a flow of creative energy
from divine Be-ness to physicality and then back to Be-ness
again (Be-ness is equivalent to the Thatness of Vedanta and
the Emptiness of Buddhism). The model shows Be-ness
dividing itself into a tendency to differentiate and a comple-
mentary tendency to unifu. These two tendencies give rise to
a spiritualized form of mentation wherein divinity recog-
nizes itself as being separate from something else. The desire
for knowledge about this "something else" motivates mani-
festation into duality and matter. This ultimately results in
the formation of the four Globes A through D. Each Globe is
more limited and more material than the other. At Globe D
the creative impulse reaches a culmination. Divinity, having
looked outward towards the'osomething else" now seeks to
look inward towards itself. This inward impulse results in the
formation of Globes E through G. Figure 32. Typical Qabalistic Model, or Tree-of-Life.

238 239
eY?ae55 UNeeR'aANe tNCr'

TAtryE e1/$aY.




Figure 33. The Eastern GuptaVidya Model ofthe Earth Planetary Chain.
The planetary and astrological correspondences are from
the Fountain-Source of Occultism by G. de Purucker
(Theosophical University Press, Pasadena, CA) Figure 34. An Interpretation of the Gupta-Vidya Model.

242 / Enochian Magic

Simultaneously with the formation of each Globe, an

expression of this same divine impulse appears in forms
appropriate to each condition. These living forms express in
miniature the same dualistic splitof Be-ness into a subjective
self and an objective world. They each comprise a focus of
consciousness with an appropriate vehicle through which to
acquire knowledge of this mysterious "something else".
The flow of manifestation downward from Globe A to
Globe G represents the evolution of spirit and the involution
of matter. A full circle of such manifestation is called a
As shown in Figure 34, consciousness moves down- 2yiilual
ward on the left side of the model and upward on the right
side. The five cross-overpaths are eachtwedirectional. This
model can be used to structure psychic and spiritual,experiences cut\l
in the same way as the Qabalistic Model. 7-nN
Although exact correspondences are not possible, the
Aethyrs are roughly situated as shown in Figure 35. The -Lt
arrowed paths show the normal direction of consciousness. ry?/rllTl
A study of these models and their correspondences
provides a wealth of insight into otherwise obscure material.
For example, the principle of reincarnation which includes
the peregrination of consciousness through the subtle spheres
of the cosmos until returning to Earth, can be seen more
clearly. In short, they serve as visual diagrams of the inner
worlds and their relationships which are otherwise inaccessible rrlyioal
to human comprehension. But there are dangers here too. All
models have inherent limitations and make use of assumptions
which color their output in some degree. Structures such as
the Gupta-Vidya Model are double-edged. While enabling
the mind to conceptualize the inconceivable, the mind can
too easily take its own conceptualization as an objective fact.
For example, it is tempting to believe that the seven cosmic Figure 35. Relationship Between Aethyrs and Gupta-Vidya
planes are layered one above the other, like steps on a ladder Models.

244 / Enochian Magic

or the skins of an onion. Such is not the case. Kether is no APPENDIX A

more upward, spacially, than Yesod. It is simply less ALEISTER CROWLEYS VERSION OF
material and more spiritual. As another example, the path- THE EIGHTEEN CALLS
way from Globe D to Globe E is taken by the consciousness As given in Equinox Vol. I, No. 8, since reprinted a9,
of anyone who goes to sleep. From Globe E one can either THE VISION AND THE VOICE (Samuel Weiser, N.Y.)
die and enter Globe F, or cross over in dreamless sleep to
Globe C, where a strong karmic force impells cons6iousness THE FIRST KEY
to wake up again on Globe D (Earth). As one does not really
Ol sonuf vaoresaji, gohu IAD Balata, elanusaha caelazod:
sobrazod-ol Roray i ta nazodapesad, Giraa ta maelpereji,
go upward when one falls asleep, so one does not really rise
das hoel*qo qaa notahoa zodimezod, od comemahe ta
upward to get to Globe E in the Spirit Vision. nobeloha zodien; soba tahil ginonupe pereje aladi, das
Models such as the Gupta Vidya Model should be used vaurebes obolehe giresam. Casarem ohorela caba Pire: das
with care and with full knowledge of the dangers andpitfalls. zodonurenusagi cab: erem Iadanahe. Pilahe farezodem
Then they can provide meaningful insights into our universe zodenurezoda adana gono Iadapiel das home-tohe: soba
and our rightful place in it. The model shows our world to be ipame lu ipamis: das sobolo vepe zodomeda poamal, od
like an inverted iceberg wherein we know only the exposed bogira aai ta piape Piamoel od Vaoan! Zodacare, ec4 od
tip. According to Enochian Magic, our evolutionary future zodameranu! odo cicale Qaa; zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco
awaits us in those now hidden portions of the Planes and Mada,HoathaheIAIDA!
I reign over ye, saith the God of Justice, in power exalted
above the Firmament of Wrath, in whose hands the Sun is as
a sword, and the Moon as a through thrusting Fire: who
measureth your Garments in the midst of my Vestures, and
trussed you together as the palms of my hands. Whose seats I
garnished with the Fire of Gathering and beautified your
garments with admiration. To whom I made a law to goYern-
ihe Hoty Ones, and delivered ye a Rod, with the Ark of
Knowledge. Moreover you lifted up your voices and sware
obedience and faith to Him that liveth and triumpheth:
whose beginning is not, nor end cannot be: which shineth as a
flame in the midst of your palaces, and reigneth amongst you
as the balance of righteousness and truth!
Move therefore, and shew yourselves! Open the mysteries
of your creation! Be friendly unto me, for I am the Servant
of the s:rme your God: the true worshipper of the of the

