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Vol 12 • Issue 1

God’s Special Delivery

Why Not?
“Unanswered” prayer

Addicted to Prayer
Feel the rush
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By Bonita Hele

From the early-learning wooden or foam variety

to intricate 10,000-piece or 3D types, puzzles are
a proven way to develop problem-solving skills, as
well as a pleasant hobby for all ages.

When I was 11, I became Sometimes we face compli-

fascinated with jigsaw puzzles. cated situations where there
My mother and I would relax appears to be no way out or THE ANSWER MAN
together at the kitchen table, through. It’s often during those
piecing together increasingly times that we realize “resorting to God knows what we need
complex puzzles. We would prayer” is our best option. How even before we ask,1 but
cover the unfinished puzzle with like children we are, trying to He usually waits for us to
the tablecloth at mealtimes, then piece together and make sense ask. Sometimes our own
remove it afterward and get to of difficult situations ourselves, pride and independence get
work at finding that next piece. when God is ready, willing, and in the way. We don’t want
It has been a while since able to help. to ask for help because we
I’ve had the time to assemble a don’t want to admit that we
major puzzle, but my toddler Like a parent, He enjoys helping don’t have the solution. So
is learning to put simple ones us work on the puzzle of life. From we try to do it ourselves
together. I can take one look at His vantage point He can easily to the point of frustration,
the pieces and easily tell where see which piece needs to go where, when all we need to do is
they will fit, yet my little boy and what should come next. He ask and receive His answer.
sometimes struggles to find the doesn’t put the puzzle together If we’re smart, we’ll be like
proper place for the piece he is for us, because we wouldn’t learn the fellow who said, “I may
holding. When he gets stuck and much if He did. But when we get not know all the answers,
frustrated, he turns to me and I stuck, He can give us hints. He but I know the answer
give him a suggestion or a clue. works with us piece by piece, and man.” He is the answer!—
Eventually he figures out where piece by piece we see the picture David Brandt Berg
each piece goes and is happy. I come together.
love that look of accomplish-
ment that he gets when he has Bonita Hele is a member of the 1. Matthew 6:8
completed the puzzle. Family International in India. ■

By David Brandt Berg

The Lord leaves a lot up to us and The lead player is God. He made the break shot
our concern and prayer. If we only pray that scattered the balls originally. Shot by shot, He
halfheartedly, we only get half an answer. But if we and you and the other players keep changing the
pray with our whole heart, we get a wholehearted, position of the balls. The only difference is, God is
strong answer. Like a beam of light focused on a not trying to beat you. He’s actually trying to help
mirror, a prayer will reflect or be answered with the you win, if you’re on His side.
same intensity that it was prayed. It’s like playing doubles: Your partner is God,
The game of pocket billiards, or pool, also makes and your opponents are the Devil and his ilk. Your
a fitting analogy. There are a number of variations partner, God, tries to set up your next shot for you.
of the game, but all are played on a six-pocket But of course, no matter how well God sets things
billiard table and have the same basic object: to use up, if you don’t shoot straight, it won’t do any good.
a cue ball to knock other balls into the pockets. And no matter how good your aim is, that target
The player controls the original force and direc- ball (the person or situation you’re praying about)
tion in which the cue ball is set in motion, and that has to be in a position where you can hit it right.
determines everything else that happens. Prayer Let’s take radio waves for another illustration.
works much the same way. The position of each of Say you’re going to send a radio message via satel-
the people or situations involved has a bearing on lite, for someone on the other side of the world to
what happens next, but the way in which we pray pick up. First of all, your transmitter won’t have
for them also helps determine the outcome. The any power unless it’s plugged into the current.
way we word or express our prayer and the way we Next, your transmitter has to be in good condition.
ask God to answer are like the way we hit the cue If it’s faulty or out of whack or tuned to the wrong
ball. The force, the angle, and the spin we put on it frequency, it won’t transmit properly and it won’t
all work together to help determine the outcome. get the message through clearly. Also, the antenna

