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El Capitan High School


P.O. BOX 835
100 Farmland Avenue
Merced, CA 95348
Phone: (209) 384-5500 FAX: (209) 384-5517

Lee Shaw, Principal

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To Whom It May Concern:

Mayra Lua Reyes is one of the best we have seen come through the halls of El Capitan High School
and has stood out in several ways. I have had the pleasure of teaching her in my AVID class (Advancement
Via Individual Determination), a college prep course offered only to students who display Individual
Determination. She is a very determined student and has remained consistent throughout her high school
career as a high achieving and outgoing student both in the AVID program for three years as well as being
heavily involved on campus. Mayra is a thoughtful and active participant in all of our class discussions. She
works well with others in a collaborative setting; while she normally leads, she always respects others'
opinions even when they differ from her own.
Mayra has proven to be an exceptional student; she currently has a 4.42 weighted GPA (#5 of 402;
top 1% of her class) here at El Capitan High School. She continues to challenge herself by taking AP
(Advanced Placement) and Honors courses in High School while maintaining concurrent enrollment at the
local Community College (4.0 GPA). What I find most impressive is, she has participated in sports and is
also involved in multiple clubs all four years while maintaining such a high-grade point average. Her work
ethic will serve her well both in college and in her career and will take her very far as well as those she
surrounds herself with. She is a well-rounded student in her participation and continues to serve as a
volunteer. She has without a doubt made El Capitan High School a better place during her tenure here.
I am confident that Mayra is going to continue to amaze us as she strives to reach her career goal of
becoming a Civil Rights Attorney and ultimately a Judge. She is talented, responsible and focused in her
pursuits. Her love for learning is known by all who meet her. She gets involved and has a genuine love for
people of all cultures. She is truly a standout individual who will impress those she meets. I highly
recommend Mayra Lua Reyes.

I believe that Mayra will do well in whatever she undertakes. If you have any questions, please feel
free to contact me at (951) 295-4775 or ​jpetty@muhsd.org​.

John Petty 
John Petty
AVID Teacher & Coordinator
Merced Union High School District

“​Learn, Love, Lead & Leave a Legacy”