246 / Enochian Magic Appendix A / 247
Adagita vau-pa-ahe zodonugonu fa-a-ipe salada! Vi-i-vau Behold! saith your God! I am a circle on whose hands
el! S obame ial-perej i i- zoda-zodazod pi- adapehe cas aarema stand twelve Kingdoms. Six are the seats of livingbreath: the
aberameji ta ta-labo paracaleda qota lores-el-qo turebesa rest are as sharp Sickles, or the Horns of Death. Wherein the
ooge balatohe! Giui cahisa lusada oreri od miscalapape creatures of Earth are and are not, except (in) mine own
cahisa bia ozodonugonu! lape noanu tarofe coresa tage 0-quo hands; which sleep and shall rise!
maninu IA-I-DON. Torezodu! gohe-el, zodacare eca ca-nG In the First I made ye stewards, and placed ye in twelve
quoda! zodmeranu micalazodo od ozodazodame vaurelaq seats of government giving unto every one of you power
lape zodir IOIAD! successively over the 456 true ages of time: to the intent that
from the highest vessels and the corners of your govemments
THE SECOND KEY you might work my Power, pouring down the fires of life and
Can the Wings of the Winds understand your voices of increase continually on the earth. Thus you are become the
Wonder? O you! the second of the Firsts! whom the burning skirts of Justice and Truth.
flames have framed in the depth of my Jaws! Whom I have In the name of the same your God, lift up, I say,
prepared as cups for a wedding, or as the flowers in their yourselves!
beauty for the chamber of Righteousness! Stronger are your Beholdl His mercies flourish, and(His) Name is become
feet than the barren stone: and mightier are your voices than mighty among us. In whom we say: Move! Descend! and
the manifold winds! For you are become a building such as is apply yourselves unto us as unto the partakers of His Secret
not, save in the Mind of the All-Powerful. Wisdom in your Creation.
Arise, saith the First Move therefore unto his servants!
Shew yourselves in power, and make me a strong Seer-of-
things: for I am of Him that liveth for ever! Otahil elasadi babaje, od dorepaha gohoh gi-cahisaje
auauago coremepe p eda, dasonuf vi-vau-di.vau? Casaremi
THE THIRD KEY oeli meapene sobame agi coremepo carePel casaremeji
Micama! goho PeIAD! zodir com-selahe azodien biabe caroedazodi cahisa od vaugeji; dasata ca-pi-mali cahisa ca-
os-lon-dohe. Norezoda cahisa otahila Gigipahe; vaunud-el- pi-ma-on: od elonusahinu cahisa ta el-o calaa. tore-zodu
cahisa ta-pu-ime qemos-pelehe telocahe; qui-i-inu toltoregi nor-quasahi od fe-caosaga: Bagile zodir +na-IAD: das iod
cahisa i cahisaji em ozodien; dasata beregida od torezodul! apila! Deoipe quoA-AL, zodacaret Zoda-meranu obeli-
Ili eOl balazodareji, od aala tahilanu-os netaabe: daluga sonugi resat-el aaf nor-molapi!
vaomesareji elonusa capemi-ali vaoresa cala homil4 cocasabe
fafenu izodizodope, od miinoagi de ginetaabe: vaunu na-na-
I have set my feet in the South, and have looked about me,
e-el panupire malapireji caosaji. Pilada naonu vaunalahe
saying: are not the thunders of increase numbered 33, which
balata od-vaoan. dooi-ape mada: goholore, gohus, amiranul
reign in th9 second Angle?
Micama! Yehusozod ca-ca-com, od doo-a-inu noari mica-
olazoda a- ai- om. C as aaramej i gohia: Zodacarc! Vaunigilaj i!
Under who I have placed 9639: whom none hath yet
numbered, but One; in whom the Second Beginnings of
od im-ua-mar pugo pelapeli Ananael Qoa-an.
Things are and wax strong which also successively are the
248 / Enochian Magic APPendix A / 249
Numbers of Time: and their powers are as the first 456. ha-atahe tarianu luia-he od ecarinu MADA Qu-a-a-on!
Arise! you sons of Pleasure! and visit the earth: for I am
the Lord your God; which is and liveth ( for ever) ! In the name THE SIXTH KEY
of the Creator, move! and shew yourselves as pleasant The Spirits of the fourth angle are Nine Miglrty in-the
deliverers, that you may praise Him among the sons of men! Firmament of Waters: whom the First hath planted, a
io.-."t to the wicked and a garland to the righteous: giving
THE FIFTH KEY ;;61hil fiery darts to vanne the earth, and7699 continual
Sapahe zodimii du-i-be, od noasa ta qu- a-nis, adarocahe *oit*.tt, whose courses visitwith comfortthe earth; and are
dorepehal caosagi od faonutas peripeso ta-b+liore. Casareme in government and continuance as the Second and the
A-me-ipezodi na-zodaretahe afa; od dalugare zodizodope Third-
zodelida caosaji tol-toregi; od zod-cahisa esiasacahe El ta- therefore hearken unto my voice! I have talked of y9I'
vi-vau; od iaed tahilda das hubare pe-o-al; soba coremefa ardi moue you in power and presence, whose works shall be
cahisa ta ela Vaulasa od QuoCo-Casabe. Eca niisa od so"g of ftoirour, and the praise ofyour God in your Creation!
darebesa quGa-asa: fetahuar-ezodi od beliora: ia-ial eda-
nasa cicalesa; bagile Ge-iad I-ell THE SEVENTH KEY
Ra-asa isalamanu paradi-zoda oecari-mi aao iala-pire
THE FIFTH KEY gahe Qui-inu. Enai 6utamonu od inoasa ni pa-t*d.iala'
The mighty sounds have entered into the third angle, and flasareineji ujeare cahirelanu, od zodonace lucifatianu,
are become as olives in the Olive Mount; looking with ti vaiale-zodirenu tol-hami. Soba lonudohe od
gladness upon the earth, and dwelling in the brightness ofthe
n ruln. cahisa ta Da o Desa voma-dea od pi-beliare itahila
Heavens as continual Comforters. rita od miame ca-ni-quola ritat zodacare! Zodameranu!
g ajUqlg
Unto whom I fastened l9 Pillars of Gladness, and gave il"uti-i Quo- a-dahe o-d I--i"a-ol-zododa aaiome'ge-j i B ii il
them vessels to water the earth with her creatures; and they pup.not. iialugama elonus ahi- od umapelifa vau-