has to be aimed so that the message is beamed in praying for doesn’t control it completely, and God
exactly the right direction to hit the relay satellite. has specifically limited Himself not to control it
In this illustration, you are the transmitter and completely, but to let it be affected by these other
antenna, the Holy Spirit provides the power, and factors.
God’s will is the satellite. If your set is automated In the radio transmission illustration, the
so that the Holy Spirit is in control, then it’s auto- position of His satellite is set, but how it is used
matically tuned just right—power, beam, direction, depends on you and the recipient. In other words,
everything—by the Lord’s own computer, and it God has set the position of His overall plans, but
can’t miss. But if you’ve been fooling around with how you fit into the plan depends on your posi-
the dials and the settings, you can mess up the tion, the position of the person or thing you’re
whole works by trying to do it your way. Also, the praying for, and whether or not your beam is
satellite of God’s will has to be in the right position aimed right to hit the satellite.
to bounce it down to the intended recipient, and So God has left a lot up to you and a lot up to
the recipient has got to be in the right position and them. He will always do His part. If it’s accord-
have his receiver turned on in order to receive it. ing to God’s will—what He knows is best for
Prayer depends on these four principal factors: everyone concerned—and you and the object of
your position, God’s position, the position of the your prayer are in the right position and you aim
person or situation you’re praying for, and the way straight, your prayer will hit the target and have
you pray. the desired effect.
In the pocket billiards illustration, it depends
on the positions of the cue ball, the target ball, Prayer Power was excerpted from God O nline ,
the pocket, and the way you shoot. You don’t a booklet in the Mountain Streams series,
control the outcome completely, the person you’re available from any of the addresses on page 2.

By Eldora Sichrovsky

When my older sister Evelyn was 16, she suddenly the ordeal was over. “That gave me
began experiencing excruciating pain in her lower- strength for the difficult things I
right abdomen. As the pain intensified, she began running a fever faced, as well as peace that Jesus
and vomiting. I remember the anxiety and desperation we all felt as my was in control.”
dad rushed her to the nearest hospital. Do you know someone who
A doctor in the emergency unit discovered a large gangrenous cyst in is struggling, whose load can’t be
Evelyn’s abdomen. The cyst had twisted, cutting off blood circulation and lifted with human hands? Do you
causing the extreme pain. Time sped by in a blur as she was hurriedly pre- have a loved one who is hurting,
pared for emergency surgery. At home, the rest of us prayed fervently, asking whose pain you cannot ease by
Jesus to protect, comfort, and surround her with His loving presence. human means? Do you long to
It was nearly midnight when Evelyn was wheeled out of the operating be there to help care for them, yet
room. The surgery, it turned out, had been performed just in time. The you don’t know how? Then pray.
cyst had already begun to leak toxic fluids and destroy the surrounding Jesus hears, He cares, and His
tissues, but she was alive and safe. We thanked Jesus for that. power—activated through your
During the five-day hospital stay that followed, I wished I could prayers—has no limits.
be there around the clock to help in some physical way. But I found You hold amazing power to
that even after visiting hours were over and I had to go home, my help those you love, to span the
prayers could do more for her than my physical presence could have. gulf between you, and to bring
For example, when Evelyn suffered serious allergic reactions to the them the best possible support and
intravenous painkillers, I believe my prayers were much more of a help care. Surround your loved ones
to her doctors’ finding a solution than whatever comfort I might have with prayer.
been able to give her had I been there.
Our family’s and friends’ prayers surrounded her every day until she Eldora Sichrovsky is a member
returned safely home, and they continued throughout the weeks of her of the Family International in
recovery. “I always knew you were praying for me,” she told me after Taiwan. ■

Why Not? By Samuel Keating

For the New Year when sometimes He says “no,” and wouldn’t be evident if He gave us
I was six, what I wanted sometimes He says “wait.” everything we wanted the moment
above all was to move to As children, we would see we asked.
the mountains. Over the something we wanted in a Other times, God may have
Christmas holidays my family store, or something that our answered our prayer, but we
had visited relatives who lived in schoolmates had, and we were simply don’t like the way He did
a mountainous area, and it was convinced it could make us it. If we’ve already figured out
the first time I’d experienced the happy. Some of us still have this exactly what we want and are just
magic of so much snow. I’d loved mentality and act as though asking God to provide it for us,
every moment of it. God were a pharmacist filling but our plan is not what He knows
I prayed earnestly for our prescriptions for us, or Santa is best, then He is doing the wise
family’s relocation, starting Claus ticking items off our wish and loving thing in withholding
around Christmas and continuing list. In fact, God doesn’t answer our request. We need to try to
well into January. At first I was some prayers the way we want or align our petitions with His much
confident that it would take place expect Him to because He knows broader and better plans.
soon, but it finally became obvious that what we’re praying for would Oh, and in the years since I
that no move was imminent. I not really be good for us or others. prayed that New Year prayer that
eventually got over the childish When we don’t receive an didn’t seem to materialize, I’ve
fixation, but the question lingered immediate, favorable answer enjoyed many snowy winters in
in my mind much longer: Why from God, instead of concluding several countries and settings.
had God not answered my prayer? that God hasn’t heard our prayer God’s answer, it turned out, was
I realize now that God does or that He has forsaken us, we “Yes, in My time.”
always answer our prayers, but should consider that maybe He
not always right away or always wants to test our faith, to see if Samuel Keating is a member of
in the way we want or expect we will keep loving and trusting the Family International and an
Him to. Sometimes He says “yes,” Him no matter what, which Activated contributing editor. ■

