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Mr. O’Connell

Writing E03


The Knicks’ Struggles Continue On

Over the years, the New York Knicks have started to become known as the “saddest”

or “worst run” franchise in the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is clear there are

many problems about the Knicks team and there are obvious solutions that the team’s owner,

James Dolan, has not taken into consideration. Last season, the Knicks finished last in the

league and early this season, the Knicks are second to last. Many theories have been made as

to why the Knicks are not striving, but the solutions to solve the Knicks are rather obvious.

The Knicks need to improve soon or they will lose their fan base, lose their chances of getting

players, and become the worst franchise in the NBA.

For starters, one solution for solving the Knicks’ struggles is to fire their head coach,

David Fizdale. In the summer of 2017, the Knicks signed coach David Fizdale to a whopping

4 year, 10 million-dollar contract! In Fizdale’s first season the Knicks finished last of the

league with a record of 17 wins and 65 losses. In the summer of 2019, the Knicks completely

flipped their entire team around, signing new players throughout. What many believed was

going to be a winning season for the Knicks, now looks like the complete opposite. So far, 21

games into the season, the Knicks have gathered just 4 wins, and 17 losses. One aspect of

Fizdale’s coaching that is costing the Knicks games are the slow starts. Majority of the time

during this season, they have been losing by ten or more points after the first quarter. Another

aspect is Fizdale’s offense. He has rarely used any plays, and instead, just has one of his

players dribble until he takes a forced-up shot. One last more factor that Fizdale is not great at

rotations or choosing which players to play and when. For example, in a game against the

Charlotte Hornets when the Knicks were down by one point with 2 seconds left, rather than
keeping in the starting lineup, he played players who hadn’t played for the entire game. This

caused the Knicks to lose the game.

Another solution for the Knick’s struggles is to make trades. Twenty-one games into

the season, it is unlikely the Knicks are going to make the play-offs, so it would be a great

idea to trade players. If they were trying to make a play-off push, a good idea would be to

trade all their young players. These players have high trade value and could be traded for

some All-Star caliber players, players who have been chosen for the All-Star team, an event

held every season. On the contrary, if the Knicks are sure they couldn’t make the play-offs,

they could trade all their veterans for younger players. This would make their current team

not great, but in a few years, a team could make the play-offs after the young players have

developed. Another way the Knicks could become a better is they could trade their highest

income players for players who are earning less. This would give the Knicks a chance to land

some of the best players in the league because the more money they offer, the more likely it

will be that the Knicks land him. In the summer of 2021, the reigning most valuable player,

Giannis Antetokounmpo, will become a free agent (a time period where players are not under

a contract), giving the Knicks a chance to signing him.

Last, but not least, another solution for fixing the Knicks’ struggles would be to

“tank”. Tanking means having a losing mindset, to get a chance at the top picks in the yearly

draft. The reason for tanking isn’t just for getting a top draft pick, but also for experimenting

with players who don’t get a lot of playing time. Without the worry of losing, young players

could play more and develop. There are many great players in the upcoming draft such as

LaMelo Ball, R.J. Hampton, James Wiseman, and Cole Anthony, and if the Knicks were to

draft one of these players, they would improve drastically. The Knicks would become one of

the best young teams if they were to tank.

In the final analysis, the Knicks need to take their time before becoming a winning

team. It will take time and there is no going around that, but step by step they can become

closer to a play-off, or even a championship contender. Some solutions would be to fire

coach David Fizdale, make trades, or have a losing mindset. Slowly these solutions could add

up to make the New York Knicks, who have not been great for the last years, as great of a

team as they once were.