are the brothers of the First and Second, and the beginning of -IAD!
their own seats, which are garnished with 69,636 ever-
burning lamps: whose numbers are as the First the Ends, THE SEVENTH KEY
and the Contents of Time. The East is a house of Virgins singing praises among the
Therefore come ye and obey your creation: visit us in narnes of Rrst glory wherein the Lord hath openedhis mout!;
peace and comfort: conclude us receivers of your mysteries: *O tt .y are bJcome 28 living dwellings in whom the strength-
for why? Our Lord and Master is the All-One! of-* t.:oiceth; and they aie apparelled with ornaments of
Urightnrrr, such as work wondirs on all creatures. Whose
THE SIXTH KEY nn?ao-t and continuance are as the Third and Fourtlr"
Gahe sa-div cahis aem,micalazodaPil-zodinu, sobam El rJio"ttgio*.rs andplaces of comfort, the Seats of Mercy-and
haraji mir babalonu od obeloce samevelaji, dalagare mala Co"tin"u".e. O ye Servants of Mercy, Move! Appear! Sing
pereji ar-caosaji od acame canale, sobola zodare fa-beliareda pruit.t unto the ireator; andbe mightyamongstus' Forthat
caosaji od cahisa aneta-na miame ta Viv od Da. Daresare io this remembrance is given power, and our strength waxeth
Sol-petahe-bienu Be-ri-ta od zodacame ji.mi-calazodo: sob strong in our Comforter!
250 / Enochian Magic Appendix A / 251
THE EIGHTH KEY icoresaka a uniji beliore.
Bazodemeo i ta pi-ripesonu olanu Na-zodavabebe ox
Cassremeji varanu cahisa vaugeji asa berameji balatoha: THE NINTH KEY
goho IAD. Soba miame tarianu ta lolacis Abaivoninu od A miglrty guard of Fire with twoedged swords flaming
azodiajiere riore. Irejila cahisa da das pa-aox busada Caosago, (which have eight Vials of wrath for two times and a half,
das cahisa od ipuranu telocahe cacureji oisalamahe lonucaho whose wings are of wormwood and of the marrow of salt),
od Vovina carebafe? NIISO! bagile avavago gohon. NIISO!
have set their feet in the West, and are measured with their
bagile momao siaionu, od mabezoda IAD oi asa-momare
9996 ministers. These gather up the moss of the Earth as the
poilape. NIIASA! Zoda-meranu ciaosi caosago od belioresa
rich man doth his Treasure. Cursed are they whose iniquities
od coresi ta a beramiji.
they are! In their eyes are mill-stones gleater than the earth,
THE EIGHTH KEY and from their mouths run seas of blood. Their heads are
The Midday, the first is as the third Heaven made of 26 covered with diamonds, and upon their heads are marble
Hyacinthine Pillars, in whom the Elders are become strong stones. Happy is he on whom they frown not. For why? The
which I have prepared for mine own Righteousness, saith the Lord of Righteousness rejoiceth in thern! Come away, and
Lord: whose long continuance shall be as bucklers to the not your Vials: for that the time is such as requireth Comfort
StoopingDragon, and like unto the harvest of a Widow. How
many are there which remain in the Glory ofthe Earth, which THE TENTH KEY
are, and shall not see Death until the House fall and the Coraxo cahisa coremepe, od belanusa Lucala azodia'
Dragon sink? Come away! for the Thunders (of increase) zodore paebe Soba iisononu cahisauirequoe ope copehanu
have spoken. Come away! forthe Crowns of the Temple and
od racalire maasi bajile caosagi; das yalaponu dosiji od
the Robe of Him that is, was, and shall be, crowned are
basajime; od ox ex dazodisa siatarisa od salaberoxa cynuxire
divided! Come forth! Appear! to the terror of the Earth, and
to our comfort, and to the comfort of such as are prepared. faboanu. Vaunala cahisa conusatadas daox cocasa ol Oanio
yore vohima ol jizodyazoda od eoresa cocasaji pelosi molui
THE NINTH KEY das pajeipe, laraji same darolanu matorebe cocasaji emena.
Micaoli beranusaji perejela napeta ialapore, das barinu el pataralaxa uyolaci matabe nomiji mononusa olora jinayo
efafaje Pe vaunupeho olani od obezoda, soba-ca upaahe anujelareda. Ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! ohyo! noibe
cahisa tatanu od tarananu balie, alare busada sobolunu od Ohyo! caosagonu! Bajile madarida i zodirope cahiso darisapa!
cahisa hoel-qo ca-noquodi cial. Vaunesa aladonu mom NIISO! caripe ipe nidali!
caosago ta iasa olalore ginai limelala. amema cahisa sobra
madarida zod cahisa! Ooa moanu cahisa avini darilapi THE TENTH KEY
caosajinu: od butamoni pareme zodumebi canilu. Dazodisa The Thunders of Judgment and Wrath are numbered and
etahamezoda cahisa dao, od mireka ozodola cahisa pidiai
are harboured in the North, in the likeness of an Oak whose
Colalala- Ul ci ninu a sobame ucime. Bajile?
branches are22 nests of lamentation and weeping laid up for
cahirelanu pare! NIISO! od upe ofafafe; bajile a-cocasahe
the earth: which burn night and day, and vomit out the heads
252 / Enochian Magic Appendix A / 253
of scorpions and live Sulpher mingled with poison. These be Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A!
the thunders that, 5678 times in the twenty-fourth part of a
moment, roar with a hundred mighty earthquakes and a THE TWELFTH KEY
thousand times as many surges, which rest not, neither know O ye that range in the South and are the 28 Lanterns of
any time here. One rock bringeth forth a thousand, even as Sorrow, bind up your girdles and visit us! bring down your
the heart of man doth his thoughts. Woe! Woe! Woe! Woe! train 3663 (servitors), that the Lord may be magnified,
Woe! Woe! Yea, Woe be to the Earth, for her iniquity is, whose name amongst ye is Wrath. Move! I say, and shew
was, and shall be great. Come away! but not your mighty yourselves! Unveil the mysteries of your Creation. Be
sounds! friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same your God,
the true worshipper of the Highest.
Oxiayala holado, od zodirome O coraxo das zodiladare
raasyo. Od vabezodire cameliaxa od bahala NIISO! salamanu THE THIRTEENTH KEY
telocahe! Casaremanu hoel-qo, od tita zod cahisa soba Napeai Babajehe das be tJrrnt vaxooaona larinuji vonupehe
coremefa i ga. NIISA! bagile aberameji nonucape. Zodacare doalime: conisa olalogi oresaha das cahisa afefa. Micama
eca od Zodameranul odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo isaro Mada od Lonu-sahi-toxa, das ivaumeda aai Jirosabe.
Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A! Zodacare odZodameranu. Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape
zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A.
The mighty Seat groaned, and there were five Thunders THE THIRTEENTH KEY
that flew into the East And the Eagle spake and cried aloud:
O ye Swords of the South, which have 42 eyes to stir up
come away from the House of Death! And they gathered
the wrath of Sin: making men drunken which are empty:
themselves together and became (those) of whom it is
Behold the Promise of God, and His Power, which is called
measured, and it is as They are, whose number is 31. Come
amongst ye a bitter sting! Move and Appear! unveil the
away! For I have prepared ( a place) for you. Move therefore,
mysteries of your Creation, for I am the servant of the same
and shew yourselves! Unveil the mysteries of your Creation.
your God, the true worshipper of the Highest.
Be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the s:rme your
God: the true worshipper of the Highest.
THE TWELFTH KEY Noroni bajihie pasahasa Oiada! das tarinuta mireca ol
Nonuci dasonuf Babaje od cahisa oD hubaio tibibipe: tahila dodasa tolahame caosago ftomida: das berinu orocahe
alalare atanahe od ef! Darix fafenu mianu ar Enayo ovof! quare: Micama! Bial' Oiad; aisaro toxa das ivame aai
Soba dooainu aai i VONUPEHE. Zodacdre, gohusa, od Balatima. Zodacarc od Zodameranu! Odo cicale Qaa!
Zodameranu. Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Zodoreje,lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A.
APPendix A / 255
254 / Enochian Magic