By Julie Vasquez

There are so many benefits to spending time care of it as He knows best. “We know that all things
with God that you really can’t afford not work together for good to those who love God.”4
to. He can help you solve every problem, answer You will find comfort in times of sadness and
your every question, heal all your heartaches, grief, reassurance when you’re down, and courage to
comfort you when you’re sorrowful, give you joy, go on when you think you can’t. Jesus will help you
and bring you closer to heaven. The list is endless. see your troubles in proper perspective, as He sees
Prayer changes things. It’s one means by which them, and give you peace of mind. “He heals the
God gives His children what they need or want, as brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.”5 “In the
long as it’s good for them and others. “Whatever multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts
things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”1 delight my soul.”6
Time spent in quiet reflection builds inner As you receive and apply the things the Lord shows
strength that will carry you through life’s toughest you, you will become wiser. “If any of you lacks
times. “In the day when I cried out, You answered wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally
me, and made me bold with strength in my soul.”2 and without reproach, and it will be given to him.”7
You will find rest and renewal when your spirit is Jesus will guide you through the maze of life.
sagging and your mind is troubled. “Come to Me, He will help you know what to do when you face
all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will problems and tough decisions. He has promised
give you rest. Take My yoke upon you and learn to instruct you, establish your thoughts, and guide
from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and your steps. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and
you will find rest for your souls. For My yoke is easy He shall direct your paths.”8
and My burden is light.”3 He will inspire you with good ideas. “Call to
Once you have committed a matter to God in Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and
prayer, you can have the assurance that He will take mighty things, which you do not know.”9 Jesus will

1. Matthew 21:22 5. Psalm 147:3

2. Psalm 138:3 6. Psalm 94:19
3. Matthew 11:28–30 7. James 1:5
4. Romans 8:28 8. Proverbs 3:6
9. Jeremiah 33:3

prevent some problems from happening by warning You will have greater peace of mind. “Be anxious
you in advance, and give you solutions to others. for nothing, but in everything by prayer and sup-
“Whoever listens to Me will dwell safely, and will be plication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be
secure, without fear of evil.”10 made known to God; and the peace of God, which
You can be healed physically. “The prayer of faith surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts
will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up.”11 and minds through Christ Jesus.”15
You can be forgiven for wrongdoing. “I said, ‘I You can claim God’s supply of your material
will confess my transgressions to the Lord,’ and You needs. “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and
forgave the iniquity of my sin.”12 you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.
You will gain insight into the natural world as For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks
well as the spiritual realm. “Eye has not seen, nor ear finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.”16
heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the Jesus will open to you the treasures of His
things which God has prepared for those who love Word if you will pray, as King David did, “Open
Him. But God has revealed them to us through His my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from
Spirit. For the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep Your law.”17
things of God.”13 You can get the Lord’s help even when you don’t
Prayer draws on the power of God, so you will be know what to ask for. “We do not know what we
able to accomplish more, and do so more easily. “He should pray for as we ought, but the Spirit Himself
gives power to the weak, and to those who have no makes intercession for us.”18
might He increases strength. … Those who wait on
the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount How Prayer Benefits You was excerpted from Prayer
up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be Power, a booklet in the Get Activated series,
weary, they shall walk and not faint.”14 available from any of the addresses on page 2.

