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Full Name : Mira Amelia Putri Class : ARS C18 NIM : 201801089

I. Grammar.
Answer the following questions with a complete sentence.
1. Are you a hospital administration student? yes I am a student majoring in hospital
administration at pelamonia stikes
2. Why do you like to work at a hospital? Because that is my major and I have to apply the
knowledge that I can
3. Why does a hospital need an organizational structure ? because the hospital is a complex
organization where the hospital is not only doctors and nurses but there is also the director
of the hospital in charge of managing a hospital
4. Is administration important in the hospital? Why? important because it is the administration
that regulates the hospital, which provides the needs of patients, nurses, and doctors and
the administration runs the hospital
5. According to you, what does a hospital manager do? Direct, supervise and evaluate the work
activities of medical, nursing, technical, administrative, service, maintenance, and other
personnel, Plan budgets, prepare reports and expenditures regarding supplies, equipment
and services
II. Vocabularies – Find out the meaning of the following words

a. Hospital administration = a person whose job i. Governing board = a board that

involves managing an organization or manages affairs of an institution
institution (Hospital) j. Mitigate = to take action in order to
b. Liaisons = to provide a means of reduce harmful effects of something
communication between groups of people k. Bachelor degree = is
c. Patient care = to care for a patient who is formally an undergraduate academic
admitted to an institution for treatment degree awarded by colleges and
and/or care and stays for a minimum of one night universities upon completion of a
course of study lasting four years
in the hospital or other institution providing 
l. To oversee = supervise (a person or
d. Access risk = to make a judgment about how
work), especially in an official capacity.
much uncertainty and danger a particular
course of m. Policy = a set of actions agreed by an
e. Fundrising = the seeking of financial support for a
charity, cause, or other enterprise. n. Facility = a building which is used for a
specific purpose
f. To develop = grow or cause to grow and become
more mature, advanced, or elaborate. o. To establish standard = to set
g. Expenditure = the spending or outlay of money acceptable levels of quality of work

h. Health service = a public service providing medical

III. Writing Please write down your short self-introduction as a hospital administrator

My name is Mira. I work at Pelamonia Hospital as a hospital administration. I have

worked for 4 years and during my work I must be able to communicate well, be able to
manage the hospital, make hospital budget reports and provide hospital resources.


Answer the questions based on the reading text.

Hospital Manager
Job growth for medical and health services managers increase significantly. It increases 10 %
higher tha all other industries. There several positions for Hospital manager, such as: hospital
administrators, patient care managers and practice managers.
Anyone planning to make the jump to a hospital manager position needs to learn the qualities
needed for success in the field. These qualities include removing roadblocks for employees, having
knowledge of the technology in the hospital or facility, and knowing employee routines and
As a hospital manager, you will focus on the big picture and identify changes to help maintain
the highest standards. Many healthcare executives find satisfaction in the social impact of their job and
are highly respected in their communities.
Hospital managers have very little direct communication with patients, but their work is
intrinsically tied to policy changes that improve patient care. The job entails long hours on-site,
working weekends, and being on call to handle urgent issues.
Hospital managers are responsible for overseeing the hospital’s staff, policies and finances.
They ensure the hospital runs efficiently while serving the needs of the community and meeting
financial goals.
1. Does the position of hospital manager have a good prospect? Why?
2. Does the head of security include hospital manager?
3. On pharagraph 2, it is written “having knowledge of the technology in the hospital.....”, What
does this statement mean?
4. According to you, why does a hospital manager need to maintain the highest standards?
5. According to you, why does a hospital manager not need to communicate directly with patient?
6. What is the responsibility of a hospital manager? Explain your answer shortly.
1. Yes Because As a hospital manager, you will focus on the big picture and identify changes
to help maintain the highest standards.
2. not because it is only tasked with supervising the guards at the hospital and is not directly
related to the hospital occupation
3. means knowing what tools are used in health services and functions such as, CT-Scan, X-
rays, MRI
4. because patients will be satisfied if the services provided are the best and can affect the
quality of the hospital itself
5. because the hospital manager did not take care of this matter because it focused on the
quality of hospital services
6. Hospital managers are responsible for overseeing hospital staffing, policies and finances.
They make sure the hospital runs efficiently while serving the community's needs and
meeting financial goals.