walketh upon the Earth with 8763 feet, which

and separate creatures! Great art thou in the God
O ye Sons of Fury, the Daughters of the Just One! that sit mysteries
Unveil the
upon 24 seats, vexing all creatures of the Earth with age, that fotttt u"O Conquer. Move and appear!
I the servant of
have 1636 underye. Behold! The voice of God; the promise ffi.ri Ct.atioq be friendly unto -9, for am

of Him who is called amongst ye Fury or Extreme Justice' # ;; your dod, the true worshipper of the Highest'
Move and shew yourselves! Unveil the mysteries of your
Creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the THE SEVENTEENTH KEY
same your God: the true worshipper of the Highest! Ilasa dial pereta! soba vaupaahe cahisa nanuba
yolasa: soba
dodasihe odberinuta faxtsi hubaro tasataxa
THE FIFTEENTH KEY ilJ;.-t;r"pehe o uonupehe: aladonu dax ila od toatare!
cahisa |ndacare id1od*t"ran'! Odo cicale Qaa! Zodoreje, lape
Ilasa! tabaanu li-El pereta, casaremanu upaahi
dareji; das oado caosaji oresacore: das omaxa monasaci zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A'
Baeouibe od emetajisa Iaiadix. Zodacare od Zodameranu!
Odo cicale Qaa. Zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, THE SEVENTEENTH KEY
hoathaheIAIDA. othouthirdFlame!whosewingsarethornstostirup
vexation, and who hast 7 3 3 6 living lamps going before
whose dod is "Wrath in Anger"' Gird up thy loins and
O thou, the Governor of the first Flame, under whose hearken! Move and Appear! Unveil the mysteries
Cieation; be friendly ,rnto .., for I am the servant
of the
wings are 6739; that weave the Earth with dryness: that of the Highest'
knowest the Great Name "Righteousness," and the Seal of ,*" yout God, the true worshipper
Honour. Move and Appear! Unveil the mysteries of your
creation; be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same
your God: the true worshipper of the Highest! Ilasa micalazoda olapireta ialpereji beliore: das odo
Busadire Oiad ouoaresa caosago: casaremeji Laiada

berinutasa cafafame das ivemeda aqoso adoho Moz' od

Ilasa viviala pereta! Salamanu balata, das acaro odazodi maoffasa. Bolape como belioreta pamebeta'
Zodameranut Oao cicale Qaa' Zodoreje, lape
busada, od belioraxa balita: das inusi caosaji lusadanu
emoda: das ome od taliobe: darilapa iehe ilasa Mada Noco Mada, hoathahe I A ID A'
Zodilodarepe. Zodacate odZodameranu' Odo cicale Qaa:
zodoreje, lape zodiredo Noco Mada, hoathahe I A I D A'
O Thou might Light and buming Flame of Comfort!
unveilest ttre Glorylf God to the centre of the
Earth' in
O thou second Flame, the House of Justice which hast whom the 6332 selrets of Truth have their abiding,
called in thy kingdom "Joy" and not to be measured'
thy beginning in glory and shalt comfort the Just which
256 / Enochian Magic
Be thou a window of comfort unto me! Move and Appear! APPENDIX B
Unveil the mysteries of your Creation, be friendly unto me,
for I am the servant of the same your God, the true ALEISTER CROWLEYS VERSION OF THE
worshipper of the highest. CALL FOR THE AETHYRS



Madaiatza das perifa LIL cahisa micaolazoda saanire

caosago od fifisa balzodizodarasa Iaida. Nonuca gohulime:
Micama adoianu MADA faoda beliorebe, soba ooaona
cahisa luciftias peripesol, das aberaasasa nonucafe netaaibe
caosaji od tilabe adapehaheta damepelozod4 tooata nonucafe
jimicalazodoma larasada tofejilo marebe yareryo IDOIGO;
od torezodulape yaodafe gohol4 Caosag4 tabaoreda saanire,
od caharisateosa yorepoila tiobela busadire, tilabe noalanu
paida oresaba, od dodare-meni zodayolana. Elazodape
tilaba paremeji peripesatza, od ta qurelesata booapisa.
Lanibame oucaho sayomepe, od caharisateosa ajitoltorenu,
mireca qo tiobela lela. Tonu paomebeda dizodalamo asa
pianu, od caharisateosa aji-la-tore-torenu paracahe a sayG
mepe. Coredazodizoda dodapala od fifalazod4 lasa manada,
od faregita bamesa omaoasa. Conisabera od auauotzatonuji
ores4 catabela noasami tabejesa leuitahemonuji. Vanucahi
omepetilabe oresa! Bagile? Moooabe Olcoredazodizoda. el
capimao itzomatzipe, od cacocasabe gosaa. Bajilenu pii
tianuta a babalanuda, od faoregita teloca uo unime.
Madariiatza, torezodu!!! oadariatza orocaha aboaperi!
Tabaori periazoda aretaabasa! Adarepanu coresata dobitza!
Yolacame periazodi arecoazodiore, od quasabe qotinuji!
ripire paaotzata sagacore! Umela od peredazodare cacareji
Aoiveae coremepeta! Torezodut zodacare od Zodameranu,
asapeta sibesi butamona das surezodasa Tia balatanu. Odo
cicale Qaa, od Ozodazodama pelapeli IADANAMADA!