10. Proverbs 1:33 15. Philippians 4:6–7

11. James 5:15 16. Matthew 7:7–8
12. Psalm 32:5 17. Psalm 119:18
13. 1 Corinthians 2:9–10 18. Romans 8:26
14. Isaiah 40:29,31

THE PARCEL By Mercy D’Souza

How many times have most display horses, and he never fussed when it was time to go. To
parents wanted to buy a toy tell you the truth, he didn’t seem as attached to that rocking
for their child “just because”? horse as I was, but I couldn’t stop thinking how nice it would
It wasn’t a special occasion or something be for him to have it.
the child needed or had even asked for— The problem was that it cost more than I could afford. I
but the parent knew the child would tried telling myself that children grow out of toys quickly and
enjoy it and wanted him or her to have it. that Logan might not even play with it much, but the desire to
I faced such a situation with my get him one persisted.
19-month-old son Logan recently. I’m One evening Logan and I were looking at pictures of toys,
not sure why I had set my heart on and there was a rocking horse. On impulse I suggested, “Let’s
getting him a rocking horse. Maybe it pray for Jesus to give you a horse like this one.” After a short
was because his favorite video included a but sincere prayer, I felt I had done what I could, and I soon
scene with children on rocking horses, or forgot about the matter.
maybe it was because every time we went A few days later, we got a large parcel from some friends who
to a nearby toy store the salesperson had said they were going to send some clothes for the children. I
would invite him to play on one of the had expected a small box, but what came was massive.
I opened the box and started to go through it. Imagine
my surprise when I saw, buried under clothes and small
toys, a wooden rocking horse that was the perfect size for
Logan. I could hardly believe my eyes. Then I remembered
our prayer a few days earlier. God had used this incident to
inspire our faith.
Every time I see the horse I realize once more how much
God loves us—enough to supply not only our needs, but also
our wants.

Mercy D’Souza is a member of the Family

International in India. ■

Delight yourself in the Lord,

and He shall give you the
desires of your heart.—
Psalm 37:4
Logan rocking out
Answers to your questions
Finding time for prayer

Q: I realize that prayer is important, and

I want to use it to connect with God,
but it never seems like I have the time.
How can I fit it into an already busy day?
Set aside specific times in your daily routine.
If you wait till everything else is taken care of, it
will never happen. If you find that one time of
day doesn’t work well for you, try another. If you
miss your appointed times one day, don’t give up!
Try again the next day.

A: It takes time to communicate with

anyone, including God. There’s
no way around it. It’s a mistake,
though, to think of time spent in prayer as time
Set attainable goals. It’s not how long you
pray that counts, but how earnest and sincere
you are and how much you believe your prayers
will be answered.
Take advantage of spare moments. You can
that could have been better used to get other pray during a coffee break, when stuck in traffic,
things done, because if you take time to pray, while waiting for an appointment, while cook-
you’ll be able to get a lot more done than you ing, while taking a shower, while waiting for
would otherwise. It’s an investment, but once the baby to drift off to sleep, while walking the
you start reaping the benefits, you’ll wonder how dog—almost any time, really.
you ever managed without it. Here are a few tips Pray before starting each new task. “In all
to help get you started: your ways acknowledge [God], and He shall
Make a conscious effort. Like forming any direct your paths.”1 In many cases, a prayer of
new habit, this will take consistent determination. only a sentence or two is all it takes.
In time, though, you’ll find that you’re remember- Pray at the first sign of trouble. Ask for
ing to pray more, and forgetting to less. clarity of thought, composure, strength, inspira-
Make prayer a priority. You always have time tion, or answers—whatever you need at the
for the things you consider most important. moment—and God will give it.2

“ P R AY W I T H O U T C E A S I N G ” 3
You don’t have to be on your knees, praying
frantically for God to hear you. Prayer is something
you can and should be doing all the time, no matter
1. Proverbs 3:6 what else you’re doing—like thinking on your feet. If
2. Matthew 7:7 you pray as you go about whatever it is you’re doing
3. 1 Thessalonians 5:17 and ask God for wisdom, He will give it to you.4
4. James 1:5 —David Brandt Berg