258 / Enochian Magic
Arranged by Gematric Value
O ye Heavens which dwell in the First Aire, ye are Gematria Enochian
mighty in the parts of the Earth, and execute the Judgment of No. Word Pronunciation Meaning
the Highest! Unto you it is said: Behold the Face of your
God, the beginning of comfort, whose eyes are the brightness
of the Heavens, which provided you for the Government of F eff to visit
the Earth, and her unspeakable variety, furnishing you with a 4 D deh one third
power of understanding to dispose all things according to the 5
Providence of Him that sitteth on the Holy Throne, and rose 6 A ah I, mY
up in the Beginning, saying: The Earth, let her be governed 7
by her parts, and let there be Division in her, that the glory of 8 G geh not, only
her may be always drunken, and vexed in itself. Her course, L el first
let it run with the Heavens; and as an handmaid let her serve 9 T, TA teh, tah is, as, like, likeness,
them. One season, let it confound another, and let there be no equality, equilibrium
ZA zodah within
creature upon or within her the same. All her members, let
10 ATH ah-teh works
them differ in their qualities, and let there be no one Creature ZAH zodah inside, inner
equal with another. The reasonable Creatures of the Earth, n
and Men, let them vex and weed out one another; and their l2
dwelling-places, let them forget their Names. The work of l3 * *n within
man and his pomp, let them be defaced. His buildings, let t4 AG ah-geh no
them become Caves for the beasts of the Field! Confound her 15 AP ah-peh unchanging, same
TA tah as
understanding with darkness! For why? it repenteth me that I
GAH Eah spirit, spirits
have made Man. One while let her be known, and another ZA zodah within
while a stranger: because she is the bed of an Hailot, and the t6 ATH ah-teh works
dwelling-place of him that is fallen. ZAH zodah inside, inner
O ye Heavens, arise! The lowerheavens beneathyou, let l7 ES ess one fourth, a quarter
thems serve you! Govern those that govern! Cast down such 18 AFFA ah-ef-fah empty
as fall. Bring forth with those that increase, and destroy the EL el first
rotten. No place let it remain in one number. GE geh not, only
tah-fah poison
Add and diminish until the stars be numbered. Arise! Move! 19 :AFA
and appear before the covenant of His mouth, which He hath 20
sworn unto us in His Justice. Open the Mysteries of your 2t
Creation, and make us partakers of THE UNDEFILED 22 nnff UuU-,.t, justice

260 I Enochian Magic Appendix C I 261
Gematria Enochian Gematria Enochian
No. Word Pronunciation Meaning
No. Word Pronunciation Meaning
TOL toh+l all
48 ELO e1-oh first
24 TAFA tah-fah poison
TALHO tah-1eh-hoh a cup
25 ASPT ah-seh-peh-teh before, in front of 49
BESZ bess-zod matter
50 OBZA oh-beh-zodah one half, dual
SALD sal-deh wonder
5l GOSA goh-sah strange
bah-hall to shout, to yell, quah-ah creation
52 QAA
to cry
53 BALTOH ball-toh righteous
justice 54 TALHO tahleh-hoh cup
28 BALT ball-teh
56 DODSEH doh-dessch vexation
30 ADPHAHT afr-Aefr-pet -afr-tetr unspeakable
57 GOSAA goh-sah-ah a stranger
PAEB pahch-beh oak
58 BOGPA boh-geh-pah to govern
PASHS pah-seh-ess children
59 BALTOH ball-toh righteous
31 ASPT ah-seh-peh-teh before, in front of
60 I ee is, is not
bess-zod matter
PAGE pah-geh to rest
63 znN sacrifice
DO doh name ^A*n
64 oDo ohdoh to open
toh triumph
65 BI bee voice
66 ADNA ah-deh-nah obedience
36 ADPHAHT ah-deh-peh-ah-teh unspeakable
IA ee-ah truth
ELZAP el-zodah-peh way, course
TOTO toh-toh cycles
38 ot oh-e1 to make, maker
68 IL ee-el Aethyr
39 HOL hoh-el to measure goh-hoh
69 GOHO to say, to speak
TABGES tah-beh-gess a cave
IP ee-peh not
40 BABAGE bah-bah-geh South
ZEN zod-en sacrifice
TOH toh triumph
70 IAD ee-ah-doh a god, God
41 EFAFAFE eff-aff-aff+h vessels
OADO oh-ah-doh to weave
HOATH hoh-ah-teh true worshipper,
7l BIA bee-ah voices
72 AAI ah-ahee within you
TOL tohel all, everything
FAFEn eff-aff-en to train
42 ELZAP el-zodah-peh way, coufse
THIL the-hee-el seat
TOOAT teh-oh-ah-teh to provide
44 OBZA oh-beh-zodah one half, duai
45 TABGES tah-beh-gess a cave
46 GLO geh-loh things 74 IAL ee-all to consume
47 HOATH hoh-ah-teh a cave 75 NAZPS nah-zod-pess a sword
SOE soheh savior 76 TABAAN tah-bah-an governor
262 I Enochian Magic Appendix Cl 263
Gematria Enochian
No. Word Pronunciation Meaning Gematria
Pronunciation Meaning
,77 ABAI ah-baee stooping, to stoop
No. Word
SONF soh-en+ff to reign
down 9t
ED.NAS ed-nahcss receivers
.78 THIL teh-hee-e1 seat
92 TOANT toh-an-teh love, union
VPAAH veh-pah-ah wings
TOTO toh-toh cycles
79 HOLQ hoh-el-que are measured
94 GNETAAB gehctah-ah-beh govenrment
PAID pah-ee-deh always
80 DAZIS dah-zodee+ss head, heads 96
NETAAB neh-tah-ah-beh government 97
81 NAPEA nah-peh-ah twocdged sword 98
NAZPS nah-zod-pess sword 99 FAONTS fahohen-tess to dwell in
82 BALIT bah-lee-teh the just MAZ mah-zod appearance
BUZD buh-zod-deh glory 100 FABOAN fah-boh-an poison
TABAAN tah-bah-an governor IAOD ee-ah-oh-deh the beginning
83 FIFALZ fee-fall-zod to eliminate, to MAD man-deh god, your god
weed out OIAD ohee-ah-deh god, the just
ZON zodohen form PLAPLI peh-lah-pehJee users, partakers
84 LAIAD lah.e e-ah-deh secrets of truth 101 LONSA lohen-sah everyone
OLLOG oh-elJoh-geh men t02 OTHIL oh-teh-hee-el seat
PIAP pee-ah-peh balance, scale r03
TOOAT toh-oh-ah-teh to provide 104 BMM bah-zodem noon, midday
85 VLS feless the ends, farthest MAL mahcl arrow
reaches TOANT toh-an-teh love
86 DAZIS dah-zodee-ess head 105 FAONTS fah-ohcn-tess to dwell in
NETAAB neh-tah-ah-beh government MAZ mah-zod appearance
87 PAM pahem beginning
88 BALIT bah-lee-teh the just ZIZOP zodee-zodoh-pah vessels
BUZD buh-zod-deh glory r06 AR are the sun, to protect
GNETAAB genetah-ah-beh government, only EOPHAN eh-oh-peh-han sorrow
government tol
89 APILA ah-pee-lah etemal life, to live 108 BAMS bah-mess to forget
forever OTHIL oh-teh-heeel seat
BALIE bah-lee-eh salt 109 DOSIG doh-see-geh night
FIFALZ fee-fall-zod to eliminate ZAR zod-ar ways, paths, courses
LUSD luhess-deh feet 110 BABALON bah-bah-loh-en evil, wicked
PON pohcn to destroy BASM bah-zod-em noon, midday
ZON zodcn form 111
90 BAGHIE bah-geh-heech fury lt2
264 I Enochian Magic .Appendix C I 265
Gematria Enochian Gematria Enochian
No. Word Pronunciation Meaning No. Word Pronunciation Meaning