By Natalia Nazarova

Variety is the items as new needs arise, Teaming up. Unloading. When
spice of life. This and mark items “Done!” Sometimes I arrange I feel overwhelmed by
certainly has when God answers. with a friend to spend problems or the task
proven true in my Prayer promises. I 10 or 15 minutes pray- ahead, I sometimes
prayer life. Here printed “promise” verses ing together. “If two unburden my mind
are a few things that from the Bible—“Ask of you agree on earth and spirit by imagining
have worked for me at and it will be given to concerning anything each issue as a brick and
different times. you,”1 for example—on that they ask,” Jesus handing it over to Jesus,
Prayer list. When small cards. As I pray promised, “it will be in the form of a short
I began taking a few for each item on my done for them by My prayer.
minutes every day to list, I draw a card from Father in heaven.”2 Variety. When prayer
pray for others, I simply the stack and apply Pillow prayer. When gets ho-hum or routine,
prayed for whoever that promise. [Editor: A I can’t sleep, I focus my I ask Jesus for a new
came to mind. I soon partial list of prayer promises, thoughts on others and plan or way to pray.
found, however, that arranged categorically, can their needs, and pray
there was almost no end be found in the Get Activated for God to provide. Or Natalia Nazarova
to people and situations booklet Prayer Power, sometimes I count my is a member of the
that needed divine available from any of the blessings in the form of Family International
intervention. To make addresses on page 2.] short, specific prayers in Argentina. ■
the most of my prayer Meditative prayer. of praise and thanksgiv-
time, I needed to get Nowhere am I more ing to God for His
organized, so I started aware of God’s love and goodness. After a short
keeping a written list. I care than when I walk while, I usually drift off
don’t have time to pray in nature. As I take in to sleep.
for every item on my the sights and sounds of
list every day, so I keep His creation, I ask Him
track by checking off to guide my thoughts
each item as I pray for to people and situations
it. When I get to the that need my prayers,
bottom, I start over with and then ask Him to
another series of check- take care of them as
marks. I also add new only He can.

1. Matthew 7:7
2. Matthew 18:19

Addicted to Prayer
By Ariana Andreassen Prayer is the most
powerful form of
The 19 th -century British preacher Charles Spurgeon said energy that one can
something that to me defines the role of a Christian in generate. The influence
regard to prayer. “As artists give themselves to their models, and poets to of prayer on the
their classical pursuits, so must we addict ourselves to prayer.” human mind and body
I must admit, though, that at times I have had a hard time maintaining a is as demonstrable
strong prayer life. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to pray—to the contrary—I just as that of secreting
had a hard time sticking to my good intentions. It seemed that whenever I’d glands. Its results
try to pray, thoughts would flood my mind and I would quickly find myself can be measured in
embroiled in other things. terms of increased
I finally decided that I had to get to the core of the matter. Why was I having buoyancy, greater
such a hard time? Was it laziness, a lack of motivation, or difficulty concentrat- intellectual vigor,
ing? It finally dawned on me that it was because praying seems like inaction. I moral stamina and a
knew in theory that prayer was essential to a Christian life, but in practice, I just deeper understanding
didn’t feel it. I’m an action-oriented person, and praying simply didn’t make me of human relationships.
feel like I was doing anything substantial. Only in prayer do we
So I had to change my attitude and see things in a different light. For me, achieve that complete
that meant that when I was praying for a sick child, I imagined that I was harmonious assembly
actually there, cooling that fevered brow. When I prayed for peace in Africa, I of mind, body and
pictured myself in the midst of the fighting, begging for it to stop. Visualizing spirit which gives the
my prayers helped them to come alive. It helped me feel more involved, as if I frail human need its
was “doing” something. unshakable strength.
I’ve also found it helpful to start a file where I keep track of the people and When we pray we
situations I pray for, arranged by topic. I regularly add prayer requests that I link ourselves with
hear about, promises from the Bible that apply, updates, etc., and I keep track of the inexhaustible
which prayers have been answered. motive that spins the
universe.—Dr. Alexis
Ariana Andreassen is a member of the Family International in Thailand. ■ Carrel (1873–1944)

God Knows What By Joyce Suttin

Prayer power has “Grandma, why do you always pray before you drive?”
The question came from my eight-year-old grandson. He and I had
never been tried to been vacationing at the beach with his uncle and cousins, and we were
about to start the five-hour drive home in the rain. My two grandsons,
its full capacity. If we who are about the same age and had become inseparable, were
traveling with me.
want to see mighty “Driving is the scariest thing I do,” I told him. “I wouldn’t think of
driving without praying. I might forget to pray before I cook a meal or
wonders of divine write a letter or go for a walk, but I never forget to pray before I drive
my car. I really depend on Jesus to protect me and my passengers. You
power and grace just never know what might happen.”
Our trip was going well and we were making good time, despite
wrought in the place the rain. Then, only two miles from home, someone pulled onto the
highway immediately in front of us. The driver was going too fast on
of weakness, failure the rain-slicked roads and lost control of the car, which spun around
twice. The scene seemed surreal, like something out of a movie, and I
and disappointment, only had time to breathe a silent prayer, flip on my emergency flashers
to warn the cars behind me, and brake as forcefully as I could without
let us answer God’s causing an accident myself. The spinning car came to a halt perpen-
dicular to the traffic, half on the highway and half off. I was upon it in
standing challenge, a second or two, and just managed to steer clear of it by inches.
“Boys, did you see that?” I asked when I could breathe again.
“Call to Me, and I will “Yes, Grandma,” one of the boys answered. “We could have had a
really bad accident! But I know why we didn’t—because you prayed.”
answer you.”1 I think Jesus sometimes lets us see the trouble He spares us from to
remind us that He’s with us every moment, watching over and protect-
—Hudson Taylor  ing us in answer to our prayers. And heaven only knows what troubles
He saves us from that we don’t see, whether behind the wheel or all
(1832–1905) through life. What a wonderful companion, friend, and protector we
have in Jesus!

Joyce S uttin is a member of the Family I nternational in the U.S. ■

1. Jeremiah 33:3


Notable prayers in the Bible

Old Testament:
A spiritua l e x ercise
Moses’ at the burning bush—
This exercise may seem more practical than spiritual, but it is a
Exodus 3:1–4:18
key to spiritual health and growth.
If there is a quiet, clutter-free space in your home to which you Job’s confession of God’s
can retreat for moments of prayer or quiet reflection, or if you greatness—Job 42:1–6
live in a moderate climate where you can sit outside in the quiet
Hannah prays for a child—
comfort of nature, you have a head start. The average home today
1 Samuel 1:10–11—and praises
is a hub of activity and noise, so finding a spot to spend a few
God when He answers—1 Samuel
peaceful minutes is a major challenge. Many people simply resign
themselves to that situation, but it takes a toll on their spirit. In
such an atmosphere it is easy to develop a dullness to the voice of David’s prayer for forgiveness—
God, because all that noise and confusion drowns Him out. But Psalm 51
if you can escape to a quiet, peaceful setting on a regular basis and
Solomon’s prayer for wisdom—
you use that time to connect with God, you will find your spiritual
1 Kings 3:6–9
senses becoming sharper.
You may not be able to soundproof a room, but try at least to Elijah’s prayer at Mount
find a corner that you can designate your “quiet place,” where Carmel—1 Kings 18:36–39
you can read, pray, and reflect with little or no disturbance. Make
Hezekiah prays for deliverance
it comfortable, have good light for reading, and stock it with a
—2 Kings 19:15–19
Bible, other devotional materials, and a notebook and pen for
writing down points that come to you in your times of prayer and Hezekiah’s prayer when sick—
meditation. Isaiah 38:2–5
Find the best time in your daily routine to retreat to your Habakkuk’s prayer of worship
quiet place, and make it a habit. Turn off your phone, and begin and rejoicing—Habakkuk 3:2–19
your quiet time by putting your problems and concerns in God’s
capable, loving hands. Enter into God’s presence. Jonah praying in the belly of the
whale—Jonah 2:2–9
“When you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut
your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your New Testament:
Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.”—Matthew 6:6 The Lord’s Prayer—Matthew
A sinner repents—Luke 18:13

The most important prayer... Jesus’ prayer for His disciples—

...that you or anyone else can ever pray—the key to John 17
happiness here and now, and eternal life in heaven: Jesus’ prayer on the cross—Luke
Dear Jesus, thank You for dying for me. I now open the
door to my heart and ask You to please come into my life Some of Paul’s prayers—
and give me Your gift of eternal life. Amen. Ephesians 1:15–23; 3:14–21;
Philippians 1:3–11; Colossians


I am here
to help
I know all about you—your gifts, your talents, your strengths. I also know your weaknesses, your
idiosyncrasies, and all the funny things about you that make you an individual. I know about the
nagging problems that you can’t seem to overcome and all the things about yourself that bother
you. I know your heart’s desires and secret longings. There is nothing hidden from Me.
I care about each of your disappointments and heartbreaks. I care about how you feel. I care
about what you think. I care about the difficulties and hardships that you face. I care about your
health. I care about your material needs. I care about your spiritual struggles. There is not one
detail of your life that does not concern Me, and I am here to help.
Every time you look up to Me, I am there. I hear your prayers, and My heart is moved with
compassion. I never get tired of listening to you. I am never distant. I am never too tired or too
busy for you. I never turn away. I never sleep. I never hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign on My door.
I always hear and answer your prayers. Sometimes I don’t answer in the way you ask Me to or
think I should, and sometimes you don’t see the answer immediately, but I always hear and I
always answer.