142 BALZARG bal-zodah-rah-geh stewards

113 ZIN zodee-en waters
tt4 BABALOND bah-bah-loh-en-deh harlot, seductress TIBIBP tee-bee-beh-Peh sorrow

ils EOLIS eh-oh-lee+ss to make 143 ABRAASSA ah-beh-rah-ahcss'sahto provide

HARG har-geh to plant, to sow MOLAP moh'lah-Peh men
ZAR sod-ar ways, paths, courses 144
to be divided 145 NOIB nohee-beh yes, affirmation
lr6 POILP poh-eecl-peh
117 NANBA nah-en-beh thorns 146
ZIZOP zodee-zodoh-pah vessels 147 BRGDO bar-geh-doh
ll8 GONO goh-noh faith 148 ORSBA oh-ress'bah drunken, intoxi-
ll9 RAAS rah-ah-seh the East
ZIN zodee-en waters TIBIBP tee-bee-beh-Peh sorfow
120 GRAA geh-rah-ah the Moon t49 POAMAL poh-ah'mal palace

OM oh-meh to know, understand 150 MI mee power

t2r HOM hoh-meh to live OLPRT oh-e1-par-teh light
t22 DARBS dar-bess obedience 151 ZORGE zodah-ra-geh love, friendly
123 LONDOH loh-en-doh kingdoms 152 GIGIPAH gee-gee-pah living breath
MOZ moh-zod jov OLLAR oh-leh-lar man
t24 GNAY geh-naY to do, does 153
125 LRASD el-rah+ss-deh to dispose of, to t54 VAUL vah-ucl to work, toil
eliminate 155 MOSPLEH moh-seh-Peleh-heh horns
t26 OMA oh-mah understanding 156 LONSHI loheness-hee power
127 IADNAH ee-ah-deh-nah knowledge OLPRT ohel-Par-teh liCht
PRGE par-geh fire 157 ZORGE zodoh-ra-geh love, friendly
128 TIANTA tee-an-en-tah a bed 158 NOQOL noh-quo-leh servants

QUASB quah-seh-beh to ruin, destroy 159

t29 MOZ moh-zod jov 160 IO-IAD ee-ohee-ah-deh Eternal God
130 VNPH ven-Peh anger r6t
131 ETHAMZA en-teh-ham-zodah to be covered, hidden t62 VAOAN vah-oh-ahcn iruth
132 r63 QANIS quah-neeess olives
133 OVOF oh-voh-feh to be magnified RIT ree-teh mercy
134 164
135 165
136 ANANAEL ah-nah-nah-e1 th. S""r.t Wisdom r66
BALZARG bal-zodah-rah-geh stewards t67 S,q.Loanlu Jleh-matr'nerr u norr.
IAIDA ee-ah-ee-dah the highest 168
137 FISIS fee-see-ess to do, perform t69 PIR Pee-ar bright
ORS oh-ress darkness I RIT ree-teh mercy
138 170
139 SIBSI see-beh-see covenant t7t APOPHRASZ ah-poh-peh-rah-seh-zod motion
140 TIANTA tee'an-en-tah a bed
266 I Enochian Magic APPENDIX D
Gematria Enochian
No. Word Pronunciation Meaning
174 or-onn ofr-tohouf, ** The fifteen Egyptian deities associated with the L,esser
175 Squares of the Watchtowers (see Table VIII on page 114)
t76 BASGIM bah-seh-geecm day are shown inthe accompanyingfigure. They are showncolor
171 APOPHRASZ ah-poh-peh-rah-seh-zod motion coded in order to allow the student to make replicas. It is
INSI ee-ness€e to walk on, to tread
sugge sted that every student make his/her own replicas of the
NIIS nee-ee-ess to come
Watchtower pyramids, the deities and sphinxes out of
t79 BLIAR beh-lee-ah-rah comfort, ease cardboard or heavy paper and then paintthem appropriately
180 LIMLAL lee+m-1ah-leh treasure with tempra or any other suitable medium as follows:
181 ZILDAR zodee-leh-dar to fly l. Make the sides of the Watchtower pyramid" Con-
182 struct sixteen triangles of equal size. Then cut the
183 BLIARD beh-lee-ah-rah-deh to be with comfort
in peace
tops off to make tnrncated triangles. Paint four red"
ETHARZI eh-teh-har-zodee
four yellow, four blue and four black
185 2. Make the Eryptian sphinxes. Construct a red lion" a
186 ,otqutt bah-eh-oh-u-ee-beh righteousness black bull, a blue eagle and a yellow angel. Make
187 MOOOAH moh-oh-oh-ah it rejoices me each Kerubic figure the same height and width. Cut
ZILDAR zodee-leh-dar to fly
each figure horizontally into three equal sections.
188 BITOM bee-toh+m fire
to require, need Then cut the middle section horizontally in half to
VNIG veh-nee-geh
make four overall pieces each. By interchanging
190 QUASAHI quah-sah-hee pleasure, delight these sections, it will be possible to form replicas of
191 IALPRG ee-a1-par-geh burning flames any of the sphinxes.
t92 AMMA ah-em-mah cursed
3. Make the Watchtower pyramid. Construct one trun-
193 LORSLQ loh-ress-elque
cated pyramid. Make the four sides the same size as
194 BITOM bee-toh-em fire
PARAEIZ pah-rah-dee-zod a virgin the triangles. Also, make the truncated top surface
195 ETHARZI eh-teh-har-zodee in peace big enough to hold any sphinx and include a slot on it
196 DLUGAR deh-lu-gar to give near the center for the god.
197 ISRO ee-ess-roh promise 4. Make the Eryptian deities. Construct small figures
VRELP var-el-peh an adept, seer
of each of the fifteen deities as shown in the ac-
198 BATZIZRAS bal-zodee-zod-rass
companying figure. Leave a small tongue at the
DOALIM doh-ah-lee-em sin
199 bottom of each god. Each god-form can then be
240 LIALPRT lee-al-par-teh the First Flame mounted onto the top face ofthe pyramid by inserting
2lo BAIZIZRAS bal-zodee-zod-rass judgment the tongue into the slol

268 / Enochian Magic
5. The pieces made in this way can be used by the
student to simulate any of the L,esser Watchtower
pyramids. Place the appropriate triangles on the
sides of the pyramids, insert the god into the slot on
the top surface, and place the sphinx on the top
surface near the god Use this simulation to aid in
Spirit Vision by stimulating the magical imagination.

ffi Blua E Oronge, Whrta ond block

N Croan m Rcd ore os shown on
ffi Yellow w Pu.plc, on tha skatchee.
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by so many serious scholars, must be attributed to its wide scope and the
muyltiplicity of its levels, as well as to the atmosphere of secrecy with which histrl5?I**e? rt's the ground plan of the Qabalistic system-a set of
in many lands and ages it has been surrounded." symbols used since ancient tim-es to study the Universe. The Tree of Life is a
MYSTERIA MAGICA offers you eeeential and profound magical g"eometrical arrangement of ten sephir6th, or spheres, each of which is
knowledge, authentic bile and fonnulae of dre Weebn Myotery Tr.dition issociated with a different archefypal idea, and 22 paths which connect
whidr have hitherto been hidden in inacceeeible librariee, in mignatic the spheres.
writingp, or in rarely-imparted teaddngo paeeed on only by word of This system of primal correspondences has been found the most efficient
mouth; and, in addition, it containoample sections ahowingyouhow to plan ever devisdd to classify and organize the characteristics of the self. Israel
use all that ie disclosed, how to give potent consccration to your own ilegardie has written one-of the best and most lucid introductions to the
magical weapone, how to build ritee on the phyaical and aetral planee
with word and action, eound, color and visualization, to implenrent
your own magical will. A Garden of Pofiegrunates combines Regardie's own studies with his notes on
Here are secrets which have been guarded through centuries by an elite the works'fo Aleister Crowley, A.E. Waite, Eliphas Levi and D.H. lawrence.
among popes and rabbis, adepts and seers, dervishes and mages, Here, No longer is the wisdom of the Qabalah to be held secrefl The needs of today
explicitly set forttr, is knowledge by which the mystical priesthood of Egypt place th1 burden of growth upon each and every Peffion-each has to under-
wielded true God-force through millennia, thaumaturgist in establishing iake the Path as his or her own responsibility, but every help is given in the
bonds of knowledge, love and power with their chosen deific force how- most ancient and yet most modern teaching here known to humankind.
ever named. O-87 5 42-690 -5, 17 5 pg., *It. $6.9s
The eetting of the Wards of Power (Greek and Hebrew forme) ; The Set-
ting of the Warde of Adamant (Sub Rosa Nigra); the Clavis Rei Primae THE MIDDLE PILLAR
and Orante Formulae; Baniehing and tnvoking; Identifying with God- by lerael Regardie
forcee; Rieing on the Pl,rnee; Aetral Proiection; Works undertaken Litegration of the human personality is vital to the continuance of creative life.
through Astral Proiection; Formuh of the Watcher; Elerrentary tech- Witf,out it, man lives as an outsider to his own true self. By combining Magic
niquesof Scrying The the Conatellation of theWorehipped; Principlea and Psychology in the Middle Pillar Ritual/Exercise (a magical meditation
of Ceremonia! the Dance as Instrument of Magick; Imagee; Sicils; techni{ue),webring intobalance the opposing elements of the psychewhile
Coniuratione of the Art; Enochian Studiea (Text and Conunentariee); yet holding within their essence and allowing fuIl expression of nran's
Coneecratione and the Uee of the Magical Weapone; $phere-Working; entire being.
Evocation to Vieible Appearance; Transubetantiation; Coneecration of In this bools and with this practice, you will leam to: understand the psyche
a Talieman; and mudr more-with tablee, guidance to pronunciation of through its correspondenies on the Tree of life; expand self-awareness,
Enochian, workinge with Elenentals, fonnulae for integration, etc. thereby intensifying the inner growth process; activate creative and intuitive
O-E7542-195-2, reviecd, ooftcover. $15.00 potentials; undirstind the individual thought pattems which control every
iacet of personal behavior; regain the sense of balance and peace of mind-
the equilibrium that everyone needs for physical and psychic health.^ _
0-87512-658-1,176 pg., ;p,ft. $6.95
by Gerald Schueler
This isa.sequel to the Practical Manual. In this book schueler provides The Llewellyn Starwares series of magical computer programs
everything for the serious practitioner of the Enochian syiterrr_u addresses many aspects of Magich Each program is specially designed to
system that is complete in itself, and yet easily related to other iystems of assist you in your Magical studies. All of the programs are written for the
Qabalistic or Shamanistic magick. All students of the Gold6n Dawn, Commodore 64, lhe largest selling home computer, but versions for most
Aurum solis and other mainstream systems of western practice wiil find of the programs are also available for the VIC 20 and the Atari 800 XL.
this work apractical'working manual' combining theory with exercises, Two programs are especially useful to save time and preclude
complete rituals and outlines for multi-level migical operations. New calculation errors: the Hebrew and Enochian gematria and alphabet
students will find the Enochian system particularl| moddrry reflective of programs. The letters of the Hebrew and Enochian alphabets are
the new physics; others will be athacted to the feeling of working at the presented with their gematric values and occult meanings. The letters can
frontiers of the New Age. be combined to make words and/or phrases. The programs will calculate
Forthcoming, 1986. the gematric values for you ( according to gematria, each letter is equal to a
number, and the words ofequal values have hidden or occult correspolF
dences). All you have to do is type in the letters and the computer will
display the total numerical value.
The Enochian series comprises five separate programs dealing with
all phases of Enochian Magick 1) Alphabet & Gematria, 2) Kings and
Seniors, 3) The Thirty Aethyrs, 4) The Tablet of Union, and 5) The
The Enochian computer programs are designed to be used in
conjunction with this boolg although they can be used without the book if
you are already familiar with this type of Magick. A brief instruction
booklet accompanies each dislc In a nutshell, Enochian Magick provides
a psychic map of the inner worlds and subplanes and their residents that hll
the Cosmic Planes from the lofty heights of the Spiritual Plane to the
lowest, the Physical Plane-our Earth. The ability of the mind to leave the
physical body and visit these regions is one ofthe skills developed by the
Enochian magician. The computer programs include brief summaries of
the known inner worlds and their rulers, according to the Enochian
system. These summaries can be used for meditation or contemplation, or
simply to provide necessary information for your studies. In addition, each
program includes a file-making capability with at least one pre-made file.
This allows you to increase your available information (data) in the form
of a data base. Inlormation can be added, deleted or changed on your files
so that you can update them at any time. One program, the Magical Diary,
allows you to keep a pennanent record ofyour magical experiences in the
form of a diary. Also, each program has a printer option so that you can
make a hardcopy of your files.
The Kings and Seniors are the primary rulers of the four Watchtowers.
This program displays their names and hierarchal positions as well as the
proper pronunciation of their names and what those names mean. The
Thirty Aethyrs program displays the governors ofthese regions as well as
the chief characteristics. The Tablet of Union shows the squares of this
important region (also known as the Black Cross) and displays the chief
characteristics of each area and its primary ruler. The Watchtower
program is the longest of the series. It displays each of the sixteen
See following page for order numbers and computer systems available'
quadrants of the four Watchtowers (Fire, Air, Water and Earth) and their
rulers. The program will take the letter of the English alphabet you type in and dis-
The regions of the Watchtowers and Aethyrs are only partially play'the-Enochian equivalent, the planets and/-or element of that letter, the
known. Most currently available information concerning them is detailed ruling Tarot card and the Gematrial value. It will also give you the Enochian
in my books and highlighted in the computer programs. The task of the for cJmplete English words. $24'95
Enochian magician is to explore these inner worlds in an effort to increase
his knowledge of them. As new information is uncovered, it must be ENOCHIAN GEMATRIA is on the same disk/cassette. It gives Gematrial
values for complete Enochian words' $24.9s
recorded and analyzed. The file-making capability of these programs is
designed to assist with this task. Files made by the magical student can be KINGSAND SENIORS
updated as often as necessary. If you are unfamiliar with computer hles, Give your computer the names of the Kings and Seniors for which yorr want
each disk comes with an example file which can be loaded into the corresponding-data and it will give the standard Enochian data plus any
computer from the main menu. If you have a printer, you can also print this additi6nal inf6rmation you may want to add to the file. $24'95
file from the'main menu. This will allow you to become familiar with TIIE TIIIRTY AETHYRS
computer file handling so that you can create your own files (file creation is Another dictionary Program to help save you time and allow you to develop
explained stepby-step in the accompanying instruction booklet). your personalized rifeience files. Call up any of the Aethyrs andreceive a
These programs are neither games nor parlor tricks. They are tools - of correspondences.
iompiete display - Plenty of space for adding new
that can aid in any serious study of Magick The Tree of Life program, for inforrnation' $24'95
example, can assist you in your study of the Qabbalistic Tree of Life. THE TABLET OF I,JMON
Aleister Crowley, perhaps the most famous practitioner of Magick in this A graphic display of The Tabletof Unionwith correspondingdata andplerrty
century, taught that the Sephiroth and connecting paths of the Tree of Life of}ile space fbr your own additions. $24'95
were like the drawers of a large filing cabinet-you can constantly keep
adding information about them as your studies progress (this is also true WATCIITOWER TABLETS
for the Watchtowers and Aethyrs of Enochian Magick). He also highly Graphic display of each subquadrant with standard corresponden"l Tg
recommended that anyone seriously interested in Magick keep a personal file space toi y6ut additions. {24'95
diary and carefully record all magical experiences, good or bad. This IIEBRE}V ALPIIABET AND TIEBREW GEMATRIA
series of computer programs fumishes the modern tools necessary for the EnglishaeHebrew letter correspondences and Gemakial values thereof'
serious student to advance in Magick. s24.9s
The series also includes a colorful TAROT card program. This MAGICALDIARY
program simulates an actual TAROT reading. The computer shuffles the Essentially a structured file for storage of data from your magc{ exp91i-
cards until you o'feel" that they are ready to be read. Then it will provide ments and experiences. Space for tedudcal and time data and impreotory:ryt::
you will a full reading on either the screen or printer, or both concept. $24.95
This program is highly interactive. The person having the reading is in
complete control. Helshe allows the computer to shuffle until all conditions TIIE SEPHIROTHAND TTIE PATTIS
Two programs on one disk: Correspondences,and file capabilities. for the
seem appropriate. As the computer randomly mixes the cards, colors
Sephiroti and the Paths. Excellent resource for the development of dql:^-
patterns are randomly displayed on the screen. One secret to a good $24.9s
TAROT reading is that the subject of the reading must decide for
himself/herself when the deck is "ready" to be read. The program uses the THE CTIAKRAS OF KUNDALIM YOGA
traditional lO-card Celtic Spread. Three separate programs are provided Anatomical display of the Chakras and display of the appropriate correspon-
on the disk with the C-64 version to allow for the variety of printers that are dences and quilities. File space for your iecords and discoveries. $24'95
currently available (letter-quality, dot-matrix and so on). TIIE TAROT
The Compucats are periodically updating these programs as it The people who have tried this Program have been astonished at how
becomes feasible to do so. Also, new progra"ms are being developed. For uccntut" it it. You get a display of each cird "drawn"by your intgracliol wiih
example, the Chakras of Kundalini Yoga and Geomancy are almost the computer witfr meaningiand interpretation print-out caPabilities in the
complete and should be available soon. prog.arn. Uses Maior Arcana only, Very impressive Program. $29'95

Enochian Alpha/Gemat ct28/c64 L903/L963 924.95

Atari L965C/L955 $24.95
IBM PC /L990 $24.95

Kings & Seniors cL28/C64 /L967 924.95

Atari /L969 $24.95
Thirty Aethyrs cL28/C64 /L971 $24.95
Atari /L973 924.95

Tablet of Union ct28/c64 /L975 624.95

Watchtowers ct28/c64 /L9L9 $24.95

Hebrew Alpha/Gemat ct28/c64 L937C/L937 $24.95

Atari L939C/L939 $24.95
IBM PC /L99t 924.95

Magical Diary ct28/c64 /L982 $24.95

Atari /L984 $24.9s

Tree of Ufe cL28/C64 L935C/L935 $24.95

(sephiroth) Atari L989C/L989 $24.95

The Chakras cL28/C54 /L947 $24.95

Tarot cL28/C64 L950/L985 829.95

Atari L952/L987 $29.95